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Bleach Chapter 529: Everything but the Rain Op.2

Chapter 529: Everything but the Rain Op.2
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Sorry I couldn’t make Friday to release this one but there you have it. Work is a bitch.

Oetsu is standing on the cliff with Renji reflecting on Ichigo’s failure with the Asauchi. Before I get to that Oetsu is quite something. He knows where every Asauchi he has ever built. There is no Shinigami who has ever awoken his Zanpaktou without an Asuachi.

Oetsu realized Ichigo can’t make a proper bond since the young man has been thrown into a bit on an identity crisis. Both by Ginjo and Yuhabach he’s been thrown off.

So, in order for Ichigo to can move forwards again he needs to find out his roots again.

The only one who can help with is his father. Ichigo, for some odd reason, seems shocked to find out his Mom is a Quincy. Anyway. Ishinn is just at the start of his story as we dive back in time to where is a Captain of the 10th devision with a short-haircut Rangiku as his vice captain. And Toshiro as his third-seat.

I was surprised how different he looks.

Younger obviously…

Seeing this I am not wondering too much how he’d managed to have hidden himself after staying behind on earth.

Could simply be he is being presumed dead after whatever happened after he went down to earth. But I assume this will all be revealed in this flashback arch.

His ‘old’ name was Shiba Ishinn and apparently the head of a ‘lesser brach’ as Rangiku calls is. This history takes place after the Vaizard incident. It’s a light harded bit and fun to read and watch some breast sweat… yeah.. anyway.

The only work diligently in the 10th squad barracks is Toshiro. Toshiro end up giving him a report on which as soon as he reads it, Ishinn bolts out the door. Rangiku wants to go after him but Toshiro calls her back.

Aizen is very much experimenting during these days and I assume the events are still fresh on Ishinn’s mind so he knows the dangers. I’ve been thinking we didn’t see all the vice-captains during the Pendulim arch so it is very likely Ishinn got promoted after that incident.

So, a Shinigami in the real-world town (I am assuming this) of Narukishi. Aizen’s boys have been experimenting hollowfication on humans and shinigami. So Ishinn is making his way toward the gate to make the trip to the real world to find out what has happened.

Ishinn is worried, undoubtedly thinking of the Pendulum incident. So much so he lets his closest subordinates behind to face whatever is down there. It’s obvious he fears the worst.