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Its out Early! Grab it while its still hot.

Naruto Chapter 619











One Piece chapter 698













Bleach will be not be out this week. It seems Tite is taking a break from awesomeness.


40 Responses

  1. Cesc or Jdogg, looking forward for your review

  2. Funny how the 2nd says Orochimaru knows little of Madara, yet all the events up to now says otherwise, unless he’s talking about his life prior to being the 3rd most powerful ninja that ever existed, which I doubt orochimaru even gives a fuck about.

  3. Its going to be 7warlord who does the One Piece reviews, I will still control what mostly goes on jasondoglis.wordpress.com, while it is so tempting to do this weeks because One Piece was to exciting with the plan revealed, and Kuzan showing up, but my man 7warlord will deliver. Since I will have my hands full of the Naruto chapter and what a chapter it is, well I wont say much till I post the review.

  4. well at least we know who to blame for Tsunade’s gambling problems…..

    and does anyone else think they are making the 1st look so foolish/talk childish, while the 2nd definitly looks alot cooler in my eyes cuz of how tough he is and always looking out for the best for the village.

    of course, next week there going to make the 1st sound more serious, but damage is done already.

  5. cool…early chapters this week. It’s too bad we have to wait a week for the next exciting chapter of one piece. Oda definitely knows how to leave off on a cliffhanger.
    I feel sorry for Smokey. He’s not having a great time on Punk Hazard. Since the start of this arc He first lost to Law, CC, then to Vergo. Now He got His butt handle to him in front of his men by Joker (I can’t spell His name and Im too lazy to look it up):-).
    Dam…and i was excitied to see him after the two year skip.
    Least we got to see Joker in action agian. Those Puppet strings are very deadly. I thought for sure that baby 5 and buffalo was knocking on Davey Jones locker, but it’s nice to see that the’re still alive. it’s also nice to see that the Kinemon is still with the straw Hats and wanting to go to Dessrosa too. Looks like we’ll be seeing more of him this arc.

  6. Naruto was fuuny this week. it’s cool seeing the 4 hokages together. I hope they will join the war and kick some butt.

  7. @renzo i dont have a problem with how they did the first hokage… makes me like him more lol. Shows that u can be badass/strongest ninja of your time and still have a personality unlike madara. Seeing him look childish makes his fighting ability all the more impressive given the fact that he doesnt take every little thing so serious like his bro (who basically is danzo on steriods) cause at least danzo had some tact. the second just says what he wants to anyone lol

  8. and btw the more u find out itachi the more u realize that if not for his disease he had the potential and smarts to be top 5 ninja of all time! To be told by the third himself that his knowledge at age SEVEN was comparable to that of a kage was telling in itself.

  9. @token

    Itachi Top 3 greatest Uchiha ever! No agruements lol

    Looking forward to ur review bro – Doflamingo has Kings haki………that was interesting a wild mastermind like him being able to overpower weaker minds makes sense but i what i dont want is every big name pirate to have it an it looses its unique-ness. I wouldnt mind seeing some haki evolution tho, like what if you could combine Observation haki and Kings haki an make some sort of time travelling haki…..Also look at Vergo’s full body Armaments haki, did u think thats the highest level available to Armaments?!

  10. I would like to see haki that can only be learner as a sown devil fruit User.

  11. I meant zoan ……I fucking hate my kindle 😦

  12. Doflamingo is really not one to be trifled with. His beating of Smoker, the Conqueror’s Haki, his don’t give a shit attitude; a tough fight for sure. What is curious to me is how strong Kaido really is, if Doflamingo was scared of him.

    As for Naruto, presenting the first in a more joking and laid back light is just the style that most writers like to leave there characters in. I think I read somewhere that Kishi was a big Toriyama fan, and as we all know, Goku is the poster boy for incredible strength and fun demeanor. Besides, it adds more to his character to present a gambling problem or a go with the flow attitude. More so than the 2nd, who seems to be the most serious of the bunch, which is probably a good thing as he balanced out his brother.

  13. As I stated last week, id like the chance to write this weeks Naruto review. It isn’t up already because I only found it was out an hour ago and I am at work now; so expect it tomorrow. We got a very juicy chapter this week and I am very excited to give it a shot.

    Now who do I email it to?

