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Its Out!!

I am short on time, but you can find the chapters on any manga read website. Mangastream.com will have all the chapters out shortly but let the discussion beginning.


34 Responses

  1. No pics? 😦

    Bleach – Ichigo showered then got told something we all know and he should damn well know! Very disappointing chapter. Only take away is maybe the whole symbology of him leaving badge behind i.e. he must realise that he’s not a “substitute” anything; he must embrace all.

    Naruto – goodish chapter; Kishi loves his boy love theme. First time we’ve come across a properly abusive father isnt it?

    One Piece – best of the three by far this week. So many little tidbits can’t wait for the review.

  2. @Tensa

    I think we see where BIG MAGNUM gets his one liners from. That’s the real reason why he’s stayed alive for so long, he’s been practicing so when he met back up with MEGA MAGNUM he would be prepared to battle him with one liners to make up for getting blasted with them when they were little, lol.

  3. One Piece definitely won this week, such an interesting chapter. This chapter confirms a few thoughts I’ve been having about a few details.

    Ace’s fruit being reborn was something I saw coming since the smiley death and fruit rebirth. The wiki says something along the lines of when the fruit user dies their power goes to the nearest fruit, so this could also clear up half the mystery of Blackbeard and how he took Whitebeards power. My guess, he obviously knew about the rebirth of the fruits, so he made sure he had a regular fruit on him when he killed whitebeard, so the gura gura would go into the fruit he had. Now as far as his method of absorbing two at once, that’s still a mystery, but I think I figured out half of the puzzle.

    Also, speaking of Ace’s fruit, when Luffy does get a hold of it, and I do beleive he will, what’s he going to do with it? Will he give it to someone or is their the outside chance he can use two as well? Many questions.

    With 6 of the current 7 warlords revealed, it makes me wonder who the last one is that they didn’t reveal him, must be someone of special importance to be left for another day.

    As for the new admiral, he seems to fit the old profile of admirals, suit and what not, but he’s only one of the two new ones. I wonder if the other guy he mentioned is the other, because who else would they trust alone to go after law and the strawhats given their history?

    An interesting chapter for sure, can’t wait to get some new info.

  4. Sorry my friends. I have midterms tonight once I am done with them. I will make it look nice. But as for comments.
    Bleach – was expecting a little more than that but I guess it’s a build up for nexts weeks chapter.

    Naruto – hashirama is by far my number one favorite now. I will give my reasons when cesc and I do the review.

    One Piece – I hope Luffy gets Ace devil fruit. It only makes justice that Luffy gets his older brothers powers. And law was hilarious this week. The face he made when he relized that he was becoming like the strawhats was priceless.

  5. One Peice: What a chapter. A few things was comfired in this chapter. But:
    1. Who’s the 7th Warlord?
    2. Who’s FujiToro?
    3. I wonder who’s going to get their hands on that DF…I hope it’s none of the Stawhat Crew.

  6. Law is a genius in order to have time to search for the slime factory he puts Caesar on green bit where he also told smoker he was going… so now joker n the new admiral will probably clash there giving the sh’s just enough time before the final confrontation at that new island where all the captives are

  7. @cas, you made the one point I forgot about! Law setting up that info for Smoker to report was a genius move, it’ll buy them more time to search Dressrosa and take care of the factory now. My guess is the new guy is an admiral, I didn’t recognize Akainu as the goatee navy guy earlier, so this would make sense I think.

  8. I wish I had the next 100 chs of each

  9. Bleach – Always good to see that sexy ass bakery shopkeeper chic! Man i’d love to taste her buns!! 😛
    Finally kubo is gettin his history onnnnn with Ishhin’s backgroud an he kicks it off with him being a captain being healed by the quincy chic….now next week i expect progress!

    Naruto – Madara had 5 brothers in total….damn the uchiha were some horny buggers!! No wonder Naruto wants that fire style uchiha booty – sasuke is probably the stamina king!
    R.I.P Itama senju…the only guy in the series rockin 2 hair colours lookin like a zetsu up in the place.

    One piece – Yooooooooooooooo!! 700 chapters deep an Oda is killin it wit the story progress! First off put ur mothafuckin hands together for the NEWWWW SCHICHIBUKAI OF THE SEAS…..CAPTAIN BUGGYYYYY!! The roger pirates are no joke we had Pirate King Gol D Roger, Dark King Rayleigh, Yonko Shanks and Warlord Buggy!! Strawhats cant beat that!
    NOW I called it ages ago but didnt i tell ur one piece reading ass that AKAINU was rockin that face bush, lookin all grizzly an shit!
    And the how the hell did Jewelrys pink ass escape?! and what da fuck is bepo an co doin on Zou island an what is da deal with kinn an momo – why’d their sword carrying ass leavin wano?! There bein real sneeky!
    Im loving flamingo’s card deck seats but how did he get ahold of ace’s power? did he grave rob or did he have a fruit at the war in his back pocket an snuck over while shanks was talking that good shit, luffy is gonna go gear 4th an 5th once he founds out!! Fujitora sounds like the new admiral….i wanna see if he can match up to Aokiji’s personality an combat skills.
    The 7th warlord…crocodile? trolololololol

    Big Magnum was a hot head u know when he was in his cave he was practicing in the mirror for hours:

    “Yo Hashirama, yo’ mama sucked my uchiha balls when we were 7!! no that’s not believable, hmmmm ermmm yo, hashirama my uncles stabbed ur little brother in the eye an killed his tree ass – uchiha all day everyday bitch!!… yeah that’ll piss him off, i dare his ass to come back – i got bars for days”

  10. $10 bucks say that devilfruit power is going to whoever will be the next straw hat crew member.

