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Bleach Chapter 521: The Piggy Part

Chapter 521: A Piggy Part
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Poor Kon. No dialog ending up like a landing platform for Ichigo and Renji.

After landing safely Renji and Ichigo go into old school Kon bashing scene. However the large-sized Kirio Hikifune interrupts them. Almost knocking down the both of them.

There are welcomed to the Gaton Den(Sleeping Pig Palace).

Sleeping Pig Palace seems a fitting name as she creates an enormous feast for the three(yes even Kon) to bunker down on. I like how Ichigo has has become wary of every character in this place suspecting everything.

Hikifune quickly tells him to calm his wary thoughts. The Gaton Palace is a place to bunker up on food. She pretty much orders the guys, she goes off to make lunch leaving Ichigo and Renji to dig in.

After a little bit of chucking down Ichigo thinks about SS. Renji properly explains to him that they are preparing for the sake of SS. And for that then need to get into prime fighting condition.

Suddenly. A young woman with a huge rack walks in(Not Orihime). It’s pretty obvious this is Kirio Hikifune. She is a special kind of cook. Everything is different in the spirit palace.

Kirio explains that all the members off the Royal Guard have made a significant contribution to Soul Society. A big enough one to be recognized by the soul king.

Kirio gave birth to the Artificial Soul or Gikon and the Gikongan(Soul Pill). She explains is as follows.

Kirio has done the same to the food giving to Ichigo and Renji. There are bursting with reiatsu like they never have before, making them ready to proceed to the next palace.

Kirio seems fit to warm them of the Phoenix Palace of Nimaiya Ouetsu.

The man who gave birth to the Zanpaktou.

THis man has not said a word and we havent really seen him aswell. He already seems to be smiling in anticipation.

Oh boy…. I am liking the Royal Guard.

Don’t you?


11 Responses

  1. wish the anime didnt have to end 😦

  2. Stand Fast & prepare yourselves!!! My Bankai will obliterate you!! turn you into nothingness!!! Get Ready BANKAI!!

  3. I am LOVING the royal guard!

  4. I am liking the royal guard also, hopefully the next chapter will show the reappearance of Zangetsu or will we see someone else?

    Wouldn’t surprise me if we learnt that the Zanpaktou has three forms of release not just Shikai and Bankai, as long as it isn’t named Bandai that is all I ask lol.

  5. Im loving kubo’s work with the royal court guard squad (and this arc tbh) he’s doing it right an checking it twice! They didnt look like much but the way kubo is executing their personalities is top shelf stuff!!

    Now this week’s chapter….we’ve found out that this purple haired chic is not only in a way Kon’s mother (who is a MILFFFFFFF!!!) but also that she has the BIGGEST TITTIES IN THE WHOLE OF BLEACH – YEAH I SAID IT!!!!! Kubo is KING OF THE TITTIES!!!!
    lol on a serious note though – the black guy in the next palace created the zanpaktou……he hasnt said one word since he came into the show an just keeps smiling like a maniac- this guy is not to be fucked with!!! I think he’s gonna teach these guys how to use a sword like a BAWSE. Im guessing that the rick ross dude is the creator of bankai an the chic with all the arms is the original research an development chic before urahara…..

  6. I just had a thought, what happen to kido? I know it’s there but why haven’t we seen anybody use it lately? Do you think one of the zero squad created kido?

    @Tensa Gizzla: Rick ross dude. LMAO!!!

  7. Kirio said, ” The core theory behind the artificial soul, is to take the reiatsu from something other than yourself and inject it into your body …then turning that power into your own.” I may be wrong, but that sounds a lot like Ginjou’s definition of fullbringing. In fact, Ichigo’s clad type fullbring is a perfect example of kirio’s discovery. Maybe Ichigo and and Renji will meet Ginjou’s crew in the next palace. In fact, I would not be surprised to learn that before using zanpaktou, shinigami used fullbringing to draw out the soul mass of their weapons. It makes the idea of the shinigami interacting with Xcution make more sense.
    Also, given everything that we know, it is possible that the peerless reiatsu used to develop zanpaktou is in the pheonix palace. So, maybe Renji and Ichigo could regain the use of their bankais after this trip. Let me know what you guys think.

  8. @ naruto tutor makes sense to me now that we know zanpaktos didn’t always exist. Now that I think about it, shinigamis didn’t always exist either. Wonder what was soul society like beforehand….

  9. THE BIG 3 ARE OUT GUYS!!!!!!!!!!


  10. @Tensa…

    Naruto – won’t lie man, that was an emotion filled chapter… But if they fight hand-in-hand it will have to be done VERY well to avoid cornball status. Dug the chapter though

    Bleach – I did NOT dig this chapter! Lots of wasted space but I suppose fact that zanpaktous manifested (and running around with their tiddays out!) shows the level of development that regular Shinigami still have to go through. Did zanpaktou filler arc potentially open up some contradictions? Thoughts?

    One Piece – this man does it again… One Piece best of 3 this week!

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