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Its Out!!!

Sorry this is late, but life been hell for me this week. Thank God, next week is spring break so I will have more detication to this site, again I am sorry my fellow Narutoterds, One Piecers and Bleachers.

Naruto Chapter 623


Bleach Chapter 529


One Piece Chapter 701



15 Responses

  1. One Piece – again this week’s King Daddy… Oda really is an imaginative storyteller!

    Naruto – loved the last showdown page; otherwise chapter was really just emotional build chapter to get you to buy into bond between Big and Mega.

    Bleach – timelines starting to come into focus. So Isshin was the missing captain when the commander gathered them all?

  2. @Jdogg. Thanks for being there and letting everyone know what is going on. I’m new to the site. Where do the pictures come from? The one for this week’s Bleach looks like a very young Tensa Zangetsu, awash in the sorrow of Ichigo’s distress at being over whelmed by Aizen. Very much like the spirit that Ichigo encountered when he asked his sword to teach him the final release.

    @ Tawuya-sama. I am a little confused, as to your comment about Bleach. Where is the scene that you are referring to as far as the gathering about the missing captain?

  3. @alerie – I may be mis-remembering but during the flashback arc when Aizen was experimenting on citizens of soul society I think the commander called a meeting where there was mention of the lady captain who had been promoted to Zero Squad and there was also a captain who was just missing from the line-up. Considering that Isshen is shown as being a captain right after that incident (kisuke being banished, vaizards being created) I think he was the mystery man in that case…

    Lol, or I’m not remembering it correctly!

  4. @ Tawuya-sama. I actually would have been there by now in my manga re-read, but I doubled back to re-read the current arc, along with pretend3r’s excellent reviews. I am almost done with them, stopping tonight at 526. Now that I am curious, I will try and check it out this weekend. My senior brain, which can be wrong, seems to remember that remark about someone missing a captains’ meeting in the past was about Jūshirō Ukitake. But, I have only read that portion of the manga once, while I have watched the anime many times.

    On the other hand, I do remember them for sure talking about Kirio Hikifune’s promotion to Squad Zero. It started with a Captain’s discussion and the Lieutenants were wondering what was being discussed.
    I just had a light come on in the old brain. Not about the missing captain, but more to the timing. In the brief additional bit that we were given this week of the past, Gin has already grown to adult size. When we saw him earlier at the hundred-year mark, he is still very much a child, who was said by Jūshirō Ukitake, who is having tea with Kaien Shiba, to be about the age of Byakuya Kuchiki. Byakuya looked to me to be somewhere between eleven to fourteen years old. So, Isshin’s scene must have played out much later in time. For that matter, it must have taken time for Rangiku Matsumoto to rise to a Lieutenant’s rank. One of the reasons that Gin sought (in his own way) revenge against Aizen was he watched him with others stealing I guess spiritual powers from her, long before she became a soul reaper.

  5. @ Tawuya-sama. Another thought. While Gin is grown looking, Tōshirō Hitsugaya is still a child. My personal guess is that it is somewhere between the forty-year timeframe that many we know were at the academy and the twenty-year mark (now plus about two years), which was given as the time passed since Isshin lost his powers.

  6. I think he was the 10th division captain 100 years ago because all the captains were identified at the time except for the 10th. As far as gin an hitsoguya is concerned gin was already a shinigami and an officer(forgot which seat, but he was discovered by aizen killing a 3rd seat) as a teenager. Since aizen gave him the position and he was only a lieutenant at the time they mustve both been in the 5th division. Toshiro at the time wasn’t even a shinigami. In this flashbacks gin was already a captain of his own division (same as byakuya, since they became captain roughly around the same time, with gin probably few years earlier) So based on that alone this couldn’t be anymore than 50 years ago. We can narrowed down even further depending if kira an mono was already aizen an gins lieutenants, which they should be since toshiro is already 3rd seat, so that would put this flasback roughly 20-30 years ago. Maybe we will also find out who was byakuyas luitenant. I doubt it was renji though because he became one around the time rukia just started being stationed at ichigos hometown.

  7. @aleriecorbray, your most welcomed, I get most of the images from google images or deviantart, most of the photos I put on here mostly have the authors signature on the bottom, but not all of them.

