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Bleach Chapter 527: Eliminate From Heaven

Chapter 527: Eliminate From Heaven
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A lovely coloured front page of Unohana with sword drawn. Her blade does look like blood. Maybe the blood becomes acidic but considering the state she is in I doubt we get much further information.

She’s dying but she is happy. Content to have been killed in a fight with Zaraki at his full strength. Her hands loses strength dropping her blade to the floor. Zaraki yanks out his blade tossing it behind him.

I actually loved this little bit with Zaraki. These unique characters getting emotional. Zaraki doesn’t want to see her die. He wants to fight her more and more. To him she is the only one who truely understands him and can fight him.

As he screams out another voice calls out to him. It has been calling out to him for a very, very long time. But only now can he finally hear it.

Unohana feels herself slowly slipping away but she doesn’t feel remorse. she is happy to have been able to set Zaraki free as a Kepachi he was from when he was a little boy.

Zaraki still hold on to her body as the voice starts getting louder and louder. Slow as he is he wonder who the fuck is down here before he finally figures it out.

He finally introduces himself to Zaraki. But Tite wont reveal his name just yet.

Renji and Ichigo has been has been busy fighting the Asauchi for three days. Renji has passed the Forger’s test.

Ichigo has failed. Interesting what Ōetsu says next. “It’s not a matter of where Ichigo is capable or not. The Asauchi deem him unworthy.

Therefore Ōetsu sees no reason to fix Zangetsu and promptly tells Ichigo to get the F#$! away from here and go back home.

Ichigo of course screams. Of course Ichigo start throwing in a fit. I guess one of the reasons Ichigo is still mentally unstable. Easily despaired. Maybe that’s is partly why the Asauchi don’t care much for me.

Before Ichigo can cause further trouble Ouetsu traps him with Kidou and sends him back to the real world I guess.

Ouetsu does compliment Ichigo for holding his own without the Asauchi’s aid for as long as he did. Ichigo had the potential for greatness but he has to grow up first.

Time for Ichigo to learn what is means to become a Shinigami again.


25 Responses

  1. UH-OH, now that Zaraki knows his Zanpaktou’s name, sh*t just got real. It’s about damn time too. Now it’s Ichigo’s turn for a heart to heart with his Zanpaktou. I don’t know why he hasn’t talked to Zangestu yet, but now he doesn’t have a choice.

  2. Great review, I am very excited to see what Zaraki and his sword can do.

    As for ichigo, I’m liking the new development. Hope we finally get to see where he really came from. I do wonder though, why did the king invite him there in the first place? Fixing his sword wasn’t top of the agenda.

  3. Interesting chapter. Superb review. Ichigo being tossed out like that was expected. He always had issues with who he really is. I wonder if Byakuga and will go through the same training in order to restore his blade. Or maybe get another one from the blade god? This is a chance for TK to take his characters to new heights. They will need to be stronger in the upcoming war. Question; do you think the 0 squad will join the war? Their job is to protect the SK while the 13 court squad must protect SS. So they may wait until all of SS is wiped out again before they join in. Who knows but this arc is interesting.

    Zaraki finally learned his swords name. I wonder how long it will take him to learn…BAANNKKKIII?!?

    Well until next chapter. Wanksters! LOL. J/K.

    @7warlord: Can Ichigo talk to Zangetsu without his sword?

    @Cesc: I’m thinking maybe the SK wanted to see Ichigo because he is a human,shinigami, full bringer, quincy, saiyan, jincuuriki, devil fruit user. Since the 0 squad all contributed something that got the SK’s attention, maybe Ichigo unique traits has done the same.

  4. @immortal
    I don’t know, but what I’m saying is that we have not seen a glipmse of Zangestu ever since Ichigo got his powers back. I’ll take that as a sign that Ichigo hasn’t talked to him yet, which is something he needs to do. It has to happen at some point.

  5. 1st. Always seemed like zaraki was too strong for his sword but it looks likes after his fight with Uno he restrained himself to a point he was too weak for his sword
    2. Finally ichigo needs to face his unknown family path before he can do anything his mind is still weak n fragile n his fight just now revealed that. Excited to learn the truth though

  6. @pretend3r. Great Review.
    @7warlord. That seems to be what the sword guy thinks, but Ichigo has always been unconventual. Maybe he can pull it directly from inside of him.
    @cesc. I agree. There was a different agenda for him to be taken to the realm of the Spirit King.

    @Immortal. If Byakuya Kuchiki gets a new sword, will it not have a different set of properties? For that matter, will it not take years for him to get his bankai back?

    You talk about Squad Zero going back to help the Soul Society, but didn’t it look like the Quincys want them there, which makes me wonder if they will then attack the Soul King. Maybe that is who Ichigo ends up protecting with his sword of a difference kind.

    @7warlord. Excellent point. I have been wondering about that. Where has Zangestu been. My only slight guess is that it had something to do with his breaking their connection/losing his powers, when he performed the Final Getsuga Tensho. Maybe Ichigo was too embarrassed to call for him or maybe Zangestu was not there, for Ichigo to find him.

