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One Piece Chapter 692 – Reinforcements


I know that I missed last weeks chapter, but to be honest last weeks chapter was a story development chapter. It gave us hints of what is to be expected in the next few chapters, which is total war with Joker and his affiliations. The most important developments in chapter 691, is the warning Virgo gives to Law and the final downfall of CC. Other than that the chapter was a decent chapter, enjoyable yet unsatisfying. But this weeks chapter is very satisfying. We finally get to see the personalities of two Donquixote pirates and get to finally be rid of CC.

CC is Down

We all have been waiting for this moment to happen, the final down fall of CC brought to you by none other than Monkey D. Luffy. Ever since the heart_burn_by_muffin_tosser-d5aviemintroduction of CC, the fans had and still have (atleast I do) a hateful attitude towards CC. He is despicable and a coward. Not the sort of Villain that would be cool or interesting, but a complete hateful character, and I have to say that CC played his part as a great villain that became dreaded by the fans. But like the favorite Luffy is with the fans he makes quick work of CC, about time. But this shows that Luffy is far beyond what we expected him to be. I cannot really put him in a category, but I know that he is at the Shichibukai level, he might be lower or higher. The Shichibukai are an interesting ranking system because some of them are far beyond their rank, for example, Doflamingo and Mihawk are far beyond their ranking. Either way, we will not know truly how strong Luffy is until he is put into a very desperate situation.

law_and_luffy_by_ar_ua-d5ehehaThe only thing is that Luffy went to far with CC, he was only supposed to capture him, not send him flying. And I am with Law on this, their main object was to stop the supply of SAD for Doflamingo. But now there is a possibility that wont happen. You can see how Doflamingo was so angry to think that his supply of SAD is over, it is like Law and Luffy put a stop to all of his plans. Sure he is a underground Broker and he has his hands in dirty markets like slavery, assassination and etc, his biggest money maker was SAD and known that he was very angry, but than once he heard that he could get back CC, he was overjoyed. And this is why I am on Law on this one because CC is such a high asset for Doflamingo and capturing him can lead to an advantage for Luffy and Law because now Doflamingo knows that they are not playing around. That they are a potential threat. I think that this is what Law was aiming for to stop the destribution of SAD so that Doflamingo will take him serious and not only that, Doflamingo has to answer to that Yonko who was buying SAD from him. So not only will capturing CC piss of Doflamingo, but it will create tension between Doflamingo and his partners.

The Underworld Brokers

A lot of these shady characters have more mystery on them than anything else. I cannot guess who some of them are but I can make out a few of them. 10Well we know Tamago and Pekoms are part of Big Mama and the way they reacted leads me to believe that it is Big Mama who has that army of Zoan Devil Fruit fighters. It is the way Tamago reacted that lead me to this because it seemed like he was in a state of panic and shock. I have no idea who they guy who was mad, or the guy who was acting cool and calm will smoking. The guy with the horns that was talking about informing Jack, might be Avalo Pizarro from the Blackbeard pirates. I do not know who this Jack is but it seems like it is his superior, so the likelihood that he is Pizarro from the Blackbeard pirates is slim. The guy with the Top hat can be none other than Rob Lucci. It is that trademark hat of his that lead me to believe in this and he mentioned to inform the “New World” about what just transpired. And last it is Killer who is in a deep thought and I think that he is thinking about the possibility of having an alliance with Luffy, Law and the Kid pirates.

