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Naruto Chapter 613 – “It Is Inevitable Mr. Kishimoto”


Well What do you know, Kishi actually grew some and did what we all have been bragging and begging to happen, making this seem like a war. While I still think that it was a waste of design and plot on the war. That the war should of started as it is going on right now. Personally I found it lacking in detail and I think that Kishi was trying to be to sophisticated to make his war go on in different settings and have different battles. If you think about it, all the battles that happened in this war, were some what of a waste of time for us as the audience and for the plot of the story. I personally think that the war should of started like what is happening right now. Where the good guys come together and make awesome teamwork to be only utterly demolished by the bad guy. It makes the situation desperate and real, that there is utter chaos where deaths are happening left and right. While it has almost taken us a year to get to this point, we are at it now and we cannot complain any more, because IF Kishi keeps this up, we will have one awesome story.

Uchiha Madara “The Cool Guy”

From the start of his introduction, Madara has not been seen to look uncool, dry or even lacking of humor. He is cool as a summer’s breeze, fresher Uchiha_Madara_by_Ninjaticthan fresh. Even his name is cool just say it out loud “U C H I H A   M A D A R A.” Even if you hate him, he is still cool. There is no other character in the Naruto series that comes close to him (With a few exceptions of course). While I still think that Kishi way and I mean way overpowered Madara, almost to a demi-God level, because now Madara is at a level where he needs to be defeated by some one way cooler and flashier than him. It is only logic that the cool guy gets beat by another cooler guy. But it is not in this case, the guy who all of the Ninja world has put its faith in, is some one who even the geeks and nerds think he is uncool, it is Naruto. I must take off my hat for Kishi on this because he is showing that it is not always the cool guy who wins but it is the guy who puts determination and faith in his work. While this message is still needs to be confirmed, because right now Madara is winning so far.

Hashirama “The Original Badazz”

hashirama_senju_by_sambuz-d4w831qMadara might be the badazz right now but Hashirama is THE badazz. Think about it, he has never made a introduction that lasted a whole chapter and he is still considered the strongest Ninja in history other than The Sage. Even Madara himself acknowledges that Hashirama is the better out of the two. My point is that neither Madara or Obito could of been this strong without the power of Hashirama. In ways they are nothing without him, if Obito did not have Hashirama’s cells installed into him, he would be dead and same goes for Madara. Leading me to think, if a fusion of Hashirama’s cells can give this much power to Madara and Obito, how much stronger is the original Hashirama. It is regrettable that we will never see Hashirama in action. I hate to say it but in some ways Kishi has a repetition of creating these awesome character that have been dead for a long time, but they are still one of the favorites with the fans.

What the Dead Give

Very emotional chapter, we see desperation, sad and hopeless faces on every one of our favorite characters. To go from the point that you are thinkingshikaku_nara_by_alakazum-d4e4w7u that you might win and the next you are utterly defeated with ease. War is seen with destruction and death, there is nothing pretty about war, no funky, corky talks between the two sides, it is just utter chaos. And I think that this chapter captured that feeling. After reading this chapter, you will get the feeling that this is a war where the heroes are in a situation that seems absolutely hopeless. But in that hopelessness situation, there is still a shred of hope. That’s what Shikaku gave to the alliance, a spark of hope. While I have no idea what his strategy is to stopping the Juubi. But from what he said “we are just flies buzzing around it.” From this I can only assume that even flies can defeat an opponent 100’s of times larger than them. Awhile back I made an analogy about how mice can defeat a creature as big and ferocious as a lion by overwhelming him by their numbers. But I think that Shikaku had something far more sophisticated planned, and I can not wait to see what he “died” for.

Side Notes:

  • I hate to say this but known Kishi, the people are not dead, by the end they will probably pop out of somewhere and make some stupid excuse of how they are alive.
  • The Juubi is transforming into something more and more into a shape of a humanoid creature. I bet my money on the Juubi making other transformations. With more changes the more likely, the weaker control Madara and Obito will have.
  • After all that fighting Naruto gets a dislocated shoulder?
  • What in the world is this plan? If Shikaku came up with a plan to stop the Juubi how come he did not come up with a plan to stop the Nine Tails when it was attacking the village.



