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Naruto Chapter 614 – Death of A Genius


Well, well what a twist of fate. Never have I thought that Kishi would have the balls to kill of possibly what could of been his best character. Neji in my opinion could of been one of the most epic character in the series, but like the Kishi we know and love, he focuses his attention solely on the precious Uchiha clan, namely Sasuke, Obito, and Madara and forgets characters that had and have so much potential. But that is another issue to discuss in a different topic and time. On a more pressing issue, the conflict between Madara and Obito is heating up and what to make of Neji’s death. Is it a masterpiece or a complete flop?

The Gloves are Off

Oh man, Obito just grew a pair this week, and in my opinion he grew a big pair. To not only back talk Madara but to tell him that he is at his ‘mercy’, 09now Obito is become more like the villain he was shaped to be. Sort of guy to not be trusted and he will not trust anyone, even the guy who saved and gave him everything he has in his life. But for some reason I cannot help shake this feeling that Madara is hiding something from Obito, as if he knew this would happen and everything is going according to plan, as if he planned for Obito to be this stubborn and confident in his powers. Though two things were confirmed this week: The Juubi is still growing and the more it grows the more difficult it becomes to control. In fact, there is a possibility that by the next transformation, it will be uncontrollable, making Madara and Obito in the same situation as our heroes, fighting for their lives. Nonetheless, there is no love between Madara and Obito, in fact I see one betraying the other in the future and it could be either one of them.

The Anti-Hero

07One of the best character in the series was a Anti-hero, best known as Zabuza, The Demon of the Hidden Mist. He was such a character that he is easily one of the most favorite with the fans. I had the same feeling with Neji when he was first introduced. I thought that Nenji would evolve into this anti-hero character, that is sort of a loner and does things his way. Not caring about anything, but in reality he wants to protect everyone.  And there was a time in the beginning of the war, where Neji attacked Sakura but it turned out to be just a Zetsu clone as Neji. But I saw the potential of Neji becoming a villain. Think about it, he would of been one of the most exciting villains never before seen since Orchomaru and Itachi. In fact, he could of been like Itachi. What if Neji was working with Obito, but in secret he was a double agent for the hidden Leaf. His character could of been amplified to epicness ten-fold. But the fact of the matter is, Kishi just killed off Neji, in my opinion, it was a rushed and wasteful death.

Death is Death

I have a few things against Neji’s death, but at the same time I still think that it made the impact on us and on 16Naruto, which is the main goal of Kishi. To make his audience more interested into his work. My issue with Neji being killed is that it is literally out of no where and I do not mean to be a smart azz, but Neji could of blocked those Big Wood Needles with one of his techniques (I know that his palm technique couldn’t make it in time, but he has other techniques, hes a Jonin for goodness sake). But either way it is what it is and in my opinion, without the smart azz thoughts, Neji’s death has made its mark on me and on the audience because right now people are going crazy on the internet about his death. Also, the touch with the bird getting pierced by one of the needles adds more into the situation. Now this is a WAR, chaos, destruction, and death, I just did not think that Kishi would be bold enough to kill one of his coolest characters. I just hope that Kishi will not do the same thing and have everyone revived like when Pain attacked the Leaf Village.

17Either way, Neji is by far on my top ten list of all time favorite and his death just brought him higher on that list, I would go as far as to say that he is higher than Sasuke in Coolness. For one reason and one reason only, Neji is sort of the cool guy that you love, he is like that guy in High School that everyone thinks he is cool and he wont take advantage of it, and that just makes him that cooler. While Sasuke is a selfish dirtbag that will take advantage of the smallest sense of attention. I know a lot of people will go against me on this but as a character Neji is ten times better than Sasuke and he is only a miner character. Now why am I given Neji so much props and attention, well the man just sacrificed himself for a friend, for someone to be willing to protect his friend out of love, and as corny as it sounds, is a cool guy, now tell me if Sasuke has the cojones to do that. It is ironic that Neji has had less screen time than other miner characters, yet he is up there in epicness. So my hat goes for Neji this week, and for Kishi for a huge surprise.

Side Notes:

  • For once can Kishi make Naruto look cool and not be a dumbazz. I mean what was he thinking asking what happened to Shikaku and the others. That they are taking a vacation to the hot springs.
  • Kitsuchi is turning out to be a badazz character, hopefully he gets his time of epicness before Kishi decides to ‘off with his head’ because right now it is shaping up that no one is safe. Which is what we all wanted from the start of this war, but maybe the damage was already done, so it is not as impacting.
  • So this is what we all wanted, so how is next to hit the bucket next?



