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Bleach Is Out!!

Naruto and One Piece are on a break this week. Masters Oda and Kishi decided to take a trip to space.

Bleach Chapter 530



19 Responses

  1. Oda is ill again. But this time, it’s not confirmed when he will return. So we might not have a One Piece chapter next week either. Hopefully he gets well soon.

  2. Get Oda some tea, cough medicine, some brownies, some strippers, back rubs, head rubs, foot rubs, dick rubs, a sandwich – WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET HIM BACK TO HEALTH!!!! I NEEEEEED TO KNOW WHO BLIND SWORDSMAN IS, THE WAIT IS LIKE WAITING FOR THE RESULTS OF AN AIDS TEST!!!!!!
    Oh btw check how much Oda makes……..2 billion a year

    I say Shannaro should write a ga lets get that paper people!!!!

  3. Bleach – we’re slowly getting answers……….i wonder if Masaki will go holy form in this flashback an lose her powers an then get fucked up by grandfisher………..she looks alot like inoue but without the titty power.

  4. Too many similarities to inoue

  5. so ichigo gonna go from sword to bow n arrows now?

  6. His hollow powers are no where to be found. I suspect whatever latent quincy powers he may have will be treated the same way.

  7. Great Bleach chapter!

    Final page; that’s Ichi’s hollow form right? Did Daddy in being forced to go Final Form somehow absorb that hollow’s essence and pass it on to Ichigo in his Shinigami juice?

    Masaki going Holy Final form and losing powers to save Isshin makes sense. So they hooked up thinking they had both cast off their powers/abilities.

    Masaki gets back home powerless and so Ishida’s have no use for her and cast her out. Ryuu then hooks up with the maid to make sonny boy (explains his sewing and knitting skills!).

  8. @Tawuya-sama
    Or he hooks up with his momma which explains why we never saw sonny boy’s mother.

  9. @IronV – lol, I thought about that possibility as well especially with her hairstyle but chose to sway away from the Quincy Incest route…!


    NARUTO FIRST http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/624/3

  11. And so the mystery is solved….

    Wait were we jipped out of final thousand palms ass whoopin’?!

  12. @ tawuya

    I don’t think that battle has a occurred yet. I think it will be the valley of the end battle.

  13. I like Tobirama. He acts a little like Vegeta. Only difference is Vegeta wasn’t scared of Goku like how he is of BIG MAGNUM. Is his chakra really that beast. To be able to put people in their places just by raising it and looking menacingly.

  14. @UTI – you’re probably right. But suicide route is probably eventual fate of hashirama

  15. @ tawuya

    Good point. That could be what he meant when he said Itachi was a better ninja than me. Maybe because Itachi didn’t take the path of suicide, and didn’t give into the Uchiha curse.

  16. Kishi is gettin on my nerves – one min BIG MAGNUM is this beast, next minute he is made out to be a weakling compared to Hashi, make up ur mind! Nice sharingan activation by BIG MAGNUM tho, never get tired of the cold ass stares of the uchiha lol Tobirama made the same mistake Krillin made against vegeta- he didnt stab him when he had the chance!

  17. One piece – Right the blind guy is 1 of 3 imo – either admiral fujitora (most likely), the final warlord who we havent met yet or a BAWSE from the roger pirates. Now those fairies dare to try an steal the black blade…..they dare to piss off thee Marimo, Zoro an Sanji about to make fairy cupcakes out of these lot! Nice to see Franky being a straight up gangster an working his way up to the higher ups. Now the tournament is being set up rather nicely an we get to see members of the flamingo family an my money is on the old guy LAO-G! Old guys in op are usually vey strong – i cant wait for the match ups!

  18. Naruto’s chapter was meh.

  19. That’s what I get for doubting Oda lol.

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