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Naruto chapter 620 – Senju Hashirama

cecsHello narutards, Cesc and Jdogg are (Jdogg’s opinions and theories will be in Italics) back for a second chapter, and what a chapter it is. I don’t know what has gotten into Kishi lately, but I am loving it. I can’t remember the last time I was so excited for a Naruto chapter. To be honest, I was getting really bored with the fight between Madara and the Alliance. Everything was getting too predictable; yes Neji’s death was a big shocker, but that was a one-time occurrence. Right after that things went back to being boring, Naruto dishing out his chakra to everyone and unleashing an assault on Madara and co. I’m not one to complain about Naruto so I just took it and didn’t whine like a lot of folks do. I kept faith in Kishi and hoped that he will find a way to bring back the excitement and anticipation. Naruto who? This manga should have been called Hashirama Senju. No…? Well… I’ll take this chapter being named after him.

Sasuke’s Dilemma.
What an awesome chapter we got this week. It was sort of split in two halves, both of which were incredible. I have noticed mySasuke EpicNESSSSS dislike of Sasuke decrease rapidly the past couple of weeks. Not too long ago, Sasuke was an incredibly naïve young Uchiha that believed the first thing anyone told him. His encounter with Itachi did him a whole lot of good. He has now gone from wanting to blindly destroy everything without any regard for anyone else to actually wanting to find out the truth and making a sensible decision. It is important to keep in mind however that Sasuke is not necessarily becoming good, but instead, he is looking for absolute proof that crushing the leaf is the right thing. So Sasuke will get his answer from the first, and the likely outcome will be that he changes his mind about the leaf. However, if the answer he gets does not deter him and he chooses to be the villain, I would accept him as such. Unlike Obito, Sasuke is actually looking for the truth first before making up his mind. He is really thinking hard about this, so we should all give him some credit for that. Will I agree with Cesc on Sasuke, I differ in that I believe that Sasuke is better if he becomes an anti-hero. The sort that would help out in this war, and after the war he would isolate himself and create his idea of a village and how it should. Sort of how Orochimaru made his own village with the exception that Sasuke would actually do good for his village instead of abuse the people and their power such in the case of Orochimaru. Either way I think Cesc and I would agree that Sasuke is being set up to either become a permanent antagonist or protagonist and is becoming a far more likable character than the infamous split between Sasuke hates and lovers.

The God, and his lil bro!
_l_e_g_a_c_y__by_vashperado-d5hfrt5The first half of this chapter was dominated by the two Senju brothers Hashirama and Tobirama. Both of these guys seem to scare the hell out of the third. Now, for all you who were complaining about how weak Hashi and Tobirama were when they were first released, Kishi finally has an answer for you. As I thought all along, the two Kages were not at their full strength. You may argue that Kishi pulled this out of his arse but I’m going to back him on this. The reason why I was fine with him bringing them back then is that he was able to introduce Edo. If he had waited until the present, then we would all be complaining about how he pulled edo out of his arse. That was very early in the Manga, so we were not fit to handle the epicness of the first, thus Kishi made them weak, very weak. Now that we are prepped for it, we get to see them in all their glory. The only complaint I have though is Big Magnum having wood style. Knowing that he would bring back the first, I wish Kishi would’ve waited for him (Hashi) to unveil the true power of Mokuton, i.e the dragon summon and forest of poison. Judging from how Tobirama scared the shit out of everyone by simply lifting a finger, he definitely is no slouch; which deepens the mystery of how he was killed by a squad of cloud ninja. But just when you thought Tobirama was about to get things started, up steps big bro who not only stops him in his tracks, but nearly brings down that the entire cave they’re standing in (yup, he cracked the floor and walls with his chakra). With each chapter, Hashirama’s awesomeness grows tenfold. Hashi’s incredible chakra reminds me a lot of how riatsus work in bleach. Or like how Ki works in DBZ, i.e. Vageta losing all hope from sensing Freeza’s true power. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is the first time this has occurred in Naruto. Usually they just sense the nature of a chakra and the strength of it, but never has it struck fear in opponents as such. And these are not fodder ninjas either, they are among the elite; to get them to nearly soil themselves (Suigetsu actually does soil himself hehe) just from him spiking his chakra says a lot about the man. I would also argue that it wasn’t just the amount of chakra (because it would be ridiculous to think anyone has more chakra than Naruto right now and he does not exude this type of presence) but the type of chakra it is. His lil bro who was acting all tough, Oro who is supposed to be controlling him, the third, tough boy Sasuke, Minato, nor the walls or ground could withstand his chakra.

