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Chapter by chapter, Oda is heating up the arc, with each one being that much better than the previous. It will inevitably get to the point of our eyes going blind due to it’s pure greatness….Well that’s enough ass-kissing, but this was a smooth chapter. Everything is setting into motion pretty well. The best part was the ending and it’s reference to a certain character I’m pretty sure you all know very well. If you don’t, I’ll tell you exactly who at the end of the review. So without further adieu, let the discussion begin:

“I Want That Fruit!”

We are once again presented with information concerning Devil Fruits and their hosts. When they die, their Devil Fruit is reborn into the closest ordinary fruit. A popular theory out there is that Doflamingo was planning to get his sneaky fingers on Ace’s Mera Mera after he was executed. And it…

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