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It’s Out!!!

Naruto Chapter 621














One Piece Chapter 699














Bleach Chapter 527



51 Responses

  1. Kurama+Susanoo= insanity

  2. Madara=Pokemon master

  3. Once AGAIN kishi is fucking wit my blood pressure- im bout to have an EYE-GASM!!!! Yoooooooooooo!!! EPIC SHIT ONCE AGAIN – BRAVO KISHIMOTO MOTHAFUCKIN BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    Madara Susanno wrapped 9 tailed goodness vs Hashimara an his few thousand bitch slaps!!!!!!! This was the flashback ive been waiting years for an did kishi deliver…..he not only delivered on time but turned up wit a extra few hot wings, a free garlic bread an them warm chocolate chip cookies with a frosty milkshake to wash that mothafucker down!!

  4. Kishi take a week off, u deserve it, fuck it. I know this guy was sippin on that grey goose talking man shit “These bitches want me to go beast-mode, fuck it – im kishi motherfuckin motto – POW Madara 9tails rockin that susanno pimp suit!, Oh i aint done yet, POW Hashimara – Budda thousand pimp slaps! Say somethin!” Rings up Oda “Say somethin bitch!! Top 3 my ass, im the king this week!!” Rings up Kubo “Fuck ur bankai bitch i got Budda pimp slaps, sit ur krusty orange hair ass downnn!!”

  5. Hashirama Senju in Sage mode tho

    Also Kabuto said there were only 3 places you could learn Sage Mode – with the toads at Mount whatever, in the Dragon Cave, and in some secret forest…kinda makes sense now. Also the connection with Natural Energy and Wood Release’s life-giving properties…

  6. @Tensa

    Lol I was wondering what was going on.

    In order for Naruto and Sasuke’s fight to live up to this Sasuke would have to summon Goku wrapped in Susano’o and Naruto would have to summon Exodia while in sage/kyuubi/SS4 mode.

  7. I wonder how Kishi will top this fight, assuming that Sasuke vs Naruto will be the last fight and therefore the most epic fight. But at the moment I can´t see how the youngsters can top these legends

  8. @ultimate

    i was just about to say the same thing! I dont know how Kishi can match or beat this fight with the current powers both sasuke an naruto have. This fight with Madara an Hash is god level much far greater than shinobi shit

  9. @UTI

    Nah man SS4 aint cutting it……….we need Silver hair SS5 wit gear 2nd santouryu in this bitch!!

  10. @UchihaTheInfamous… summon goku wrapped in susanoo… That one was good man… And I agree every bit of it… Its becoming more likely that either Sasuke is gonna join the victim of talk no jutsu and there will be no fight between Naruto and him… Its hard to imagine anything to live upto the clash between hashirama and Madara as I am seeing it now… I remember seeing Madara’s Susanoo the first time and saying.. “Man these hokages have no chance whatso ever…” Now I look the freaking Buddha with a thousand hands or whatever and compare it with the susanoo and the Kyuubi put together… Pheeeeewww…. How the hell can anything top that… Even if Naruto could pull off a Kurama+sagemode combo mode, I have no idea what Kishi can come up up for Sasuke that will even match up with the two of the greatest…. Either way I cant wait…

  11. Man, I doubted if Hashirama really have the balls to face Madara after he behaved so childish in the first scene where he was resurected, but man….did he proved me wrong. This guy deserves the title god of shinobi and Madara on the other side is also epic. Although his lacking of the arrogance he showed against the alliance.

  12. This fight is like The Rock vs Stone Cold back in the good ol days lol

  13. Don´t forget that even the combo Naruto + Kurama can possibly mutliply their strength you have to face the fact that Naruto just has 50% of Kurama´s strength. In comparison to that you have a full strength Kurama and the most powerfull Uchiha when it comes to raw power. So just look at each individually Kurama full strength against Kurama half strength, Naruto Sage mode against Big Fu***ing Magnum…. so it´s physically not possible to surpass that for Naruto

  14. Before I forget, it´s Slapsgiving time for Madara 😉

  15. @ultimate technically thats correct however naruto has perfected being a jinchuriki basically and as we know from other manga such as dbz fusions tend to be stronger than bases and lets be real naruto right now is basically a fusion of himself and kurama. Right now against this op madara naruto pales in comparison but its likely that come the end of the manga naruto and sasuke will be the first/madara part 2 except there is the potential they both surpass their predecessors.