Safe to say Oro and Sasuke will be in tons of trouble if the first decides to end them. This guy’s overwhelming strength has already hashirenderbroken him out of Oro’s control. I am not going to bash Tobirama or the fourth for not being able to break out of Oro’s control. As some of you stated earlier, the first is on a whole other level. He is the closest thing to the sage, comparing the other Kages to him in just unfair. I did not expect any of the Kages to break free easily, and just because Tobirama created the jutsu does not mean he must break out. I would love for him to do so, but at the same time I won’t complain if he doesn’t. Oro uses the first’s cells to give him greater power, thus he is able to have better control over the edo. He is not controlling the cells, and the first cannot control his cells either. He is able to overcome Oro’s control from sheer strength. Just look at the flashback of the fight with him and Madara who whips out a susano’o and 9 tails, most ninjas would be soiling themselves at that sight yet the first has a big ole smile on his face. But I will leave that part to Jdogg as he wants to get in on this sweetness as well.

Mangum Battle

There is no doubt in my mind that Kishi planned planned and planned this chapter flawlessly, you could see in the art and dialogue skill Kishi pulls of here that he puts his heart and soul into this chapter. I am one that will admit I am wrong but I am also Madara_Vs__Hashirama_re_edit_by_NanoCigTone that will point out that I have never lost my faith in Kishi. Yes, I did whine about some chapters, but hey whats a fan without some whining. Either way as Cesc been saying this chapter has Senju Hashirama Senju written all over it. If you thought Madara was a beast well hold your horses because Hashirama has far exceeding traits, powers, and scarier than Madara. Now as to how he will convince Sasuke that his ways are wrong, is like he said by telling the history of the Senju and Uchiha. Not the biased history that we were exposed to by Obito or Madara, but by Hashirama himself, the man that was responsible for the Ninja system as it is today. The reason that I think his side of the story will be the best is because he is not trying to persuade  Sasuke into following him like Obito did. Also, he does not seem to be the person that would take advantage of a confused Sasuke like Obito or Orochimaru did, so in a sense, Hashirama story will be the most unbiased narrative of the history of the Village and Shinobi we have been introduced to. As for the battle of Valley of the End, well I could see two things Kishi doing, he could just move on to Hashirama telling the history or actually focus on the battle, and to be frank I would love to see this battle in its complete form, even if it takes two to three chapters. Strap onto your chairs my friends because the Naruto series is hotter than ever and back with a cold cutting vengeance for glory.


77 Responses

  1. You both executed this review beautifully. I´m sure Bob is reading this too and I hope before this series ends, maybe Bob can hop into this and join your review because this started with Bob and it also end with Bob. Again you two make a good combo and I´m looking forward for the next awesome reviews and chapters to come, because this series seems to reach it´s climax. I would like to see the full fight with the 1st and Madara but I would also like to see the fight of the Tobirama who was killed by the yin yan brothers if I remember right.So keep up the good work you two

  2. There’s really nothing worth saying, this fight has been a long time coming, an I just gonna sit back an enjoy the show.

  3. Awesome work jdogg.

  4. Thanks cesc, but you did most of the work and I just made it look pretty. But when two great minds come together you get awesomeness. I wish we could of done this sooner so that more people would be excited about the reviews. But has it hit you yet that the Naruto Series is actually in its last phase. Damn, I do not want it to end.

