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Its Out Early!!ENJOY!

Early Xmas present from Mangastream.com. Enjoy. Usually the author’s take time off by this time, so we might not get chapters next week. I still don’t know. Either way enjoy this weeks chapters. P.S, expect the Naruto review to be up by tonight and One Piece and Bleach reviews by tonight or tomorrow.

Naruto Chapter 614


One Piece Chapter 693


Bleach Chapter 521



26 Responses

  1. Neji NOOOOOOOO!!!!

  2. Naruto – all bets & gloves are off! Obito shaping up to be a better “villain” than expected! Uzumaki Naruto is about to lose his damn mind…

    Bleach – wasn’t too happy about food/bickering chapter but ending made up for it! “Creator of zanpaktou”!? Not even sure of implicarions of that!!! So what happened before that?! Where did zanpaktou spirits reside and what form?

    One Piece – The Heart and the Bomb… Two key aspects that hopefully are explored next chapter (just in time for Christmas! Lol). If Kinemon gets revived then whole island is saveable which I’m not too sure I’m happy about…

  3. BIG MAGNUM with yet another classic one liner:“I was going to try and hit them before they finished talking. ”I was over here rolling, lol.Well I guess we won’t get to see the Neji versus Sasuke fight.With all the deaths and mentioning of the reviving technique it’s time to queue up the about face for Obito to use the technique on all the fallen allied forces people and not BIG MAGNUM. So don’t fret everyone they’ll be back in about 20 to 50 chapters, lol.

  4. Naruto – R.I.P Neji, he never did get the screen time an jutsu that he deserved – guy sensei an rock lee are gonna go APE SHIT!!! And where the fuck is ten ten?! Her man just got ended an the bitch is probably cleaning a kunai behind a tree! Also i wonder if Obito will stick 2 fingers up at BIG MAGNUM an use Rinne Tensei to bring back the 1st Hokage from the ripper death seal if possible??

    Bleach – Kubo once again giving us some serious information! What do u guys think – do u think this arc so far is up there with the soul society arc?! Cause Kubo week after week is checkin into the smackdown hotel, banging a japanese groupie, rollin up a fat blunt with a egg an cheese sandwich an a redbull, laying the smackdown on paper an providing the goods like a muthafuckin BAWSE!!

    One piece – freakin’ BABY 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Human Weapon, she turned herself into a freakin’ bomb! Baby 5 FTMFW!!!!! Love this crazy ass chic but no no no no no do not kill off Monet, DON’T DO IT ODA!!!

  5. havent enjoyed a naruto chapter so much in a while, cant wait to see it animated ^_^ tobi seems to have the upper hand against BIG MAGNUM, but i keep feeling that BIG MAGNUM has a way around this and is just letting tobi enjoy himself for now

  6. lol for a moment there i thought hinata was a goner

  7. The net is going crazy over neji’s death – PROPS TO KISHI FINALLY SOME MEANINGFUL DEATH! 1ST SHIKAKU AN INOCHI, THEN NEJI, WHO NEXT?? KEEP EM COMIN, NEXT KILL SAKURA’S USELESS ASS! Took him long enough but well done kishi!

  8. OMG it just hit me, i thought wait a min Neji is TOP 3 out of the Konoha 11 an he dies first WTF!!! Sakura better die next an so should that fat fuck choji an bug boy Shino!!! Ino an Shikamaru can live an fuck an make little shadow super brain babies! Fuck it kill Kiba too!!!

  9. the best part was the symbolization of nejis freedom, the eagle, getting pierced with the mokuton needles, i believe it was the same one from when naruto fought him in the chunin exams

  10. Don´t forget death list so far:
    Neji wasn´t the first

  11. ha ha you do know that once naruto gets the rinnegan all your death wishes will be for naught yes?

