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Bleach Chapter 529: Everything but the Rain Op.2

Chapter 529: Everything but the Rain Op.2
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Sorry I couldn’t make Friday to release this one but there you have it. Work is a bitch.

Oetsu is standing on the cliff with Renji reflecting on Ichigo’s failure with the Asauchi. Before I get to that Oetsu is quite something. He knows where every Asauchi he has ever built. There is no Shinigami who has ever awoken his Zanpaktou without an Asuachi.

Oetsu realized Ichigo can’t make a proper bond since the young man has been thrown into a bit on an identity crisis. Both by Ginjo and Yuhabach he’s been thrown off.

So, in order for Ichigo to can move forwards again he needs to find out his roots again.

The only one who can help with is his father. Ichigo, for some odd reason, seems shocked to find out his Mom is a Quincy. Anyway. Ishinn is just at the start of his story as we dive back in time to where is a Captain of the 10th devision with a short-haircut Rangiku as his vice captain. And Toshiro as his third-seat.

I was surprised how different he looks.

Younger obviously…

Seeing this I am not wondering too much how he’d managed to have hidden himself after staying behind on earth.

Could simply be he is being presumed dead after whatever happened after he went down to earth. But I assume this will all be revealed in this flashback arch.

His ‘old’ name was Shiba Ishinn and apparently the head of a ‘lesser brach’ as Rangiku calls is. This history takes place after the Vaizard incident. It’s a light harded bit and fun to read and watch some breast sweat… yeah.. anyway.

The only work diligently in the 10th squad barracks is Toshiro. Toshiro end up giving him a report on which as soon as he reads it, Ishinn bolts out the door. Rangiku wants to go after him but Toshiro calls her back.

Aizen is very much experimenting during these days and I assume the events are still fresh on Ishinn’s mind so he knows the dangers. I’ve been thinking we didn’t see all the vice-captains during the Pendulim arch so it is very likely Ishinn got promoted after that incident.

So, a Shinigami in the real-world town (I am assuming this) of Narukishi. Aizen’s boys have been experimenting hollowfication on humans and shinigami. So Ishinn is making his way toward the gate to make the trip to the real world to find out what has happened.

Ishinn is worried, undoubtedly thinking of the Pendulum incident. So much so he lets his closest subordinates behind to face whatever is down there. It’s obvious he fears the worst.


26 Responses

  1. @pretend3r. Thanks for posting your review. Actually last week you were one day early and this week was one day later than usual. Together your average is a Friday review, which is perfect. Thanks for writing it. I am just reading it now, and hopeful that our power failure will not come back. 🙂

  2. I am trying, but sometimes I am just too damn tired on Friday to really focus. Longest day of the week.

  3. @ pretend3r. I just wanted you to know that you are very much appreciated. I am fairly good at seeing the black and white, but you often see the hidden meaning that I miss completely. I have almost read all of your reviews for the current arc. I am up to chapter 523 in my re-read of the chapters. I feel like it has helped to increase my understanding of the manga. Thank you.

    Actually, I think that I found something in the current chapter. First, I am noting that IMO Renji’s face in the conversation with Oetsu, Mr. Zanpaktou, is his game face. He has learned with Captains and other upper level individuals, it does not necessarily bode well to argue with them. So, Renji is listening to the guy, without saying much, knowing full well that he will find a way to help Ichigo. IMO.

    You were very accurate at what Oetus was saying, but I am seeing another meaning to his opinion. He is saying that no Shinigami has awaken his Zanpaktou without an Asuachi. He had told both of the young men in Chapter 523/07 that each new member of a division is given a Asauchi, which is then constantly being molded with that new Shinigami, thus building their own Zanpaktou. That is not what happened to Ichigo. He was pulled into that inner world where he found Zangetsu; there may have been no Asuachi involved. Ichigo didn’t spend hardly anytime building strength in his sword connection, but, in less than a month, he was able to release his own powerful bankai.

    So, I am thinking that this sword guy was unable to accept Ichigo as a true Shinigami, without any Asuachi involvement. He also likely has other concerns, such as Ichigo still being human, and that his powers has been mixed in the past with hollow powers, the fullbringers. and then there is his Quincy mother, however that changes things. I suspect that Ichigo might have been given somehow, an Asuachi, when his powers were restored and that was where all of the complaints were coming from about his attitude with his Zanpaktou. As many have said, Zangetsu appears to have been AWOL since Ichigo’s powers were restored, or was he? Or has Ichigo been too afraid to look for him? Afraid that Zangetsu was likely angry at him for using the final release. All and all Ichigo has a lot of work to do, as he attempts to reconnect with Zangetsu. That is IMO.

