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Naruto Chapter 623 – Forbidden Friendship

cecsHi, just finished reading the new chapter for this week and I was fairly pleased with it. It wasn’t the action packed chapter we hope for nor did it progress the story much, nonetheless it was still very good and necessary for Hashirama’s purpose. This chapter pretty much picked up where it left off last week, with Hashirama and Madara discussing ways to finally end all the senseless fighting. I don’t think anyone was surprised that the boys were being spied on by their clans; looking to take advantage of the situation, both boys are given the order to spy and maybe kill the other. What does come by as a slight surprise though is that both boys warned each other about the trap they were being forced to set for the other. We are finally introduced to Madara’s father and younger brother, Tajima and Izuna Uchiha.


It seems Hashirama and Madara do in fact share the same goal for peace. Not only that, they appear to have an almost identical Leafvillagemeans of reaching said peace. We learn that it is from these conversations that the idea of a shinobi alliance village is conceived, and it is on these same grounds that the foundations for the village will be placed. Hashirama may not act like it, but he is one smart cookie; he not only thinks of the idea to make an alliance, but also comes up with the logistics on how the village will be run. These of course are plans that are still carried out in the present timeline, and not only in Konoha but across all countries and villages. (You disagreed with me last week on Madara and Hashirama sharing the same plan for peace jdogg, just curious if you have changed your mind with this chapter).


Token rightly states that Hashirama and Madara’s relationship closely resembles that of Romeo and Juliet from Shakespeare’s famous play; though of course Hashirama and Madara’s relationship is not a romantic one. Yet the similarities between the two stories is uncanny; like Romeo and Juliet, Hashirama and Madara’s relationship is frowned upon by their respective clans yet the friendship the two have forged is stronger than their desire to avenge their fallen brethren.

imageesUltimately, what it all comes down to is Hashirama and Madara’s superior wisdom; for most people, logic would dictate that you hate the people that have been killing your family and continue to hunt you. However, because the two are able see the bigger picture, they realize the only way to truly end the war is to forgive, then and only then will the fighting and hatred stop. And as I stated last week, I believe they both knew the other was from the rival clan but chose to ignore it. The reason for this that they recognized that their continued friendship is the only way to a better future; and because they both agreed on this, it only leaves me wondering what makes Madara become evil (you also disagreed on this, stating Madara did not change rather he has always held this view). They succeed in reaching their goal of uniting the two clans but yet Madara still ends up looking for another solution; did he feel that what they had at the village was not true peace, or did his hunger for power overtake his desire for peace? I hope we get to find out soon.


These two do not necessarily side with the adults, as I am sure they both love their brothers dearly hashirama__tobirama__madara_and_izuna_uchiha_by_putuki-d5vsy0jand would stand up for them against their fathers (as we see with Tobirama protecting Hashirama against their father); rather it is their lack of insight that prevents them from completely siding with their brothers. They are not capable of seeing that the only way to peace is through an alliance (the way their brothers see things), so they are forced to obey their fathers in this matter. They don’t necessarily disagree with their brothers, but they cannot understand it so they side with the adults. I do love the rivalry they seem to have though.


18I very much look forward to what the fathers of the two most capable ninjas in history can do, their children have already proven to have greater wisdom than them, but can they show anything that can rival what their children will become in the future? I highly doubt that. Butsuma and Tajima are stock in the old ways of “an eye for an eye,” and despite the constant loss of their own children they fail to see that they must stop the fighting. Are they horrible fathers? I am not going to judge as they were most likely brought up the same way as they are bringing up their children now. Comparing them, or anyone else for that matter, to Hashirama and Madara would be completely unfair as the latter duo are unique even in their own generation. I do look forward to this encounter however as I would like to see what the two are capable of, and I wonder if Hashirama and Madara can succeed in stopping the fight between them or do one/both of them die (perhaps Hashirama kills Tajima and Madara kills Butsuma)?

Too bad there will be a break next week, can’t say I didn’t see it coming with the other two taking breaks in recent weeks, well at least they are taking turns and not all at once. Jdogg here, again I am sorry this is late, life is not as smooth lately, nonetheless Cesc did and does a marvelous job with this weeks review, so enjoy.


12 Responses

  1. i think the end of this fight will determine destiny of both hashirama and madara

  2. I think the draw will be in both fathers dying, and the two oldest kids begin to take over and lead their villages. Or, after both fathers are killed BIG MAGNUM begins to skew on his path of creating peace from the idea MEGA MAGNUM has. But eventually BIG MAGNUM is swayed back to an uneasy truce because the other Uchiha are tires of fighting with the Senju, after they get older and are leaders of their respective clans. Because obviously the truce was formed after some big battle. At least we are lead to believe that from the flashback pic of the two shaking hands when they formed the truce. Both were in battle gear.

  3. Romeo and Juliet: Ninja version

    This flashback is the first half-way decent thing in this crapfest, but it turns to crap when you remember the actual purpose of this.

    You’re doing a good job J-dogg. I’ll make a post soon…

  4. Aww snap Kisuzachi making a entrance something will pop off, looking forward to it man. But you gotta admit that Kishi is slowly bring this manga back to its former glory even though it is done by bring back dead people. Which in my opinion is a cheap excuse to make things more interested. Nonetheless, the past maybe 5 or so chapters have been enjoyable.

  5. Yo kisu.

  6. Since the disscusion about this chapter has died down..quick question….DOES MADARA POSSES AMATERASU?? Please someone clear me up on this.

  7. @ Sanins supposely, since he can use susanno, but that remains to be seen.

  8. But why hasn’t he(madara) used it.he’s in dipshit so we can’t say he doesn’t need it…
    Not to mention danzou was like “you are itachi’s brother after all”when he saw sasuke use amaterasu.which probably means not all MS can unlock amaterasu.

  9. @unknown
    But why hasn’t he(madara) used it.he’s in dipshit so we can’t say he doesn’t need it…
    Not to mention danzou was like “you are itachi’s brother after all”when he saw sasuke use amaterasu.which probably means not all MS can unlock amaterasu.

  10. Its possible that MS abilities are genetic and that itachi and sasuke are direct descendants of Madara. But I have yet to see madara in deep shit since he was first revived. Besides, with his op susanno, wood tech, rinnegan, and juubi, amaterasu and tsukuyomi seems like
    gennin tech in comparison, which naruto with his speed, and kyuubi on his side, would have little problem enduring.

  11. Ha! Kisu back in da building! Long time no read cuzzy!!

    When hashi makes his way to the war i wonder if he’ll be able to take back his cells form Maddi?! I bet he has a jutsu for that. This is probably where both dads die but i still dont think it’d be enough to turn Maddi to the darkside, kishi doin a good job with this flashback within a flashback

  12. batlle rap kisu????

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