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cecsHi all, Cesc and Jdogg here to bring you a review of yet another solid chapter from Kishi. The past couple of chapters have been filled with awesomeness, mainly because of Hashirama and his total badassry. I wondered how long Kishi can keep bringing the goodness, and so far there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. That is great. Some might not have liked this chapter, but I hope by the end of this review, Jdogg and I would have convinced you otherwise. The past couple of chapters have been executed marvelously by Kishimoto. The transition from epic battle to tear jerking history could not have been done any better. I loved this chapter, so much so I had to read it three times. A couple of those readings were out of necessity; I often prefer the translations on Mangastream but for this chapter Mangapanda delivered the goods. I felt that their translation was more believable and fit better with the scene. So I read both to get a better understanding of what they were saying, Mangapanda was on point with the jokes though lol.


Some may not be happy with the transition from the awesome battle to the current events. I can’t argue on that account as some people just want action and no talking. However, the manner in which Kishi moved from the battle to the first meeting is flawless. Kishi teases us with scenes from the epic final battle, potraying Madara as a crazed villain whom seeks nothing but destruction and power. I too fell victim to this ploy from Kishi; I thought I knew all there is to know about Madara, that he is just a selfish Uchiha that only wants power and war. Just as this image of Madara is etched into our heads…flashback! Now we get to see a whole new Madara. A boy that is yet to be tainted by overwhelming hatred. I called this a tear jerking chapter because of how it got to me. It expresses the cruelty of war in a way that we have never witnessed in Naruto. There have been complaints that the current war hasn’t brought enough casualties, and I can’t say I disagree; this current war cannot even be considered a war when compared to the one these two young bahemoths grew up through. It was just heart wrenching trying to imaging what these two characters must have felt seeing their siblings killed off one after another fighting their parents’ war. What is worst however is realizing that we have very similar tragedies happening in the real world today. Governments and Tyrants waging war and putting the lives of innocents in harms way. Both Hashirama and Madara show wisdom and compasion way beyond their years. Or perhaps at these times, only the young an innocent can conjure up such thoughts. Needless to say, Hashirama and Madara are certainly wiser than their fathers.


I am glad to see his awesome personality is present even in these terrible times. I am almost certain that Kawarama was another Stainless_Steel_Senju_Clan_by_UchihaItachi121one of Hashirama’s brothers; that makes at least 4 of them. To see that only two survive into adulthood shows what a savage life they live. Being able to maintain your composure and seeking peace with those that have been killing your brothers is a near impossible feat. A feat that thousands if not millions have failed to accomplish before. Hashirama however is a different child. Even at such a young age he is able to see things better than any adult can. He sees from very early on that the only way to true peace is through the breaking of the cycle of hatred. His father and other adults fail to see this, and due to his young age he has no influence. It is important to note that this view towards peace is the same one that Naruto caries today. So yeah, he will absolutely love Naruto when he meets him, and I hope they get a chance to chat. Hashirama is a special ninja, the likes of whom the world has never seen before and probably will never see again. His praise for Itachi being a better shinobi than him seems even more surprising now that we see how great of a shinobi Hashirama is. He too like Itachi possessed the wisdom of a Kage at a very young age. I suppose great ninjas truly do think alike.


Uchiha_wall_by_PajadoxI was beginning to fear that Madara is just a one-dimensional character, that doesn’t have much dept. For this reason, among with others, I am happy to get this flashback chapters. Madara grows up in the exact same environment as Hashirama, so I am curious to find out what led him astray. Similar to Hashirama, Madara had sibblings whose lives are taken by the war. He states that he had four brothers, meaning that he lost all but one to the war (as did Hashirama). Taken that into account, I am surprised at how sane Madara is at this point. He shares Hashirama’s view of stopping the cycle of hatred. They both might know what clan the other is from but choose to ignore it. This flashback is truly showing Madara in a new light, he is no longer a one-dimensional character that lacks dept; he is nothing but the results of the world he grows up in. That being said, it appears that Madara really does try to fight against it, he seeks peace with the enemy that kills 3 out of his 4 brothers. I am very much liking his character more as I am getting to understand him better.

