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Bleach Manga Chapter 526: The Battle

Chapter 526: The Batte
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Blow flows onto the ground.

Zaraki thinks he just delivered the final blow but he finds that is she is still very much alive as she strikes right back.

Unohana already started healing herself and quickly ups the stake by calling out her Bankai straight away. Her bankai is called the same as her shikai release ‘Minazuki’

It seems everything around her turns to blood. Or she ‘commands’ the blood. Zaraki watches not in shock but sheer excitement. The blood of battle starting to boil within him and Unohana aswell.

Both warriors seemed to live for this very moment as they both relish in this absolute carnage. Something they both have been longing for. I’m not really sure what is going after in the following pictures it looks unreal but I guess it’s Minazuki’s ability. I can’t really tell, it’s an odd two pages.

Unohana tears his body down to the bones, yet he feels more alive than he ever has before. Just like that they seems to be back in their flesh. Zaraki finally experiences his moment. Finally finds that connection that free his shackles.

Unohana seems at peace aswell as she reflects on her life. A strange moment perhaps as they both thanked each other. Zaraki thanks Unohana for setting him free to fight with all his might.

Unohana thanks the one person who made her feel true joy.

In a way, they both needed each other. A kinship of two people born for battle. Thank you for this fight…

p.s. sorry I skipped last weeks chapter.


33 Responses

  1. Nice!

    I was a bit confused too with the whole Unohana Bankai. It is truly a shame we won’t get to see this animated.

  2. I was freaking hoping Zaraki would learn his Zanpaktou’s name in this battle. This was the perfect chance to do so, but now I wonder if it will ever happen.

  3. Am I really the only one who hopes that never happens? I just feel it would go agianst his character to depend on something that way to be strong. For him to be this strong without shikai or bankai is the unique thing about him. It makes him truely a kenpachi.

  4. @pretend3r. Thanks for the great review. I know that I am the newbie, but your reviews are very good at conveying the emotional struggles of the characters. I have been very surprised by the path that Tite Kubo has chosen for his finishing arc. Kenpachi Zaraki has always appeared to hold many secrets and mysteries, but Retsu Unohana, I read somewhere that she was considered to be the ideal Japanese woman. I guess because of her quiet manner and her ability to control the situation without even raising her voice. We are now seeing her in a whole new and very different light. I wonder how the new Commander General Shunsui Kyōraku knew about the bind between the two, did Old Man Yama leave notes for his successor?

    @cesc. I read somewhere that this final arc may end up as a movie or a spin-off for a new manga/anime. I agree, it would be nice to see it animated.

  5. @ Unknown. Interesting point. So, if he learns to communicate with his sword in a normal manner, he loses the specialness that makes him a Kenpachi. 🙂

  6. I don’t see how he loses his uniqueness, there’s nothing stopping him from going berserk with shikai or bankai. It would only make him more badass than he already is imo. But like I already said, he might not ever learn his Zanpkatou’s name now, unless Kubo shows it in his final battle.

  7. @pretend3r – yeah there seems to a lot of confusion with regards to Unohana’s bankai – to me it seems that its acidic and that’s part and parcel of why she has to be so good at kaido because it corrodes her as well. Unlike Captain Commander and his flames her bankai does damage to her. So those pages with skeletons and zarakis awaken are all to do with her bankai burning them both to the bone and zaraki reaching the final brink of death to awaken.

  8. I think that Zaraki will never be able to use shikai or bankai. As some of you already said, he doesn’t need them. He is, if i compare Bleach to Naruto, Zaraki could be compared with Lee (he doesn’t use any seals, but he is still awsome). So if Zaraki would use shikai or bankai, he would loose the awsomness. He’s a true man, he doesn’t need help from a sword.

    Plus, after all those years in which Zaraki used the sword the way he is using, i bet that the Zampakto is insane like hell. it was brutally used like a tool, never received any love, compasion, respect. it’s a savage.
    at lest that’s my opinion.

  9. I just like that he’s the odd duck, the only captain that never achieved bankai, using only his own strength and mastery as a swordsman. That sounds like a kenpachi that will surpass all his predecessors.

