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cecsBy: Cesc!
Wow so I was wrong about Madara and his motives for leaving the village; the past few weeks I have been assuming that Madara was angry at not being made the first Hokage (mainly because this is what Tobi implied when he told Sasuke the story) but that was wrong. Just when I think I’ve got a read on Madara’s character I get surprised, kudos Kishi.

This chapter starts where the last one ended, with Madara demanding that Hashirama kill himself or hiscolored_Madara_faces_1_by_CruelEspada brother; let me just say U hated the way this turned out. It was very corny and out of place, it just didn’t flow well with me. I just found it hard to believe that Tobirama would stand there and watch his brother kill himself for a person he hates; I mean if my bro was going to kill himself for someone that has been trying to kill me for years no way would I stand idly by; I would shove a sword down Madara’s throat so quick and wouldn’t give a shit if my bro hated me. I didn’t like how Kishi did this, it was very unnecessary; everybody and their grandmother knew Hashirama wasn’t going to kill himself, but just the mere thought that Hashirama was made to look like he would do it pissed me off. Wasted pages, wasted panels.

The many faces of Madara!

Back to Madara, I did not expect such a sudden change in heart from him, well I did not expect imagessuch a dumb act by Hashirama to be what convinced him to join the alliance, after everything that had happened. I think I would have preferred a talk no-jutsu to be the deciding factor here.It turns out that I was indeed wrong about Madara’s motives, he was not power hungry as I originally thought, it seems he really did care about his clan. I have gained a measure of respect for his character now; don’t get me wrong, I always respected the guy but that was for his power, not his compassion. That being said, you still don’t understand why he felt the need to destroy the leaf and kill Hashirama, it all seemed sudden and out of place. One second he is talking up Hashirama and how much he values him, then the very next second he promises to kill him. Madara himself saw that Tobirama was the real threat to the Uchiha, but instead of working with Hashirama to help settle all their differences he chose the easy path. Maybe Madara was able to see something no one else could because I still can’t understand why he continues to want to kill Hashirama. I (jdogg) sort of sympathize with Madara, because well his change of heart was like Cecs said “sudden and out of place” I can some what understand why he just wants to play the ‘bad-guy’ role. He tried to do his best to protect his clan, but each time he gets slapped in the face again and again, so he was feed up with it and just wanted to play the role everyone around him, (Tobirama, the Senju and his clan) view him as a villainous person, so he plays that role and he plays it well. 


Hashirama’s behavior came across as a bit fake to me this chapter, the way he so quickly decided to give his life, and how he just 05chose to make Madara Hokage and take the back seat was just too much for. I am sure Kishi meant for it to be sincere, but I felt it was a bit much, Hashirama comes across as too much of a nice guy here. I have liked Hashirama’s character up until this point because he just appeared as someone that could actually exist in the real world, but Kishi just pushed it a little too far for me this chapter. Or maybe Hashirama is just making himself look like he did absolutely nothing wrong because he is the one telling the story after all. I think that Hashirama knew for sure that if he would actually go with the whole, “I’ll kill myself for you” but Madara would stop him like he did because Hashirama knew that there is still good in Madara. But like Cesc, I agree that Hashirama given Madara too much appraisals and showing him too much compassion to the point of wanting to fallow Madara himself. Like Cesc said it is not that believable, no matter how nice Hashirama’s character is.

It was a good chapter still, and we got a lot of progress in the story although it wasn’t filled with much detail. We are getting a much better understanding of what on way back then, and we should look forward to learning more next week; and as said last week it’d be cool if we get to hear Madara’s said of the story as well.