  7. Ouestsu shouldnt be surprised that ichigo failed the test – he’s a flippin cocktail of everything so there’s no way he’s gonna be able to stick to being just a shinigami especially now that his quincy powers are now awake. Maybe his dad an uryu can give him some clarity on both sides an he’ll be able to switch between powers eventually. Unohana died so that Zaraki can reach new levels…..seems abit unfair especially as we were just getting to really know her. I hope Zaraki’s sword looks like a freakin mad man like joker from batman armed with a dirty sword

  8. Ichigo has gotten weak. His sword in bankai form has never been broken before. Opponents in the past has overpowered him but never have they cut his sword in half in bankai mode until now. Indication that Ichigo has gotten very weak.

    There are questions surrounding Uryu. The Quincy guy that fought Ichigo at Hueco Mundo said that Uryu was a lot stronger than himself and all the Quincys that invaded soul society. It could be that Uryu has been straining his powers or forgot about his true hidden strength like Kenpachi Zaraki did? Lets face it, Uryu has never use blut vene to our knowledge. Hell, his dad has never use it either. They’re both full blooded Quincys but never use some of the Quincy’s special transformation or powers. A training session needs to take place for Uryu, his father, and Ichigo for some further mastery of their powers.

  9. @Tensa Gizzla
    Can’t picture Zaraki using bankai. He has always been a reckless and careless fighter. Bankai just seems to formal for his fighting

  10. What would be the point of zaraki learning bankai if there’s a chance the quincys will jack that shit? Zarakis will be set up with something else dealing with his sword, I just know it.

    Besides, other than urahara, ichigo an (I think) yoruichi, as far as we know everyone else has trained quite a long time to learn bankai. Hell the crude an quick way that ichigo has indeed learn bankai may have also contribute to the problems he have now.

  11. Ichigos relationship with his zankpato had been forced an formed out of necessity an had been stripped away by the technique he use against aizen. Not to mention the hollow side that got to him early in the game. Everyone else had grew an improve with their zanpakto as time went passed. To me the problem isn’t that he is losing what made him a shinigami, its the fact that he never truely been one in the first place.

  12. @aleriecorbray: I guess as of now I don’t really see an alternative. It took Renji three days to past that test from Ōetsu so maybe Byakuya may do it quicker considering that he is captain level. Besides healing Byakuya just to restore his sword to shikai leve lwouldn’t do much good against the sternritters.

    @7warlord: I see your point believe me. Perhaps Ichigo will see Zangetsu when he finally come to understand just who or what he is.

    Now that I think about it, isn’t Zangetsu just a manifestation of Ichigo’s power? Just like the hollow side of him is just another manifestation of Ichigo’s power. With all things considered, who know what type of manifestation Ichigo’s power will take once he come to terms with himself

  13. @Tensa Gizzla. Maybe that is the key. When I first read the wiki on Bleach last year, it said that Tite Kubo placed a great importance on his characters being racial mixed. My guess at the time was that he saw that as a means to reach the largest number of people world wide as an audience. Maybe the key to the underlying theme is that Ichigo is spiritually mixed. He is a recipe for how to build a better world. Take a human child, with a Soul Reaper father and a Quincy mother, who was exposed to a hollow while in his mother’s stomach, and allow him to spend his first fifteen years being raised as a normal human child.

    Of course, the plan did not go well, because there was whatever messing with him was done by Sōsuke Aizen, although that may have been mostly monitoring. Then you have Isshin Kurosaki, constantly attacking him, which sounds a little like Queen Mab’s rehab of Harry Dresden in COLD DAYS, to return him to his sworn duty. Everyday for eleven weeks, the Queen of the Winter Fairies tried her best to kill him. In Ichigo’s case, all of these influences have left him a very confused person. I can see where he would end up with identity problems.

    I definitely think that he needs some conversations with his father. Part of his problem may be that he has lost touch with Zangestu. I can see where he might have issues that need to be resolved, but he also needs to understand the nature of the sword better. He was accustomed to working through problems with the old man Zangestu, but we have not seen him or in any form, since the Final Getsuga Tensho was released. Was Zangestu still in side of him after that final release? How can he perform releases with out Zangestu being there? This might be something that his father can help him understand and conqueror.

    However, I suspect that the correct source for getting his Quincy questions is likely Ryūken Ishida, who might be his mother’s brother. In fact, the two fathers should explain to both boys why the secrecy and why the families split?
    I think that we see his sword on page http://www.mangahit.com/bleach/527/11
    In the middle of the page, frame all the way to my left, where we see a big hairy face, that says “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?”

  14. @nss7. I agree. I can’t see Kenpachi Zaraki picking up enough of the Bankai procedure so that he can use it in a battle right away. He has been able to use superior force so well, and hasn’t needed patience and mental quickness to pick up new stuff.

    @Immortal. What worries me is that Byakuya has been in tune with Senbonzakura for a long time. He has its movements under Bankai choreographed like a dance. If they “fix” his sword and it keeps many of Senbonzakura’s elements, it might be okay, but if he is given a completely new sword, I just do not see him ready by the time that the impending battle occurs. All though, have we ever been given a timeframe for that battle? I do not remember one, which makes me wonder if this Soul Society’s up coming battle, so one- sided that Squad Zero is sent to help them – is not a ruse to leave the Soul King virtually unprotected.

