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Bleach Chapter 523: Swords of Origin

Chapter 523: Swords of Origin
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After a short vacation Bleach is back. And we are being blessed with the beginnings of a fight between two ‘Kenpachi’. But more of that later.

The chapter starts with Ichigo’s and Renji current predicament. There are about to face ‘Asauchi'(shallow hit)

Ouetsu doesn’t quite explains what they are exactly but does add for good measure that these things hate their guts. And if guys with mouths for eyes are pissed off… you are probably in a wee bit of trouble.

Now with what came next in this chapter I already don’t care about the fight above. At least, not as much.

so.. two people have arrived in the SS underground Central Prison. Bottom floor… Nothingness.

This place is so far down and stretches for infinity. Giving these two beasts plenty of room to fight.

Zaraki is really exited down here knowing he can fight all out with a legend that is called Unohana. It seems the latter has let her hair down letting making looking her a lot more evil. The look in her eyes has changed aswell. Having been given the order to fight she has allowed for her blood lust to drive her again.

Her figure looks a bit more slim, the kind heart she carried quickly cast aside as the flowing. I love the dialogue between them.

These two beast carry a certain respect and hatred toward each other as their lust for combat is quickly becoming their only motivation.

Unohana is truly one of the elders in the Gotei 13. A founding member and apparently before the Gotei were formed she was the most diabolical criminal in existence(more than Mayuri).

The bottom on the last page summarizes the start of this battle…

“Let the Brutal Carnage Commence!!”


20 Responses

  1. You know who Unohana looks like – that bitch from the film “The Ring”…Unohana is the only woman in manga history to achieve the double S (Scary an Sexy at the same damn time!!) Whoever wins the clash – i feel sorry for the next quincy to come into that Kenpachi’s path……

  2. Im confused i thought she was supposed to teach zaraki how to use the sword correctly , and now its a survival contest

  3. @Minatofan – “learn by doing” Zaraki is not going to sit take notes on the 8 thousand styles; she’ll demonstrate (and maybe kill him in the process!) the techniques on him and he’ll learn through practical experience.

    @Pretend3r – not to be “that guy” but the name of the chapter is “Swords of Origin”; lol, the “S” is shattered on the title page…

  4. Woopsie, fixed it.

  5. Well i think its safe to assume zaraki isnt going to die, and this is the first time were going to get to see anything from unohana so i cant really see her dying either, either way its going yo be exciting getting to see what she can do

  6. I remember a time when I almost gave up on bleach, I am so thankful I did not. Because now its too epic.

  7. It seems to me like it would be a complete waste to let them kill one of the other. These two are arguably the strongest units that SS has at it’s disposal, so why would Shunsui let them have a fight to the death? Neither of them can die, it’s just a useless way to go.

  8. Kenpachi is probably going to come out of this match as the victor. He’s stronger than her if he awakens his Bankai, which he has to. He’s too much of a fan favorite to lose in this match. The one thing I do like in this chapter is that unohana revealing her more Vicious side that we have never seen before. Can’t wait for next week chapter to see what unfolds in this deadly match between the two of the most powerful shiningami in soul society.

  9. I don’t think either one will die in this fight. That was never the Captain Commander’s plan.

    He wanted Unohana to learn Zaraki the ‘art of killing’. Though I wouldnt want to be him if he has to go down there and stop these two.

  10. Shunsui has to have some kind of power that would warrant making him the commander over Unohana, who is his superior and probably more well liked by all of SS. Granted she’s a past criminal, but she always seems like such a nice lady.

  11. @Fire fist,

    Kyouraku an Ukitake are both old as fuck, i reckon all 3 are of a similar age but Kyouraku beating stark with just his shikai was a hint of what this guy can actually do – we’ve never seen him serious in a full scale battle even against yamamotto in the SS arc he still looked chilled as a cucumber, hell he got his eye blown off an was still smiling like it was nothing – i reckon he’s probably OP as fuck

  12. Hello Tensa Gizzla, first posting here. I am not certain about the protocols, so I will just plug away. In the anime, when the Captain Commander was missing, we see Kyouraku and Ukitake acting together as a temporary head Captain in Season 13: Zanpakutō: The Alternate Tale. While Unohana would sometimes drop in on a session, she would normally be very busy caring for the injured Soul Reapers. In Chapter 520/page 5 we are shown that that both Kyouraku and Ukitake have been appointed Captain Commander of the Gotei 13. I assume that the notice is from Central 46. With so many injured and dying members of the Soul Society, in this and other crisis, maybe they thought that she was needed more in caring for those who could benefit from her help.

