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Its out!!

Naruto and Bleach chapters are out on eaatmanga.com, but if you wait a few more hours they will be out on mangastream.com, which has the best translations. I am short on time, so once I get enough, I will make this post pretty, but let the discussion begin.

NO ONE PIECE this week 😦 Oda is cruising in the Bahamas


105 Responses

  1. Naruto – monstrous chapter, let the re-establishment of supremacy begin! So the first with his cells and chakra made his brother calm down and has broken the Edo Tensei without the use of any visible justsu… MEGA MAGNUM; nuff said!

    Bleach – winner of the week in my opinion. Kubo has developed a knack for last page deaths/cliff-hangers. Zaraki has returned and is spoiling for a fight! All done without having to listen to his sword to catch its name! Whilst most have to wine and dine their Zanpaktou he just walked in grabbed it by the arm and marched out!

    Unohana’s bankai is an acidic bankai that harms even her?! Incredible, round of applause for Tite the Drama King!

  2. Another fantastic chapter, even better than last week. I will get to work on the reviews after classes today.

  3. @tawuya
    Wow, you make zaraki’s zankpakto sound like such a slut. He roughs her up, forces her to partake in many swordman’s bodily fluids, doesn’t even bother to learn her name.

  4. @Unknown91 – lol, not that’s she’s a slut just that Zaraki is NOT a gentleman about it! Whilst Ichi has to coax and beg his girl to fight with him, Zaraki is like a pimp or kidnapper whose victim eventually falls in love (Stockholms sydrome) and views the beatings as an expression of love! Meanwhile…

  5. Tawuya sama- are you suggesting hashirama physically stopped tobirama by manipulating the cells of the clone that is the vessel?

    its in an interesting idea but i thought hashirama just stopped him because of how serious he sounded. when you know someone is being serious you take them seriously allot more. Hashirama has came off as a light hearted carefree person but dont mistaken him for someone who is not vastly imposing because obvious tobirama realises this.

    saying that Hashirama did stop Orochimaru from controlling him because it was stated that Orochimaru strengthened the edo tensei jutsu with Hashirama’s Cells. obviously hashirama himself can control his own cells far far far better then orochimaru can even if he is under edo tensei.

    So effectively do you think Hashirama could control Orochimaru and the rest of the Hokages because there all effectively clones of Hashirama himself? I would think so. So unless Hashirama is unsummoned then Orochimaru is not going to be able to control him which is quite interesting but i like that Hashirama has seen sense in trying to stop the coming of the 2nd Madara. it makes sense.

    I wonder if Kakashi still has the Minato’s special Kunai? if he did then Minato could teleport everyone to the battlefield.

    I am really looking forward to seeing Tobirama battle because we haven’t seen much of him really. he is a gifted with space time ninjutsu and the best water jutsu specialist there is. CANNOT WAIT!!!

  6. @Mattmaru – I think with regards to Tobirama, First did the equivalent of a Kings Disposition and let his “presence” be felt by Tobirama who as you say, realised his bro is serious so he stopped.
    In terms of the mechanics of breaking the edo we’ll have to wait and see but I thinks firsts cells abilities far exceed anything we’ve seen.
    Loved the smirk he gave when Madara sent tailed beast bomb coz he essentially used it as his own ammo.

  7. Did the first just say Itachi was better than him? Even. hough he meant in a principles and love for the village way. Pretty high praise.

    Love how Oro turnes into a MEGA MAGNUM fanboy when he got a compliment.

    The fact that MEGA can supress edo with his chakra alone is Beeeeeaaaaaaast!!!!!!

  8. @Tawuya- i agree yes, and also with Hashirama’s smirk ha ha that was funny. using susanno as a shield was quick but unexpected tactic i thought. first time we see him use it though in the past. maybe we will see him gain the rinnengan when they finished off the battle…

  9. Am I seeing things, or is there actually gonna be a fight without using someones tech?

  10. *else*

  11. WoW!!! The 2nd Hokage is a badass. All He did was left a finger and made Oro and saske wet their pants. hot dam, i can’t wait until they enter this war.

  12. The first is a absolute beast! One minute he is naruto on steriods than the next minute he is quieting his brother with a simple stare and command. What i want to know is what was tobirama doin? was he using some kind of space/time jutsu? was he goin to port all of them out of that area? and if the first is walking around on his own than sasuke even in his current state has no chance to deal with the first… the first is just right up there with the sage in terms of power.. madara himself pales in comparison and the scary part is we have not even seen what the first can do at full tilt! man after the next couple chapters my top 3 fav ninja ranking may get rocked lol