  8. @Jdogg, DA is a cool place. My friend, who drew the Alerie Avatar has bunches of stuff in her gallery. I had to join, in order to view what I wanted, but now I have no plans to store anything there. By keeping everyone pulled together and by adding the pictures, it just makes this a very warm and friendly site for us new comers.

  9. @ Tawuya-sama and @unkown91. I have the proofs that it wasn’t a hundred years ago, but the data is long and boring. As far as any captains’ meeting talking about a missing/dead captain, or specifically a captain from the Tenth Division, something is said in an error. You will find that text in the first chapter in the Turn Back the Pendulum group, as they wait to meet and greet Kisuke Urahara. What they talk about is that the captain from the third retired, the twelfth was promoted, and they talk about what a brute the captain of the Eleventh Division was. Later in a summing remark, it is said that there was an untimely death in the “Tenth” Division. I am positive that he really meant it to say in the Eleventh Division because that is how the Kenpachi title is passed on – with a death of the old and the new becomes the next captain (and does not choose to come to their Captains’ meetings).

    The biggest clue is the children, who we know as adults. There are all kinds of them. From Gin, and Tōshirō that I discussed before, to even Shūhei Hisagi, who looks about eight years old, a hundred years ago. Remember he is a sixth-year when Momo and Renji are at school forty some years ago, where he looks maybe eighteen or twenty. These children do grow, just very slowly. So, while Tōshirō looks about eleven now, maybe he was at the academy and then rapidly placed in the Tenth Division maybe twenty-five or thirty years ago looking like a nine year old. I have much more, but that is enough. I think that the scene that we saw from Ichigo’s father was maybe 25 to 30 years ago, not one hundred years ago.

  10. @alerie,

    random question but out of the big 3 – is bleach is your favourite? also for any fairytale fans i heard the anime is getting dropped! They better not dare touch one piece!!!!!!!!! Naruto can stay too although im sick of those damn fillers – they piss me off!!

  11. @ Tensa Gizzla. Not a problem. I have only been watching the Bleach anime for about a year and a half, after cutting my teeth, so to speak, on Avatar the Last Airbender. I started reading the current manga for Bleach about a year ago. When I felt like I had watch the anime more than enough, sometime around the holidays, I started reading the manga from the beginning. I really am a newbie when it comes to mangas and do not know enough about any other story to make conversation. When I first came to the board, I was given a bunch of suggested mangas to try, but I haven’t started yet for two reasons. First, I decided to re-read Bleach and second, I am reading The Lord of the Rings saga for the first time. So, between the re-read of Bleach and LOTR, my reading card is full.
    By the way, it sounds like we feel the same about fillers. Often they are just junk and I have little desire to have anything to do with them.

  12. Fairytale can drop dead for all I care, but they better take a page out of kabutos book and edo tensei the fuck outta bleach! I wanna see this arc in full color animation.

  13. Shit, speaking of fairytale about to be dropped, the perfect edo vessel just appeared. Now there’s no excuse. Bleach lets make it happen!

  14. @alerie
    Preach on girl!!! Fillers are a waste of time however if done right they can be enjoyable. Once your reading time is abit more free there are a BUNCH of manga waiting to make ur eyes pop!

    hahahahahaha edo tensei the anime lolololololololol Yammamotto vs Juha Bach in FULL COLOUR damn that would be large popcorn worthy!

  15. @ Tensa Gizzla. To me it was a surprise how Tite Kube puts the tiny sketches at the bottom of seemingly empty blank pages. Sometimes the bottom view is just a flower or a stray object, and sometimes it is a bit with Kon. I’ve seen some that the anime used as a basis for filler episodes for the anime. My daughter tells me that people complain that he fails to properly fill out the background, that sometimes there is too much white space. I actually like the way he works on his canvas. He takes some of that area, and rather than fill everything like a photograph, he uses it to record emotions and reactions to events. I heard somewhere that he said that he used an all white background, when first he introduced Aizen. He wanted him to stand out, but not to give a lot of hints about the kind of person he was. The way that he handles his drawings, gives us clues about relationships and other unseen surroundings. I just wish that I knew what some of the characters left in by the cleaners meant.

    And yes, I am looking forward to enjoying many more mangas. It is a very intriguing medium.

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