  4. I wonder if this is where ginjo n team comes in. It would make sense if aizen experimented on fullbringers n other high spiritual awareness humans. This also makes me wonder how aizen could still find isshin and ichigo if it took so long to find the vizards

  5. ” I’ve been thinking we didn’t see all the vice-captains during the Pendulim arch so it is very likely Ishinn got promoted after that incident”

    I’m pretty sure that Isshin was already a captain during Pendulum. When Kisuke was brought in for his first captain’s meeting, Captain-Commander pointed out that Squad 10 Captain was missing. Maybe that was Isshin. I could be wrong.

  6. @aleriecorbray
    Ichigo could’ve gotten his asuachi from Rukia. She stabbed him through the stomach as a human and he turned into a full flesh shiningami with a sword. Rukia was the one that help merge a sword for Ichigo. She didn’t give him a asuachi, but a sword, skipping steps of development and going straight to Ichigo forming a sword.

    Kenpachi didn’t get a asuachi from a higher authority. He stole one. Using the stolen asuachi to strengthen the sharpness of the asuachi into a sword with his own spiritual pressure.

  7. @ Cas24. As far as the Fullbringers, it is hard to tell how they stayed hidden from Aizen. Maybe they just came into the area. Remember that the captains’ plan was to keep eyes on the next substitute Shinigami and use him to lead them to Ginjo (and then kill them both). We were told that the gaming young man, could block spiritual pressure with his Fullbringer. I do not think that Aizen’s methodology worked well on ordinary souls, even those of soul reapers. Remember Kensei’s team all vanished, except for the captain and his lieutenant, whose spiritual pressure would be higher. Those two, he could change into hollows.

    As far as Isshin, he would have read as an ordinary human, until his powers were restored. We were first told about that when Grand Fisher was chasing Kon. I imagine he likely can hide his pressure from Ichigo, who always had a rough time early on with sensing spiritual pressure. I am not certain how well Isshin knew Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihōin at first, but certainly by the final battle with Aizen, he had become good friends. They could likely have given him shielding information. Remember the artificial body that Kisuke rented to Rukia had shielding abilities. Remember also that Ichigo appeared to have been shielded until he touched that girl ghost to help her escape the hollow. Shinji and his group are all captain class, plus they have a master at shielding in Hachi to protect them from oversight.

    You know what I wonder, here is Isshin, who likely lost his spiritual powers. As a noble, I guess he wasn’t just a “dead” ghost, but he still needs an artificial body to interact with the real world. I find it hard to believe that they equipped those things so that a man can father children.

  8. @ Superman no here. This one I researched yesterday, but didn’t share all of my data –
    From Turn Back the Pendulant -108/11 * Shinji asks Love, what is the headcount and is told that the Eleventh Division Captain is missing. He further says that he is the tenth Kenpachi, and no one dared to stand up to him. Coming up behind them are Shunsui Kyōraku and Jūshirō Ukitake, who are talking about Kirio Hikifune, who just left squad twelve for the Zero Squad. Shinji complains that they are going through captains faster than toilet paper. Noted in passing is that Rose was promoted to captain under a year ago. Turn Back the Pendulant -108/15 Later in a summing remark, it is said that there was an untimely death in the “Tenth” Division. IMO I am positive that he really meant it to say in the Eleventh Division because that is how the Kenpachi title is passed on – with a death of the old and the new becomes the next captain (and in this case does not choose to come to their Captains’ meetings).

  9. @ nss7. Maybe. Who knows. The other thought along those same lines would be that when his powers were restored, it was also done with a sword through the center of his being. In that case, the sword had no sharpness to it, it was mainly a vessel to hold the spiritual powers being passed to Ichigo. I can see and have suggested that was when he likely was passed an Asauchi, however, I am less certain in my own mind about Rukia passing him one in the beginning. Okay let’s walk this through. Each beginning Shinigami is given an Asauchi, or maybe steals it off a corpse that he has just killed as in the case of Kenpachi Zaraki. Then that spirit inside the Zanpaktou over time is custom molded to each individual wielder. Are we saying that each sword has multiple Asauchi? It sounds like, there should be one to a customer. IMO Multiple spirits would not seem to make sense. Rukia had used her sword for over forty years, when she met Ichigo. In fact, the hollow that swallowed up Kaien Shiba remembered practicing her special moves with her, many years ago. Her Asauchi was already well formed to her way of doing things, and as someone reminded me, Ichigo’s Zanpaktou came from inside of him. He may have initially been using Rukia’s powers, but the sword that he was using then – was his.
    Note – at one point in his training, Ichigo was tossed an Asauchi by Zangetsu to prove a point about his attitude. He fought with it briefly before it turned into Zangetsu.