  13. @Mattmaru
    You’re wondering if Minato can still activate his seals. It would not surprise me if he could still use the seal on his kunai. After all, he and Tobirama could sense everything on the battlefield from the distance of the Leaf village. In any event, I think that it would be cool if Kakashi threw that kunai at Obito just to remind him of their bond and Minato used that chance to smack even more sense into his old student. Plus, I want to see Kakashi freak out over seeing the Fourth one more time. He’s done at least twice in the past, and I need that kind of laugh out loud moment again.
    However, Minato has plenty of other options to enter the battlefield. In fact, it is likely that he can reactivate any of his various “marks” during his lifetime to make that trip. Let’s see.Well, we know he already marked Obito during their fight. And, we know that he marked Kushina when she was pregnant with Naruto, so it’s not hard to believe that he marked Naruto himself, somewhere within even his newest seal. Also, didn’t he mark Killer B as well, when they fought? Point is, Minato is awesome at fluid thinking and is probably coming up with strategies, even now while he is sidelined.
    Hey, once, he and the Third get onto the battlefield, they’d be perfect to fill in as the Alliance’s Central Command. They are two of the most brilliant tactical minds ever from the Leaf. And, because they were summoned with Edo Tensei, no one has to worry about them kicking the bucket. The Third could handle the Front Line and the close combat specialists meanwhile Minato could be charge of the mid and long range fighters. That would be good, right?

  14. Of course sasuke would get his ass whipped. Madara the strongest uchiha of all, he had EMS and kurama and STILL got reduced to sucking on juubi’s tits for nutrients.

  15. Naruto – Now we all know who the Godfathers of this series are….If you cant break edo tensei then BITCH SHUT DA FUCK UP!!! 2nd Hokage was talking mad shit raising power levels an making water boy sugeitsu shit out mineral water but big bro just gave him “the stare”, the same stare that my big sis gives to me when i piss her off, the same stare that makes a crying baby tone it down on the bus, the same stare that makes u say “Alrite…ok” an lower your head……that PIMPIN STARE!! Check out the last page – Kuruma an Susanno vs Wood monster wit his pet dragon scarf! Kishi must have stole some of Oda’s secret green tea coz this chapter was madness! This is THEE FLASHBACK OF ALL FLASHBACKS – HISTORY 101

    Bleach – Say it with me people, say it with me….BAN…….KAI!!!!!!!! Yoooooooo Unohaha the sexiest scariest bitch in the game!! i loved this chapter an it seems to me like these two have some warrior love shit going on! Imagine if they had babies! Zaraki died a shit load of times but finally he got the job done. Kubo, ur crazy love story was good shit!!

    One piece – Oh shit yeah………erm, Oda take a break get some sleep, do filthy things to ur wife, get that cheesecake in an we’ll see u next week for thee epic KINGS HAKI BIRD MAN VS THE ICE MAKER EX ADMIRAL Jheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!

  16. So in this chapter we found out that the 4 hokages were brought back with almost all their powers… so i bet that we will see them in action. A battle between Obito and Minato and a battle between Madara and the first is a must.

    I don’t think that the first can controll his cells, that would be cheap, and he would become OP (plus he would control Madara and Snake Boy). And the first might be The Doctor Phill, Sasuke needs, and from what i see, Sasuke becoming a villan, becomes less and less probable

  17. When kages an everyone reaches this war its gonna be the mother of all dialogue, one liners flying all over the show:

    1st Hokage: “You just couldnt stay in the closet could u Madara”
    Madara: “Oh shit, my ninja’s back, my ninja’s back, he’s backkkk!” **Starts the hand-sign gangnam style dance**
    1st Hokage: “Bring ur love struck ass down here so i can crush ur face….again!”
    Madara: “Crush who’s face, remember when i stuck a fireball up ur ass an u couldnt shit for months an hand to vomit that shit out, i’ll do it again, bitch i swear i’ll do it again!!”
    Naruto: “Daddyyyyyy! Your here!!! Wait…..arent u dead? oh what the heck it doesnt matter ur here!!”
    4th hokage: “No time for that soft shit, who was the masked man?”
    Naruto: “Obito”
    Minato: “O…what……Obito?! Fuckin OBITO??! That little bitch that wanked off to rin’s pics in the toilet, Obito?! The little punk who used to beg me for ramen money, OH HELL NO!!!”
    Obito: “Shut up sensei, u let Rin die! U an silver surfer over here will both get ur ass whipped!”
    Orochimaru: “This shit is gettin good, Sasuke pull up a chair wit some popcorn, shit is about to pop off!!”
    Naruto: “Wait……..is that……….SASUKEEEEEE!”
    Sasuke: “Oh fuck he’s seen me!”
    2nd hokage “He could smell ur evil a mile away!!”
    3rd Hokage: “Naruto still has Uchiha fever, fuck it’s gonna be a long night, Orochimaru pass me some of that popcorn son!”

  18. Wow….the first is a beast……
    I have a few questions I hope someone can answer…

    1. is the first free of edo?
    2. did the 2nd fail to break free of edo?
    3. why doesnt the first let the other kages hit the battle while he talks to Sauske?
    4. why hasnt the 4th broken free yet.
    5. why is the 4th so quiet.