  16. Nice chapters this week.
    Bleach – can’t wait to see kenpaci bankia.
    one peice – Dam you momo..lol. also, Whats up with Franky hair style??? Please change it.
    Naruto – Awesome, but i don’t want to see a long ass flash back…

  17. @token that why I wrote that this combo could multiply their strength but so far I didn´t see that Naruto surpassed Madara and I mean Madara with Kurama….Lets see if Kishi can really pull that off, if he does than he proved once again that he is a genius but at the moment can´t see how this will happen

  18. The easy answer to this ultimate would be a combination between sage and kyuubi mode. Now that there appears to be no malice or anything hindering the two that should be possible to acheive at some point and combining the heightened reflexes and senses that sage mode gives in combination with the power and speed of kyuubi mode would naruto right up there.

  19. It´s not only all about strength I mean if Kishi give Sasuke and Naruto a major boost but at the end the fans decide that the fight of Hashirama and Madara was the better one, Kishi would have failed. It´s also about style, Kishi set the bar so high I can´t imagine how he could top that and I mean in sense of style and power

  20. But you´re right on the Kyuubi and sage mode part, gathering natural energy while in Kyuubi mode and since you have to balance natural energy with your own energy there is plenty of space, since you can add Kurama´s chakra as well

  21. @All

    The only chance Sasuke has of not becoming good is if he just decides for history sake to fight Naruto to keep the age old battle of senju vs uchiha, exactly like Obito said when he told Naruto he wanted them to fight solely for nostalgic purposes. Because Hashirama is about to end this whole revenge stuff. It all gets back to heritage, and it’s one thing for certain Sasuke has great pride in his clan and heritage. So he will fight Naruto off principle alone, in hoping to be the Uchiha who finally defeated a senju product.

    Besides all that, this old version of BIG MAGNUM looks to fight better than the one with the rinnegan. A lso, did anyone else notice the rock BABY BIG MAGNUM threw made the rinnegan ripple pattern. When I first saw it I thought they skipped the fight and went to how he got the rinnegan. I think we will finally see how he got it also. He also told Hashirama that he was not the same foe as before. I thibk he meant he was on the verge of learning how to upgrade his ems and that’s why he was fighting with more confidence than previous times. Kishi loves foreshadowing and I think those are two obvious ones. Especially the ripple pattern of the rock which directly led to an all telling flashback.

  22. Haven’t been this thrill for a Naruto chapter since Madara vs the 5 kages. Can’t wait to see the flashback between Madara and Hashirama. It should shed some light on where their relationship went downhill and why it would lead to future wars between the two clans.

    This chapter revealed that an Uchiha does not need a rinnegan to use perfect Susannoo. It was beast seeing the Susanoo armor on the Kyuubi. It’s the ultimate defense with endless offensive badass. Naruto Kyuubi form doesn’t even compare. Madara and Hashirama are in a completely different league. It makes all the other fights in the series seem like child’s play. For Naruto vs Sasuke to live up to the hype and beat this fight would be if Sasuke gains a rinnegan and for Naruto to get more tailed beast power up to match the strengths of Madara and Hashirama.

  23. Imagine in the future naruto an sasuke being summoned as an edo zombie……


  25. Bleach – Kenpachi killed his one true love 😦 this was a twisted love story with blood an swords mixed in but he’s FINALLY gonna know his swords name an possibly get that BANNNNNNKAIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! How do u guys feel about this? do u think its about time or that it’ll ruin his character abit? And please dont tell me ichigo has been warped back home to his tiny bedroom!!!! What roots is he gonna find out about – his shinigami background or mamma quincy!


  27. One piece- Sorry about that, kinda lost it like Sanji for a moment, anyway, Aokijiiiiiiii! Birdman didnt want no parts of the ice-man but what was Aokiji hinting at towards smoker – what dark secrets does he know about the navy…..Also i cant believe flamingo actually quit being a warlord – like franky said this is going wayyyyy to smooth for the SH’s. Also smokee needs training – he is becoming everyone’s bitch gettin slapped about like a $2 whore. The Showdown in Dressrosa is coming……

  28. I bet kaido isn’t gonna be like anything we expected. I willing to bet he’s not even the emperor, probably just some really strong underling pretending to be to hide the real person’s identity.

  29. Hashirama and Madara’s power ups… I didn’t even see this coming. Kyuubi looks bad ass. And they’re both talking shit.

    Looks like next chapter will go from Awesomeness to meanful talkno-jutsu.

  30. Review is out guys, hope you like it:

  31. oh… the shoreline comments was in reference to the next flash back when they’re kids. I didn’t catch that the first time.

  32. @KLP. I agree. For me, it keeps getting better and better in these last few weeks, leaving me impatiently waiting to see if the next one shows up in one or in two weeks. Who would believe that KENPACHI is a mantle and not just an honorific title?