    Or maybe nami will swallow it by mistake.

  11. @ tensa
    “Masaki kurosaki. Nice to meet you. Now let me take care of those wounds.”

    “My names ishhin. Thank you.”

    9 months later……..

    Docter: Congradulations, its a boy!

    Is that progress enough for you?

  12. I could’ve sworn kurosaki was ishhins surname. Did I read wrong?

  13. Naruto: i saw zetsu… nobody noticed?

  14. If that’s not enough for you I can get into the whole dialog with ishhin demanding why does his son have orange hair an taking her to the maurys show to determine the real father……

  15. @Tawuya-sama. Interesting catch on the symbolism of Ichigo leaving his Substitute Soul Reaper’s badge at his boss’s home. It has become visible to everyone, like it did during those seventeen months between Aizen’s downfall and the Fullbringer saga. Before, he still carried it with him, but this time, he is eager to shed it. I guess because he knows that it can be used to track him. Plus he is angry now, about how he was treated. He still has his soul reaper powers, because he can see his father’s soul form, but he is being kept from his sword because of —–? He is not sure if finding his roots is an excuse just to get rid of him, or a real reason. Plus, he feels like he has failed. Failed his father, his family, his friends, EVERYONE!
    @Tensa Gizzla. She is not the bakery lady, but the odd jobs boss that Ichigo was always avoiding. And yes, from a male point of view, she is very beautiful, I guess (I am female and not into the ladies). She is also quite able to literally knock over a crowd. Remember that day in the school yard, where she one-handedly knocked over all of those gangster types.

    @Unknown. I have a bit of a problem with your timeline. The manga opens when Ichigo is fifteen. A couple of months later (in their time), it is shared during a conversation with Kisuke Urahara that Isshin Kurosaki lost his powers twenty years ago. So, if they have just met in chapter 528, even if he just lost his powers, it will still be five years later, when Ichigo is born. What I am wondering, is that it would appear that Isshin took on her family name. Interesting. Ah, I see that you caught the name issue as well in a later entry.
    @Unknown. It is likely genetics. The mother has medium brown hair, which opens the door to a whole bunch of lighter haired children. His sister Yuzu has light brown hair, with her twin carrying the black hair of their father.

  16. @alerie
    I was joking.
    Except about the surname.

  17. I made that joke because I recall a similar scenario in a different manga/anime. (Yu yu hakusho if y’all remember)

  18. Very emotional chapter (Naruto)

  19. @ Unknown. The problem is not the joke, but the timing. That twenty-years period must be important some how. Otherwise, Ichigo would have popped up sooner.
    As far as Ichigo’s hair, what I wasn’t saying is that the carrot orange color coming from a brown haired mother, seems to indicate that his mother had some European genes. Or there was recessive European blood in his father’s line. The former seems more likely with all of the Germanic influences.

  20. @Tensa

    Lol, classic man.

  21. Does “commodore” = “admiral”?

  22. @TheCorbray – about him being “kept” from his powers; I think Ichigo is in a unique position in that his Shinigami powers are part and parcel of who he is. He was born of Shinigami, Human and Quincy (although to me a Quincy is just a human with a particular ability). I think back to when all the captains came back to reawaken his powers; they said they were always there just needed a jump-start.

    Lol, I’m waiting for fullbring stuff to be mentioned again by Tite and everyone here going ballistic.

  23. @everybody – was Isshin the one who saved everyone’s bacon in Hueco Mundo??? Also from Stream translation he seems to know Ouetsu personally… #thePlotThickens

  24. @Alerie,

    Odd-jobs lady should be able to bake too!! Nothing sweeter than a good lookin woman who can hold it down with the cakes an kick some ass too! Oh your a ladyyyyy……serious question – what are your measurements?? I JOKE I JOKE!! lol Nice to have u here 🙂


    Nah the ranking system goes for one piece goes:

    Vice Admiral
    Fleet Admiral
    Mr Big Balls (Kong)
    5 krusty old men (Gorosei of the WG)


    Take it to Maury’s show son!!!

    I wanna know details! Did he take her on a date first or just bring her back to the crib an get all up in that quincy ass? What kinda sandwich did they eat? Did her dad approve of her dealing with another race? Was Urahara best man at the wedding? Was Yammamotto the Pastor? Did Isshin have a shinigami stag party in Vegas? Details my dude details!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. @Tensa – ah okay, I see. So Brannew (love the name) is essentially fodder? That’s shame, I was digging his vibe. What’s Luffy’s grandpa’s rank?