54 Responses

  1. Thanks for acknowledging that Hashirama is and always will be the number badazz. Imagine what he would do if he had uchiha powers.

  2. This is unrelated but does anyone know what kabuto meant when he said “he had more tricks up his sleeve” after he taught obito how to the impure resurection technique

  3. @king, I think he was speaking about his Snake Sage Mode.

  4. Bob is the hashirama of shannaro. I wonder who’s madara uchiha?

  5. @unknown

    My guess would probably be kisu with all his slick combacks, lol. Speaking of him, still waiting for our second rap battle sir, lol.

  6. Shikaku probably didn’t have the time and resources when Nine Tails attacked.

  7. Madara is the only good thing that came out of this arc. He was the only one that did some significant damage to the alliance. His importance as a villain outweighs all the other pointless villains that did nothing during the war but waste panel space. Madara the only one that gives the alliance a hard time. Something that the war lack from the very beginning. The major issue now is rather kishi is going to continue adding death tolls on the list to make the war more realistic or he’s going to cheapen down the war again by making the good guys prevail with some sort of hack.

    Kisu despises Madara.

  8. @nss7 of course they are going to have a hack way to win… How else can u beat the most hacked character in naruto? Kishi sent madara overboard with power and the only way to beat him now is to use a hack way. Btw screw madara I’ll take minato or itachi anyday in terms of coolness

  9. And the first hokage. Hell id take the third too before madara lol

  10. @Token
    The third hokage over Madara?? Are you serious? He’s an old fart. He doesn’t even compare to Uchiha Madara. Madara is in a league of his own. Nothing can match his coolness. When he gets knocked down, he still remains his composure with certain calmness to his demeanor. Itachi and Minato had it to as good guys , but Madara as a villain is deserving of the same sort of recognition for his affortless coolness for the bad guys end of the spectrum. No other villain has it except Madara. Madara has no competition in that department. Even his own name cause massive chaos to the ninja world. What other villain have had that type of impact on the Narutouniverse with just the mentioning of their name? No one except Uchiha Madara.

  11. @hashiramaDaGod
    Hashirama + Uchiha powers = current Madara. Madara has Hashirama full powers at his disposal. His body is basically attached to Madara’s body. If Hashirama was brought back to life and got Uchiha DNA and eyes or better yet, Madara body attach to his, he would become as strong as the current Madara.

  12. Kisu strikes me more as the raikage, but that’s just me. I d probably be ramen guy. I bet he was bad azz ninja who retired from laying the smackdown, but got cheated out of his pension by the greedy ass elders and open a ramen chop to make ends meet.

  13. @nss7 madara hasn’t really been tested cause he is so hack and sadly u confuse power with coolness. The third hokage at a very old age not only went up against the nine tails but later oro and edo first/second hokage. Madara would be defeated ages ago if not for the firsts wood tech and clones. Madara talks way too much while ninja like itachi, minato etc know they could kick your ass but still just keep quiet and kill u. Now that’s badass

  14. Even oro, the best villain in the series doesn’t talk this much lol

  15. @Token
    Madara has both coolness and power. Look at how he handle himself in battle by reamining calm and collective. There hasn’t been a moment when he looked off balanced. He has the right to talk. He trash talk against the five hokage’s and was able to back up his words by beating them to near death. The fact the he can pawn the shinobi’s in war and have Obito jinx the world using his name to cause chaos is the reason why he’s one of the best villains in the series.

  16. He’s cocky cause he can’t die. I would be pretty calm and collected too if I knew that I couldn’t be killed. His name may affect normal ninja but not all ninja were affecte by his ‘name’. Only the old ones like the old kage were scared an petrified. The younger generation weren’t and to be quite honest if not for the first hokages DNA like I said before madara would have been sealed ages ago. And how does he have the right to talk as much as he does? The powers he spams the most isn’t even his own.

  17. Taking over the world is so cliche it’s not even funny. Te best villains are the ones who do it just cause they want to which is y oro is so badass and the best naruto villain by far. He wanted knowledge of everything an was sadistic and crazy a la the joker.