  5. Lol yeah I’m gna leave the pic selection up to you from now on. Yeah I do feel it too, but there is just so much left to be told that I feel the end is not yet neigh.

  6. GREAT additional visuals in this weeks review guys!

    As an aside:

    The Sage was also revered as the man to first understand the very nature of chakra itself. This wisdom, combined with his kekkei genkai, the Rinnegan, allowed the Sage to create the first modern ninjutsu. With such powers at his disposal, the Sage obtained a great following, as men and women from across the world strove to learn from his teachings. As the Sage’s disciples grew continuously greater in number, it led to the creation of ninja clans, and later, ninja villages. It is impossible to overestimate the Sage’s effect on the course of the ninja world’s development. As the first true ninja, he created the ninja world, revolutionised it, and left it forever changed.

  7. That pic of the 4 Hokages is ridiculous! #changesWallPaper

  8. Yoooooooooooo! Great job Jdogg and Cesc!! I was smiling like a chic who just got diamond earrings on valentines day reading this!! And those pics were beastly!!!!

    Ive said it before and ill say it again – HISTORY NEVER LOOKED SO FREAKIN SWEEEEEET, THIS IS THEE FLASHBACK OF ALL FLASHBACKS!!! Kishi straight up pissed, shitted, wiped his ass, smoked a blunt an didnt bother flush on his haters wit this epicness! “back with a cold cutting vengeance for glory”, J that sounds like some shit out of the film 300, luvvvv it.
    Jokes aside though, this really is showing sasuke maturing as a character – love him or hate him he is going right to the source an doing his indepth research on IF he should destroy his birthplace and i get the feeling Orochimaru did the same thing………there is a dark history about the leaf that has been swept under the carpet that only the CO-FOUNDING clan (Uchiha) have the power an resolve to challenge. The 1st hokage seems like the kinda guy that’ll not only tell it all but admit where they went wrong an i get the feeling the 2nd hokage only made the shit worse by instead of listening an compromising basically said its my way or no way.When it all comes down to it Konoha was built by BOTH Uchiha an Senju but ran by Senju with Uchiha stripped of their say in affairs and i cant wait to here the grim, dark, filthy whore of a past of the leaf village.

    Btw for some weird high reason i re-read the flashback of this chapter with this dmx prayer in the background…….it made it so much more epic lol

  9. @tensa, DMX was the truth back in the day; still can never whenvever that dude is either rapping or talking though, he sounds the same regardless, but still a beast on the mic!

  10. great review guys. i dont agree with you on Hashirama though in terms of him breaking out of edo control. i think its the hashiramas Cells that allow him to break free. hashirama is being controlled buy a jutsu that has been augmented by his own cells so hashirama is not going to be controlled by his own cells easily. Orochimaru could be controlled by Hashirama if he wanted to i think. and hashirama could control anyone of the hokages because they are all clones. a clone has no power over the original. furthermore the vessel that holds hashirama himself is a clone of the original so it is going to be like going back into his own body really so hashirama has an advantage over everyone right now. i am not dissputing the power of hashirama though he is truely on another level compared anyone in that room.

    In terms of strength of chakra and amount of chakra. ( i am not factoring in kurama’s chakra by the way). i would think that naruto has the most amount of chakra but hashirama has the strongest chakra. so maybe that balances them out. its like put concentrated orange juice into a body of water. the more you add the thicker it gets.

  11. NICE review cesc and jdogg,
    Hope kishi doesn’t shorten this fight,he has already shorten it a bit.by cutting the lead-up to the fights and i love lead-ups to fight, just before the big guns are pulled out.
    This has to be the greatest anticipated battle(besides naruto vs sasuke).if kishi messes this up,he messes the series up

  12. @mattmaru
    i kinda agree with you that hashirama broke free because of his cells.
    But controlling cells outside his body therby having control over oro is another thing.
    its like saying naruto have direct control over his clones after he releases them

  13. @ doesnt Naruto affect anything living when he is close to it with his kurama chakra? i was thinking that hashirama could do the same.