    @Tensa Gizzla. Indeed. I had lost faith that this day would ever come. That the Kenpachi out of Zaraki would ever be able to know his sword and ask its name. The sword seems sane and quite willing to meet with Zaraki.

    I am sorry that we are losing Captain Retsu Unohana, but my mind just boggles at how old she must be. Shunsui Kyōraku and Jūshirō Ukitake are about a thousand years old according to the wiki, and in the episodes from a hundred years ago, Shunsui calls Captain Unohana his senior. The wiki is now calling her one of the founding members of the Gotei 13. Retsu Unohana has really served the Soul Society for a very long time. I liked in this chapter where she reminded him that he will be returning to some boring battles, but right now he had enemies to fight.

    As far as Ichigo, I have blind faith that he will find a way to get back Zangetsu; after all, he is the hero of the story. It almost sounds like that guy, who was telling him these things, had a prejudice against anyone who was still a human. He says that Zangetsu will not be fixed by him, then that Asauchi didn’t chose him. That Ichigo should go back to his roots. I guess that is giving us the hint that Ichigo needs to explore his roots to fix the problem. Does this mean that he will start fighting with a Quincy bow? That ending I would not care for…

  33. When that dude said that Asauchi deemed ichigo unworthy, which means he was able to hold his own the entire time, I think the realization and the power that ichigo displayed is the possiblity of a quincy background(which in some ways are the opposite of a soul reaper) he’s losing touch of his connection with zanpakto and what it means to be a soul reaper in the first place, and his sword being broken, didn’t help. Just going through an identity crisis phase.

  34. @unkown91. I don’t think that is where Tite Kubo is headed. It would not make sense. We are told that this is the last arc for Bleach. He has spent maybe 95% or more of the story on Soul Reapers and Hollows, with the Quincys taking up a very little space as a side story. There had been some injustice in the past, although the major reasoning of the soul reapers in their balancing role, also made sense. If the Quincys in power refused to follow the advice of the Soul Reapers, I could see where they deemed that the slaughter was necessary. In a way, working the story out helps to salve what happened to Uryū Ishida’s grandfather and what he suffered at the hand of Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi.
    I suspect that Tite Kubo is using this arc to clear away some issues that he never resolved. What I personally had a weird flash last night – was that maybe his mother was Ryūken Ishida’s sister. It explains the Quincy connection. Something happened twenty years before the manga started that caused Isshin Kurosaki to use his sword’s version of the final attack and lose all of his soul reaper powers. He settles down and marries the girl, whose life he saved and four or five years later, baby boy Ichigo comes along.

  35. Ichigo does have latent quincy powers,Juhabach has all but confirmed as much. If his shinigami an hollow powers didn’t get along when he first experienced them, I doubt neither would his quincy side, which i figure has some hand in his predicament.

  36. Bleach – I think given what Zaraki’s zanpaktou said to him (always been here, watching you) and its demeanor that it’s his vice captain.

    I think he was propbably on the verge of learning its name name before he sealed himself off and lost to Unohana. Then he’s wandering around and comes across a “nameless” child… So all this time lil Unohana has been with him but he doesn’t know what her real name is.

    Soul Society may have realised this but decided to not say anything in fear of Ken reaching even greater heights after learning his swords name.

    If Kubo sticks with Zaraki next chapter I wouldn’t be surprised to see him turn and see lil Unohana standing there in tears.

    Regardless who it turns out to be his sword has to be meaner and more bloodthirsty and twisted than Zaraki.

    Ichigo going to go through another soul-searching escpade #yawn. I think I’d love it if he were to return and Zaraki has already defeated Juha Bach. “Disappointing Special Potential”

  37. I said this a couple years ago and the further we get i feel its going to happen that the last battle with naruto and sasuke will be as friends

  38. @UchihaTheInfamous on Maddara saying that he told Hashirama that he was not the same foe as before.. and thinking that he was learing to uppgrade the ems… I think what he meant there wass that he just got the EMS and new powers and they havent fought with Maddaras having EMS before, and nothing about the rinnegan

  39. Beacuse he woudlnt be a new Foe until he had the Rinnegan if that what he ment.. otherwise he would have said SOON I be a new kind of foe

  40. Bleach: I didn’t see that coming. Zaraki learning the name of the sword.. What surprised me whas that the zampakto was so polite (nice to meet you, i’ve observed you… he is like a fan boy that finally has the chance to meet the star of his dreams) He is polite, and I didn’t expect that from a sword that was used as a tool, as a killing instrumet..