    I swear Kish better not Kill the 4th Legacy. He seams unsure who he want to be the best of the best. Having the 1st break free but not the 4th is a slap in the 4th face. It would be cool if the forth broke free a long time ago and whats actually their with the others is a clone. I see the 4th having to fight all 3 kages in the future.

  19. @team the fourth is powerful but he is in a different league compared to the first. The first doesn’t seem to have broken free persay but it does seem like he is moving of his own free will. The second couldn’t cause quite simply he doesn’t have the power his bro does and oro is using the firsts cells to enhance control… Works great for every other summon except for the first as its his cells so it wouldn’t matter how many cells he uses the first still wouldn’t be controlled like the others… Now a slight plothole with all this. If the firsts chakra is so powerful how come it didnt override the first time? I guess it’s cause oro didn raise them with full strength but that’s just the bull kishi would use but still even so shouldn’t the first have at least been able to resist it better the first time?

  20. @tensa your dialog was very similar to what I said while you were out, lol.

    BIG MAGNUM: “Common Obito the 1st just came back. We’re headed back to the hole in the ground and our big tree for another 100 years. Maybe he’ll be gone by then…..”

    Obito: “Yes sir bawse, before we go can I kick Kakashi in the nuts and run?”

    BIG MAGNUM: “Make it fast…..I got some Sunade clones growing on the tree back home, and they are definitely ABOUT THAT LIFE!!!!!!”

    MEGA MAGNUM: “Ninja you still ain’t dead……..wait a minute……is that my ninja Oonoki the fence sitter over there??? IT IS!!!!!!! What’s the business my NINJA???!!!!!!!”

  21. Orochimaru not only didn’t have them at their best, he had full control over the two Kages when he fought the third. This time around he allowed them to retain a bit of their freedom as well as their full personality so they can speak to sasuke.

  22. @token, so you think the first could beat the 4th..

    i would say no….the 4th power, speed and seals would be to much. i think styles make fights and the 4th would be a bad match up.

    My top 5 p4p naruto characters


    whats yours people

  23. KONOHAMARU?????????!!!!!!

    Maybe in the future, but not now, lol.

  24. @UTI

    Great minds think alike my ninja!! Thats for holding it down wit the epicnessssss!!


    1. Hashirama and Madara
    2. Itachi
    3. Minato
    4. Pain
    5. Sasuke

  25. Here’s my favorite:
    2. Raikage (4th)
    4. Rock Lee
    5. Ramen shop owner (yea I said it. You notice how people who like his food wind up being the beastiest of ninjas?)

  26. Konohamaru would pawn all 4 kages with his no sexy jutsu and baby rasangan…lol

  27. I named my favorites out of overallness, not just power an skills alone.

  28. Power Rankings:

    1. SOSP
    4. Nagato/Orochimaru (toss up)
    5. Itachi
    6. Minato
    7. Naruto/Sasuke (just depends on the day of the week for Kishi)
    8. Killer Bee/ Raikage
    9. Kakashi/Darui/Might Guy
    10. Onoki (that particle style is instant death)

  29. @tensa

    No doubt my ninja, lol.

  30. @team the fourth is powerful and honestly my top fav in naruto as 1 next to 1A (itachi) but come on. to say the fourth is comparable to the first hokage is nigh blasphemy. The first hokage went up against madara and the nine tails at the same time and not only that cmae out alive and the winner. Not only that but as fast as we know minato to be it doesnt mean everything. The first hokage wasnt considered the god of shinobi for nothing and minato as cool and powerful as he is just isnt on the same stage as the first… remember killer bee was able to counter that great speed of minato nearly instantly and the first posesses wood jutsus and fighting prowess as well. Minato would put up a fight but the first would win

  31. @ Unknown
    so did I. I wanted to ad itachi but his illness would prove to much in a fight with those other 4 considering it would be a long battle. I would pick the 3rd Raikage over the 4th. Kisame couldnt even defeat Guy although that no easy task. Rock lee is bad ass so, remember chunin exam….in all great list though

  32. The only time we’ve really seen itachi hindered by his illness was during his fight with sasuke, and even then he fought as well as any beastly ninja would. He actually kept it in check until that fight, so I don’t believe that it gave him as much of an disadvantage as some people think it does.

    True the 3rd Raikage was more of a beast than A, but I like his personality more.A strikes me more as a no nonsense straightfoward dude, an yet at times he burst at the seams with aggression. He understands that talk is useless unless you can back it up. Before he was introduced it seemed like hand to hand was taking a back seat to explosions and energy blasts an shit. Then the fight against sasuke came around I was like ‘move the fuck over, an let the heavyweight handle business!”