    Yamato could change a trees form by willing it into the shape he wanted it. he done this when he was training naruto in wind manipulation by create first a tree in the waterfall then extending the tree later on so more clones could be on the tree limbs.

    It might not be possible for him to control the clones indirectly but he would certainly be able to control his own vessel that he is bound to because the vessel is a clone of himself which would stop orochimaru from maipulating it.

  14. There’s no need for someone to control their own clones, since it basically is them. For normal people its like thinking out loud in order to make a decision.

  15. @Matt, I don’t think the first breaking out has anything to do with the fact that Oro has his cells. Nor will he be able to control the other Kages and Oro. He is just too powerful to be controlled by Oro, who is now only barely able to control the second because he received a boost in strength from having the First’s cells.

    Hashirama’s cells: equals greater strength.

  16. its like hashirama making a tree bigger… he can make his clones bigger or move the way he wants.

  17. I don’t think that’s how it works Matt, but I will wait for Kishi to reveal it.

  18. how come Oro didn´t use any dna from the kages on the Zetsu body for his EDO?? http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/520/11… It was new vessels so the would need new dna..

  19. @citypunk: it states he uses the first cells to make the edo stronger does it not?

  20. on pages 14 it states he used hashiramas cells for restraining properties for the edo tensei. tobirama states orochomaru’s entire body is made of his brothers cells.

    Zetsu was a living plant was he not? therefore hashirama can manipulate that. he could turn him into a tree and then he would be eternal edo tensei until he is sealed. hashirama did reassure orochimaru he wouldnt do anything until he cleanses sasuke of the darkness consuming his soul.

  21. you can tell on page 13 that when orochimaru stops tobirama, hahsirama congratulates sarutobi for a fine pupil he has raised. in that moment i think hashirama has sussed out that orochimaru has tried to stop him cos he probably senses his cells being used.

    just my theory anyways hahaha.

    I do like it when suigetso says… (yup just soiled myself) ha ha Tobirama could use suigetsu as a puppet if he wanted him knowing suigetsu is comprised of almost ALL water. what a fateful match that would be if they met in a fight to the death ha ha.

    I really think Orochimaru is scared of hashirama despite him being his own edo tensei. i think he knows he cant control him now. these guys are absolutely nails

    I would say in order of power there:


  22. If push comes to shove orochimaru can still use a stronger seal. His enhancement makes it so that he can still establish some degree of control while they keep all their personality an the majority of their strength. I highly doubt if orochimaru enact full override not even the first would be able break, mostly because he would no desire to anyway.

  23. @Matt and everyone – we get a bit of a stalemate though because whilst Hashirama is free; all Oro has to do is release the jutsu and it’s game over… Unless as has been hypothesized he can control all offshoots of his cells.

  24. The jutsu cannot truely be stopped unless the castor wants it to.

  25. Or a powerful seal.

  26. @Unknown – the can and has been stopped by Itachi, Madara and now Hashirama; all by different means though.

  27. *jutsu

  28. @tawuya
    Itachi-accident, mixed in with kabuto ineffiency an cockiness.
    madara-kabuto released the jutsu before he done anything.

    Like I said, its all on the castor.

  29. You think that genjutu would’ve worked had kabuto fully controlled him, or put him away to bring back another time?

  30. Overconfidence played a huge role in his failure.

  31. @Unknown – Itachi breaking the jutsu was based on an underlying stronger jutsu; not cockiness on Kabuto’s part.

    Madara broke the jutsu on his own as Kabuto was being releasing all his edo’s and even said out loud that a flaw was the edo knowing how to break the jutsu and having essentially unlimited chakra and immortality hence it being Forbidden.

    The justu can be broken by someone other than the one who cast it.

