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One Piece Chapter 693 – The Ultimate Sacrifice


A well thought out chapter, starts with a bang and ends with a bang. My favorite part is that the Strawhats are finally together, well almost all of them. They are all together and as an audience we can recount the events that happened and see what led us to the finale. So without further ado, lets dissect this weeks chapter.

Franky Shogun Vs Baby 5 and Buffalo

A very entertaining but short lived battle. What was so interesting about the battle is that Franky was able to hold his ground against an assassin and 12the combatant of the Donquixote Pirates. While it can be assumed that they are powerful, but they are more like a retrieval team than a search and destroy team. Since Doflamingo (whom from now on I will refer to as Joker) did not account for Luffy and Law defeating CC and Virgo, respectively. But what shocked me the most is the teamwork between Baby 5 and Buffalo and the fact that Baby 5 was worried when Buffao was shot. This leads me to believe that the Donquixote Pirates care for one another and hold Joker in high regards. So far the only one who seems to hold a grudge against him is Baby 5, while the other crewmates refer to him as ‘Young Master’. Going back to the battle Franky does what Franky does best, make a great laugh. His bizarre yet effect fighting techniques are not to be underestimated, it seems like Franky always has great ideas but does not have the resources to brings these ideas to life. So he does with what he has at hand and creates these techniques that are meant to be robotic but ends up either throwing stuff or just using his real body to breath fire and etc. Though I would not count out the Franky Shogun just yet.


15Law was pissed off at Luffy for sending CC flying and than gets  further irritated when the Strawhats will not move until they are all together. This shows a side of Law I do not like. It seems that he is the type of person that will do anything and everything in order for his plan to succeed. Now I wont go as far as to say that he will abandon his comrades to get what he wants, but I think that he is putting to much emotion into this plan. You can see the contrast between how Law and Luffy are approaching this plan of theirs. Law is all seriousness and will not play around. While Luffy is a guff-ball and is not taking this serious and will not panic like Law is right now. Luffy knows that sometimes when things are out of your hands you cannot do anything so why not have fun instead of panicking and causing a fuss. But Law is right in this one, Luffy cannot go around changing the plan right in the middle. The most crucial part of their plan was capturing CC, which is not looking so good right now.

Die For Me

In his defeat, Virgo 20warned Law of Jokers ‘past.’ It could be that he is a noble or someone of that importance(mentioned by Tensa gizzla). Or it could be that he had a hard life and decided to rebel against society and create a better world. Which I highly doubt since he has shown no sign of ‘for the better good.’ Either way, his crew love and respect him, to the point that one of them is willing to die for him. Monet has been fallowing Joker out of her own free will, because so far she has shown no sign of being forced to go against her will. Same goes for all of his crew because like I said they all respect him for some unknown reason. But the fact of the matter is that Monet is calling her own death bed to satisfy Joker. But I highly doubt that Monet will succeed in Blowing up the island, because Law sabotaged that Bomb. Law plans for everything and a self-destruct button cannot be over looked. Like I said this chapter started with bang and ended with a bang, the only question is will the bomb blow-off or will our heroes once again escape death?

Side Notes:

  • Ussop shows that he is no longer the useless coward he used to be. He by himself went out and organized the escape route for Chopper and the kids.
  • It is funny how different Law and Luffy are. It is like ying-yang. Luffy all smiles and Law is all seriousness.
  • I know that we said that the Strawhats are not ready for the New World except Luffy, Zoro and Sanji, boy were we wrong. Those three might be strong in their own rights but every other Strawhat has their own unique abilities. Take Franky for instance, so far he held his ground against two Donquixote Pirates, not an easy thing to do. While we still do not know if he is out of action or not, but from the look of things he and the rest of the Strawhats have shown that they are ready for the New World.
  • Poor Monosuke seeing his father in that state must be heart-breaking, they both have something in common. Getting themselves in bad situations. So far the Son is a Dragon and the Father is a Frozen Corpse.
  • Zoro was mean for think that Kinemon is out for the count. But than again he did not know Monosuke was right there.
  • So Baby 5 can change any part of her body into a weapon and Buffalo can change any part of his body into propellers.





