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Its Out!!!

Naruto chapter 625

One piece chapter 703

Bleach chapter 531


15 Responses

  1. First!

  2. haha, always wanted to say that 🙂

    In order of epicness:

    One Piece – the way Oda is able to birth multiple, engrossing, storylines within the confines of a few pages is amazing. Sanji’s goofy smile whilst bleeding to death for Violet was my humour panel this week (maybe tied with “Lucy” walking out after almost spilling the beans). So Luffy is going to enter a full on tournament of death and is going to have to do so without the use of his Gomu Gomu fruit… very smart. Not only will we see new arsenal of moves but it will show he’s a worthy captain who doesn’t rely solely on his DF.

    Naruto – good chapter; nice tying up of a few loose ends. Tobirama and Madara need couples counselling, lol…

    Bleach – on second read it was actually an alright chapter but there was almost zero story development especially after the long wait 😦 Oh well, hopefully in the coming chapters we see final engetsu and we learn why Ryuu allowed the pure quincy blood to be “contaminated” by Isshin..

  3. When Madara walked away from Hashirama you know Hashi was thinking this:

  4. @Tensa – #LOUDAPPLAUSE!!!! hahahahaha, that’s amazing!!!!! And I keep picturing Madara’s face from that last panel with Sharingan activated LOL

  5. Naruto – Tobirama is a dick for messing up Maddi an Hashi’s bromance!!! I think he secretly fancied the Maddi to point of sheer hatred because he wasnt cute enough to date an Uchiha.

    One piece – Oda is officially smoking angel dust!! Even though this is a set up chapter he still keeps us wanting more and more like the manga whores that we are! The man is taking “Gladiator”, “300” and “Toy Story” and weaving those films all into what is shaping up to be a bloody good arc! Cant wait for luffy to scream “STRAWHATS!!!!! WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION?!!”. Sanji must have had at least 3 orgasms in 2 page but can you blame him, a sexy Spanish chic hugs him an the man out of the blue an says she might just fall in love with him! But the real question is………who does she want him to kill??! This Violet could be very dangerous in this arc.

    Bleach – Aizen, u trolling bastard!!!!!!!!! As soon as Ishhin gets ready to burn that ass with Engetsu, Aizen jumps in out of no where with a cheap shot! I was raging but the best is yet to come……..Engestsu……Bankai………then Final Getsuga yooooooooo cant wait to see Isshin’s F.G form! I wonder if next week will be Aizen, Tousen an Gin vs Isshin?!

  6. @Tawuya,

    lololololololol i bet sasuke is thinking “Get to the point already!!”

  7. Sasuke is about to chidori Hashirama out of pure annoyance for wasting time with all these turnaround Sharingan looks in this flashback lololol

  8. Even I think these windy emotional turnaround sharingan looks are getting abit much! The animators might aswell put this tune over the flashbacks an final fight with Maddi an Hashi

  9. @Tensa You just had to bring celine dion into the bromance. Straight up overkill homo XD

  10. Lol kishi made me do it!! Maddi an Hashi had such an emotional relationship it deserved emotional background music lol

  11. Aw finally have time to read my favs. What chapters we got this week. The role has been reversed after bleach that was kicking ass week after week it has fallen of its dominate throne and replaced by One Piece that has some awesome story going on. Naruto is becoming repetitive, I am sort if on the edge of okay we get that Madara is the long ranger but after this week I actually sympthize with him which I will elaborate later on in the review. But One Piece was my favorite this week even though there was not much fighting but awesome story and plot, followed by Bleach which surprisingly got me more interested into what the hell is going on? And Azin shows up you can’t beat that. Lastly Naruto which I will say al my thoughts later on…

    Sorry for the grammar, I am taking a break from classes so I am in a super lazy mode right now and just want to enjoy my manga read. Good reads everyone.

  12. Franky turned down the offer to eat the fruit from luffy lmaooo… Idk i think sanji might eat the fruit

  13. I don’t believe any of the strawhats will get the devil fruit………at least any CURRENT strawhats.

  14. But I’m digging the fact that Luffy is open to someone eating the devil fruit though…

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