  10. @Tawuya-sama
    I guess that makes sense her powers being acidic. I wonder if she will really die. After all she was only sent there to teach Zaraki the ‘way of the sword’.

    Maybe she more or less wanted to die by the hands of zaraki,

  11. @7warlord. I don’t know. Zaraki in a controlled berserk. Are you thinking with a bankai that he would be five to ten times stronger than without one? If his spiritual pressure is already so high that he needs to use the eye patch to block off part of it, if he wants a “good fight?” Now we find out that as a youth he purposely put a seal on how high it could go, with only two battles in recent memory that have even come close to touching that line. It is a little hard to believe that he will rise an additional five to ten times greater in power. (Of course, that also assumes that he can skip the ten-year breaking in period, which only someone like an Ichigo can master.)

    I am thinking that under these emergency circumstances, that unleashing an unpracticed bankai might result in less berserking and more panic because of the likely time constraints. I think what Commander General Shunsui Kyōraku wanted was the seals released that act as a governor on Zaraki’s performance.

    Remember the whole point – wasn’t it to gain success over the bankai steeling Quincys, so Zaraki adding a bankai to his arsenal really doesn’t help under such a devastating enemy.
    Yes, it might be interesting to know his sword’s name, but that kind of stuff can be accomplished after the Soul Society survives the Quincy attacks.

    Zaraki’s uniqueness makes him a very effective weapon, but he needs to have his limits removed. As long as they are in place, yes, they keep him from being as big a threat to the Soul Society, but the Quincy forces have already knocked out most of the “Big Guns” and it is time to bring out the unclogged super weapon.
    For Zaraki, not having tested these limits in hundreds of years, there will come the exultations of the ultimate battle. There is also a very real chance, having lived with his limits so long that he may also end up dying in battle. He will be super happy, but still be dead. Can he mentally draw up the limits enough to keep himself alive or will he continue in the fight because it is so pleasurable?

  12. Everyone, I just had a very weird idea pop into my head. If I am following what @Tawuya-sama is saying that Unohana’s bankai breaks down everything in front of it including herself, and then she turns around and is able to heal herself and Zaraki back to health. Does anyone think that it is possible that if they could regain Old Man Yama’s bankai from the Quincys that it could be used to call the dead like Zombies and then with healing return the dead of the Soul Society back to normal life?

  13. Idk, its actually pretty hard to kill a shinigami in this manga, most of damage done this fight weren’t exactly instant death. I recall hiyori (whatever her name is) being near chopped in half by gin, an she survived. Whatever fatal blows were dealt here were healed immediately after damage, you tell by zaraki s reaction when he got stabbed through the throat. Those souls been dead for a little while now. I think if it was possible it’d be beyond unohana ‘s skill level.

  14. Lol alright, but I’ll say this. Remember hundreds of chapters ago at the end of Zaraki vs Ichigo? He tried to talk with his zanpakutou, but it wouldn’t respond because all he viewed it as was a tool for fighting. It’s funny though, because Ichigo and Renji are currently fighting a bunch of “zanpakto” who are angry because they are viewed as tools and such and are abused…I think that will tie into the story with Zaraki and his zanpaktou later on…

    @aleriecorbray and Unknown
    Orihime can revive anyone and restore anything back to it’s prime because her power is literally reversing time itself, not healing. She has done it before with that one-eyed arrancar girl and with Grimmjow’s arm. I don’t know why this hasn’t been brought up yet, but she can do it.

  15. Great to see you back pretend3r! Your reviews have a “poetic” flare about them that I love to read.

    The chapter wasn’t have bad. At first I didn’t know what in the world was happening. Then I read some comments about Unohana banki and I do agree with the majority about it begin acidity. I’ve been doing some digging on the wiki and found this:

    “Minazuki’s stomach acids are strong healing medicines and ointments which gradually soak over the wounded, curing their injuries.” -bleach wiki.

    Since Minazuki means purify the flesh, and her shikai turns into a giant sting ray (which are poisonous but not acid like poison), perhaps her banki just increases the acidity to such a degree that it no longer heals but actually corrodes everything.