    Has any one noticed with Unohanas’s personal name being Yachiru, which is what Kenpachi Zaraki named the little girl that he found. He said that it was in honor of the one person that he ever admired.

  13. @Tensa – what excites me about Kyouraku is that he was actually afraid to shikai release coz he knew that there was the risk that his zanpaktou would bite him instead! I’d say that while old man yama’s bankai was like a napalm bomb (scorched earth etc), his is like a (team of) sniper(s)… Thankfully we’ll get to see it.

    Oh and the cool as a cucumber behaviour is very much akin to shadow-boy genius in Naruto – tactical maestro.

  14. @Alerie,

    Whats up man, it’s pretty much freedom of speech on here so u can say whatever u wanna say – everyone’s cool 🙂 i get the feeling that the reason why unohana learnt healing rather than continuing on to be a kenpachi was that there was no one left to kill an she got bored or yamamotto made her as part of a deal to atone for her sinful murderous past. Either way tho for now she is the most dangerous person there – she can literally put u on the brink of death, heal u then do it all again!! Zaraki wont die tho – his sword is always in a shikai state so i expect him to at least develop a good relationship with it after this “training”


    Kyouraku knows that his power is like a double edge sword he can fuck up his opponents but he has to get bitten too! I reckon his bankai is like a massive boardgame of death where one wrong guess or move an he gets fucked up just as bad if not worse than his opponent or bystanders – no wonder he doesnt wanna use it!!

  15. @Tensa,
    That is an interesting thought about Unohana and why she switched from bad combat expert to a healer. I am thinking that Kenpachi Zaraki will not hurt her because they have a History. Perhaps, Kyouraku is thinking that Unohana will be able to help Zaraki finally be able to reach his sword and hear its voice. If with his power, he is only using an asauchi, then even reaching shikai might be impressive. Note – in order to reach shikai, Zaraki needs to know the name of his sword. Just think about how much stronger Ichigo got with using his shikai. She may also be able for this enemy, to talk him out of using the eye patch and the bells. These Quincies are plenty strong enough to give him maximum play.

    As far as Kyouraku’s strengths, two other points. I think that he was put in charge because he had come up through the system, Academy, and such. Didn’t the old man say that Kyouraku and Ukitake were the first graduates to become captains and the only duel wielders? That they were like his own sons. I think that Central 46 added Ukitake as a governor to some of Kyouraku’s wilder ideas.

    Second exhibit comes from his battle with Stark. Stark asks how Kyouraku’s Bankai compares to Hitsugaya’s. With a small amount of sly pride, Kyouraku says that Hitsugaya might pass him in a hundred years.



  17. @Tensa, thanks for the heads up. It was not showing on my normal manga link. Very interesting Chapter.

  18. @Tensa & Alerie – SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T READ LATEST – I’m more of the opinion that Unohana made the decision to lay down her sword of her own accord. Regardless this recent chapter shows a couple of things; Yama didn’t have her stay in barracks when Quincy attacked so she could heal people, he did because he was afraid of what would happen if she tasted blood again!

    With regards to the fight, Kyouraku was right, lol, Zaraki already died and was brought back (stronger?) by Unohana. I suspect she’s going to continue to kill and revive him until he surpasses her and is able to access his true potential. Interesting that he’s been getting weaker and weaker since he joined Gotei. Or maybe it makes sense; your curb a killer blood lust and their blade gets blunt…

  19. Oh, the proof that Kenpachi was indeed stabbed through the throat then revived is that on the page after Unohana still has the blood splatter on her face… Ken got owned, smh!

  20. @Tawuya

    Your right, it seems like he did die an she healed him just to fuck him up some more until she can no longer kill him coz he would have gotten that damn good! Pretty good strategy an sounds like something kyoraku would think of. To think though even with his eye patch off he’s getting spanked way to easily – unohana hasnt even broken a sweat yet- Kubo FTMFW, giving us that gooooood shit!

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