    Can someone explain what was all the stuff about Ichigo and the Asauchi.. what happened ?

    Naruto: Kiubidanno was awsome, it seemd so sick and powerfull, until the First summoned the Slap bitching king.. then it became a little dwarf.. in the shadow of a huge “thing”.

    About the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke, i believe that it will be a friendly match. (Like the match between Yugi and Atem in Yu GI Oh). Sasuke already has doubts about destroying Konoha (and after the talk no justsu, performed by the first.. he will help in the fight agains Madara), so the perspective in a battle to the death between Naruto and Sasuke are small (but hey i might be wrong)

  41. absolute crazy mofo manga went down this week. woah what humjormus battle LITERALLY. “hashirama” i dont wanna kill yo ass but you made me get my Pimp Buddha out now so things are gonna get ugly son. whos on on top now bitch! what did the thousand hands say to the face? SSLLAAPP!!

    I was thinking, what the feck can Hashirama do to trump Madara with his samurai 9tails slice & dice. but he had to go hermit mode and only make the biggest thing ever!! how the heck does that thing stand up with all those hands? ha ha i cant wait to see what it can do….

  42. bleach-honestly i wudnt be too worried bwt tite effin up. hez rily brought his A game for this last arc so um actualluy excited about ichi returning to his roots!! the flash back will be EPIC!!
    one peice-i gues oda was neva rily gonna play out this fight but i wuz rily lukin fowad to kuzan handin joker his ass in a popsicle. as for smoker he seriusly nids to up his game,its gettin rily embarassing to have to watch him fight afta fight.

  43. @Seda

    Could be possible. I still think the rock splash ripple pattern is a rinnegan foreshadowing.


    Nice Dave Chappelle reference, lol.

  44. @Minatofanbout2change2hashifan
    That would be the worst possible outcome. Seeing Naruto vs Sasuke as a friendly match would destroy their rivalry to some degree which is something that many of us shouldn’t or wouldn’t want.

    “Can someone explain what was all the stuff about Ichigo and the Asauchi.. what happened ?” Ichigo is not a proper soul reaper so Asauchi didn’t choose him just because he is flat out bias against non-soul reapers or it could simply be that Ichigo lost. Renji won his place to stay and Ichigo lost. Thus, booting him home for Ichigo to dig deeper into his background for confirmation of why he lacks being a soul reaper or why he isn’t fully one.

    For the Naruto comment, that would be a horrific way to go. Naruto vs Sasuke would never live up to Madara vs Hashirama status if they fight as friends. That would take away the intensity out of the hype that was built up surrounding their confrontation. Kishi shouldn’t go down that road or all hope is lost in the manga. If Kishi remains building up the rivalry for disagreements and hatred between the two than the fight would be epic.

    That what makes Ichigo one of the exception to being the main character. He always have more human characteristics than animated ones or someone of higher power. Not once have it felt like Ichigo lost touch to his humanity. He never fits in to being a full fledge shiningami, a hollow, arrancar, vizard, or fullbring. He was always view more human than anything else. Even when he achieve the greatest shiningami level (that couldn’t be sense by anyone, not even Aizen) or hollow powers (ulquiorra was shock to see a human succeeded him in hollow developement), he seem more human than a shinigami. He’s so flaw that makes him very much human compare to other main characters in other series that have rise above a human status, taking away human qualities that sometimes tarnish the manga series itself to some extent. Look at DBZ with Goku being the main character and getting powers that is unbeatable by all good and bad guys. No one in the universe is stronger than Goku or saves it as much as he did. Then look at Naruto, where Kishi is leaning towards making Naruto and Sasuke (both are main characters) more god-like. However in Bleach, Ichigo never stray to far from being human. He lost more times than any other main character in a manga series and he’s never the ONLY ONE that gets the power-ups and saves the day. It shows that he can’t do it alone and that he’s just a mere human who needs all the help he can get despite getting some of the manga greatest powers. It makes Ichigo one of the best main character for always remaining human.