53 Responses

  1. I think what we forget is that Obito whilst posing as Madara was running things for years as the boss and main strategist to bring the plan to where it is right now (fruition) so he won’t be whiny pushover a lot of us expect him to be. He was given a blueprint but HE had to make decisions and implement that plan himself so he shouldn’t be taken lightly. On the other hand Madara has been manipulating and planning for decades so he definitely has a failsafe in place for Obito (something Izanagi like maybe?).

    Neji’s death was timely and has just the right impact. Him going bad would have made his (top 3) fight against Naruto meaningless. He had to sacrifice himself for Naruto to add weight to Naruto being The charactoer of the manga (and to Talk-no-jutsu)… In terms of being super-cool…meh, he’s pretty cool I guess but Sasuke on form (when you forget about his emo issues) is a thing of beauty. Think back to the fights against the “bomb artist” guys and Danzo. Sasuke doesn’t play!

    Next to die… I’m thinking it’s revealed to battlefield that Hokage died to revive other Kages strengthening alliance and angering Naruto even further. But with Kyuubi being tame now what does ultra angry Naruto actually mean anymore??? Guy or Lee dying would also be tasty.

  2. Exactly, what is ultra angry Naruto gna do? Unlike when he caught pain, he has no kyubi chakra to tap into. The whole reason he needed to be protected was because he and the kyubi are beat. He can’t undergo anymore transformations so Neji’s death is really gna get to him, more so than anything else ever has. Reason for that is he is totally powerless to do anything about it, he can only stand there and cry and pray that Obito doesn’t attack again.

    Good review somewhat, but your grammar is a bit choppy, and the comparisons, arguments, suggestions (mainly Neji being a villain) are a bit silly, to put it kindly. Stick to reviewing the actual contents of the chapter and avoid silly rants like that. Thank you though for writing this, I look forward to your reviews every week.

  3. By rant I meant to whole bit about coolness there, totally unnecessary and was a bit painful to read.

  4. Lol @ cesc checking himself! Yeah was a bit painful but based on averages I think we can give him a pass?

  5. I always hoped Kishi would upgrade 64 palms….now we’ll never see it just like we’ll never see Rock lee’s dream match against Neji or Neji vs Sasuke or the Byukugan have any kind of relevance to this story- such a shame!

  6. “I thought you wouldn’t let me kill a single one of your comrades, Naruto…” #sideEyeWhatNow?!

    hahaha, Obito is a prick!

  7. …also it’s chapter 614

  8. There’s a difference between what you feel what Neji could have been and what Kishimoto actually wrote.

    “well the man just sacrificed himself for a friend, for someone to be willing to protect his friend out of love, and as corny as it sounds, is a cool guy, now tell me if Sasuke has the cojones to do that.”

    Um, yes? For someone that feels Zabuza was such a wonderful character you sure don’t seem to remember the Zabuza arc very well. Sasuke sacrificed himself for Naruto just like that. And he didn’t need one of his family members trying to sacrifice himself before him to do it.

    He adopted a similiar attitude against orochimaru in the Forest od death. Or Gaara during the Invasion of Konoha. Even in the Killerbee fight eventually. Your rampant Sasuke hatred really needs to be kept in check.

  9. Btw Neji was right when he said “People can’t fight their destiny” in part 1, Naruto was born to be a powerful (gaylord) shinobi and he is and the way he mind fucked Hinata when they fought – epic!

  10. I was never really a fan of Neji, but I just started liking him during the war arc, and now he just got killed off. It, kinda feels awkward for me. Also kinda pointless. I feel that if Neji was going to get killed off, it should’ve been during the Sasuke retrieval arc. He had been going through a lot of development during that arc, so it would’ve had a much bigger impact, and it would’ve given the Sound 5 more credit. Besides, it just seems awkward to have one character “die” multiple times. But now I’m worried, Kishi was willing to kill off Neji, a huge fan favorite whom he failed to kill earlier, that means those whom I thought were safe because they already had a brush with death (Kakashi, Choji, Hinata, Gaara, Lee, possibly some others) are still all fair game. *crosses fingers* please be Sakura, please be Sakura, please be Sakura, please be Sakura, please be Sakura, please be. . .