    I wouldn’t say that kisame couldn’t even defeat Guy, more like he was destined to be defeated by Guy. He was one of the only few ninjas at the time who could handle kisame’s endurance and powers. Naruto could hold his own at that point too, but that dude relies on Chakra too much, an he was still in the middle of training fully utilizing kurama’s powers. Kisame an that sword was a match made in heaven, and his villian backstory doesn’t seem as repetitve as the others. IT doesn’t hurt that he went out like a G either.

    Rock Lee, Rock Lee….sometimes I think kishi looked up my biography and based his personality,training methods, an unluck with the ladies and can’t hold liquor worth a damn off me. Not sure where that haircut comes from if he actually did 😦

  33. just a question:
    if konoha has all these great shinobis like the First and tobirama and Madara… I’m sure the other villages has their own greats too right? Ones who are equivalent to the First or Madara for example. But all these while, and even the war and alliance is about konoha’s great.
    so even the previous kazekages or mizukages etc were not a match? wow!!
    somehow it just feels like the other villages dont have great shinobis like Shodaime and Madara… just a thought.


    the First silencing his hot-headed younger bro with just a stare… woooooooooooooooooooooohhhh… shiver man… shiverrrrrrrrrr!!!!

    I think the Second was trying to break free after hearing about the ongoing war. I think Shodaime was already freed off edo tensei. Oro said he even had to tighten his hold on the edo tensei to stop tobirama but isn’t a match for First who had already freed himself. The first decided not to go to the war (yet) because he feels that it will be useless to win the war but the hatred still festers because sasuke is becoming the second Madara. so to stop all these silly war ideals one and for all, it’s best to nip the problem from the bud. Make sasuke understand the worthlessness of war and hatred so that he won’t succumb to evil and be the second Madara.

  34. The first is like goku, old man yama, dennis the menace, chuck norris, Ron Jeremy and Dr. Phil all wrapped in one.

  35. shy all of the other villages do have great ninja (we know this cause the second was supposedly killed by like a down of the clouds anbu). The thing is that the first and madara were not only the strongest in konoha but all over and were feared/respected by everyone else. Its not that the others dont have great nina konoha just so happened to have two of the greatest ninja in shinobi history

  36. dozen not down*

  37. I’m not saying the 1st isn’t a beast and he wasn’t feared but the 4th had a run on site rep. Even jounin lvl ninjas were told to run. Power wise it does seam like the first has the slight edge if you believe mardara but intellect wise the 4th has the first beat. Look at itachi vs nagato. Nagato has a considerable power advantage in jutsu but was defeated. Look at shikamaru vs hidan. While the first had wood style the 4th has sage mode. I’m interested to see who kish will bestow the title of greatest hokage ever to.

  38. Minato had a flee on sight order while te first was called the god of shinobi…..I’ll let that sink in lol

  39. http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v60/c576/15.html
    The first was so powerful that fighting 5 of the stronger current shinobi is considered childs play literal childs play for madara compared to his death match with the first… im sorry but i doubt minato could handle the 5 kage at the same time

  40. http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v60/c575/3.html the first was so powerful many considered him to be mythical! i mean come on minato was feared but the first’s power was so powerful that many people didnt believe such a power could exist…

  41. This is sup up version of mardara people. And let’s not forget the 1st had his but handed to him by the 3rd. Here it come “he wasn’t at full strength ” kish just pulled that out of his has. And let’s not forget that the 3rd had the title of greatest leaf ninja at one time. Ou say the forth couldn’t handle 5 strong ninja like mardara but didn’t the forth pawn A & b at the same dam time. Didn’t he take out an entire army of cloud ninja. And who was it that gave him the title of god of all ninja..and one more thing, didn’t a less powerful sauske take on the 5 kages and live to talk about. Aren’t those the same 5 kages that couldn’t land a hit on tobi , who by the way minato injured in sec’s. I think some of you are on the 1st bandwagon by mistake. He’s a monster but he would not be able to defeat the 4th….

