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Bleach Chapter 531: Everything but the Rain Op. 4

Chapter 531: Everything but the Rain Op.4
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After a week break Bleach is back.

Rain is pouring down and the hollow finally turns around to face Ishinn. Yeah, its obvious isn’t the same as Ichigo but it still has a familiar feel to it. Somehow it feels like the mask carries a family resemblance to Ichigo.

After a moment of eyeing each other up the Hollow attacks Ishinn. Now in comes Aizen’s observation. apparently he is quite surprised to find Ishinn there. By the looks of it, both Gin and Tousen are already captains.

The hollow is probably an experiment with hollowfication.

Masaki obviously feels the reiatsu of the two fighting deeper in town. SHe quickly bolts for the door but Ryuuken stops her from doing so. The grumpy young man forbids her to get out and help. His hatred deeply woven already. We don’t go until the shinigami are dead.

Even then the mixed bloods are being sent out before they would even consider putting on their shoes.

in the mean time, Ishinn is being pushed back, so much so he ended up in an area under different juristriction. apparently the shinigami patrolling there has no situational awareness, not noticing the reiatsu of the Captain fighting the equally powered hollow… c’mon… really?

The hollow blasts of a cero sending a shiver down Ryuuken’s spy. Without saying a word, Masaki pretty much tells him she needs to go.

Unlike Ryuuken, Masaki doesn’t carry the unbound hatred toward Shinigami that he does. I think it’s a simple matter of different upbringing. Ryuuken would not doubt have been raised from birth to hate the guys up in Soul Society.

Ryuuken realizes the only way to keep her safe is to follow her out there and protect her.

Ishinn is still battling the creature. Ishinn tries speaking to it but it says nothing in that regard, making Ishinn amp it up a notch releasing his Shikai.

“Engetsu” A fire type zanpaktou. But before he can even strike at his enemy he is slashed from behind by Aizen. I am pretty much certain he is wearing a cloak based of what Urahara made during tht the ‘Turn Back the Pendulum’ arch.

Depending on what than thing actually is, Aizen wants to make sure it doesn’t die because he wants to recruit or experiment some more with hit. If you could we be watching at the future first Arrancar?

Give me your thoughts guys, what is Aizen doing?


5 Responses

  1. Nice review!! Isshin says its a hollow that fights like a shinigami…..i wonder who that shinigami is!

  2. I am somewhat lost to what exactly is going on. But I guess that I have to be patient and learn what is truly going on. Good review by the way.

  3. This black hollow is probably a missing captain that’s been hollowfied…

  4. Perhaps it could be one of Byakuya’s relatives?

  5. pretend3r nice review.
    About the holow, i don’t think that this thing is a hollow, it was, but it’s not the case anymore.The reason i say this is because the soul hole is filled with some goo; the only information that i found important, whas the fact that this “hollow” is black. A normal hollow is white, and a shinigami is black, but this one is black and the hole is filled (white). So it has to have a connection with a shinigami. Secondly, it uses sword (yes i know, instead of arms, but nevertheless swords), like a shinigami. This prototype must be an early version of arrancar, or maybe it’s a hybrid between hollow and shinigami (we know that Aizen tried implanting a hollow inside a shinigami, so what stopped him from trying the other way, putting the esence of a shinigami, inside a hollow).
    Ok, i saw it in the anime, i didn’t have the time to search the manga issue, but when Ichigo was inside to fight Zangetsu, to learn FGT, Zangetsu took Hollow Ichigo out from Ichigo’s soul, and Hollow ichigo had a black mask with white stripes (a hollow with a black mask, weird) So this one is black, Hollow Ichigo, in the inner world had a black mask.

    The thing : “Hollow Ichigo, I am your father, mother, previous version

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