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One Piece Chapter 707 – B-Block


Hello again. We had a pretty good chapter this week. Nothing big really happened, except for a few character ability demonstrations and of course Luffy’s cover being blown, yet again.  Be that as it may, this chapter is still in need of a good old dissecting. So without further adieu, lets get this thing started:

It’s A Big World

I said it last week, but Oda has been introducing multiple new characters recently. But I like that and a talented writer can use them several purposes. A common way is for most of them to not probably have a big impact on the story. Meaning a lot of them are just introduced as “strong fodder” for stronger characters. I hope that wasn’t worded weird. But where One Piece separates itself from that thinking is that there is a huge world and there is always somebody in it that can take you down. That’s why I…

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cecsBY: CESC!

Hello again Narutards, hope you are all having a good week. And for all my fellow Boston residents, I hope you are recovering from the tragedy well. Moving on, I was disappointed we did not get a chapter last week, but I was even more disappointed to see we only got one this week. I thought “double issue” meant 2 chapters, but obviously that isn’t the case. “Double Issue” means that the recent weeks issue or chapter will count for this week and the fallowing week, hence double issue. So basically we get one chapter for two weeks.


You can hardly call the current events “calm” but knowing what’s ahead, this all seems boring and filler-ish. Everyone has been naruto-and-alliance-shinobi-force-attacklooking forward to seeing the four Kages make their entrance into the battlefield, and we all thought we would get to see that this week, especially since we were made to wait 2 weeks for this. So understandably, a lot of you may have been disappointed with this chapter, at least I was. That being said, this was a necessary chapter; we have not been at the battlefield for months now and it was important refresh our memories on what is going on. Now did Kishi need to take an entire chapter (after making us wait 2 weeks) to remind us that Naruto is wasting massive amounts of chakra to save a bunch of fodder ninja? NO! While I do agree with CESC, I think that this chapter did have its purpose. For instance it shows that what Naruto is doing is causing a huge strain on him. Now did Kishi need to use the whole chapter, NO. But it does play its part in showing how difficult it is what Naruto is doing.

Now, if we forget all the epicness we witnessed in Hashirama’s flashback, this chapter was actually epic. I say this because the 10-tails is cutting loose, Sakura gets a panel, and we see two massive Uchiha fire balls.


20121130024923!Naruto_AllianceKishi is not doing Shikaku any justice at all. The guy died to devise the ultimate plan, yet all we’ve seen is Naruto desperately try to delay everyone’s inevitable death. Was this Shikaku’s plan, protect everyone and hope the bad guys give up? If it is then horrible plan to die for mate. The alliance has been utterly useless, it has caused more harm than good this entire war. The only thing they have contributed was saving Naruto and Bee from the beast bomb way back when they first showed up. They should all just go home now because they are just going to get even more useless when the Kages show up.


I recall as recently as when Tobi and Naruto first engaged in combat, Tobi was a scary mother-f*cker! One touch from him and youdamn-you-kishi were history, I feared for Naruto when they fought, and the suspense we felt whenever Tobi got close to touching Naruto was awesome. But then he became Obito, and all that made me fear him disappeared with his mask. Now being teleported doesn’t carry the same death sentence it not so long did. If he zaps someone I think meh Kakashi can get em back. He is not the same character anymore; and when he does come back with Kakashi, he will be a changed man once again. He will be defeated by Kakashi in there, if not physically, then with words. I am a 100% with CESC on this. When Obito was first introduced, I put all my effort to try to make people see how Obito went from the most potential evilistic villain to pure worthless as a villain.

Next week we’ll probably be in the other dimension with Obito and Kakashi, and they’ll come out just in time to welcome the Kages. I look forward to seeing Obito’s reaction to Minato, hope it’ll be as good as Madara’s “rape-face” when he realizes his best bud is back (I thought he would’ve been scared shitless, but he seems as excited as a rapist at a . . . where would a rapist get that excited? Help me)! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!!

TobiNow THATS a Villain!!!!

Its Out Early!!!!

Naruto Chapter 628


One Piece Chapter 707

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Bleach Chapter 535



Hello everyone, first I like to apologize, I got confused on which chapter is which and for some reason I thought I already had been on time. Either way Cesc did his review for chapter 627, as for me I don’t want to comment on this chapter because to frank this chapter and the next chapters are going to be the type of chapters that you just have to enjoy the read, but that is not stopping Cesc, so without further ado, here is his review for chapter 627.

cecsBy: Cesc!

Interesting chapter we had this week, caught many by surprise to say the least. I have heard mixed reactions about the outcome of Hashirama’s speech, some love it while others completely detest it to the point of calling for an end to the manga. I however will hold off on any judgment on the events until we can more details. All Sasuke has said is that he will go to the battle field and prevent the destruction of what his brother died for, so he has not necessarily strayed from his path of revenge.

Last week.

But before I get into the whole Sasuke thing, let me first talk a little about last week’s chapter. So the flash back has come to an 18end, but I wouldn’t expect Sasuke to make his decision yet. To be honest I am not looking forward to it much at all, what I’d like to see is the Kages in the battle field. Someone touch on this a little in the comments, the point to Hashirama’s story is that there may not always be a right decision . . .? Hashirama tried to keep Madara alive and tried to work with him but that only kept biting him in the bud, then when he tried killing him, stuff ended up going to shits anyway. As Madara predicted, the peace that Hashirama had worked so hard to reach led to multiple world wars, the current giant battles and the suffering of countless others. Would things have ended up better had the Uchiha and Senju never made peace? Perhaps, or things would have just been worse. There is no obvious answer, one must simply choose a path they feel is right and follow it; this is the decision Sasuke must make, what is his path? Will he follow the way of Madara, or will he follow Hashi’s path. Mega Magnum goal is not to deter Sasuke from destroying the village, rather it is show him the options and let him choose; of course Hashi would hope that Sasuke chooses to protect the leaf rather than destroy it, but that is something he will not try to force him to do.