  11. Jdogg has been doing quite a good review after bob stopped. His rants and opinions and feelings are part of his writing style. if you have so much to say abt it then write a review yourself.
    i’d rather read a review with someone’s rants and feelings and insights in it than just reading a summary of the manga that i’ve just read.
    jdogg’s only flaw is his spellings but that’s excusable since english is not his native tongue. so whatever spelling errors he had, just close an eye and live with it. you don’t have to point it out everytime you spot an error.

    so jdogg, please carry on with your unique style of writing. i enjoyed it very much.

  12. Neiji is a Great Character, i think he could rival Sasuke in power if Sasuke didnt get the power up of Itachi’s eye Tech’s. Im dissapointed Neiji was a minor character too, i think Neiji could of been part of Team yamato instead of Sai.

  13. Neeji didnt die. It was a wood clone. No really.

    His clan prolly has some near death Jutsu or something.

    Why couldnt it have been Ten Ten? Lol.

  14. @ shykss well said.

    @Jdogg keep doing you. I enjoy your reviews very much.

    I still want to know can you upgrade a byakugan, and if so what do you get. Since it is a pure dojutsu, and not an offshoot like the sharingan, shouldn’t it go directly to rinnegan. Also, since he is there to protect Hinata, is she the one who would inherit his eyes if they could be transplanted. Also if she and Naruto have kids, with him having uzumaki dna and her having a dojutsu would this be an instant rinnegan or something else, maybe even better if she could upgrade her eyes and then she and naruto have babies. Just some theories, that probably won’t occur but what do you all think?

  15. To be honest with everyone I rushed this one, I didn’t check for spelling, grammar, and etc. I did this because for awhile now I have not been consistent in early reviews, I averaged to put out my reviews around Friday or sometimes even Saturday or Sunday even. Also, you got to remember every writer has an editor, and I don’t, but that what you guys are there for, you can butcher me for my grammar and such, and trust me I do not take it to heart because I know that you guys mean well. So for future reference, I will take my time doing these reviews like I have been. I rather give a good review and be late, than be early and give out a rushed review. Another thing I like to say, just like Obito said this week, you guys need a living person to write these reviews. In other words, your at my mercy. You’d be wise to remember that…

    (Meant for laughs) 🙂

    If I did not have commentators like you guys I would not be writing for this long, so THANK YOU for the comments, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  16. Really though what was so special about Neji. Don’t get me wrong I loved the guy, one of my faves. But in terms of power, he was pretty useless when it came to mid-long range combats. I am surprised he actually lived this long seeing as how most ninjas are mid-long range fighters.

    The hyuga were underdeveloped, one of kishi’s many flaws.

  17. @CESC, that’s exactly my point. Kishi for god knows why? Made the Hyuga clan look like a child compared to the Uchiha clan. Lets count how the Uchiha can develop their eye. It can go from one tomoe to three tomoe, when it is fully matured. It can also be developed into the Mangekyo and into the Eternal Mangekyo and oh don’t forget that it can be transformed into the Rinnege and lets not forget the technique it holds. While the Byakugan gives great vision.

    But like you said the Hyuga clan are greatly ‘underdeveloped.’ But as for your answer, Neji was so special because out of all the rookies he was the strongest and had the most potential outside Naruto and Sasuke of course. Also, I would not underestimate his ability because he is a Jonin and in order for you to be a Jonin you have to know at least two elements chakra, so he probably knows some long-mid range attacks, but favors his clan techniques.

  18. You say he had potential, potential to do what? As we both agree, the byakugan couldn’t be developed. So neji had reached the limits of the byakugan long ago. There wasn’t much development he could undergo. He could already perform all the techs the hyuga leader could and this was at the chounin exams.

  19. @cesc, I meant potential as a character. Lets be honest if Kishi put a little bit more effort into the Byakugan, the Hyuga would of been up their in power. But I just did some research but kakashi once said that the Sharagian was developed from the Byakugan or that the Byakugan was more efficient than the Sharagian. We know this is not correct since the Sharagian has lots of abilities compared to the Byakugan. My point is that Neji had potential as a character to grow into a supporting role like Naruto’s right or left hand man. Also, we rarely saw him in action ever since the time skip. We have not seen the full extent of his development, but than again he was able to defend a blow from the Juubi which is no small achievement. I do not know, I guess I am like you that I expected more, but we got what we got.