  42. im gonna break this down easy enough so u can see your flaws in your argument;
    1) “The 1t had his butt handed to him by the 3rd” : the first time edo tensei was used oro completely took over their bodies and not only that he did not summon them at full strength like he did now. We cant be sure how low in power they were but considering the first didnt use half of what we have seen him use safe to say he wasnt at full power.
    2) “The third had the title of greatest leaf ninja” Umm I would like to see where this was said? Im pretty sure a ninja as powerful as madara would know true power and strength when he saw it and if HE is calling the first powerful and only one worthy of him thats something since madara doesnt think anyone can compare to his power either before and now.
    3) didnt the fourth pwn A and B? Yes for a little because A is reckless and was young still. Dont forget minato was held to a stalemate with Bee as bee drew his swd on minato at the same time and was a draw in that match.
    4)Minato took out a army of cloud ninja… The first literally built the village and his techniques took down susanno and the nine tails at the same time.
    5) Several ninja have given the first hokage the title and made reference to him basically being legendary and near myth (I already showed you the chapter where that was found above and both kabuto and oro have called him God of shinobi (http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/12558312/14) with the latter being hesitant that the first is free to do what he wants and if oro is cautious than thats something to remember.
    6) Sasuke lived to tell the story cause against eveyr kage he was forced to run away and that was one at a time. Against A he was brutally beaten up and thrown around like a rag doll, against gaara he had to make the room collapse to run away, against lava kage she was pwn’n him until zetsus came in and helped replinish his chakra and oonoki had sasuke good and trapped until tobi came in to save him before he was literraly turned to dust. Sasuke did not pwn any kage and if he did would like to see what chapter that could be found in and he also only took them on one at a time not all at once.
    7) When did the 5 kage attack tobi??? they ran into him in the conference room but they didnt engage him in combat and since when is tobi a good fighter? he has never shown good fighting ability and does the same warp thing over and over. Minato landed a hit on him cause he is smart but also cause frankly obito lacks real fighting ability and prowess. Show me one fight that would make tobi worthy to be calle da good fighter? even against konan he was gettin beaten and had to pull out the ultimate sharingan hack iazanagi.

    Im a huge minato fan but im not biased. Just cause minato is your fav doesnt mean he would win every fight u put him in. You are the bandwagon fan cause u are goin on the fact that he is one of your favorites and not realizing that the first is legendary for a reason

  43. read this @team it puts what ALL the people in that time and even before said… http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v60/c575/3.html

  44. @token that, an I don’t see anyone in line waiting on their daily injection of minato ‘s cells…..

  45. I have been saying this for a very long time, the first is a beast. Ever since he was first talked about, you knew he was something special.

    I talked about this a lil in my review, but basically we should not count that first edo summon by Oro. If you read the manga, you will see that both the first and second used a max of 2 attacks against the third before they were sealed. That counts as nothing. Minato is freaking awesome, but as it stands, there is no one that can defeat the first. He was practically an immortal when he was alive. Tsunade took a giant branch through the torso and she healed herself in seconds. Madara says her healing ability pales in comparison to the firsts. with all this info tho, makes me wonder, HOW THE HELL DID HE DIE!?

    he would shit on Minato while eating ramen.

    Also team, I don’t believe Minato was ever a sage. I think you assume that because Jiraya was his teacher, but remember so was naruto and Nagato, but he did not teach either of them to be sages. Naruto only learned after Jiraya died and the toads took him.


  46. Hell, I bet the 1st DNA can cure cancer. It seems to fix/ improve everything else. A bottle of his cells would’ve been a nice gift for my girl in apology for I gave her last night……….

  47. yeah i think only a few tried to learn the toad sage techs. but because they didn’t have vast chakra reserves like naruto, most didn’t really succeed. i think jiraiya brought minato to the toads’ hideout coz he thought minato was the child of prophecy. and although minato was great in many ways, he wasn’t one. so he didn’t really master the sage techs. although he can summon the toads etc.

    even jiraiya had to rely on Pa and Ma for the nature chakra.
    so far, only naruto has fullly mastered the toad sage’s techs.

  48. Answer me this, if the first is the king of king and can’t be hurt. Who killed him because it sure seams like he died young. I can’t wait to see everyone response when kish proves me right.

  49. Since Oro has a esentially a senju body now, I don’t think he will ever have to change again. The healing properties should be good enough to negate the deterioration. Unless he touches Naruto and turns into a tree :-/

  50. @team ummm how did minato die? by the very beast the first used like a pet dog lol. How he dies isnt exactly relevant is it? u r really reaching now and u r waiting fro kishi to prove u right on what exactly?? Kishi has already made it a point to show that senju r extemely powerful and descendents of the sage… And everyone can be killed doesnt mean they arent powerful. What if it took a entire nation to kill the first? what if it took more than that and several villages to kill him? what if he had a heart attack at a young age on the field of battle and was vulnerable? Minato died young too so not sure what your point is team.

  51. @team name me someone who was all powerful in manga but didnt die and lived forever or was never hurt

  52. @team

    He may be pulling a Sunade youth jutsu. The first did say she learned a lot of his bad habits, lol.

  53. Ive already showed you who kishi deems king of shinobi and one of the greatest ninja EVER not just kage. If you wanna ignore the manga references i made i cant do much else to change your mind…..

  54. ok @Unknown, the person who said no one is in line for Minato dna. let take a look at who’s dna produce better quality ninja

    1st hokage dna = Tsunade
    4th hokage dna= Naruto

    @ token, Hiruzen was one of the most powerful shinobi in history, so much so that he was admired as the God of Shinobi (忍の神, Shinobi no Kami) in his prime, and was said to be the strongest Hokage that Konoha has ever had.[1][20][21] Even in his old age, he was also said to be the strongest of all the five Kage at the time of his death.[22] Enma commented on his battle with Orochimaru,

    question? if the first was so feared, why did the Takigakure only send one ninja to kill him (Kakuzu)

    According to Jiraiya, Minato was one of the most gifted shinobi who ever lived[25] and was also believed to be one of the strongest shinobi that ever existed. His abilities were so far advanced that even the Fourth Raikage thought that no one would be able to surpass him.

