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Bleach Chapter 528: Everything but the rain.

Chapter 528: Everything but the Rain
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Today’s reveal didnt really come at all as a surprise. I think everyone here had it pretty much confirmed but its nice to have some confirmation for once. Let’s start from the top anyhow, shall we?

Ichigo is carrying a look of despair on his face as he finds himself in front of his house in his human body. He start yelling out to Urahara, before he realizes he probably isnt even here. His father hears coming out with his usual enthousiasm.

But Ichigo quickly bolts for the one person who doesn’t know what’s going on.

Ikumi. His real-world employer. Don’t tell you have forgotten about her. Ichigo is ashamed with himself. Unable to face is friends, his father. Having lost his Zanpaktou basicly.

Ikumo is a person he can trust that doesn’t know about his double life. Ikumi senses his despair but Ikumi is there for him trying easing a bit of his despair with a well-aimed head-butt.

Ichigo relaxes a little making the grave mistake of calling her old. As they banter a bit someone knocks at the door. Ikumi doesn’t see anyone but Ichigo still does. So he obviously still has his power. It’s just that his Zanpaktou has been more or less be taken away from him.

Anyway, his father slipped out of his human body and simply stands. Ichigo’s eyes quickly changed again. Still very much ashamed not wanting to face his father, but knowing that he can’t dodge him. He says his thanks to Ikumi and heads out forgetting(?) his badge at her place.

Ikumi does care for Ichigo wondering if she failed to help him remebering that lost look he carried.

The Kurosaki family made it home. Ichigo quickly figured his father doesn’t stay un-informed for very long. He even is familiar with Oetsu. Ichigo seems to almost lose it.

Finally his father is willing to ‘spill the beans’ about his wife Masaki. Ichigo’s mother.

The big reveal. Ichigo’s mother is a Quincy. Which is probably the only reason Ishida Ryuken tolerates Ishinn. The biggest reveal to me here seems that Ishinn apparently has a school uniform fetish… I mean really.

The more interesting question is… when is this really. Quincy are basically human and i think they age like humans aswell. The VanderReich are different. They are alive in a sense but I am sure they have ‘revived’ themselves as they were planning to ‘revive’ Ichigo back in their palace. her clothing doesn’t like it came from the stone age so, I reckon she may have been around the age of sixteen when they met here(just a plain wild guess here)

This means the Quincy war has come and long a long time ago. Which mean why a lot of Shinigami might not recognize this ancient enemy. But a Captain? Could have been that at this point in time they considered the Quincy as an emberrasment and their history has been hidden from the books.

This will an interesting tale. Kubo’s Romeo and Juliet huh?

One little sidenote. Ichigo would/should be able to use his Shikai, it was just his Bankai that got ‘broken’. There must have been a reason they left it up there in the palace. Anybody wants to hazard a guess?

Oh… and posted a day early! whoop whoop.


16 Responses

  1. Good review, but I don’t think ichigo can use even shikai. Look at it this way: Avatar the last airbender, if he is killed, then he is just simply reborn. However, if he is killed in his most powerful form, the avatar star then he can no longer be revived. Same with zanpaktos, if it is broken in bankai, its most powerful form, then it cannot be revived. So he sword is still broken in two halves and is stuck in baikai mode. It cannot be remade so he can’t use it anymore.

    And we finally get confirmation that ichigo does not use his human body in his latest shinigami form. Maybe I was the only one, but he was never shown leaving his human body when he transforms to shinigami ever since he regained his powers so I has thought his fullbring ability allowed him to access his shinigami powers in his human body. But that is not the case.

  2. Did kubo pulled the uzumaki stunt by giving ichigo his moms last name in order to protect identities?
    Or is the leash around ishinns neck tighter than we expected?

  3. @pretend3r. Great review. You are so good at seeing content that I missed completely. I was very pleasantly surprised at how early your submission was this week.