What went wrong?

Despite the fact that some of his brothers had already been killed, Madara still appeared sane. He was still thinking of a way to get true peace. I believe these little meetings and chats he had with Hashirama by the lake are what led to them agreeing on the Going-the-wrong-way1shinobi alliance. Before, I pictured the fights between Hashirama and Madara (ones before alliance) as being between two mortal enemies; now I am seeing that this was not the case. They were fights between two friends forced into circumstances beyond their control. I am very much looking forward to their first meeting in the battlefield, perhaps even more so than the conclusion to their final battle. Many things could have gone wrong after the two friends finally found the peace they so long sort after. I could be here all day speculating as to what went wrong with Madara, why he turned all his hatred on his friend Hashirama, but I have class and homework, so I will let you all speculate about that in the comments. As for me (Jdogg), I think that what went wrong with Madara is…nothing. The actions of the Madara at the present time is somewhat acceptable. He (Madara) thinks in all of his heart that people will not come to terms with each other, take the Uchiha and Senju clan for instance. They never came to terms even during peace. He feels that no matter what happens people will be at each others throats which is logical because everyone have their own free will. The bad thing about free will is that some people tend to react badly in disagreements that is why we get wars, killers, rapist, thieves, and etc. So in some ways Madara’s actions can be justifiable but that does not mean that they are right. Like I said Madara sees that the only way to save the world of Humanity is by saving Humanity from itself, by taking free will, but what is a life without free will. Enjoy the rest of your week, and may Wednesday arrive soon.

Side Notes:

  • Hashirama, Madara, Tobirama, the father are the freshest characters we have seen in along time.
  • You can see that at that time, kids had to adapt to the world at a very early stage. They had to think and get stronger even at the age of below ten. Can you think of any kid that you have met that had the same knowledge, philosophy, strength as Madara and Hashirama? I know that this is a fictional story but if you look our history (the real world) kids learned everything and knew their role at an early stage.
  • Hashirama and Tobirama mother might have had white hair because Hashirama has dark hair like his father, Tobirama has silver/white hair due to his mothers trait and Itama had white and black hair.
  • Seeing the interaction between young Hashirama and Madara brings back all the memories of how Naruto used to be when it all started. Cool characters that have a rich personality. Loving it



34 Responses

  1. If anyone have seen the movie “fox and the hound “I think hasirama an madaras backstory will be similar.

  2. The sad part is that this new Naruto chapter is more war like than the entire war arc.

  3. An interesting part was when the idea of Villages formed with The Uchihas sitting on that giant tree stump.

  4. This chapter remind me of how my old man passed serving for the military and i remember that movie the fox and the hound lol i havent seen or heard about that movie since i was a kid lol

  5. As much as i wanted to see what happened next to the 1 thousand palm pimp slap show it is a much needed insight into the two Characters that are being show cased here and as we do not know the back story and full abilities/personalities of the two characters its great tribute to them.

  6. i never saw madara as one dimensional….

  7. Lol, Anyone else kinda wishing this series was about Hashirama and Madara instead of Naruto and Sasuke right now? These two had great interactions with each other, and the world they grew up in sounds more interesting. Not to mention the conflicts seem like they’d be more morally ambiguous, and thus more realistic, than the lawful good versus chaotic evil that we usually get in Naruto.

  8. For all you gamers, Naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 out next week – what BIG MAGNUM pimp slap the raikage:

  9. @tensa
    that’s exactly how a 1 vs 1 between them two would go………………….. ….. you know, if BIG MAGNUM would go easy on him.

    Two more days, lets go!