This week.

01A little recap on this week’s chapter: After hearing Hashirama’s story, we get to hear a little more about the other Kages, and what their guilt and motives were; contrary to popular belief, Tobimara did not hate the Uchiha, he in fact held them in high regard, the ones that were able to put the needs of the village ahead of their own at least. I really like Tobirama’s personality, he is a different kind of leader compared to his brother, he knew when to put the harmer down. Hashirama thought all the clans could live together peacefully, while Madara believed that there could never be peace between the clans; Tobirama attempted to create the goldilocks zone, a village in which the two clans can coexist in peace without necessarily having to live with each other. Those that were able to put the past behind them (Kagami) were trusted by Tobirama and allowed to hold important roles in the village.

Hiruzen took blame for not being firm enough to take affirmative action and letting Danzou do all the dirt work. Minato unfortunately did not have enough time to do anything and his reign was prematurely ended.

Sasuke’s decision!

A lot of people were very surprised at Sasuke’s decision here, I was surprised by that actually, I mean it was a 50% chance that his 11was to be his choice so the amount of shock from this is not justified in my opinion. Taking Hashirama’s words, and the moments with his brother all into account, Sasuke decides will no longer pursue the path of destroying what his brother gave everything up for to protect. Itachi, Hashirama, Madara, Tobirama, Hiruzen, Minato, Izuna and even Danzou all have an influence in Sasuke’s decision. So as much as you may disagree with Sasuke’s decision, the truth of the matter is that it is justified.

As for Orochimaru turning to the light side, I wouldn’t be so quick to accept it, the guy has made his entire existing out of deceit and schemes. In fact, the same can be said of Sasuke as well, don’t be so quick to call for Kishi’s head, things might take a completely different turn.

Stupid Karin!

ima9gesThe only part that actually did piss me off, how quickly Karin forgave Sasuke, it just makes me completely hate her character. Kishi truly does not give two shits about his female characters as none of them seems to have gone through any character development. I liked Karin and hoped she would emerge a more mature character after being shown mercy by the leaf, but instead Kishi disappoints me by giving us an even less developed character. Shame kishi, shame!

Overall great chapter, sets things up well for two weeks time, yeah sucks we have to wait two weeks.

One Piece 706 – No More Giggles


Hey guys and gals. Man, I’ll you what, we had a pretty damn good chapter this week. A perfect set up for the B-Block Brawl. Not only that, we have another load of names stuffed into our heads again. That’s just perfect Oda. I swear, if this overload of information keeps up, I’ll start looking like a Tiki-Man. I’m not either joking people, this is a lot of stuff to remember! But anyways, lets get started with this week’s review:

The Cannibal

Remember when I said to watch out for this guy? It turns out I was right and he has indeed made quite the entrance. We still don’t know much about this guy, other than that he’s a renowned dickhead. He’s even ranked #1 on the ‘Pirate We Wish Most To Disappear’ list. Now pay attention readers, he’s ranked NUMBER 1 on a go away list. If this is a world-wide…

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Bleach Chapter 534: Everything but the Rain Op.7

Chapter 534: Everything but the Rain Op.7 ‘Hole of Reproach’
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Everything seems to have returned to normal in SS with Ragiku using her usual girly charms to try to shove her work to the captain. However in this battle Rangiku comes up short seeing how Ishinn already bolted off to the real world.

Rangiku immediately throws a fit about duty, but of course she is pissed she can’t excuse herself to head for the sweet shop emergency.

In the meantime things are not so fine in the Ishida household. Pretty much as soon as Masaki gets home she gets stopped by Ryuuken’s mother. She know Masaki intervened. Ryuuken gets mad running toward the only person who could have spilled the beans. The family servant Katagiri.

Ryuuken presses the woman against the wall demanding an explanation. I find it a bit naive that Ryuuken didn’t think Masaki was injured by the way she dealth with the hollow. It could simply they arrived too late, but Katagiri did see. And she thought the wound was too severe to keep silent.

Now it seems there might be a thing between these two. Maybe Katagari and Ryuuken have feelings for eachother until Masaki was brought into the household.

Their dialogue and eyes kind reinforce it for me, also Kitagiri’s pitch black hair.

Putting that aside ryuuken runs back to the hall wanting to help out Masaki. Masaki doesn’t want to put him in a difficult spot trying to wave him off, but she suddenly is overpowered by darkness and falls to the floor.

Masaki has an amazing strength, hiding that from everyone, now showing in how much pain she must have been. I don’t think this hole was suddenly there, because Urahara already noticed something within Masaki when the girl bumped into him earlier.

Ryuuken feels responsible for not going after Masaki sooner. In a panic he pretty much runs out the house with Masaki going to find his dad, not even knowing where he might be.

As he thinks back to his choices he didn’t notice a simply hollow ambush him. Luckily for him, Ishinn saves him. Ishinn approaches Ryuuken as casually as he did Masaki.

That is, until he sees the wound on Masaki’s chest. He obviously wants to help her. Ryuuken yells at him having found a new target to vent with desperation toward. Before Ryuuken really loses his cool our favorite scientist and outcast intervenes.

Urahara hasn’t been sitting still as he felt the anomaly in Masaki and has already found a way to help her. Hougyouku anybody? Hmmm? *wink*wink*. I’ll bet your ass Aizen is keeping a close eye on Masaki.

Its Out!!!

One Piece Chapter 706


Bleach Chapter 534