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Bleach Chapter 528: Everything but the rain.

Chapter 528: Everything but the Rain
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Today’s reveal didnt really come at all as a surprise. I think everyone here had it pretty much confirmed but its nice to have some confirmation for once. Let’s start from the top anyhow, shall we?

Ichigo is carrying a look of despair on his face as he finds himself in front of his house in his human body. He start yelling out to Urahara, before he realizes he probably isnt even here. His father hears coming out with his usual enthousiasm.

But Ichigo quickly bolts for the one person who doesn’t know what’s going on.

Ikumi. His real-world employer. Don’t tell you have forgotten about her. Ichigo is ashamed with himself. Unable to face is friends, his father. Having lost his Zanpaktou basicly.

Ikumo is a person he can trust that doesn’t know about his double life. Ikumi senses his despair but Ikumi is there for him trying easing a bit of his despair with a well-aimed head-butt.

Ichigo relaxes a little making the grave mistake of calling her old. As they banter a bit someone knocks at the door. Ikumi doesn’t see anyone but Ichigo still does. So he obviously still has his power. It’s just that his Zanpaktou has been more or less be taken away from him.

Anyway, his father slipped out of his human body and simply stands. Ichigo’s eyes quickly changed again. Still very much ashamed not wanting to face his father, but knowing that he can’t dodge him. He says his thanks to Ikumi and heads out forgetting(?) his badge at her place.

Ikumi does care for Ichigo wondering if she failed to help him remebering that lost look he carried.

The Kurosaki family made it home. Ichigo quickly figured his father doesn’t stay un-informed for very long. He even is familiar with Oetsu. Ichigo seems to almost lose it.

Finally his father is willing to ‘spill the beans’ about his wife Masaki. Ichigo’s mother.

The big reveal. Ichigo’s mother is a Quincy. Which is probably the only reason Ishida Ryuken tolerates Ishinn. The biggest reveal to me here seems that Ishinn apparently has a school uniform fetish… I mean really.

The more interesting question is… when is this really. Quincy are basically human and i think they age like humans aswell. The VanderReich are different. They are alive in a sense but I am sure they have ‘revived’ themselves as they were planning to ‘revive’ Ichigo back in their palace. her clothing doesn’t like it came from the stone age so, I reckon she may have been around the age of sixteen when they met here(just a plain wild guess here)

This means the Quincy war has come and long a long time ago. Which mean why a lot of Shinigami might not recognize this ancient enemy. But a Captain? Could have been that at this point in time they considered the Quincy as an emberrasment and their history has been hidden from the books.

This will an interesting tale. Kubo’s Romeo and Juliet huh?

One little sidenote. Ichigo would/should be able to use his Shikai, it was just his Bankai that got ‘broken’. There must have been a reason they left it up there in the palace. Anybody wants to hazard a guess?

Oh… and posted a day early! whoop whoop.