    @cesc. Love the Avatar reference, being an ATLAB from way back. But that actually is a good example. If Aang is killed when he is linked to all of the previous avatars, then the whole line of avatars disappears. When he is in his avatar state, he is in his most powerful and his weakest state. We almost saw it disappear, during the final for the second season.
    So, when Ichigo is in his bankai form, it is possible that Zangetsu at his most powerful is also at his most vulnerable state. But was Zangetsu driving, or just some strange asauchi. I suspect that his actual zanpakutō was not in charge of Ichigo’s refueled soul. Ichigo likely had not noticed, because everything still appeared to work. Besides, he didn’t know the young man, who pled with him not to undergo the final release. He likely stayed away from all contact because he didn’t want the hassle and blame for destroying the world of Zangetsu. His life was busy, as a graduating high school senior and he had little time to have a heart to heart talk with his sword.
    So eventually to find Zangetsu, Ichigo will need to go to that inner world and drag him out to reality.

    As far as the Fullbringers, they were fighting in their flesh bodies. I know that Kūgo Ginjō was (until the end) always fussing at Ichigo that he could do serious damage to his flesh body, for example, falling from a great height. It almost seemed that Kūgo Ginjō was telling him that he was less likely to have serious injuries, when he fought in soul form.

    The group I always wondered about were the Vizards (I am not certain of spelling, but this is what the wiki calls them). Are they fighting in their bodies or in their soul form? Note – I think that Ichigo when he trained with them fought in his soul form.

  4. Nice review…

    How many times has Ichigo gone through these crises of confidence???

  5. Nice one. Wanna team up with me in blog, shan? 🙂

  6. Why didn’t she just kill the dumb hollow n stay alive though?

  7. @cas24
    Ichigo was fooled by a hollow in thinking he saw a real girl about to fall over into a river. When the hollow attacked, his mother was put into a vulnerable spot to jump in and sacrifice her life to protect Ichigo. It’s the same shannaro with Rukia being badly injured after protecting Ichigo from a deadly hollow strike. Rukia could have easily mop the floor with the hollow, but the life of a human being was more important to her at the time.

  8. @nss7 that’s the thing if she’s strong enough to take out something a captain “couldn’t” wouldn’t she easily be able to help n defend against a low class hollow but I know it was just to advance the story

  9. Perhaps she had lost her power too. Possibly the punishment for hooking up with a shinigami.

  10. very interesting chapter today, some great reveals.

    Seems everyone did know Ichigo’s dad but kept it quiet. Refresh my memory, did Rangiku ever interact with Ishinn, or even see him (not the crap fillers, but actual manga)?

    and it looks like Aizen had a hand in the events that led to Ishiin losing his powers, or at least meeting his wife.

  11. Ishhin: head of Shiba clan? One of the great noble clan? Same surname as ginju an his sister? The former head kaien who just happened to be rukias former superior captian of squad 13? And who just happen to have looked an acted exactly like ichigo, with different hair color?


  12. It just hit me that kaien was lieutenant fulfilling roles as acting captain, not officially one.

    But still, WTF???

  13. Yeah realized all that, but what are you getting at? Unknown91

  14. @cesc. After Ichigo and company have returned home from the Soul Society for the first time, a team including Matsumoto come to town to give Ichigo and others a chance to hone and improve their skills before the winter showdown with Aizen. They originally meet with Ichigo at school, and later invade his bedroom. When they are shooed out of his bedroom, Rangiku starts unbuttoning her blouse, before giving up rather easily, to try her luck with Orihime for lodging. Rangiku had entered Ichigo’s room through a ceiling light fixture, and I am not certain how she left, it might have been through the window. So she might not have had direct contact with the man calling himself Isshin Kurosaki, Ichigo’s dad.

  15. @cesc. Remember when you are talking abut Aizen’s involvement, that he had created many new hollows in the hundred years between the hollowification experiments and his exposure to the soul society. Among those trials were the hollification experiments on the group eventually known as the Visords out of Shinji Hirako and his crew, to the hollow that killed Kaien Shiba, which was able to take the form of one of its victims and to cancel out the first attacker’s sword. He also had created hollows that could hide their spiritual pressure. So he was constantly mixing in with those around him and who knows for how long.

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