  14. Jdogg seems to prepare a review as well, so how about you both compare notes and put it into one pot

  15. WOOOO my first review is out :

    Please read it guys and let me know if you like it. Any tips would help me a lot.

  16. @cesc, I am sorry that I over look what you said already, but write your review and email it to me at sanjisallblue@yahoo.com, and I will add it on Shannaro. While I would love to make you an author on this site, unfortunately I can’t since I am not the administrator, just an author. But just email me and I will do the rest for you.

  17. pretty interesting chapt!!!! what the hell is tobirama talking about? does that mean that if the uchiha didnt turn to hatred or something they wouldnt have sharingan eyes? But those sharingan eyes turned on for both sasuke and obito when they wanted to protect their friends? so dont really understand what they are tlaking about?

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i like the first interaction it was cool! loved how he liked the presence of the fourth!

  18. i think tobirama is trying to say the the uchiha are designed to ‘fall to the dark side of the force’ because they value love and friendship along with jutsu. think about it, anakin bacame darth vader because he fell in love with amidala and all that stuff, but the jedi avoid such things, so they stay on the side of justice

  19. so the sharingan eyes are by products of falling to the dark side? but how does that explain those that developed them to protect their friends?

  20. It’s actually pretty simple; because the uchiha have a strong bond with those they consider friends or their family when they r in danger or under severe stress the sharingan evolves. The greater the stress/despair/danger the more they progress in terms of power. When sasuke first got his sharingan he was protecting those he considered close. When itachi died the one person he cared about more than anyone, his ms was awakened. Not necessarily the dark side but they channel their anguish into anger and power basically. That’s y the second said they were cursed… They can only truly excel when in despair and darkness

  21. OMFG ONE PIECE WAS AWESOME!!! Aokiji is about to kick doflamingos ass!!

  22. @renzo, If Naruto and sasuke were ever to be Hokage, since they are practically brothers, I would imagine naruto to be similar to the 1st (all powerful and goofy) and sasuke to be like the 2nd (serious, powerful and no nonsense type of personality). But i would really like to see sasuke try to take on the 1st just for a kick and maybe get a backhand in the process lol.

  23. One Piece – GREEEAT chapter! Who does Franky’s hair? He’s sporting pig tails now, lol.

    Naruto – the build up and pacing has been excellent over the last few chapters…

  24. The 1st Hokage is hilarious and adorable and if you don’t like him then you’re not about that life

    Yeah he gives off that Goku vibe – goofy and idiotic, but boss. I love how that makes him so much more relateable

    And I love the 2nd too…he comes off as a Danzo – the asshole of the group. Surprised me that he chose Hiruzen to be Hokage instead of Danzo given his demeanor

  25. “if you don’t like him then you’re not about that life” hahahahaha!

  26. Hilarius!! I loved this chapters. I havent enjoyed Naruto so much since the time when Zetsu was called Aloe Vera.
    The Fisrt Hokage is my fav, he is cute and dumb but wise, all the best character, quite a bite like Naruto.

  27. Can’t wait to see the 3rds face when he sees Naruto and the 2nd is like Vegeta and the first is like Goku like everyone else is saying…pretty cool personalities!

  28. @?????

    I’m about that Naruto life, lol.

    Uchiha power rankings:

    1. BIG MAGNUM (enough said)

    2. 44 MAGNUM (BIG MAGNUM’S little brother, enough said.)

    3. Shisui ( Simple fact of his genjutsu being the most powerful of all Uchiha.)

    4. Itachi (Quiet. Powerful. Intellectual.)

    5. Sauke (Itachi’s little brother, all I could think of for him.)

    I really hope BIG MAGNUM and MEGA MAGNUM meet up.

    BIG MAGNUM: “Common Obito the 1st just came back. We’re headed back to the hole in the ground and our big tree for another 100 years. Maybe he’ll be gone by then…..”

    Obito: “Yes sir bawse, before we go can I kick Kakashi in the nuts and run?”

    BIG MAGNUM: “Make it fast…..I got some Sunade clones growing on the tree back home, and they are definitely ABOUT THAT LIFE!!!!!!”

    MEGA MAGNUM: “Ninja you still ain’t dead……..wait a minute……is that my ninja Oonoki the fence sitter over there??? IT IS!!!!!!! What’s the business my NINJA???!!!!!!!”