    Then again now that I see the word “ointments” maybe she just had it modified to heal with the acidity. I hope it is the latter theory because it would be more genius on TKs part.

    About Kenny, I hope he does learn something here because if not then it would be a waste. I mean we already know how Kenny fight, why go through all that just to see him fight better without his eye patch? He should learn banki, shikai, or something other than just swinging his sword around.

    My last comment is I hope Unohana isn’t dead. Like pretend3r said:

    “I wonder if she will end up sacrificing herself just to make him stronger. Judges by Isane’s reaction to the letter… she just might, which seems an odd thing to do when SS needs their strength.”

    If she does indeed die, then I hope Zaraki upgrade was worth it. Especially since they would get rid of there most powerful healer in SS.

  16. 7warlord
    Didn’t help ichigo none. His hollow side got him back on his feet instead. If orithime gains some power an had ichigos determination she could, but right now Shes not strong enough to reverse death, especially deaths that occurred ages ago.

  17. Well, shikai an bankai are materializations of the users zanpakto, right? What if in zarakis case his reiryoku takes a more physical materization? It seems that whenever zaraki ups his spiritual pressure it takes more of a “being” shape than anymore else. He can manipulate his reiryoku to give his sword different forms and/or means of damage, and transform into special armors.

  18. For example, like that everlasting energy sensui had in yu yu hakusho, but in satanist own way.

  19. *zaraki*

    That way he can still gain power an different means of attacking and defending without using bankai, which the Quincey’s can steal.

  20. @unknown
    According to Aizen, Orihime has the power to reject events, in other words negates any kind of events that has happened to her target. It returns her target to it’s former state, no matter what happens to them. That includes death. She revived that little Arrancar girl that was killed by Yammy. Ichigo is obviously a special case, but Orihime does have the power to revive the dead and restore pretty much anything to it’s original state.

  21. Oh yea I forgot about menoly.

  22. After a little digging, I understand now. Ichigo wasn’t a special case. There are certain deaths and situations she can’t reject. Whether its due to the amount of power she has or the scenario itself or both is still unknown.

  23. Also notice physical wounds tends tend to restore fairly quickly an woinds inflicted by spiritual powers are much more difficult, if not impossible. Again that may simply means shes isn’t strong enough for such things. She wouldn’t be able to bring back old man yama because there isn’t anything to reject and her techniques doesn’t reverse time, or those army of dead because they were made from the users own spirit power.

  24. Maybe. We’ll just have to wait and see if Kubo sheds more light on her rejection ability. I actually wonder how many people know what she can do though.

  25. that orb gave orihime her powers; I wonder what she could do if she fused with it.

  26. @Unknown. At several points, lists are given as to causality totals. I believe that those numbers are given before the Commander General is lost, so only the Vice Captain is listed as a death initially among the Catain Class officers, but I there were seated officers named in the destruction.
    After Ichigo was lured into Hueco Mundo, the Quincys as they had planned stormed the Soul Society. Unreal totals of dead and property damage are suffered by the soul reapers in the first five minutes, with no causalities suffered by the Quincys. By bringing up Hiyori Sarugaki, you are mixing your arcs and enemies. Hiyori was attacked by Gin’s sword, which is a Zanpakutō. We are told near the beginning of Bleach that Zanpakutōs cleanse the souls of the hollows that they kill, while the Quincy’s arrows merely kill. When attacking soul reapers rather than hollows, the exact effect of the Quincys’ arrows is not known, but it might make a difference as far as whether an ordinary soul reaper lives or dies when attacked.

  27. @7warlord. Good thinking about Orihime. I hadn’t given her ability a lot of thought in this arc, because the only thing that she had to do in the last arc was to run around like Nancy Drew and eventually get herself victimized by Ginjō and the Fullbringers. We hear her say at least twice that her powers have improved, as well as her skills to use them. Once when on Hueco Mundo, when Ichigo touches the protection shield and it shocks him (although that may be only in the anime) and at least one time during the time with the Fullbringers. For this arc, she has mostly seemed to me just one of Ichigo’s backup singers.