  10. Actually just got round to reading this review now (shame on me!) GREAT JOB GUYS!!
    It’s nice to see young madara an hashirama get along, they actually were good friends an when edo hashi turns up at the war big magnum is gonna be smiling from ear to ear while tobirama just pouts in the corner! How this story is gonna change sasukes mind i dont know but Madara’s actions seem very justified an it comes down to both ninja wanting to save the world in their own way – Madara “i’ll save humanity from itself with my own hands”, Hashirama “we must save humanity by putting differences aside an working together with compromise” the 2nd hokage fucks everything up, Tobirama “Nobody is saving this world, fuck the compromise, put those uchiha in the corner with no say in political affairs”

  11. Oh yeahhhhhhhhh NEW NARUTO CHAPTER 623 LEGGOOOOO!


  12. disappointed in this chapter… literally nothing happened kind of felt like a wasted chapter by kishi :-/

  13. @token I completely and utterly disagree! This new chapter is sick. Where in anyone’s mindspace thought we’d get to see such truthful loyalty between Hashirama and Madara and on top of that get to see their fathers’ and last living brothers’ throw down without them.

    In my opinion, we are about to see a very revealing battle about the Uchia and Senju… what they are without all the ridiculous jutsu and gifts that we have been witnessed to. Also very cool how the only deaths that can occur during this fight are the fathers, love the matchups too.

    As one with an older brother I cant wait to see what the youngins can do

  14. @token
    you’ve gotta be kidding,on the contrary everything happened in this chapter.right from the male bonding and the flowing one liners to the duo discovering their clans and a battle set-up.

  15. @shikamaruistheman&sannins
    i guess he is one of those who comment before actually reading the chap

  16. This was a great chapter – the sheer bonding an mutual respect between hashi an madara and that last page………battle of the baby brothers! You know Tobirama is thinkin “little bitch ima chop ur head clean off!!” an Izuna’s thinkin “little rat face, bring it on – i’ll shove this sword up ur ass an roast u for dinner!” good job kishi – senju an uchiha doin it again!!

  17. Lol it didnt progress much at all…. we already know that they were close friends from the first flashback? This chapter literally progressed hardly any part of the story… not only that we know that izuna and tobirama survive so its not like there will be suspense as to if somoene will lose a brother again. The guy love was cute but kishi easily could have conveyed all of this in about half the pages and used the other half to progress the story. About the only interesting thing that happened was the whole rock thing near the end. And does this whole madara/hasirama kind of remind anyone of romeo and juliet lol…. two close friends whose families hate each other and dont want them hanging out. Was it a completely useless chapter?? maybe not but honestly the problem i have is that he could have easily condensed alot of this into half of the chapter and been more efficient. We have heard this whole lets have peace and make a village where everyone has peace blah blah blah… tired o hearing the same ideals over and over again. We get it the shinobi world sucks, evil stinks, war stinks, y cant we all get along blah blah time to stop saying this every other chapter… we have only heard it a million times

  18. @gentle nahi read it.. read it twice cause i was hoping to see something different lol. jsut cause u guys love all the man love goin on doesnt mean i enjoy spending time reading a rehash of what ive heard naruto, hokages, etc talk about in regards to peace and everyone living in harmony blah blah blah

  19. What a shitty chapter. Men i read it three times to see if i enjoy it and not. If this keep up Kishi better end this “yaoi manga” now. I´m not against the frienship shown in the manga but this is two much, chapter after chapter of this Uchiha crap!! Is starting to sick. And now this mother-%$&/(?=$” is gonna take a break, for what, is not like he is doing any job, i bet Kishi just sit a few hours do a crappy job and then blow his editor cock

  20. All in all this felt like a down week for the big three, but One Piece probably still took it home because at least it had some interesting questions and a bit of action.

  21. This appears to be setting up that BIG MAGNUM had to kill his little brother. He may have had to so that he would not destroy the dream that he and MEGA MAGNUM had. His eyes were probably the spoils of the battle. It seems both younger brothers are set in the father’s ways. With the old ideals of not trusting anyone outside your clan.