  15. @aleriecorbray
    You bring up a good point, but no one, including the Quincies can enter the realm of the soul king without permission from the king himself or the zero squad. The Quincies would need to create an Ōken to enter if they want to intrude unexpectingly on the soul king’s palace. To our knowledge, the Quincies don’t know how to make one. That’s where Aizen comes into play. One of the Quincies objective of arriving to soul society was to convince Aizen to join. It failed, but there is still a chance Aizen might join in later in the arc to assist the Quincies by providing an Ōken to proceed with their plans in going after the soul king. We all know the Quincies and Aizen have similar agendas when it comes to getting rid of the soul king.

  16. It would be in their best interest if they join forces to avoid further complication with their plans and Ichigo has proven to be a threat to them both. The leader of the Quincies also have a time limit that prevents him from staying in soul society for a long period of time, which would work to soul societies advantage. Aizen would be the key to their problem, and soul society should better guard him before thugs get out of control if they ever get their hands on his knowledge.

  17. things get out of hand*

  18. @nss7. With Sōsuke Aizen’s huge ego, I doubt that he would ever again want to join with anyone else. After all, he is a GOD. Remember how, I am not certain of the correct term, maybe disgusted he was with the performance of the Espada. With only Tier Halibel of his top three surviving the Soul Society Battle, and not doing well. He pulls her out by slicing her up. Such a nice man. Even when he is down to his true follower, Gin, he is not shocked to be betrayed by him. I sincerely doubt that he will ever trust someone again enough to work with them.

    I guess the Zero Squad’s tattoos are more than they appear, must be some magic that allows them to work. So not that easy to arrange. The manga uses a million souls, not the hundred thousand required by the anime. So, the damage is ten times worse. I am betting that he already can get into the realm of the Spirit King. That there is a loop hole that either we dismissed it as unimportant, or it hasn’t been told us yet. Totally wild thought, I sure hope that it is not Renji’s tattoos. 🙂

    I wonder if this is where those twin brothers come into play? The ones that could not be easily told apart. Is one the King and the other a Quincy?

  19. Those two brothers have both been killed, one by Zaraki and the other by the old man.

  20. @aleriecorbray
    If you’re talking about the twin brothers Royd Lloyd and Loyd Lloyd, then they were nothing more than live baits used to disguised as the fake king to force old man Yama to go all out. But if you’re talking about the real king and his Quincy right hand man then it would be very unlikely that the two would be the answer to journey to the Spirit King’s palace. No one other than Aizen has knowledge on the entrance to the Spirit King’s realm. He spent years (1000s of years in soul society calendar) employed as a captain and doing research before coming to a conclusion. If the brothers you mention really knew there was a loophole than it would have been a wasted affort on their part for attacking soul society, when they could’ve taken out the King to get it all over with. Thus, they couldn’t and needed Aizen for the blueprint.

  21. @cesc and @nss7, Thanks to the both of you. I may need to re-read this arc.

  22. I think Ichigo didnt really awake his trueself when everybody gave him his power. He may think that he had, but having recieved strength from everybody exept himself to regain his shinigami powers I dont think it could be that it was never Zangetsu to begin with.

    I think Ichigo and only Ichigo can forge Zangetsu again. But he needs to realize that… and dive into his own soul again.

    To find Zangetsu, or whoever’s there waiting for him(hollow?).

  23. @pretend3r. I agree, as I said in my comment above, but I really like how you captured the situation. I had centered more on Ichigo needing to have a detailed conversation with his father, about regaining communication with his sword after using the final release. I imagine that using the Final Getsuga Tensho, may have made for a serious split between Ichigo and Zangestu. I was inferring that maybe Ichigo would find himself communicating with a younger Zangestu, one he really does not know. He likely seemed callous and hard-hearted to young Zangestu, going ahead with the final release, even after being told that it will destroy the world of Zangestu. I suspect that his father might know something about that relationship, because he only recently received his full soul reaper powers back.
    I can see him finding a means to pull Zangestu from inside of him. If he was not there completely, how could Ichigo’s sword battle using the sword releases? Especially, how could he do Bankai?? And yes, I believe that he will find his hollow side there as well.

    Being as I am a newbie to this board, I have made it my current project to read all of your Bleach reviews on this current arc. I just started today, so I am only as far as your review on chapter 481. So far, everyone that I have read has been excellent. Thanks for being there. 🙂

  24. Guess I made quite a few already didnt I…

  25. @pretend3r. It is just nice to read in depth reviews by someone from another area of the world. (You said in one review that you were from a country that is next to Germany, and I live on the East Coast of the United States.) I am quite enjoying reading your reviews. I have covered so far from 480 to 496, and I am re-reading the chapters at the same time. Most of the time, I agree with your opinion and when we differ, it can normally be explained, by the fact that I am looking back, thus possessing more information than you have available at the time. I hope that you continue to write these reviews until the manga ends. Thanks again.

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