    He is often referred to throughout the series as the fastest shinobi who ever lived, with the speed of the currently fastest living shinobi often being compared to his own, such as A or Naruto in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, with the former admitting that even with his Lightning Release Armour enhancing his already immense speed and reflexes was still outmatched by Minato.[12] Even when assisted by his brother, A was unable to lay a hand on Minato.

    Minato could also remove an opponent’s ability to use the Summoning Technique.[51

    After seeing a technique once, he could correctly deduce the basic mechanics behind it, such as the strengths and weaknesses of Kakashi’s Chidori.[54]

    @token, # 7 , lets not forget up untill the mask came off tobi was a beast. pawned the following: Kakashi, Guy, Naruto, Neji, Rock lee on their way to itachi.
    told Mr bad ass him self (Sauske) he would kill him if he betrayed him.um..Sauske got quiet.
    Killed Danzo guards with no problem
    Killed Konan
    Captured the 4 tails by his self
    leader of a bad ass group of ninja
    declared a war to all 5 kages and no one ran up on him, not even A
    got pawned by Minato

  55. @TeamEvo – mm! Spicy breakdown!

  56. @everybody – what is Sasuke’s actually body count? Itachi murdered a whole clan but was redeemed. Gaara killed at will but was made Kage. Sasuke 180 becoming more and more likely…

  57. look everyone, lets not bicker. Its kish fault for saying so many ninja are the God Shinobi. He changes his mind more than a virgin on the first date. With that im glad he has stepped it up lately and has everyone intrested again…..

  58. @tawuya, so true

  59. @errbody – does anybody know what Unohana’s bankai (MINAZUKI) means?

  60. @ all,- – who do you favor in a fight of Naruto & Minato vs the 1st & 2nd hokage?

  61. @TeamEvo – my Five:

    1. Hashirama
    2. Madara
    3. Minato
    4. Itachi
    5. Naruto

  62. @TeamEvo – Edo 1st and 2nd would win otherwise it’s hard to tell but I’d lean towards Naru and his daddy for sentimental reasons and Naru’s newfound chakra distribution ability and reserves. What happens when you up the Yellow Flashes ability? Instanteneous madness…!

  63. @Unknown – bwaahahahaha that’s nasty @bottleOfFirstsCellsToCureTheGift

  64. I can only believe that the 1st’s carefree nature is truly a manifest of his un-paralleled awesome power. The 2nd lifting a finger creates such uproar but with one glance and a flashing of his chakra the 2nd is left humbled and everyone else is left in shock. Yeah, ‘God of Shinobi’ is pretty apt lol. I’m really interested to know what Oro has in store. He is devious, so this pretence of only wanting to assist Sasuke is BS. He’s definitely already moving his chess pieces around but exactly how does he plan to manipulate Sasuke and the Hokages is going to be really exciting. Though, the 1st is clearly the obvious obstacle…

    Is anyone else excited to see the Hokages teleport to the battlefront with sasuke and Oro, meet up with the other 5 kages, naruto and have the most epic battle against BIG Magnum, Tobi and the 10 tails?

  65. off topic i know.. but i think the best manga translations will have to go to mangapanda.

    mangastream just likes to ‘americanise’ the speech. i like to read them as how it was supposed to be portrayed. as it makes the reading more ‘real’. mangastream has the best manga clean-up that i’ve ever seen. just that sometimes reading their version makes it like reading a comic instead of manga.. hahahhha… sorry a little rant coz i just saw what jdogg put up there…

  66. @shykss – yeah it’s a toss up for me too especially those weeks where the two translations differ markedly. For me sometimes panda gets the gist correct (as you’ll only discover in following chapters) and sometimes stream does.

    Clean-ups Stream definitely gets first prize as sometimes Panda looks like a Bay Transformers blur where the imagination is left to do most of the work! 🙂

  67. lmao Tawuya-sama-san.. yeah you’re right on the cleanup of Panda.. lololol…

    although i appreciate the play of words in Stream, usually it left me with a feeling like, “that’s not how a japanese would speak”.. know what i mean?…

    i always reads Panda’s first.. then goes to Stream after reading the reviews from this site.. just so to see if I’ve missed out on the little things that Jdogg or other commenters here picked up.. lol.. so yeah i read and reread and reread mangas..