  45. @UTI
    Charlie-murphyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! lmao

  46. @nss7

    I hear what ur sayin about Ichigo not being able to do it by himself but one of the best main characters ever…………nope, i disagree!!
    I like Ichigo but the boy is krusty! He has NO GOAL (Protecting your friends isnt a goal) and he has 1 FREAKIN’ MOVE – GETSUGA BLAH BLAH BLAHHHHHH!!
    He needs to get something to work towards an get some new techniques an start over

  47. Sorry, but the title of most best main character will forever remain with spike spiegel! BEBOP ALL DAY!!

  48. Nss7 to be honest i personally would be ok with the last match being friendly, the story part for me would suck if sasuke and naruto are just another hashirama and madara , the whole point in naruto is that people dont have to be bound by fate, thats pretty much clear considering how much was emphasized with neji. Im not really a sasuke fan but you have to give him props, out o everyone we know he has the most to be angry about. And for those who say well he murdered fodder ninja and samurai i say who cares , ninjas kill thats why they do. I will say this that i do hope him and naruto have one hell of a bloody fight and when everything gets resolved theyll have one last battle as buddies because sasuke will have freed himself from his curse and naruto will have proved himself worthy as being hokage

  49. @nss7
    thanks for the answer, i didn’t think about that. Another reason for this could be that never, in the manga Ichigo trained with another person. He was always alone, having a special training, and it was odd that in this arc Ichigo was with Renji, training together (another reason).

    About Naruto, the whole thing about this manga is breaking the circle of hatred. What would happen if Naruto would fight to the deadt with Sasuke? Kishi is a bit unstable, he talks about the circle of hatred, that Naruto has to break it, but on the other hand, creats all this hype about The 3’d fight between them. He sould make his mind about one of them, because one excludes the other

  50. @Tawuya-sama. Thanks for sharing. That is a great idea, and I really like it. It has set my mind to thinking. What you said, is genius. It never occurred to me. I am so glad that I found this website several weeks ago. Zaraki has literally worn “Yachiru” like a sword across his back as he went into battle. Do you think that “Yachiru” knows that she is a sword. What confuses me is that we have heard Yachiru thoughts talking about the day that Ken chan found her and gave her a name. Other than believing that there is a very strong bond between them, I never thought that she might be a sword. Is that because she doesn’t know what she is?
    The other point of confusion is why do you think that the sword is named Unohana? Why wouldn’t it be named Yachiru? To me that name would make more sense.

  51. @impaler and @nss7,. All I remember, the Royal squad zero, with each member a captain level, who had moved up from the Soul Society, took Ichigo, Rukia, Byakuya, and Renji to their palaces in the sky of another dimension. While Ichigo had his normal after the fight bumps and bruises, his main problem was that his sword broke, while he was in bankai and it no longer works.

    They were healed using a hot spring, and Renji and Ichigo decided that they were done. So, they left Byakuya and Rukia with the healer and moved off to the next palace. There they were stuffed with special foods, by the inventor of the artificial bodies or was it artificial souls? She warned them that they might have problems with the next guy, the inventor of the zanpakuto. Supposedly, the complaint was that they use their zanpakuto as tools and do not appreciate them. (Noting in passing, if the events recorded in Season 13 of the anime had played out, then both of these young men had already worked on those issues.)

    Anyway, the sword guy avoided them, by hiding away in a deserted cabin and sending zanpakutos out to greet them. Eventually the guys figured out what was happening and found the master and told him why they were there. I am sorta fuzzy at this past, but I believe that he set up some tests, which Renji passed and Ichigo failed.

    Asauchi according to Ichigo’s sword are generic basic swords given to recent grads from the academy, however, the boys were told that they live and breath with the candidates for quite a while, really getting to know them. That way, each zanpakuto can be personally tailored. Consider Ichigo, who learned his first release in less than five days and his bankai in three days. He is a human, who should not be involved in the affairs of Soul Society. This man’s attitude appears to have doomed Ichigo to fail.
    @nss7. I think that he is as full fledged a soul reaper as he can be, except when he is done, he goes back to his own body. I think that we have a case that the zanpakuto guy just plain doesn’t like him. Also note – like most soul reapers, he is likely bothered by Ichigo’s hollow connections.

    I didn’t understand your references to other Manga, as I am a newbie and only have really read Bleach. On the other hand, I think that I mostly agree that Ichigo’s humanity separates him from most heroes/super heroes. I think that we see where his ego takes him, when there is that seventeen-month space with no power. In his thoughts, he tells us how happy he is not to see spirits. He has no regrets for what he has done, until the Fullbringers start messing with him.
    Ichigo has indeed had his failures, but I think that he learns from them and they help him grow stronger. I like the fact that he stays human; it makes him IMO a more believable hero, one more like you might meet on the street. It’s funny in the closing episodes of the anime, Rukia speaks for the audience, that Ichigo has never changed in all the time that she has known him. She knew that he would not betray them with Kugo Ginjo. She already knew what the Captain class officers were sent to confirm that he still was the same person. He would be indeed a person worth knowing and being around. But, his qualities are human, most of all. So, I guess I can agree with you.

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