  20. Always wondered about that Sharingan from Byakugan story… If its true then the Hyuuga actually suck ass coz they did nadda with a purer form of the Sages (descended) eyes…

    But in that story told by Obito about the two sons didn’t one of them have the Sharingan?

  21. @Tawuya-same, it is sad to say but this is another flaw of contradicting some facts Kishi made in the beginning of the story. Or it could that what Kakashi stated was only in the anime. Give me time and I will look into this.

  22. @ jdogg and tawuya

    This relates to what I posted a few comments earlier. What do you all think about my theories? You too @tensa.

  23. @UTI
    Well if Byakugan is the puriest eye jutsu then i assume also that u could jump straight up the ladder to rinnegan but what would be the trigger to allow the evolution tho?! It’s a tough one to call coz – we still dont know exactly what set of the eyes the elder son of the sage had – they werent rinnegan or sharingan but some weird spiral thing. If Naruto an Hinata had babies i think they’d be byakugan babies with strong bodies an maybe access to 1 of the 6 paths due to the fusion of DNA like say the animal path….
    Kishi shot himself in the foot with the hyugas, they had so much potential but he gave all of the techniques to the Uchiha – what was the point in the hyugas being created with eye powers – he could have split it up abit an gave the hyugas like amatersu or something – such a waste of a badass clan

  24. @UchihaTheInfamous, once a Hyuga member dies his eyes get sealed permanently. They do this to keep the clans eye techniques a secret. As for if the Byakuga been upgraded? We do not know because so far only the Sharagian has a full explanation of all its abilities.

    @Tensa Gizzla, you took the words out of my mouth, right on man.

  25. im not a sasuke fan but im pretty sure he sacrificed his life for naruto in the fight against haku. the only reason he didnt end up dead is because of haku being soft

  26. @Madara_Uchiha, the Sasuke you are talking about does not exist any more, he has become a selfish pig that does not know what he wants. to tell you the truth Sasuke was my favorite character side and side with Naruto when they were kids. Sasuke had character and charm, and lets not forget how smooth he was. Especially the short fight he had with Garaa. But my point was that the Sasuke of today would not do such a thing as save a friend. Heck he even hurt a woman to get to his target. A woman that give her heart out for him. My point is that Sasuke is a very complicated character. There is no character like him anywhere else. People either love or hate him and when I say hate I mean they despise him so much, that they blame all the flows of the series on him. But I was just trying to make a comprising between the Neji and Sasuke of today. I just had a thought, the Sasuke of the past would sacrifice himself for a friend, while the Neji of the past wouldn’t. It is Ironic of what time and experience can do to someone.

  27. @jdogg

    I forgot about the sealing.

    Its pretty sad because the byakugan was supposed to be the second best eye tech.

    Maybe Kishi decided on the sharingan being better because he wanted to focus on the Uchiha being the main antagonists, so therefore heb had to focus on them and their techs.

  28. I like Neji as well, don’t think he deserved to go out in that way, but this is war and it is unpredictable, I think in a way as he was able to choose to defend his friend he was able to forge his own destiny rather than being a “bird in a cage”.

    I think Kishi will have Obito and Madara continue “killing off” various characters and try to force The Shinobi Alliance into despair or I would prefer that as the sharingan is evolved when the individual kills a friend perhaps the Byakugan evolves when someone dies in front of you? (A stretch I know).

    However, I think we will be seeing Naruto getting a “power-up” at some point either being able to combine Sage and Kurama’s abilities, we have to remember that he knows the names of the tailed beasts, so I think there is a reason Kishi had put that in there, we may see a situation where Naruto becomes host to more than 1 tailed beast??

    Also, we still have Sasuke with Oruchimaru (Can’t spell) around so who knows what they are upto not to mention I don’t think we have seen the last of Kabuto.

    I think as the battle progresses, Naruto’s abilities develop and I think we may find this could be one of the triggers, perhaps we find a different way of getting the rinnegan by the loss of a friend and the emotion that goes with it.

    Just my 2 cents.

  29. @Phantom – actually Naruto being driven to the point where his rage or despair forces him to call upon the other tailed beast chakra in him would make sense… It’s about to get interesting!

    Or what if Juubi goes through next stage transformation prematurely and Naruto becomes it’s host!?