  68. @ team can ubolease show me where in the manga it was Said the third was god of shinobi? And also u mentioned tsunade as having the firsts DNA how about tobirama? And Tobi killing Danzos guards and Konan is your benchmark for fighting power? Danzos guards are hardly a huge challenge and they also hit Tobi as well while Konan like I said had Tobi beat except for the hack izanagi. It u wanna show me evidence in te manga of your arguments I’m glad to agree but all u r giving is your opinion while I am giving manga proof of what kishi has said about the first. Don’t refer to te third as god of shinobi when it has never ever been said in te manga. And um Tobi pwned Kakashi, lee, naruto etc en route to itachi? Man we must har read diff chapters as I recall all he did was run and hide…. Like I’ve said I’ve given manga proof for everything be said. Your opinion vs kishis own words don’t hold much merit…..

  69. Also I’ll take oros/kabutos/madaras w

  70. Also I’ll take madara/Kabuto/oros word that the first and his power was unmatched as opposed to what A said about minato. Not to mention I never said minato was one of the strongest the first just so happens to be probably the strongest shinobi outside the sage. I’m done arguing until you show me proof of half of what u said…. Not even all of it would just like manga proof not just your opinion on it

  71. Wasn’t one of the strongest*

  72. @ team bad examples. id say in that regard naruto inherited more from his mother than minato. As far as we know, the only thing he has that’s similar to minato are his looks, speed, and the rasengan. That last name wasn’t an accident, hes an uzumaki through an through.

    And tsunde, even through she doesn’t leave anywhere near the 1st standards(then again, not many ninjas do) she still proves herself an excellent ninja. Her chakra control is ridiculous, and her creation rebirth, as Proven during the pain invasion as well as against madara, can be a real handful. Even orochimaru is envious of such a technique, an that dude just seems incapable of dying.

    Now that’s look at the true list of people who have the first cells.


    See what I’m getting at?

  73. An might I add what tsunade an naruto have in common? Both decendants of the senju.

  74. and both blonde…

  75. isnt naruto an uzumaki not a senju? so he descendant of the SOSP but not senju. Tsunade is already a senju.

  76. @ Mattmaru Descendant may be a strong word, but the uzumaki clan and senju clan are definitely blood relatives, just distant.

  77. The SOSP may have been the first ninja, he was obviously the strongest ninja, but he wasn’t the ONLY ninja. Its only logical that he taught others how to mold thier chakra into jutsu, just like jiraya did with yakiko, nagato, an konan, an like them, somewhere down the road they discovered abilites and technqiues unique to the individual and groups. New clans were formed as a result, and clans that already existed simply out of blood relations were enhanced.

  78. @unkown91 – The SOSP is the originator of it all; he is the real god of Naruverse. First and only, everything else came AFTER him.

  79. not everything

  80. He was praised as a god, he wasn’t one

  81. SOSP only has two descendant clans. The others formed on thier own.

  82. “The Sage of the Six Paths (六道仙人, Rikudō Sennin) was the legendary figure who founded the arts of ninjutsu and created the ninja world. He defeated the Ten-Tails and sealed it within his own body, thus becoming the first jinchūriki.”

  83. They went forth and multiplied. Others learned from him. He’s the King Daddy.

  84. That describes an extremely powerful man that was the first to use ninjutsu and spreaded his teachings around. He’s the king Daddy, not a god that created everything.

  85. Yeah, he’s not Lord and saviour but badass nonetheless:


    Background pretty complete, problem is where it says “according to Jiraiya”

  86. nowhere has it been implied that the rinnegan (even SOSP) grants it’s user the ability to combine any and all chakra natures to produce all jutsu. Maybe he could, but there is no evidence anywhere.

  87. All I’m saying is it makes more sense that SOSP went around the world teaching people how to use chakra and mold it into using jutsu, and some of those people who learned from him, then in turn spread teachings to others and eventually develop jutsus unique to themselves as a result.

  88. That makes sense…

  89. @token, you will take Oro and Kabuto word over A, thats just absurd. take the word of two habitchual liar over one of the most respected Hokage, yeah that smart. Seeing how you value Oro word and you need proof that Kish is bipolar when it comes to the strongest ninja of all time, i thought i share with you a comment made by ORO and Kish back in the good old days……


    Oro “you’ve grown old, haven’t you…..
    Oro ” Ive never seen you strain so much”
    Oro ” hahaha”
    The 3rd ” What’s so funny…”
    Oro ” It’s so pitifal, you know”
    Oro “Even you, he who was hailed AS GOD OF THE SHINOBI can’t defeat old age”

  90. now answer me this @ token. If The first was so feared, why is it the 3rd had no fear of facing him and his brother but said he had to stop the 4th coffin at all cost.

  91. But I would trust the word of a man who has fought the best of both old an new generation of ninjas, and he has already voiced his dissappoint in the new…….


  92. If mardara is so strong, why is he having such a hard time capturing a kid naruto…this should be childs play to him. If the first is so powerful as mardara states and all others power pale in comparison, if he could instantly heal him self, who or what killed him so so young. yes thats it, tell your self he has a point. if i may, im going to go out on a limb and say kish favors the 4th more than the 1st.