  10. @aleriecorbray but aizen claimed to have been keeping tabs on ichigo since he was born meaning he knew exactly where his dad and mom was the whole time. I don’t think there’s any mere coincidences anymore everyone who’s in this current arc is connected to each other somehow. remember where the fullbringers are training right now? The shiba clan who ichigo dad just happens to be a part of. If Aizen is experimenting with humans in the current flashback then it would only make sense to use those of high spiritual pressure

  11. @cas24

    You are right it actually make alot of sense for aizen to have been involved in the creation of Fullbringers, especially when you take into account that we are told a Fullbringer is basically born when their mother is killed by a hollow (cant remember if it was with child inutero or not). As well Aizen did tell Ichigo that he basically molded him into what he now is, which could possibly be true.

    If Aizen was responsible for the hollow attacks on humans that created the fullbringers, then it is quite possible that Aizen knowing of Ichigos paternal and maternal heritages was trying to create a kind of grand hybrid, part shinigami, part quincy and finally part hollow. This could also help explain why Ichigo was always so uber strong, when really SS should have easily wiped the floor with him.

  12. @ cas24. Aizen lies part of the time. For example, he said in the first conversation that he has with Ichigo chapter 175/18 that inventing a gigai that was untraceable and would not allow normal healing, such as was used by Rukia during her first stay, was the reason that Kisuke Urahara was exiled into the real world. Which wasn’t the reason that he was about to exiled, rather it was for performing Hollowification experiments. Aizen has no problem with twisting the truth to suit himself.
    I have no doubt that Ichigo was being watched, if not immediately, certainly from the time that he battled the menos grande. While Rukia says that Ichigo must have been shielded in the opening chapters of the manga, she doesn’t say from what. It might have been just from Hollows.

    One thought I have on Ichigo’s mother and father is that if his father lost his powers in the line of duty, being as he was a noble, rather than just a plain “dead” soul, it might be possible that he was allowed to settle in the real world with his girl friend, in essence to become human. There would be no need to hide from the soul society.
    As far as Shinji Hirako’s group, Aizen called them names like fake arrancars, I think trying to belittle them. Rather than his equals, he saw them as lab rats that escaped, and needed to be recaptured. Maybe he also saw them as his failures.

  13. @ Telemacus. According to chapter 433/9, it says that their mothers were attacked before they were born, not killed. That attack caused a mark on them and their powers before they were born. Think about it, Ichigo was nine years old, when his mother was killed by Grand Fisher, not a newborn.
    As far as whether Aizen caused those attacks, it was not one of his claims. He did admit to a number of other prototype hollows.

    I think most of the molding that Aizen was taking credit for – it had to do with people Ichigo fought, and situations that made Ichigo rage. For example, Aizen was getting ready to kill a bunch of Ichigo’s friends, hoping that would push him over the edge into more of a challenging fighter.

  14. Based on the brutality of that blow( I mean damn, half that dudes head from the nose up had been slit, in mid awe of ishhins spirit pressure too) an the fact that it only appears at certain conditions an it looks a little similar to ichigos transformation, I assume this isn’t a espada. Maybe one of aizen’s experiments.

  15. Id make joke about masaki’s comparison to orithime and her talks of pickles an carrots, but ill choose not to.

  16. That mask is almost the same as Ichigo’s final hollow transformation mask, or am I seeing things? It would be cool, if Aizen implanted that hollow inside Ichigo, somehow, maybe not inside him, but inside his’ mother…

  17. waittttttttt a minute Bleach 530………..so am i right in saying that that hollow is the one who attached ichigo’s mumzy an creeped its way into ichigo’s soul…..and also Ichigo and Ishida are cousins perhaps?!! Anddddd is this how aizen knew about ichigo from birth as he is the one who created that vasto lorde hollow in the first place??!! Kubo clearing up the foggggggg liking it!!

  18. oh an maybe isshin uses his final getsuga on this hollow…..