  30. I doubt we’ll see the Byakugan evolve anymore – it could be cool as shit if they had some forbidden jutsu too but i dont see it happening. All i wanna see now is rock lee an guy sensei’s rage! We’ve never seen them pissed off an this is the perfect chance – guy sensei will kick obito’s lips off his face!!

  31. @Tawuya – Naruto becoming the host of Juubi would probably not make sense at this stage, I think more likely is Juubi evolving prematurely, Obito and Madara losing control, realising it has literally hit the pan or more likely Obito comes to a realisation that he is a complete Jerk and that Rin was not the person he thought she was after a few home truths from Kakashi then joins Shinobi Alliance when Madara finally shows how ruthless, two-faced git he truly is 🙂

    @Tensa I did say it was stretch would be nice to see, but in life we don’t always get what we want, if we did I would have won the lottery by now and own my own island 😛

  32. Obito joins the alliance… Mmm, not likely lol! He just killed a gang of people and mocked naruto after he did it! Obito is definition of a bad guy now; there is no redemption

  33. Juubi is going to have to be sealed at some point… Last person to successfully do that was —???

  34. Here’s my theory/opinion: Naruto is friends with all the tailed beasts (except Shukaku), and the Juubi is the combination of all the tailed beasts, so I predict that the Bijuu will somehow take over the Juubi from the inside and destroy it.
    Obito becoming a good guy isn’t to far fetched, I mean Nagato and Itachi both commited f***ing genocide and Naruto still befriended both of them.

  35. Maybe Bee and Naruto will do the fusion dance 😛

  36. Now that its been mentioned, Obito is for sure going to die now. When and how, thats up to Kishi. Maybe he kills Kakashi and has a last minute change of heart because it turns out Rin was to eliminate her team mates or something. Anyway Obito still has to find out why Kakashi killed Rin and that must have been purposely left out because why the hell didnt Kakashi say something from the get go?

    I think that Naruto and the 6 sage of paths have something common thats gonna help out when the Juubi goes uncontrollable. How? Who knows? Maybe he sealed himself with in the Kurama without him knowing to wait until he is needed much like when Narutos parents came to the rescue when Naruto almost broke the seal.

  37. @NemoPrime

    When was the last time someone actually died in front of Naruto that was his close friend and that he renained sane?

    Obito is the reason he grew up without parents. Obito is the reason he lived as a monster because he carried the 9 tails from the incident. Obito is the main reason Pervy Sage is dead. Obito also helped Sasuke became Sasgay well actually he did that himself, but you get the point.

    AND Obito has the balls to call Naruto out like he did when Neeji got punctured.

    Seriously, Naruto aint right if he befriends Obito in my opinion.

  38. Ok, please tell me kishi you are not going to a Super Saiyan DBZ thing 🙂

  39. @eLeMBuzz True, he never remained sane when one of his close friends was killed/nearly killed by the enemy. Like when he went berserk on Haku for supposedly killing Sasuke, or when he went 6-Tails on Pain for supposedly killing Hinata.
    Notice that he later befriended both Haku and Nagato and looks upon them favorably as great people. I get the feeling the same will happen with Obito. I don’t WANT it to happen with Obito, as I feel he’s to far lost, but I felt Nagato was to far lost as well, so I doubt it’ll end the way I want it to.

  40. @ Nemo Prime

    Yeah but all those times he didnt have the control over the Kyubbi as he does know. I’m really curious to know what Naruto does in the upcoming chapters. He has gone berserk in almost all incidents, which is one of the reasons Naruto manga is famous to name one reason. My question is can he still go berserk? It seems like Kurama is more um smart in the way he has been going about fighting Madabito. I He was even called “leader”.

    Yeah you right though, Obito is far too lost. I think he is at the point of no return.

  41. @Everyone

    As i watch the simpsons, sip on this glorious Jack Daniels with a splash of coke and wrap up these christmas presents im thinking the BIG 3 have had a bloody good year!!! What’s been ur favourite moments??? I’ll kick it off!

    Naruto – Obviously the return of BIG MAGNUM! One liner after one liner, fucking up the kages, telling tsunade bitch you ugly an literally slapping the alliance about like a bunch of 5 year olds! That and the Itachi an Nagato vs Naruto and Bee fight!

    Bleach – Yamamoto 4 Mode BANKAI……….Enough said!

    One piece – Punk Hazard – The year of the swordsman – Kinnemon slicing freakin explosions into bits so no one gets hurt, Zoro slicing a logia in half without haki and law an his DF slicing a mountain an SAD in half!