  93. He was afraid cause he felt he could handle two hokage but not three for one and for two it turns out they were not at full power so that battle isnt even comparable to if they fought now with all at full strength. while i will agree with you about the kishi bipolar comment u also mentioned the third being more powerful than all 5 kage… just so you know he is referring to the 5 kage from the 5 vilages not the 5 HOKAGE… and we know the sand at the time had a weak kage in gaaras dad and the third raikage was powerful but hardly anything to worry about. And I do trust oro/madaras word on the first cause lets face it oro was not worried at all about fighting his mentor and yet even with THREE hokage under his control oro is still worried abotu the first being free….. if the third and fourth r more powerful y worry? oro could easily take the first hokage than but oro knows the power he possesses and knows not to make a bad move or else he is over. And oro/madara while crazy do tend to compliment those they feel deserve it…. while oro basically mocks the third in their battle he doesnt dare insult the first… have u noticed that he has not said one negative thing to him this whole time? Oro knows who he is dealing with and knows not to f*** with him…. and madara lets face it he is facing a op naruto, a whole army, and yet he STILL feels like the first hokage is the only one that can handle him… think about that the current madara with rinnengan, ems, umlimited chakra STILL thinks that the first could defeat him in a battle… what does that tell u?

  94. @team madara is toying with them lol. he has literally been toying with THE WHOLE SHINOBI WORLD attacking him lol. He is being targetted by millions upon millions of ninja and somehow its easy for him to jsut get naruto? naruto is powerful in his own right but he still needs the help of the entire alliance right now. And for the first dying ummmmm we dont know how he died lol. What if he got a heart attack early on or sacrificed himself protecting a loved one or something or simply slipped up? Im not sure what the firsts death has to do with this due to the fact that we dont know how he died right now. And like i said if u wanna tlak deaths minato died to the animal the first hokage laughed at when a bijuu bomb was shot at him and picked it up like a baseball

  95. @token, Masashi Kishimoto interview where he was asked the question who is stronger:
    SJ:Theres many rumours regarding Madara as the final villain.is this true?

    MK: Madara being the final villain yet to be seen and I can’t let out that information just yet.But he will play a big part as a villain.

    SJ: Now that its offcial that Yondaime is Naruto’s father will you show more of him?

    MK: Yes definetely.I actually wanted to reveal more about Yondaime earlier but other characters were in development and some fights had to be dealt with.

    SJ: While we’re at it could you please tell us if Minato was the strongest Shinobi that ever lived?

    MK: Hmmm…thats a tricky question.As far as dead Shinobi’s goes then yes.He’s the strongest.I’d say that Sandaime shares the number one spot with him.As far as living Shinobi’s goes…well without giving out too many details I’d have to say no.There’s a couple of Shinobi’s stronger than him.

    p.s……im done, you win

  96. That interview by many is considered to be fake as there have been no scans of it while other interviews have scans complete with publisher, magazine etc. Also in that interview he stated that he would show more of minato… however after it was finally official that minato was narutos dad we didnt see one more thing from him and that was 4 1/2 year old”interview” supposedly. That interview has been constantly challenged and up to this point there has been no scan of any such interview happening. Its the internet u cant trust the internet lol.

  97. http://forum.leafninja.com/topic/331747/1/ confirmed to be a fake interview

  98. and of course i won im right!!! 😉

  99. Aww, but I still have more popcorn left….oh well
    * changes the channel to naruto porn *

    1st: an that’s how you perform a wood style jutsu…..

    BIG MAGNUM: Good God, my jutsu pales in comparison to yours! No wonder your the God of shinobi! However, I got something better on the way. *claps twice*

    *demonic statue of the outer path then produces several perfect clones of tsunade in lingerie*

    Tsunade clones: you gonna need bigger wood than that hashirama….

    1st: (o_O)

  100. @TeamEvo – wow, is that interview for real!? Guess that settles it…

  101. @Unknown – hahaahahaha I was also enjoying spectating 🙂

  102. @taw it’s a fake interview. Someone made it up that was a minato fanboy years ago

  103. @unkown91:

    ” The Sage was also revered as the man to first understand the very nature of chakra itself. This wisdom, combined with his kekkei genkai, the Rinnegan, allowed the Sage to create the first modern ninjutsu. With such powers at his disposal, the Sage obtained a great following, as men and women from across the world strove to learn from his teachings. As the Sage’s disciples grew continuously greater in number, it led to the creation of ninja clans, and later, ninja villages. It is impossible to overestimate the Sage’s effect on the course of the ninja world’s development. As the first true ninja, he created the ninja world, revolutionised it, and left it forever changed.”

    Again…EVERYTHING stemmed from Ole Boy… Every-thang! LOL

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