  26. @ Tawuya
    He isnt fodder but he might aswell be coz we’ll probably only see him once or twice more in the whole series. Garp is officially a vice admiral but has the power of an admiral or possibly fleet admiral as he kept turning down a promotion to higher rank coz he didnt want the responsibility

  27. Bleach, finally Ishin starts to answer some questions. Hope that we’ll see what happened and what caused him to use FGT. Maybe how he got his powers back? Ichigo should talk with Zangetsu, but i believe that he woun’t be the same anymore (old version, or even the young version), cause Ichigo descovered fulbring and Quinchi. Deh, am I the only one that thinks that Ichigo’s soul is a bit too overcrouded (zampakto, hollow, fulbring, quinchi, and maybe that’s not even his final form ).
    Question: if Ichigo lost the sword in the Palace, will he be able to talk to Zangetsu, because he needed him to keep him in his arms to be able to comunicate with him?

    It’s a bit fishy that both Naruto, and Bleach, started to show flasbacks with the events that were mentioned a long time ago (Ishin’s story and Hashi and Mady relationship)

    Naruto, Hashirama had some serious problems, he was unstable like hell, smartass now, and in 2 sec, a crying baby. Yes i think that Madara during the botanis era, practiced like hell in front of a mirror, and in front of the zetsu, all the smart ass lines. Maybe he did some stand up comedy, trashtalking Hashirama

  28. @Tawuya-sama. I am not totally certain exactly what he is being kept from. At the very least, the sword that he was able to wield, much as he was able to wield a large sword with the power loan from Rukia, while he was able to put out spiritual pressure in a captain’s range. At that time, he had almost no training, so I would guess, after the Shinigami powers were returned to him, he was able to draw from that same well now full as before, except he now has a great deal more knowledge and experience. So how ever, he could do that then, maybe how he was doing it in his most recent battles since his restoration.

    I am not certain that his zanpakutō in the last few months was Zangetsu. Maybe it was an asauchi. We have been told that at least twice, Zangetsu had hidden in the deep recesses from Byakuya Kuchiki and from Ginjo. It is possible that Zangetsu is hidden there now.
    As far as Fullbringer powers, I thought that Ichigo lost all of his to Ginjo’s crew.
    Are you waiting for Ichigo one-man army to knock these Quincys for a loop?
    @Tawuya-sama. What?? Isshin??? I am rereading this arc’s chapters. Can you point me to where this is from?

    @ Tensa Gizzla. LOL. My avatar is a custom drawing from a computer friend, who likes drawing toons. I sent her photos, so it kinda of resembles me, as far as my face. And yes, I am a lady and do not share my measurements. 🙂
    Odd job’s woman, apparently is very handy in the kitchen. She had just cooked something, maybe buns and shared it with Ichigo, but I can’t tell if it was baked or steamed.

    @impaler. I think that Zangetsu is still there, just hiding. Think about it, Hyorinmaru was trying to get through to Tōshirō Hitsugaya, who then was a very young child. Toshiro was not carrying a sword. When the sword is hiding on the inside, it seems as though it should be possible to have it bring Ichigo inside its world, or as far as Bankai, bring the sword outside. The problem is that I am certain that Zangetsu is not happy with Ichigo for undergoing the final release. The sword that was left behind was likely one of those asauchi, which Ichigo had never used until the need arose with Zangetsu hiding.
    What Ichigo needs is to talk with his father.

  29. @Corbray – I’m not sure which chapter but I’m referring to the mystery man who saved Chad, Inoue etc

  30. @ Tawuya-sama. Thanks I will keep an eye out on my re-read. I am also reading the reviews as I go along, most for the first time. 🙂

  31. @Tawuya-sama. I think that I have your mystery saver. The event happened chapter 500/page 22. In the picture at the bottom of the page, a sword is shown with a distinctive black and white pattern. It is Ichigo’s sword. I am betting, at some point, he finds a way to come back in time and save them.

    I looked for his father’s sword and its color seems to be an all over silver color as shown on 187/20. 🙂

  32. @Corbray – but the same guy who saved them is still there when Soul Society received a transmission (through Kon) when the Zero Squad is there and has Ichigo, Renji and Byakuya in their possession…

    A real mystery. Hopefully manga out today.

  33. @ Tawuya-sama. Tite Kubo is still apparently keeping his secrets on our mystery man. So far, he has taken a year to reveal what little we do know. I could guess at a few possibles, but it is better to wait and hope that we soon see what we need to solve this mystery.

    I have a question knowing what we do now, after this week’s manga, was Ichigo only given an asauchi for the first time after the rebuild of his spiritual powers? What was Zangetsu built from? Puzzling guesses would be from his Quincy powers, hollow powers, or from his soul reaper powers? If his zanpakutō is wrong, has Ichigo been killing Hollows like a Quincy?

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