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Its Out Early!!!

Naruto Chapter 624


One Piece Chapter 702


Bleach is on break this week.



19 Responses

  1. next naruto chapter should be very interesting…

  2. wow… even when young Madara admitted that Hashirama was much stronger than him.
    so this looks like hashirama killed himself to make Madara belief and relent to joining forces.

    now then we know….

  3. OP is not bad too.. now that Luffy falls in Dolf’s trap, i think he might join in the competition and try to get back his brother’s devil fruit.

  4. Hashirama does not kill himself nor his brother for Madara. So I am curious as to how he got Madara to relent, next chapter should be interesting indeed.

  5. I am surprise tho about how little it took to get Madara to waiver, go into conflict with Hashirama.

  6. soooo if izuna and madara were considered equal at the time when training… does this mean tobirama could take down madara as well?

  7. @cesc yea i agree he waivered really fast… litereally took him a second to change his mind. kind of disappointing

  8. Tobi said Madara and Izuna were equal, if he was telling the truth then yeah, Tobirama could beat pre EMS Madara. But it has been clarified that the Uchiha really aren’t the strongest clan. That begs the question, how did the senju nearly go extinct then?

  9. I don’t think the senju were on the brink of extinction I can actually see them integrating with other clans after the shinobi village was created while the uchiha n hyuga (sc) clans kept their abilities in family….. I also think were getting closer to the 2nd developing his forbidden technique…… lastly the fathers were “equal” in strength so the senju advantage really didn’t take place until the 1st n 2nd got older…. the 1st n 2nd remind me of the 3rd and Danzo

  10. This chapter felt rushed abit an obviously hashi doesnt kill himself…..this isnt the valley of the end fight. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next an for all we know hashi could have died a couple week after that final fight an thus tobirama invented edo tensei to revive big bro but big bro came back an told him to never use the jutsu again. I thought their would have been a bigger izuna death scene tho

  11. Seems this page is dying or we’re all just super busy all of a sudden. Nonetheless, my review should be done soon.

  12. @hashiramada god frankly there hasnt been too much to talk about.. the chapters thus far ahve been informational and stuff but not much to talk about in terms of progression although its interesting that tobirama was the one to basically kill izuna.

  13. I was confused at first, but then I realized the battle in which tobirama owned izuna and the battle that resulted in madaras ass cheeks eating dirt are two different ones in different time periods.

  14. @hashi
    The site’s been on the decline for a while now – dont know if we’ll see 90plus comments on a post again lol maybe the naruto vs sasuke battle could trigger it! During that fight when Madara fell on the ground – was he fighting a shit ton of senji or just hashi?!

  15. Madara already had his ass whooped with the EMS on his side before they even formed a truce. I’m not sure why madara believed kurama on his side would make a different outcome. Speaking of which, sasuke is seriously lacking in power. I’m not even certain if he can kill orochimaru right now, especially since everyone else so far have failed in that task…

  16. Hey guys cesc = hashiramadagod, I am logged in on different names on different devices, I forget to change it back to cesc (which has become my default since I started writing reviews).
    I believe Hashi did fight Madara alone while the rest of the senjus fought the other uchihas that were still with Madara. I look forward to seeing this animated. Hashi always had Madara, could have killed in any of their battles but chose not to.

  17. I’m super busy all the time. I’m pretty sure Tobirama will try to revive Izuna or something or Hashirama busts out “Talk no Jutsu”

    Also Aiko (the chapter title) means “Draw”, I think the senju and uchiha clans were evenly matched, and this chapter simply shows the points in time when Hashirama had the upper hand (He is telling this story after all)

  18. http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/36848288/15 I wouldnt call them evenly matched walmart… its painfully obvious that the first and second hokage greatly outmatched their opponents (madara and izuna respectfully). Not only that but if this is in fact a battle before the battle of the end than this is just pathetic on madaras part…. to lose over and over again and yet still be a tool is just a pain to see lol its almsot painful to read :-/ “Big magnum” looks so weak compared to the first its not even funny. If anything I think “Big Magnum” lost the right to be called that lol

  19. You know the sad part? The only way madara can compare to the first is with the upgrades he received in the rinnengan and wood jutsus and even now Madara may be on par with the power of the first hokage :-/ After all like its been note again and again a pro with a rock can defeat a novice with a kunai/sword. The first hokage is far too skilled in his wood jutsus that he would outclasss madara there. I have to say seeing the first just refuse to kill madara is sad in a way…no wonder madara hates him lol

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