Baby 5 and Buffalo

tumblr_maoam6koi31rcdyn7o1_500Two female characters in a row that I am liking. First it was Monet for her bizarre yet charming personality. Now it is Baby 5, who is even far more bizarre than Monet. She plays this innocent person who wants to help people, but I do not buy her innocent attitude, I think that she is more dangerous and cruel than Monet. For the simple fact that she works for Doflamingo, I do not know why she would work for a sum-bag like Doflamingo, but I am not buying her innocent charms. Yet, I cannot wait to see what transpires when she meets with Sanji. We all know that Sanji falls for every women, good or bad, but every time he confesses his love he gets turned down. It will be one big laugh to see Baby 5 return the confessing. In fact, she seems far much like Sanji: They both love helping people, they have a hasty personality and they both smoke. I think Sanji will finally find his match. Good Luck Sanji! As for this Buffalo guy, seems like an interesting character and whats more interesting is his ability. Seeing Buffalo become almost like a plane leads me to think that there is pirate out there that has one of his cremates as a Ship.ย  Nonetheless, this chapter was exciting, enjoyable, and Franky finally showed up. Suuuupppppperrrrrr.

Side Notes:

  • Ussop was a badazz this week, making quick work of the weaklings.
  • Kinemon got himself frozen, I guess Chopper or Franky will have to figure out an antidote for the gas.
  • Zoro and Tagashi make a fun couple.
  • I wonder how Monosuke will react to see his dad frozen.



12 Responses

  1. Hahaha, “Suppppeeerrrr!”. Good review, great chapter!

  2. Supernova allaince, Warlords, Big name pirates, and a freaking Yonkou…what the hell is Oda planning lol!!

  3. Oh and Big Mam still hasn’t opened that “gift” from Luffy yet. That crazy woman will be coming for blood when that bomb erupts in her face lol.

  4. If i had to put the monster trio in a ranking it would be either vice admiral level or inbetween Admiral an Vice Admiral….smoker is always a good indicator for this coz him an luffy are always around the same level. I wonder if Monet has calmed down an managed to put herself back together yet?! I think Killer an co are gonna join up with Law at some point – 2 alliances with 6 supernovas vs 1 healthy yonko….cant wait to see Kidd get his magneto onnnnn lol

  5. Funny. The prospect of Sanji and Baby 5 crossing paths is what I’m looking forward to the most. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. @bnc089 that would be funny but what about brooke?

    brooke – ‘may i see your panties?’

    baby 5 – ‘he needs me!’ lifts up skirt

    brooke and sanji bleeding out

    brooke – ‘ ah im bleeding, even though i have no blood, yo ho ho’ passes out

    ๐Ÿ˜› lol

  7. @ Jay
    I wonder what would be more effective Baby 5 lifting up her skirt up or Nami’s happiness punch post timeskip?! Either technique would cause the death of sanji-kun!
    I really hope Oda by some weird but amazing twist of fate causes both Monet, and Baby 5 to join the crew, imagine that Nami, Robin, Monet and Baby 5 all on the same ship!! Mellorineeeeee!

  8. @tensa – theres has to be a new member soon, and seeing as how there are only 2 women, odds on it will be another woman. id want baby 5, just for pure hilarity with sanji and brooke.

  9. So people want either the living emotional weapon or the child poisoning snow harpy interesting.Moving on why you people put Luffy & Smoker in the same league ? get real the only thing he had was his logia powers and that is no longer a factor why because Vergo said it his level of haki is nothing & then got his haki -jutte broken by Vergo & Law cut Vergo you can’t put smokey & luffy in the same house anymore until luffy gets serious.

  10. @jesse
    Yes…..yes we do! The strawhats an most pirate crews are made up of criminals so an emotional weapon chic an a child mind warping harpy fit in just fine, it’s the new world – everyone’s a crook, no goody two shoes are gonna survive in this ocean where no one plays fair lol Oda made smokey a vice admiral for a reason – love him or hate him he isnt weak. He’s only had 1 real fight in the whole show (which he lost simply coz law has the better DF ability), the rest of the time he’s a chaser – he hunts muthafuckers, running around an catching guys is what he does – luffy will knock guys out whereas smoker will simply trap them. When he fought virgo he held his own an only got that bamboo stick to the gut to help law so he didnt owe him shit

  11. THE BIG 3 ARE OUT EARLY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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