    At the current point, I would not know how to classify her strength and ability to reject all of the deaths and damage caused by the Quincys. She might find her ability strained to the max by just bringing back the Commander General and his vice Captain. (By the way, my personal bet is that doesn’t happen for those two – maybe because they refuse to return to the living.)
    Remember also, Hachigen Ushōda told Rukia after Ichigo’s second battle with Grimmjow that to heal him completely, he would need to know much more about the opponent and how the injuries were caused. He also told us that Orihime’s powers worked very similar to his own. That kind of information might not be available for the Quincy attacks.

    As far as your other comment about Ichigo and Renji being educated about the way that they treat their Zanpakutō as tools that is an interesting plot line, although the anime had lots of time to deal with such concerns in the anime Season 13, Zanpakutō: The Alternate Tale arc. I am getting suspicious that Ichigo and Renji might be just engaging in smoke and mirrors. The Quincy Leader seemed to be waiting for Squad Zero, but then did nothing as the King’s squad came to the Soul Society and then returned home.
    Someone commented above about the good chance that Zaraki’s sword might be crazy from all of the years of screaming and still not being heard. I am wondering, what happens if Zaraki is given one of those blank sword that low ranked recent graduates of the academy are given. Would his sword still be as powerful? Is his power strong because he is strong or because the sword is powerful?

  28. @Immortal. Your theory on acids makes sense. Thanks for sharing.
    @ Unknown. Zaraki manipulating his spiritual pressure into different shapes and functions to empower his sword. Okay. Still a little confused. A sword function implies that he has a means of communicating with the sword, which as far as we know, he does not. By the way, as far as armor, he has always been able to use his high spiritual pressure as a kind of armor, because so few can cut him from the outset. Even when he is wearing his energy eating eye patch.

    @ Unknown and @7warlord. The thing that concerning me about thinking that Orihime is still able to help is that there has been hundreds if not thousands of Soul reapers lost in those Quincy attacks, when the huge spikes of reishi rained down from the sky (see 494/05). The ones called Blue Fire. Who decides who lives or who stays dead? Another thing about soul reapers and those who live in the soul society – do not their bodies flake away into the surroundings? I thought that they disappear after a fairly short interval. The reason I had suggested Old Man Yama’s bankai was because it was raising the dead, who must have long ago disappeared. Maybe he was pulling the spirits of the sprits, which I doubt that Orihime could do. She might be able to help the recent dead, but not the ones where the bodies had dissipated into the environment.

    @unkown91. The Hōgyoku didn’t give Orihime powers, rather it was an enabler. It allowed her to use abilities that she already had, even though she did not know it. It then took her need to get stronger and helped Orihime express her powers in a way that it seemed to grant her wish to protect her friends.

  29. of course your a little confused. I’m not very good at explaining things, and I’m not exactly creative either. But him an every other powerful swordsman in this show can use their spiritual pressure as a kind of armor. When other shingamis raise thier power (usually those with elemental abilities) certain side effects do occur other than the opponents ‘awareness’ of it. I’m saying what if zaraki can take it step further, his reijorku taking form of an ‘entity’.

    All that about the hogyoku is true, but it doesn’t make what I said(an aizen really) false. Generally speaking it did give her powers, which would’ve been difficult to obtain on her own. just like rukia giving ichigo shinigami powers even though he had inherited abilites from his father. The thing I don’t understand about is chad. Yea he was born with his power because he’s a fullbring, its been implied that he used his power before its been showed for the first time in the manga, an yet its been implied that was his first time using it to protect ichigo’s sister as well and that the hogyoku caused him to develop his abilites. I see no clear cut answer.

  30. @unkown91. First, the assumption that Unknown91 and unknown are the same person because you are asking the same questions and use the same avatar.
    On my part, I have the advantage or disadvantage of having no significant experience with any other manga and very little experience with any other anime. In the last year and a half, I have watched most of the Bleach anime many times, other than the stuff that does not relate to the manga like the Bount junk. For them, once was more than enough. 🙂 Recently, I tasked myself with reading the entire manga chapter by chapter. Understand, I just stated watching the anime in October 2011 and following the current manga about a year ago. I had a lot of catching up to do. When that task was completed, I decided to read the manga one more time. Last night, I stopped at chapter 175 in my re-read. I have just been using one manga site, but I might start adding others. I was unaware that the translations might vary so much. Note- I am an English native speaker. While I have no problems watching a manga in Japanese with English subs, I do not read/speak any other language well enough to not need an English translation.

