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Bleach Chapter 530 : Everything but the Rain Op.3

Chapter 530: Everything but the Rain Op.3
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Ishinn continues to tell the tale of his past and his future wife, Ichigo’s mother.

Two shinigami are making their rounds around Karakura town. They make particular note of the could cover slowly covering the stars. It seems whatever has been causing trouble has shown up during a rainy day.

Shiba Ishinn makes the two shinigami almost crap their pants in shock. But after a little bit of careful banther he becomes serious telling them to stay away if the rain does come tonight.

Mean in the dark skies a form takes shap but what that actually is wont be revealed until the end of today’s chapter.

Instead we visit the Ishida residence and it’s already apparent that I already understand the relationship between Ryuuken and Ishinn. Kurosaki Masaki. She’s quite a lot like Inoue(or technically the other way around) usually acting carefree and happy but she struggles with the pressure set upon her by Ryuuken’s mother; becoming a Quincy and the arranged marriage with Ishida Ryuuken sits heavier with than she wished to show.

Ryuuken has already noticed it. The arranged marriage seemingly only exists to keep the purity on the Quincy bloodline intact. Ryuuken doesn’t share the same views as his mother and actually wished to see Masaki happy.

For him the future of the Quincy isn’t tied down to him marrying Masaki.

In the meantime. Ishinn is on a roof. The rain has started pouring down. The two unranked shinigami have taken shelter down on ground level.

Ishinn suddenly released his reaitsu(this is what probably attracted the attention of the Quincy(and more importantly Masaki). He tries to see if the creature is attracted by power.

It does seemm to attract him before any realize what the hell is going on the two shinigami are killed… violently. Ishinn jumps down but as soon as he does…

A hollow like he’d never seen before. Swords flowing from his arms. Long hair and a mask that eerie looks like Ichigo’s ‘most advanced’ hollow form in Hueco Mundo(agains ulquiorra) and of course the same form showed itself in his inner world when the hollow merged with Bankai Zangetsu to teach him the Final Getsuga TEnshou.

Now the One-Million-Dollar question we can think an extra week about. Why does it looks so similar to Ichigo’s hollow form? Has it somehow influenced both Ishinn and Masaki in their fight against this thing. his reiatsu somehow influencing their first-born child? Aizen likely to be involved with this creation of this thing. But we can almost safely assume Aizen is involved in these events.

The first appearance of a Vasto Lorde? It’s easy to start over thinking here as well. But seeing how it slipped past Ishinn’s senses with ease and the speed it displayed. It is very powerful indeed and will push Ishinn to his limits.

So Bleach is on break this week. See you again in two.


26 Responses

  1. Well, Ichigo is a Fullbring, and Fullbrings get their powers from having their moms get attacked by hollows before they’re born, so it’s obvious that this Hollow attacked Masaki, and its reitsu got transferred to Ichigo.

  2. I may be alone in this view, but I actually did the comparison between the hollow displayed in chapter 350 and the hollow displayed in the new chapter 530. I am taking my edited words expressed as the last poster at the end of chapter 529’s review.
    I think that this is a lot of wishful thinking. IMO, there is more to support that the strange hollow looks like an early Tier Halibel than anything that we have seen in Hollow Ichigo.
    I couldn’t find her flash back from in the days before she went with Aizen. She had more of the blasting arm, very like a shark fin. From 350/5, Ichigo’s arms as a hollow were more like extra long regular arms with claw like fingers, as though they were made to hold a sword. Your new guy, not so much. He looks like his weapon of choice is more blasts of energy. A good face shot of Ichigo is 350/7. His is more black and white with almost a wide stripe like effect.
    Ichigo hollow has two sharp horns that start close to the top of his ear and finish on the level of his chin and are twisted. They look to be maybe a dozen inches long and very solid. This other guy, his face is white on the side that we can see, the ears much shorter and softer, almost cow like. Plainly, they are not a weapon, while hollow Ichigo bears two dangerous horns.
    Ichigo is wearing the dregs of his former bankai outfit, with his chest mostly bare and the bottom turned into a skirt of sorts with a side slit. The new stranger looks like he is wearing body armor. Or an outer protective coating like an insect. As far as the hair – hollow Ichigo has extra long fly away strands going everywhere. The new to us hollow has what looks like a dirty clump of hair, going halfway down his back. IMO, there is no resemblance.