16 Responses

  1. Cheers for the shout out J-dogg! Now…………Monet………..I like this girl, the way she is loyal to doflamingo an ready to die for him reminds me of zoro in thriller bark except luffy would never ask anyone especially his boys to die for him which shows how selfish an ruthless joker is! Joker is coming across as the take no prisoners kind of guy that would kill his own mother for a dolla- i suppose that is the essence of a pirate but he’s a little too cold with it.
    Franky is holding it down!! He shoots first, asks questions later! I miss Franky Boxing though!! lol Like most people i don’t think that’s actually Smoker’s heart….he’d have mentioned that to Luffy before “btw strawhat before u kick his ass make sure my heart is safe!” The question is – who’s heart is it?!!! Monet’s?? I really wanted Monet to join the crew an i still hope she does some how! lol Baby 5 was very impressive – her weapons fruit is sick! She’s the perfect woman for Zoro an Sanji – a human katana with a cig in her mouth lol

  2. @Tensa Gizzla, you know what that was exactly what I first thought when Monet wanted to die for Joker, but the essence of Piracy is not destruction and chaos. Piracy is to go against the law that governs society and in ways it shackles society. So in away Piracy is the freedom from the shackles society restrains on men. Well at least that is the essence of Piracy in One Piece. The law of men is supposed to help him, but sometimes laws can also shackle him. Do you get what I am getting at. And no Zoro already has a girl , Baby 5 is a perfect match for Sanji, I cannot wait to see their meeting.

  3. Btw i was re-watching Zoro vs Mr 1 and a theory popped in my head involving Diamond Jozu….Blackbeard is hunting for the strongest DF’s right – what if he goes for the Whitebeard pirates (aka Son’s of Whitebeard) and steal’s Marco’s fruit an Jozu’s fruit powers an gives Shinryu of the rain the diamond fruit…. Zoro vs Diamond Shinryu – he’d literally have to learn how to cut diamond on the spot or die!

  4. @Jdogg
    Yeah i get what u mean but what about guys like blackbeard that do beyond bad things that regular pirates do, would u say that by doing selfish things they are abusing this freedom?! Zoro has multiple chics – Tashigi, Robin – some even say Nami lol Let’s just hope Sanji’s heart doesnt explode when he gets a “yes” from Baby 5!

  5. Like the saying goes “There’s always two side to a coin” In this case lets take Blackbeard and Luffy as an example. Blackbeard is Pirate because he wants to rule with an iron fist or something like that. Luffy became a pirate to prove a point. That anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Lets be honest it is not a perfect world, One Piece is not a Utopia, there is no such thing as a perfect world. No matter what you give to people, there will always be some that will abuse that gift. It is just nature.

    But don’t you think that the battle between Shinryu and Zoro would be better if it was just from their raw power. Without devil fruits or such? As for cutting diamonds, if Zoro can scare a Logia Devil Fruit Badazz woman to the point of literally falling apart, than he wont have a problem cutting diamonds.

  6. @Jdogg

    I think the Mihawk vs Zoro final battle will be the one of raw power with which we’ll see some ridiculous strength from both of them (im talking island cutting power) but i cant see a point in Blackbeard stealing DF’s if he wasnt gonna share them with his crew…..Blackbeard himself wouldnt be nearly as strong without his fruit an i think his whole crew are gonna have fruits galore that each strawhat is gonna have to overcome – what better fruit could Zoro go up against lol

  7. “No matter what you give to people, there will always be some that will abuse that gift. It is just nature.” fucking good point man!!

  8. Mihawk vs Zoro. I cannot fathom of how epic this fight will be, when this fight happens and be animated. It will be without the doubt one of the best battles ever in manga/anime. It’ll be Goku vs Frezia status man.

    Blackbeard Pirates, I think that one of their goals is to collect devil fruits or something like that. But Blackbeard himself has figure out a way to steal abilities, but could his crew do the same, possibly. I cannot think of a devil fruit that will give Zoro a hard time because after awhile he will find a way to whip their azz.

  9. Blackbeard wouldnt be nearly as strong? Ace asked to make sure he didnt want to be one of commander’s before he took over and he fought on par with Shanks in the past. that’s pretty strong to begin with

  10. I wonder if we’ll a peek at what The Blackbeard Pirates are actually doing… A run in with a heavyweight would be interesting to see!

  11. @cas
    Blackbeard’s strengh would have been average without that darkness fruit. I wonder if he knows haki now but then again would he even need it?!

    Couldnt have said it better that fight is gonna be so amazing Oda’s sales are gonna sky rocket!!

  12. @tensa i doubt he was that weak if shanks would make a personal trip to another yonko and get in a fight with him over someone of average strength The darkness fruit also makes him extremely more weak he does get attacked though even Whitebeard commented it was something different about him in his talk to Gol D.

  13. @cas
    forgot about that gol d roger an whitebeard speech. Blackbeard the only fat guy in one piece that can cause serious damage! lol

    Think this came out with the film Z release – its the episode of luffy without any subs unfortunately but for those that wanna watch:

  14. Phew finally caught up. From chapter 668 to 693 in 24 hours. Must admit things have gotten really interesting, very repetitive but still very interesting. Law by far my fav character. Don’t like how kid looks now, killer still looks sick tho. Love that mask of his. Baby 5 ❤

  15. Doflamingo’s on his way to PH!!!

  16. THE BIG 3 ARE OUT GUYS!!!!!!!!!!


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