  19. @ Unknown. It might be one of Aizen’s experiments, like you said that it is tied to certain weather conditions, might be part of his improvements. After all, he had been fooling around with these things for over a hundred years. He was especially interested in obtaining Vasto Lorde like Tier Halibel. I guess because he thought that they made stronger Arrancars. Remember, they are the form of menos grande that are most likely to recapture the appearance of a human form.
    Apparently, his first Espada were more Gillians and Adjuchas. All of those first Arrancars knew that once Aizen possessed the Hōgyoku that the new Arrancars would be better, stronger. In the end, he only kept one Gillian Aaroniero Arruruerie in the Espada ranks.

    @ impaler. I will have to look. To me it just looks like a regular hollow mask. Didn’t his last mask have a lot of black in it?

    @ Tensa Gizzla. You are forgetting that Ichigo was born five years after his father lost his soul reaper powers. I am not certain that they have explained the relationship between Masaki Kurosaki and Ryūken Ishida, other than she was his potential (Quincy) bride, the last of her line of the Kurosaki family, and that his mother had agreed to raise her.
    And now, we must wait two weeks for more answers.

  20. That has to be the hollow inside Ichigo, the mask is the same. And look at the swords he has for arms! A little too much like Zangetsu to be coincidence

  21. @ impaler et all. I am not certain which mask of Ichigo’s you were referring, but here is one fairly late in the game. It is from when he attacked Aizen, just after the Commander General wounded him. Just slightly before Ichigo’s father showed up in a captain’s coat. There is a good full face pic at 396/15, but there are many more.

  22. From flipping through, it looks like once they got to the real town in the soul society that Ichigo did not revert back to his mask. So, the area around chapter 396, may have been the last outing, before his powers were stolen.

  23. @aleriecorbray
    I’m talking about the hollow mask, that was first semn during the fight against espada number 4, after Indigo was “killed”. I don ‘t know the number of the issue, but there we saw the real mask of Oghici. So the mask is the same, the horns are the same, the hole has the same size. I would like to see if it shoots ceros în the same manner.

  24. @ impaler. So, you are saying that the comparison is when he becomes a full-blown hollow, not when the hollow inside of him took control briefly because Ichigo was losing a battle. Nor is it anytime that he wore the mask to increase his battle strength. I assume that we are limiting it to just the manga.
    Just off the top of my head that would be:
    – In Kisuke Uraharas’s training ground, in the shattered shaft.
    – When he was first with Shinji’s group, where he battled his inner hollow, as his real soul body slowly turned into a hollow.
    – After Ulquiorra “killed” him on the roof above Las Noches.

    Did I get all of the events that you were including?

  25. I searched a little and look what i found, sadly i didnt’ find a picture showing Ichigo in full holow mode, taken from behind so we have to work with what we have

    the hollow from this week

    it has horns, the mask is the same, and the hair looks familiar…

    hollow from the lust number 4


  26. @ impaler. My computer went dead and I lost all my notes when I dumped it, but basically, here we go. I think that this is a lot of wishful thinking. IMO, there is more to support that the strange hollow looks more like an early Tier Halibel than anything that we have seen in Hollow Ichigo. I couldn’t find her flash back from in the days before she went with Aizen, maybe that is only on the anime or maybe I am just tired. She had more of the blasting arm, very like a shark fin. From 350/5, Ichigo’s arms as a hollow were more like extra long regular arms with claw like fingers, as though they were made to hold a sword. Your new guy, not so much. He looks like his weapon of choice is more blasts of energy. A good face shot of Ichigo is 350/7. His is more black and white with almost a wide stripe like effect.

    Ichigo hollow has two sharp horns that start close to the top of his ear and finish on the level of his chin and are twisted. They look to be maybe a dozen inches long and very solid. This other guy, his face is white on the side that we can see, the ears much shorter and softer, almost cow like. Plainly, they are not a weapon, while hollow Ichigo bears two dangerous horns.
    Ichigo is wearing the dregs of his former bankai outfit, with his chest mostly bare and the bottom turned into a skirt of sorts with a side slit. The new stranger looks like he is wearing body armor. Or an outer protective coating like an insect. As far as the hair – hollow ichigo has extra long fly away strands going everywhere. The new to us hollow has what looks like a dirty clump of hair, going halfway down his back. IMO, there is no resemblance.

    Somewhere someone explains that the heart becomes their mask and all the individual features. That most hollows are different from each other. I suspect that we are supposed to see a clearly dangerous hollow that might have caused Ichigo’s father to lose his powers, either by severe injury or because he took the final solution.

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