    In passing, I note that I agree with our reviewer @ pretend3 that this might be the first appearance of a Vasto Lorde. I also remind the group that Aizen was not responsible for their creation as a group, although he was interested in bring more into his group of comrades, as we hear in a conversation between Nnoitra Gilga and Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck.

    Somewhere someone explains that the heart becomes a hollow’s mask and all the individual features. That most hollows are different from each other. I suspect that we are supposed to see a clearly dangerous hollow that might have caused Ichigo’s father to lose his powers, either by severe injury or because he took the final solution. I also remind the group that Ichigo was not born until five years after his father lost his powers. Although as far as what we have been told about Fullbringers (we still do not know if everything was a truth), they said “parent” not just mother exposed to a hollow. Maybe the exposure was to his father?

  3. @Alerie Corbray
    I dont think its harribel, even the bottom piece of her remaining hollow mask looks very different from this guy. Harribel looks more sharklike.

    The line from each corner of his eyes is almost a carbon copy of Ichigo’s.

  4. @pretend3r
    I couln’t have said it any better, this hollow and Hollow Ichigo have a lot in common.
    The question is, why did Kubo make this hollow so similar with Ochigi?
    I don’t think that this is a mistake, or just that he didn’t know how do make a new hollow. Remember, Aizen said that he made Ichigo, what he is. This events show that Aizen is behind the scene.
    Ok, i don’t want to say that this hollow is exactly the same as Ochigi’sfinal form. Final Hollow Ichigo, is a mixture between a hollow and a shinigami (he has a zampakto and that kimono). This one is brute, but still he has swords, instead of arms.
    This last page, raised a lot of questions

  5. Idk as far as we know aizen hasn’t created anything this strong before. seeing how this is most likely a Vasto Lorde maybe aizen just happened to had found it n went into a “partnership” with it. I do find it interesting that Aizen plans directly affected a single royal family though especially considering its one that has the only machine capable to getting to the soul court

  6. @ pretend3r. Thanks for the review. I like the way that you make me think. And so, for the first time we disagree, not bad for the fifty reviews that I have just read. If you look at chapter 251/12 there is a good clear view of Ichigo Hollow from the side. There is no line extending out the corner of his eyes. There is only a crooked crack running up his skull face. It may even be at an approximate setting for normal skull features.

    As far as the early Harribel, the scenes that I remembered came from the anime. Apparently they were not in the manga. For me it wasn’t so much the mask that I thought was similar, but more how the remainder of her body was outfitted. The insect armor and the ready-made energy weapon were what caught my eye, so different from anything that we have seen on Hollow Ichigo. To me, many of the hollow faces have a strong resemblance to skulls, and there are only so many designs that a mask can adopt and still look like a skull.

    I did have several points that may have gotten lost in this whole does the look related to Ichigo’s inner hollow discussion.
    1) We only know what the Fullbringers said as far as that effect of the parent being attacked by a hollow, and that fright/attack being passed to the baby. That group lied sometimes to suit their agenda. So we do not totally understand how the effect might work for sure.
    2) We were told parent sometimes and mother other times. Can the father carry that germ with him? Does the baby need too be there for it to happen, or can it be stored against future children?
    3) As far as we have been told, the individual hollows build their mask and the rest of their special features out of what used to be their heart. What is it built out of if they still have and are using their own human hearts?
    4) Can hollow powers gained in this way, also pass on resemblances as to facial ornamentation and body structure?

  7. @alerie, dude c’mon, how do you get harribell out of that. Different genders. I’m not sure how exactly Ichigo relates to this hollow but there is definitely a connection btwn them. Yeah the mask is a cc of oichigo’s last mask from that angle. My guess is this is Ichigo’s hollow and

  8. Maybe he only got fulbring powers from grandfisher. But that’s an assumption us readers made, there was never any confirmation of that.