  29. @UchihaTheInfemous, How the hell you come up with this stuff. Funny as hell man. Big Magnum and Mega Magnum.

  30. @Jdogg

    Just random stuff that pops in my head man, lol.

  31. @UchihaTheInfamous, I bet thats how Oda, Tite, and Kishi came up with their awesome work haha. Random is good.

  32. @Jdogg

    Free thinking is always a very good thing, lol.

  33. @EVERYBODY – where in the 7 levels of Hell is Bleach?! This was cute yesterday but not anymore…

  34. @ Tawuya-sama. Hey new girl here. Is it normal for the review of BLEACH Chapter 525, to be missing for so long? BLEACH Manga has taken weeks off before, even in my short time as a reader. In the last year, the longest skip has only been an extra week. I did read some crazy speculations on one site, but have no idea if either statement was rounded in any truth. Of course, this would happen when Chapter 526 is so eagerly anticipated

  35. @Alerie – as perplexed as you are! Can’t remember who does Bleach review but no this is not normal…
    Kubo better be on his deathbed to not have released last week…

  36. @ Tawuya-sama. I have only read two reviews and they were both done by pretend3r, who’s work I really liked. From roaming around the site, it looks like an existing Bleach group joined the site not too long ago. so, I am not certain if who is writing reviews was always the same person.

    As far as Tite Kubo, who knows what is wrong. When I did an Internet search, some sites said that he had the flu, and apparently, he has taken off weeks in the past because of the flu. Who knows, certainly not me. It is funny in the old days of comic strips, because the artists/authors knew that millions read their scripts everyday, they had prepared several weeks worth of scripts ahead to be published for when the regular folks were unavailable. Sometimes this would produce the odd situation that the artist had submitted scripts ahead, and then died, do they keep running the scripts after death.

    I can’t believe that the manga publishers wouldn’t have some kind of system in place that allows them to publish material, even when the artist himself is unavailable. No, for me, this seems more deliberate. Getting the public used to no more BLEACH mangas.

  37. @Corbray – lol, Tite thinks he’s a rock star and has done this before. Bleach should be back this week as he would have emerged from drink induced haze by now 🙂 #haveFaith!

  38. @Tawuya-sama. LOL, indeed. I have read that he dreams that he could be a clothing designer. Note – I think that he is envisioning more jeans and t-shirt type clothing lines, rather than a rich lady’s elegant attire. Also likely more clothing for young men, rather than for young women, judging from how he dresses Ichigo’s friends and classmates.

    I think that it is highly possible that he is tired of drawing the manga and finds that it is hard to keep his attention poured into his work. He has been drawing Bleach for more than eleven years – week after week. Its popularity is on the wane and he likely finds the fans much too demanding. As soon as I saw your response, I went looking for something that I remembered seeing in this arc, but I could not find it. It is the piece where Ichigo looks at the readers and announces that there will be no more Bleach. Now that we have endured at least a couple of recent breaks, it might explain more about Kubo’s attitude.

  39. Well he just needs to finish up then he can go do all the fashion designing he wants to 🙂

    Damn but 11 years is a loooong time!

    Fans are indeed demanding especially considering the fact that the most vocal don’t even pay for the goodness :-/

  40. @Tawuya-sama. I decided to pen my answer before I finished reading Bleach Chapter 526, which so far is delicious. 🙂
    I grew up in another age of powerful daily newspapers (in my case the Washington Post and the Evening Star), which came loaded with several pages each of comic strips and interesting columns. These were frequently written and drawn for decades by the same men and women, and read by millions. Just think about PEANUTS, which ran for 50 years between 1950 until the day after the author died on February 13, 2000. It still appears in reruns, and was written and drawn by Charles Schulz.
    Note – Charles Schulz was likely responsible for every week six regular scripts and a Sunday piece that was more like three daily scripts, or about nine a week. Tite Kubo is responsible for twenty pages weekly, with each of them equal to at least a Sunday page of scripts. So three times twenty gives us a base to compare the two. With nine scripts, a week drawing Charlie Brown is compared to sixty scripts a week drawing Ichigo; Tite Kubo bares the heaviest load. No wonder after eleven years, he is starting to break. 🙂

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