  42. Geez. I take a little time off to find some anime and what happens when I get back? My number one favorite character goes to the “pure world.” Truly Neji Hyuga, “the genius” will be missed by yours truly. But the way he departed from the “impure world” was epic enough that I forgave Kish for developing this story. I bet Kish himself was sad to write/draw those pages; tears welling up in his own eyes as he seals the fate of the freed bird in the cage….my main man, Neji Hyuga.

    Obito kinda stepped up his game a bit in the villian role. But I still see that same old immature kid who doesn’t know what he is dealing with.

    I can’t wait to see what Naruto does now. To me this is what he needed to wake him up to the reality of the ninja world. Honestly it seems like both siblings have acknowledge Naruto more than anyone else considering that both were willing to die to protect him.

    @Jdogg: Thanks as always for your review. Keep doing what you are doing!

    @Tensa Gizzla: Weeelll lets see. My favorite moments in all three of the BIG 3s:

    Naruto – Kurama. The moment he became a good fox, he has truly became a cool character. He was cool before then but now he is even better!

    Bleach – Aizen. Even to this day TK still manages to make him a compelling character.

    One piece – Zoro. That fear ability and what transpired after he used it was amazing.

  43. Now we understand why Obito didn’t bring back Rin or why Nagato didn’t revive Yahiko back to life. They would have to give up their own lives in return to bring them back if they use the power of life and death with their renningan.

    Kakashi was naive and ignorant about the Uchiha history. He doesn’t know a thing about their clan. Remember when Tobi told Sasuke that only the Konoha elders and few surviving Uchihas know the history behind the Uchiha massacre and the Sage of the Six Paths. Everyone was kept in the dark about it or didn’t believe the Sage of the Six Path existed. The Uchiha clan descendants arise from the son of the Sage of the Six Paths, not the Hyuuga. Kakashi was completely wrong for telling Naruto about the Hyuuga and Uchiha clan connections. It was just a rumor he heard. He doesn’t know anything about the truth at the time of Naruto first Jounin exam.

  44. @Tensa – ahh yes, what a year it’s been. I sit with Smirnoff and OJ in hand (wrapping paper on living room table and Always Sunny on the box) and also contemplate my favourite moments of the big 3:

    Bleach – it’s almost impossible (and dare I say, down right irresponsible!) to argue against Yamamoto’s 4 point bankai… but in terms is anticipatory effect i.e. joy-gasm I’d have to go with final panel where Kyouraku reveals who the original bad “boy” killer was “The Original Kenpachi”! Special mention goes to 1) Juha Bach rocking as a villain and 2) Aizen continueing to send shivers…

    Naruto – agree Big Magnum has just been bringing it continuously; hate it or love it Magnum’s on top!

    One Piece – swordsmen agree! Also recall on Fishmen Island when Luffy unleashed Kings Disposition and stopped a whole “army” in their tracks…

  45. THE BIG 3 ARE OUT GUYS!!!!!!!!!!


  46. @Tensa…

    Naruto – won’t lie man, that was an emotion filled chapter… But if they fight hand-in-hand it will have to be done VERY well to avoid cornball status. Dug the chapter though

    Bleach – I did NOT dig this chapter! Lots of wasted space but I suppose fact that zanpaktous manifested (and running around with their tiddays out!) shows the level of development that regular Shinigami still have to go through. Did zanpaktou filler arc potentially open up some contradictions? Thoughts?

    One Piece – this man does it again… One Piece best of 3 this week!

  47. Interesting point is that for the first time EVER Naruto’s Talk-no-jutsu was defeated and what he said would happen didn’t happen… Sorta.

  48. Today is a sad day in the Naruto world…..BIG MAGNUM’s streak of incredible one liners has come to an end…….give me a moment while I reflect back to all the great ones that the streak gave us :-(.

  49. @UTI – also the Hachibi lost another horn… 😦

  50. @tawuya

    At least naruto gave up on Sakura…. take that bubblegum haired chick *insert angry face here*.

  51. @tawuya & tensa

    When the review comes out, in rememberance of the streak I think we should post our top 5 BIG MAGNUM one-liners.

  52. Lol, AGREE! Or how about a poll of Big Magnum’s best? JDogg would have to post that in review right?

  53. @tawuya

    Great idea. And yes he would have to do the poll.

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