  9. @alerie corbray
    The hollow might’ve evolved to match Ichigo style. One of the points you mention before about how Ichigo hollow has a shiningami skirt and this one doesn’t. Ichigo hollow has one because his clothes ripped from hollow transformation. His hollow changes several times on multiple occasions. Each and every single time his hollow adopted a new look is base on the particular condition or situation Ichigo is in. A deformity the hollow developed was having hands because Ichigo has hands. The one thing that never alternates with Ichigo hollow is his mask. Despite changes with horns or stripe patterns, the mask always has the same specific look that can easily be identify as only Ichigo’s hollow mask. The hollow in this chapter has the same look and has horns that are only a bit shorter than Ichigo’s hollow, but the mask are identical without the stripes.

    Many vasto lords went through the same type of changes. Harribel design changed when Aizen recruited her. She even developed a more human form that gave her a sword and human hands. Grimmjaw was another hollow that undergo changes. He was just a tiger looking hollow until Aizen came along and modify him more into a human form that looks completely different from his former self.

    It’s like adaptation. Hollows are like humans with regards to that idea. One thing vasto lords and Ichigo have in common is that they were use as lab rats by Aizen’s experimental measures.

  10. @ cesc and @nss7. First of all, as my avatar shows, I am an older female, not a dude. I call myself an old lady, who is really into Bleach. 🙂
    My initial conversation on this matter was with Impaler, comparing Ichigo’s last full-blown conversion into a hollow, when he battled Ulquiorra.
    I had earlier asked, which Ichigo Hollow that Impaler was talking about, and said I could only remember three – one on Urahara’s training grounds as Ichigo first harnessed his own soul reaper powers, one when Shinji forced him into a full-blown conversion, so that Ichigo could battle for control of his soul, and that last final battle with Ulquiorra.

    As far as what he was wearing, the first pulled out a Shinigami’s uniform, the second emerged (222/14) wearing his bankai, with much of the hollow coming away like a plaster shell, and the third was a result of his having lost the entire top of his bankai outfit, with the bottom in tears after he died in the terrible battle with Ulquiorra.

    As far as Harribel’s original Vasta Lorde form prior to joining with Aizen, it can only be found as far as I can tell in the anime. In Episode 284, Harribel does show a form that is very similar to the new guy. As you said, after she altered into an arrancar, her form changed , especially after she became an Espade. In fact, all of the Espada seemed to be very human in appearance. Whether that was a request by Aizen, or to please him, or just a natural evolution of form, I do not know.

    As far as the mask, I do not see it. Note for this discussion, I am using side by side pics of the masks used in the three full-blown hollow conversion of Ichigo. Other than being skulls, the colorations are different. I will give you that his first mask was mostly white, however Ichigo’s was less blocky, and more narrow, emphasizing his Japanese features. It even had dark overbearing eye brows. By the second mask, it had acquired the strong black striping, while the eye holes were bigger. The shape, was more normal round, but still not blocky. Strangely, the mask underneath of the mask had more solid looking black. (222/14) The third mask had those horrible and very sharp horns along with the black striping, perhaps because he really had died briefly. It had a very robust male shape, less delicate than the previous two masks. IMO, none of these is anything like the new stranger’s mask. I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

    As far as we have been told, Fullbringers get their powers, while still in the mother’s womb, before they are born. Grand Fisher attacked and killed Ichigo’s mother when ichigo was nine, not a new born.

  11. Apologies mam.

  12. @ cesc. What a polite young person, although I didn’t expect a lot of manners on a discussion board for a manga.

    The avatar that you are using, is that a character from a manga? Is it male, female, or neither? Or is that the whole point?
    In case you are wondering, a friend drew my toon using photos of me. We are both fans of a fantasy novel series called A Song of Ice and Fire, better known for its HBO Series, A GAME OF THRONES. I am a sometimes poster on one of its boards, but you all are more lively. 🙂

  13. The new hollow’s swords/arms look too much like Zangetsu, and the mask is too similar to Ichigo’s to not be connected. And the hollow is insanely fast. Isshin’s subordinates were killed before Isshin could see what hit them. Who else has speed like that? Ichigo and Tensa Zangetsu!