  12. Neji was the first from the konoha 11 tho. Next should be:

    1. Sakura (useless whore)
    2. Choji (fat butterfly fuck)
    3. Kiba (him an his dog need to die, total fodder)
    4. Shino (He’s done nothing since day 1)

  13. a little something tells me obito will betray madara because of narutos actions and rinne tensei all those who died in the war

  14. @ sogeking

    We’ve seen nagato do that already, he shouldnt de-value the death of people just so everyone can live happily ever after! This is war – he needs to keep it dramatic, sad and epic. Now first on the list…Sakura. lol

  15. I just hate Sakura but Kishi won´t break this triangle between Sakura, Naruto and Hinata

  16. RIP Neji, deserved better.

  17. Bleach was AWESOME this week!! I’m Assuming this man who gave birth 2 the zanpakuto is very very Powerful!!!

  18. A poem for Neji

    Neji, Neji did you die already?
    I can’t believe it like Choji eating veggies
    Why would that ninja Kishi put you in a spot so heavy?
    Where your ninjas at?…I thought they put on for their city, lock down and ready/ Nah on pg 14 still standing around like FEMA when Katrina broke the levy/
    But that’s okay Neji you fought like a beast.
    Now rest in peace…A YO KISH..you betta give Neji at least/
    a 3 page flash back your ASS I’ll verabally beat!!

  19. Well said RSVP4GOD

  20. A F*up flow for Neji

    Kishi twists facts/
    and Jimmy cracked corn/
    but if Kishi wrote that/
    you’ll have Jimmy crack porn/
    sorry…you just been scorn/
    by da image/
    of gay anal hemorrhage/
    the way Neji got screwed reminds me of that movie deliverance.

  21. @Tensa – oohhh tough call on whether this is better arc than orig Soul Society arc because that established so much that is now vital to Bleach. But this arc (Quincy Arc?) has been brutal and consistent so far. I think I give it to QA for the series of chapters where Quincy’s attacked and Yamamoto went buck.

    I’m sure Monet won’t die; the bomb was moved… and is that really Smokers heart?

  22. @ultimate – how/where did Yamato die again? For the life of me can’t recall…. Tsunade alive (for the moment)

  23. @sogeking – I don’t think there’s even a remote chance that Obito will rinne everyone back; he has no reason to and wholeheartedly believes in Moon’s Eye. He believes that everything he is doing is justified. He’s more likely to betray Madara and try to follow through on ME by himself.

  24. @Tawuya,

    I see what u mean, this quincy arc aka thousand blood war or whatever its called is going very well imo, kubo is taking his time an using orginal parts of his story an expanding on them quite well – it’s amazing what smokin dat good shit can do for a person!! BTW did anyone else notice that the fat chic slimmed down an when she did, she had bigger titties than rangiku…..just a quick ero fact for ya!!

    Do u reckon doflamingo might be a world noble gone rebel??!! He keeps being called young lord or young master like he’s a prince or something, shit he might be related to sabo lol Hmmmm i hope it isnt smokers heart but then again smokey would have hatched a plan to get his heart back first, maybe it’s a random subordinate’s heart!

  25. Hahaha, yeah Miss Piggy slimmed down and is now the belter of Bleach! Kubo is smoking that special blend and I’m happy for it! A quick question though… What’s going happen to Kon after having eating Piggy’s Special Meat???

    Doflamingo being a noble would be an interesting twist and would explain his constantly aloof demeanor. I think Caesar was given Monet or Vergo’s heart… So what might actually stop Monet from blowing up the island is Caesar attempting to kill Smokey-san by destroying heart but he inadvertantly kills Monet!

  26. @Tawuya

    Maybe kon might actually get some power an be able to protect someone or it might not affect him at all coz he’s a mod soul….she is kind of like his mother tho an he might not wanna go back with ichigo!
    Monet’s resolve seems solid but it cant be smokeys heart he cant die to bloody ceasar!! Cant wait til zoro an sanji see baby 5….a sword lady who smokes too lol

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