    On to your concept of Zaraki molding his own spiritual entity. This is the nameless swordsman, who decided to call himself Kenpachi Zaraki. Kenpachi, a title that he had not yet earned and Zaraki, which is the name of the 80th area of the Rukongai, where he came from. It is sorta like calling someone Joe from Baltimore. In his very serious battle with Nnoitra Gilga, Zaraki has to think long and hard, in order to remember and reason through, whether to use the kendo moves that the old man insisted that he learn, many years ago. While the refined captain of the Seventh Division Sajin Komamura, in essence works with a puppet, I cannot see Kenpachi Zaraki fooling with anything that takes him away from the feel of the battle. It would be like those Kido swords that he and his men frown on using.

    Besides, with the seal on his powers removed, he will be more powerful than he was when he tied Ichigo and soundly defeated Nnoitra Gilga. That should be fantastic both for Zaraki and for the fans.

    As far as Orihime, as active an area as their town is for Hollows and such, particularly with her frequent zoning out, which is often used as an indication of what we used to call ESP (Extrasensory Powers), I have no doubt that sooner or later, she would be in an emergency and pop would come her little people. It likely had happened before, and she ignore them figuring that it was just another of her daydreams.
    With Ichigo, I figure that his father, maybe with the help of Kisuke Urahara had likely placed some kind of seal or shield on his powers. That way, he would be less likely to attract hollows and die as a small child. There is a lot we do not know about children in the Soul Society. For example, at what age do they begin to develop their soul reaper powers. Note – I am talking about the children born in the Soul Society, like Byakuya Kuchiki, not the children like Rukia, who die and then are sent to the Soul Society.
    You have listed just about everything that I know about Chad. Again, There is always the possibility that with his powers being buried, that they might stay buried forever. On the other hand, the story that the Fullbringers told would make it plausible that Chad had had an early experience, especially as a child – but, that guy with the sword could make him believe anything. So, who knows?

  31. Well, everyone. Do we get a Bleach late tonight or tomorrow? Or does Tite Kubo skip another week?

  32. I reckon he’ll make us wait another week for the juicy, nutritional goodness…

  33. whoa, u guys are still around..lmao, just when i thought narutohurricane was dead i stumble upon ur new domain…
    childish arguments when readers didn’t agree with the reviews, and calling everyone that didn’t share ur ideology “trolls”…. and u made it as an app on the iphone, good for u guys.
    and jdog, keep up the great work on ur ” onepiece ” reviews. i told u under my net name “just passing” that i would support ur reviews from the shadows when u were starting out and weren’t sure of urself. i cheered u on. now look at u, all confident, that is great. don’t forget, i saw the potential in u when u were second guessing urself cause the readers were telling u how to write ur reviews. now, not so doubtful, keep up the good work buddy.
    i know the emails aren’t made public, but i don’t like the idea of this domain having mine. so peace….”just passing”
    hit up my site anytime u need inspiration, we can collaborate. and how is ol’ bob?
    jdogg, keep up the good work, and whats that one cat, kisuzachi or something like that, hell i don’t know these guys don’t like it when u debate HARD, they start going into ur personal and taking shots at ur loved ones. and bringing ppls children into their arguments. thats why i was excited when the hurricane site wasn’t updating, like something from “deathnote”, but these guys are wannabe “hackers”..only if u don’t go with the flow, if u know what i mean. but jdog, i don’t know if u let the hits to the site blind u by now or not, like i said, i remember ur first post about onepiece, in fact u were the only onepiece writer. but i don’t know how much u’ve changed since then but i can plainly see the confidence in ur post. keep up the good work and don’t be corrupted by the hits to the site. some are fake, but when u hit “writer’s block” don’t worry, just take off a week or two so u won’t burn out and hate posting, it shouldn’t feel like a job, this is only fun, the only payoff is the number of ppl that pass by. take it easy ..

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