  14. whaaaa?? Seriously, I guess I really do suck at drawing. That character is suppose to be Kakashi from Naruto, I drew it on the fresh paint app in windows 8 with a track pad. 😦


  15. @Superman no here….,
    I don’t really see the resemblance between the swords, but using paint,i put them together, so hope it helps


  16. @ cesc. No, no, the problem is me. I have watched episode one of the anime of Naruto and a small bit of the most recent episode on Cartoon Network. I have not yet tried the manga. I have tons of catching up to do before I could ever be in your league. Kakashi from Naruto looks like an impressive character and your drawing is great. I have done more alterations and editing of drawings and photos using computer programs, but not much original artwork.

    GAME OF THRONES IS AWESOME!! Yes, it is and Season Three starts on March 31st. . There are five books so far that serve as the basis for the HBO series. The first one is called THE GAME OF THRONES, if you are into reading material without graphics. 🙂

    @ Superman no here. In Chapter 197/18 – 20 Tōshirō Hitsugaya explains the differences between the levels of Menos, including Vasto Lorde. His talk was before much was known about the Arrancars. However, if the Hollow facing Isshin was a Vasto Lorde, it would be lightening fast and stronger than a captain. I also like the information in the wiki. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Hollows_in_Bleach
    According to the flashback that we see from decades ago with Nell and Nnoitra, Aizen was seeking Vasto Lorde as members of his group.

  17. When they say “stronger than a captain” which captains are they taking into account? Aizen was more than confident he could tame vasto lordes so he must have been stronger than them, while the commander is just godly and cannot be matched by anything. As for Kyoraku and Ukitake, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are very close to the former commander’s level. The way I see it is, when they say stronger than a captain, they mean the fox man, byakuya, soifon, hitsugaya and the like (who in my book are all very weak).

  18. @ cesc In my eyes hitsugaya is the only one out of the bunch with potential. But yea it seems like the powers of the old captains, ishhin, aizen, maybe urahara an yoruichi depending on what skills you judging, an kenpachi are far above the captains you named.


    NARUTO FIRST http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/624/3

  20. it@ cesç. Myson in. Law disabled my laptop’s internet, so I am stuck with my new reading pad. Ok, stronger than a captain. I asssume that there is a certain level that is considered a captain’s level. It should be at least ten times the level of an ordinary soul reaper because of their bankai. Many vice captains have either reached that level.

    @ unknown 91. There are a number of others that I would have had on my list including many ex soul reapers, such as shinji’s group and squad zero.

  21. Squad zero do fall in the old captains category, but I don’t really consider shinji’s group to be in the same league though. They’re strong, sure but they’re also vizards which carries the bulk of their power.

  22. @unknown91. What you are forgeting was that everyone on Shinji’s team were of captains class including lisa and hachi. Mashiro not so much, remember she just came along on the mission with her captain. She was not selected special. Yes, they became very powerful because of becoming hollows,, but they started out powerfull. I think that it allows them to compete better with the vasto lorde level hollows. Remember only the best were any good against the espada after long batttles in teams. That is except for ichigo

  23. @impaler
    I wouldn’t use the new Tensa Zangetsu as the comparison though… The hollow’s blades look like the original Zangetsu’s Shikai. Maybe I’m just hoping this Hollow is connected to Ichigo, but I hope I’m right.

  24. Ichigo has the potential to outgrow all of them, but he was never able to maintain the resolve to keep progressing forwards.It still shatters so easily.

  25. @ pretend3r. Second try at an answer, I am using a ebook reader with no save key. Here I go. Ichigo main issue is not so much lack of resolve, but more confused mentoring. He builds up his strength in training and then in battle exceeds where he thought he could go, but then the event is finished and then he starts over again. He would be less fragile if he had a better view of where he was headed. Without a rsasonable goal in sight, his resolve will always be fragile. Consider his resolve when he faced Aizen that last time. He knew where he was going and what needed to be done.

  26. Ah, I really need to catch up on my Bleach!!!!

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