  22. @token
    I think you looked at the chapter not read it….we learnt so many new things,look i’ll spell it out for you
    What we learnt
    1;hashirama was the one who invented the academy
    2;they hung out..not ones not twice but everytime
    3;they decided to master jutsu upon jutsu together.so no-one could oppose them
    4;there was a bit of a timeskip so they grew up a bit
    5;we weren’t too familiar with that surronding until now
    6;and we dont entirely know the outcome of the battle,yes, izuna&tobirama lives.But…
    Who won this battle?
    What will hashiramadara do about this?
    Could this be the big battle that broke their friendship?
    Will the current senju and uchiha king live through this?
    Again you are wrong the chapter was suspence-filled

  23. This chapter is starting to make me suspect hasirama was the one who swayed from the relationship between them, not madara.

  24. Did anyone notice that the facial resemblance between cute madara and sasuke is so uncanny,sasuke may be a direct descendant,the problem BIG MAGNUM doesn’t seem like someone after bootys(except mito uzumaki booty of course)
    and izuna died young…except if he was a pervert and got someone pregnant first

    correct me if i am wrong but the uchiha leadership is inherited and sasuke father happened to be the uchiha leader.not to mention the similarities between their MS abilities

    if sasuke is a descendant then BIG OLD MAGNUM may have a soft spot for his great grandson or nephew

  25. @unknown
    my thought exactly,hashirama looks so unstable

  26. @Sanins
    Maybe its nothing an I’m overthinking this, but taking in Tobirama’s discussion about the Uchihas and their eyes, an how quick he is to dismiss them, an yet how quick hashirama is to praise them despite everything that happend and his remark that itachi was a better ninja than him, and why it seems more important to him to persuade sasuke of whatever evil deeds he’s thinking of. I’m thinking at some point hashirama, indirectly or directly, had wronged Madara to the point of thier relationship taking a violent turn, instead of, like sasuke, persuading his own ideals and damn the rest.

  27. an perhaps he’s still feeling a little guilty to this day, hence the talk with sasuke.

  28. @sannin I read the chapter and I noticed all of tht.. Which still makes me say who cares. I don’t care that they hung out all the time (kishi could have easily done this in 2 pages. All he had to do was be like “madara and I spent alot of time together discussing life, talked of rules and plans we had to do such and such etc…I mean honestly do I need 4-5 pages of him saying lets make a jutsu and a academy?) we already knew that these two basically set up konoha and no there is no suspense between the two clan battle at the end….. Do we really care about te parents? Nope. Do we care about izuna and tobirama? Yup and we know they live on. Fact is the fluff and filler is cute but its Romeo and Juliet-like with two guys…

  29. I think that’s one of the main points kishi’s going for with the hokages and sasuke’s talk and the flashback: That Madara and Hashirama(and thier clans) are not as evil and pure hearted as they have been described thus far.

  30. Naruto – Guys guys guys……im calling it now but watch Mito Uzumaki come an fuck up this friendship, nothing can fuck up a friendship more than a woman an this bitch is due anyyyyy chapter now! She fell for that Uchiha fire style in the beginning an was gettin it on with Mr Special eyes (Maddi), then cheated on him wit Mr Trees (Hashi) then Baby special eyes (Izuni) found out an went to go tell big bro but the senju rat pack (led by Mr white head Tobi) killed Baby Special eyes and thus the cycle of hatred between Uchi an Senji continued. End of Flashback.

    One piece – Im calling it now but the blind guy is the admiral Fugitora!

    Bleach- ………..Im calling it now Isshin Shiba (who i presume is Ganju an Kuukaku’s Uncle who they talk about with the fullbringers in chapter 518) fucked Rangiku, i know her had a piece that shinigami booty coz her ass dont deserve to be vice captain, she boned her way up the ladder!! Isshin FTMFW!!!!

  31. Also one piece – watch one of them toys become nakama! It’ll fit in nicely with the Humans, Cyborg, Reindeer an Skeleton!

  32. Tensa, you smell of weed… lol!!
    But i gotta agree with your call, i think that blind guy is Fujitora.

  33. @shykss,
    Was it that obvious?! lol Rolled a fat one whilst reading the big 3 with a cheeky rum an coke lol i love manga wednesdays lol

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