  32. Oro still has control over Hashi in the sense that he can cancel the summon.
    Madara did not break free from edo, he bind his soul to the living world just as it was about to go back to the spirit world. In other words, Madara edo himself when Kabuto set him free. So if Hashirama also knows how it works, he too can bind his soul to the living world if Oro releases him.

    Itachi’s case was lucky, had he been facing anyone else but Naruto the crow would never have activated and he would have remained under Kabuto’s control.

  33. no matter what madara has done, it was after kabuto released the jutsu, period. An itachi’s case was still an accident.

  34. Seeing as I’m the only one who still believe minato would beat the 1st, I pose a challenge. I will play against token in Naruto ninja storm 2 as minato and he can pick the 1st hokage and well will see who theory works .

  35. When someone’s under an edo, they stay that way, and if not, its the castor’s fault.

  36. @team
    please Im all about dat tobirama on ninja storm, straight up beast.

  37. For me Sasuke was at his best when he was on a rampage against Itachi because he had this arrogant attitude and was consistent in his actions(Itachi killed his parents so he wanted revenge) Than there was his weakest phase where he seems to be a confused kid. Now he tries to analyze the whole situation but he lack of this evilness what his opponents fear, in my opinion Sasuke was at his best in the first phase

  38. The manga still has alot to uncover like the identity of the sage and i know it will be awhile before we see that

  39. @ matt
    i think u are forgetting that minato has ht eother half of the fox sealed in him. wouldnt that put him higher in that “in terms of power” bracket???

  40. Minato didn’t seal half of the chakra within himself, he seal it with the reaper. If minatory wanted to seal the chakra without, he would’ve used a trigram seal similiar to what he did with the other half with naruto. Instead, he used the reaper seal. Sorry but the only one who could potentially have access to that chakra is orochimaru, if he decides to unseal it.

  41. At the time it was too much for minato to use the trigram seal on all kuramas chakra, so he used it for half of his chakra an placed it in naruto, an sealed the other half with the reaper, using his body as sacrifice. In order for what you say to be true beast, that would mean the third hokage would rolling with the some of the first, second, and orochimarus chakra, since he used himself in all those seals.

  42. I wonder how much stronger Sasuke is going be after all this. He’s going to get perfect Susanoo, but I wonder what else he will get…

  43. oh i thought he sealed it in himself??

  44. @Unknown If the reaper had the other half of Kurama’s chakra, and Oro broke the reaper seal, would the fox regain it’s chakra? If so, Naruto might just receive a HUGE powerup.

  45. i stil think that sasuke is somehow goin to get the yang chakra…… it just fits. yin and yang, naruto and sasuke, good and evil, equal power in terms of chakra with the nine tails chakra in both of them i think this is how sasuke will catch up to naruto

  46. Sasuke would not be able to handle the fox’s chakara. It is because naruto is from the uzamaki clan dat he is able to withstand the fox’s chakara.

  47. The other tailed beasts hosts were not uzumakis either it takes a “special” person to be able to hold all that in (and as kishi’s love child sasuke would fit right in). Sides its not the nine tails itself it is its chakra and ppl like karin have already noticed that sasukes chakra is dark and evil so havin yang chakra would work just fine lol.

  48. I have no doubt sasuke would be able handle that chakra. Throughout this manga we ‘ge heard out strong sasukes chakra. Orochimaru an kabuto noticed how intense it was back when he joined. After the timeskip kurama actually compared sasukes chakra to madara an said his was more sinister. As the manga goes on Marin noticed how his chakra got even more cold an twisted, far beyond the time he had that curse mark. Hell we even saw how sasukes chakra looks through her eyes, it looked like a purple devil surrounding him.