15 Responses

  1. 1st…. (before you’ll get mad at me, I’m being sarcastic) I kinda knew Hashirama wouldn’t die, but I always suspect that the main characters won’t die… something I read in a book once about “is it the end of the show? no then go do the dishes he’ll live till next week”

    I think the chapters purpose was to show us that all shinobi must bow to politics, even godlike ones such as Hashirama and Madara

  2. i think deep down, hashirama knew madara was a wildcard, so he offered him hokage as a way to keep him on a leash

  3. I don’t know, I actually dug how the Hashirama stabbing himself worked out. The way it tied in very well with the “stone reaching the other side” principle was great. Through that action Madara was able to see into Hashirama’s heart. Tobi wouldn’t jump in and ruin what was the ultimate gesture of self-sacrifice for the sake of the Senju and Uchiha.

    As for Madara’s change of heart I think guys have misinterpreted what he said and did. He did not do it because he felt slapped in the face or any other petty reason. It boils down to him taking Hashi down to that tablet. Yin and yang; two “opposing” forces working in unison to bring about change and creation; the first interpretation is him and Hashi working together to build this dream. But then he says, “but there’s another interpretation” and leaves it hanging… what he’s insinuating is that two EQUAL but OPPOSITE forces are necessary to bring about real (positive?) change. Which is why he drops the line about Hashi being the only one on par with him. He’s taken a skewed view of the whole every hero needs a real villain (superman and lex), light needs dark etc. So the change was not sudden or petty; all the factors mentioned contributed to path he’s chosen; one of constant struggle against Hashi and the Senju but it’s not a path chosen lightly or flippantly.

  4. Ok, the flashback’s starting to get tiring for me. Honestly, Naruto as a whole is getting tiring for me. I really hope Kishi can wrap this up with the war arc.
    Now on to the chapter itself: I prefered the idea that was presented by someone (forget who) that Hashirama really did kill himself but Tobirama revived him with Edo Tensei, but I guess that would just make Madara look to unsympathetic.
    Not that Madara deciding to become a villain just because nobody likes him makes it easy to root for him. Maybe if we saw more of the hate first hand, instead of just hearing people talk about it, then I could sympathize with him better, but as it stands it just makes Madara feel emo, thus I’m back to my previous opinion of him (which was that he’s an overrated asshole)

  5. And to think, I thought that hashirama was heavily exaggerating when he said itachi was a better ninja than him……

  6. @tawuya
    Nicely said,my thought exactly

    “everybody and their grandmother knew hashirama wasn’t going to kill himself”

    LOL…my grandma definitely knew…
    but that only applys to us, (reading the manga that is.i think everyone in the manga(naruverse) knew hashi was sincere enough to..oh wait let not forget chessy enough, to actually kill himself to stop the war.which is causing so many death

  8. So the Senju know the history of the eyes and the body too?

  9. @NemoPrime

    Couldn’t agree with you more. The more I read the more blah it becomes. And I am not one to “invent the narrative” or give my opinion and say its absolute so I will see how this pans out.

  10. Well things look kinda shabby,something to crack you up???, i Just found this joke, most of you must have heard this before,but i was in a badmood when i read this for the first time, and it tottaly cracked me up..here it comes…..

    One day there was this man that went to a beach completely naked even though the beach was a non-nude beach.
    But the man thought and thought looking around. Nobody is here so he doesn’t care. He takes off his towel and lays down with a newspaper to cover his privates just in case.
    Soon comes a little girl that asks “Sir, what’s under the newspaper?”
    The man replies with “it’s a birdy and never ever touch it.”
    He soon falls asleep.
    Later on when he wakes up….., he’s in the hospital feeling immense pain around his private area. The doctors ask what happened and all he could remember was the girl at the beach.
    Later on the cops arrive at her house asking what she had done. She said “well I was playing with the birdy but then it spit this white stuff at me. I got really mad . So I broke it’s neck!, stepped on it’s eggs!!, and burnt it’s nest!!!.

  11. @sanins lol that joke made me even more depressed!

  12. @unknown
    Really??? Then one of us need to work on our sense of humour

  13. @sanins
    just bad memories my friend.

  14. that joke was funny in fifth grade

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