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One Piece review


Whats up One Piece fans! This is officially my second review and I think I got the gist of writing them. It wasn’t as hard as the last one and this week’s release was pretty easy to write about. A very suspenseful chapter and as suspenseful as it was, it ended right at the best part, as always. Leaving us with the need and addiction of wanting to read the next one. But before that, lets get this week’s discussion rolling!

Who Is Kuzan?

This chapter starts off right where the last one left us hanging off a cliff. That’s right, I’m talking about the most fantastic, classic, epic, hectic, chronic, ballistic  showdown we’ve seen since the Whitebeard War…or so we thought. The only action we witnessed was a brief skirmish between Doflamingo and Kuzan. With Doflamingo going for the final strike on Smoker and Kuzan instantly freezing…

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