  49. *karin *

  50. But are you sure orochi can just cancel the 1st? Edo is a senju technique if madara knew one way to defeat it I’m sure the 1st n 2nd know others their too confident and we can’t really base anything on what kabuto said

  51. Edo tenses confuses me a little….. If oro no longer has control of the first why would canceling the jutsu have a effect on the first? According to madara by knowing the seal he can sever the control Kabuto had over him and do what he wants on his own… Hasn’t the first already done that but instead of a deal he broke it with his power?

  52. Sasuke is gonna get the Yin portion of the kyubbis chakra therefor activating his rinnegan…

    I believe Sasuke is gonna be perma-villain.

    And the final battle will be at the Valley of the End.

    Its the only wave Naruto can truly save him.

  53. Whoaa a fusion review. That was splendid!! Bravo Cesc and Jdogg! Or should I say Cedogg!!


    The chapter wasn’t bad. This is the first time I’ve seen the 4th hokage in a situation where he isn’t the man of the hour. I guess it is kinda hard to do considering the sheer awesomeness of the 1st being there. So far so good on Kish part reviving the kages. Can’t wait to see some history.

    As far as which direction Sasuke chooses, I don’t care. It would be stupid for him to crush the leaf considering the current events taking place. Win or lose the shinobi world will be changed forever when the dust clears. If he decides to help in the war, that would be kinda boring and pointless because Naruto would have spent almost the entire second part of the series trying to change Sasuke for nothing. At this point, I don’t see the relevance of Sasuke’s character. I’m not saying Sasuke is irrelevant but whatever choice he makes, I hope it is something different from what is expected.

  54. I liked the idea of sasuke creating his own village somewhere an establish it like orochimaru did (without the crazy experiments an assassinating kages). Hell maybe there will be a six Kate after this is over. Or maybe there will be no more uchihas left, the senjus already pretty much died out.

  55. i wonder what Sauske is gona ask Minato?? He allready asked the other ones and after Hashirama answerd its probably Minatos turn to answer a question.



  57. Once AGAIN kishi is fucking wit my blood pressure- im bout to have an EYE-GASM!!!! Yoooooooooooo!!! EPIC SHIT ONCE AGAIN – BRAVO KISHIMOTO MOTHAFUCKIN BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  58. “I’m coooommming, Madaraaaa!!!!” hehehe

    I want Hashirama to adopt me… That’s how epic the man is.

  59. Little Madara an little Hashirama – awwwww so cute haha

  60. susano armor is the shit!!!

  61. Susanno 9tails!! Fuckin hellllllllllll



  63. @Tensa – wow…. what a chapter. It makes one wish you could post voicenotes here because this one deserves audio praise!



  65. @Tawuya,

    Lol mine would be some ghetto voicemails such as:

    “She’s got the knife, run mothaf******”
    “Ban-kai my ass!!!”
    “Damn Robin u sexy motha******”

  66. Did the beginning of one piece confuse anyone else???

  67. Wat confused u?? Aokiji froze flamingo but he broke free quick time an then walked off like a bawse

  68. So it was a series of “shunpos”? Okay, seemed a little disconnected.

  69. For a moment there, I thought smoker was gonna call him a pirate.
    This arc hasn’t been for old smoker, has it?

  70. Madara is a boss but that summon that hasirama did was fuckin EPIC what happened to the senju clan?

  71. Smoker needs training coz right now he aint showing vice admiral levels at all – this arc alone – lost against law, vergo and flamingo! Show me some haki, some death smoke, some crouching tiger hidden smoker- something!!

  72. I can make a ‘yu-gi-oh! exodia’ joke out of this chapter, but I’ll choose not to.

  73. Btw, doesn’t those markings on hashirama are kinda similar to Tsunades when they’re activated?

  74. @Tensa – agree, Smoker needs to do some press-ups or something coz this is getting hard to watch…

  75. Best Naruto chapter ever. Naruto and Sasuke’ s fight will never be this epic.


    Why are there two Tensa on here?

  76. @UTI

    Both of those Tensa’s are me bro, dont know why but the avatar changes everytime i post!

  77. changes if u change the email address tensa

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