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Its Out!!!

Naruto Chapter 615


Bleach Chapter 522


One Piece Chapter 694



15 Responses

  1. Naruto – Him and Hinata might aswell just make retarded ass babies now an get it over with! I like the bitch slap that she gave him tho, Naruto almost popped out a sharingan an went emo! Props to Obito talking shit “Now what bitch, i killed ur little sissy friend an ima fuck up that fat bitch next u an her momma, now what fool, whatcha’ gon do??”

    Bleach – Ichigo why u no love ur Zanpaktou?! He fight wit u in di rain an di snow so why u no love thee Zanpaktou?!!! That black guy is killer bee’s cousin just so u know!

    One piece – Monet NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Doflamingo YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next chapter in thee blue corner we got Doflamingo, Baby 5 and Buffalo vs thee red corner Luffy, Law, Zoro and Franky…..seems fair!!

  2. Haha, thanks for including the poll JDogg #legendStatus!

  3. Why didn’t naruto summon the toads?

  4. Don’t think we’ve ever seen Doflamingo so pissed before…. wondering how this will turn out

  5. Uh Oh….Doflamingo is on his way…lol How is He flying? Franky is still holding his own…Im glad he’s ok after baby 5 Missle bomb him last chapter. Franky better not lose here… Monet died…wow. they kill off a cool character…im surpise. So far three Characters died in One Peice… Ace, Whitebread and now monet.

  6. Yessssss Sirrrrrr it is Pinkflamingo time! He is floating his way to kick his little brothers ass (TLaw). I think we get to see Luffy go all out against Joker….but it will have to be TLaw/Luffy vs Joker! So is Baby5 a Logia weapon morpher? Seems like it because she heals quick and when she was attacking Joker and got shot it wouldn’t face her at all…pretty kool ability! She needs to turn into a Sexy Sword so Zoro can use the Biatch the right way!!!

  7. @cesc – that’s a good question… In fact not many summonings have happened a la the 3 sanin battle of snake v toad n slug

  8. @Jdogg

    Thanks for the poll.

    I wonder if the nine tails is giving her some of his chakra, or is it Naruto’s chakra. Either way I wonder how will it effect her Byakugan. Even if she unlocks a higher form of it, I bet BIG MAGNUM says: “You call that a dojutsu…..my little uchiha ninja cat had that same eye technique when he was just a kitten…now Obito man up and stop all that school girl back sass before I knock off the good half of your body!” *insert classic BIG MAGNUM one eye stare from under the long hair look here*

  9. lmao little uchiha cat hahahaha @Uchiha too funny!

  10. @tensa

    Thank you sir I try, lol.

  11. Is it just me, or does Doflamingo actually seem like he cares about all of his crew and friends? Like he seems genuinely concerned about them. I think this is a great move for a character who just hasn’t seemed like anything more than the scum of the One Piece world, what with his slavery ring and the Ceaser stuff. They call him Young master, the future pirate king , which shows he has dreams and aspirations apart from what we would have guessed so far, and that he would rush to their aide like that. A very cool direction for the character.

  12. @ firefist
    I agree it does seem like he cares about his people especially with his little speech to his right hand man virgo. It adds abit of depth to his character coz even villains care about someone even if they dont say it. As for his dream of being pirate king…..well he was at the pirate king gol d roger’s funeral along with shanks, mihawk, smoker an other big wigs in the game so i guess he was inspired – its wayyyyy tooo early for him to be defeated tho so im hoping the guys leave punk hazard before he gets there otherwise the good guys might loose a few limbs fuckin wit the man in pink…..remember when he chopped off crocodile’s head an got moria kicked out of the warlords!

  13. @Tensa – please tell me you have link to or know about what chapter the Crocodile head chop happens in?

  14. i thot it was the other way round. croc is still alive and healthy. moria on the other hand is a question mark

  15. Croc got his head chopped off but I guess Joker did not use Haki doing it or else Croc would be dead. It happened during the Whitebeards attempt to rescue Ace from the Marines. Joker wanted Croc to join forces with him. Don’t forget he sliced the Giant Oars leg right off!!! Like butter! Joker is a Beast!

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