  18. @Token
    Orochimaru is an awesome villain but he’s not as cool as Madara. Orochimaru is practically immortal to and toys around with his opponents like Madara. That’s why he doesn’t mind getting punch around by Tsunade like a rag doll, exchange a couple of blows to his head by the 3rd hokage, and get his arm ripped off by Naruto 3 or 4 tail Kyuubi beast mode. The big difference between Madara and Orochinaru is that Madara does it in a cooler fashion. Orochimaru messing around with his opponents comes off as being a petifile, creepy and at times beyond disturbing. Despite being immortal, Orochimaru seems petrified and weak at times. Sometimes even trembling with fear. Look at how hopeless he looks when he went face to face with Itachi and Sasuke. He was completely desperate to steal their bodies. You don’t see that with Madara. He’s completely relax and there haven’t been one thing he has done that made him seem uncool. He’s immortal like Oro but not as weird and strange like him.

  19. No madara is immortal oro can just survive. That’s what makes oro a great villain is the fact that he is creepy that he is odd lol. Madara hasn’t been afraid cause like I said he knows he’s hack right now. Power and being hacked doesn’t make him cool; in fact it’s sad that he talks this way because the one ninja he despised and respected is the reason he is this strong. For a uchiha that talks about pride and uchiha power it’s funny how the ony reason he is in control of this battle is because of the first hokages DNA. At first madara was cool cause he ha that demeanor; now it’s just getting old quick specially the more we see him use the firsts tech above his own . If he wanted to be cool use your own clans attacks, te clan that he claimed was superior. Don’t say one thing an than spam tech from a clan he felt was inferior to the uchiha

  20. And who wouldn’t be nervous about attacking itachi…. The guy while terminally ill could kick ass with just a finger and did it all while saying nothing… Nothing creepier and badass than getting owned by someone who doesn’t say a word except when he needs to confirm what the opponent knows all along; they have no chance

  21. @nss7

    We were just comparing, not actually going by people whom they may like.

  22. @Toke
    Look at the big piture of how many evil ninjas that was brought back by edo. They were all immortal and hack with their regeneration abilities, but none of them was compose as Madara. Orochimaru is immortal. He got killed by both the Uchiha bros and still came back to like healthier each time. Orochimaru is a great villain but you never associate him with being cool. Madara has for conducting himself well and he has use his own abilities and mix it with his other abilities. If Orochimaru stole Sasuke’s body and use all his jutsu, no one probably going to say Oro is cool. He’ll just be as creepy as before. Madara trumps Oro in that aspect of coolness.

  23. Pain had his cool moments – the way he dealt with jiriya an hinata was hot shit!!!

  24. Madara carries himself like a older sasuke; a self entitled brat that thinks he is cooler and the bees knees. Aside from how madara “carries” himself ( and to be honest what does that even mean), madara talks a bit too much. If he’s so tough than y just sit aside and wait? If naruto and bee were obstacles take them out right away. The stupid villains are always the ones that get too cocky. Stupid isn’t cool lol. When did u ever see ninja like itachi/minato etc just sit back? They did what they had to do and made sure that back up plans were in place in case something happened (btw madara wasn’t even supposed to come back like this so this shows how madara wasn’t smart either as his plan was to be summoned by Nagato. Itachi and minato had plans that even up to the war were playing out while madara had nothing to do with this summon of himself). Oro may have been weaker but u always knew he would find a way to survive and live on. He planned ways to be freed whether by curse seal or being absorbed. Madara just plain got summoned by a inferior ninja like a puppet. Yea no thanks.

  25. @Token – Madara didn’t JUST get cocky; he was cocky back in the day as well as evidenced in flashbacks with Oonoki. He’s having fun with the firsts techniques and with the Juubi but this by no means should be mistaken for a lack of ability.

  26. I think Sasuke is gonna be the hero in this one and hes going to come to the aid of naruto and crew and or something. I mean now is the perfect chance to reedem himself in front of everyone.

  27. Kishi should take some examples from the Walking Dead and start killing of more major characters.

    I mean people are dying 50 miles from the actual “war” but no no one major has died with in the war?

  28. @Token
    This is not about a character intelligence. It doesn’t matter if Madara is smart or not. Minato and Itachi were cool good guys but in terms of bad guys, Madara has that coolness. You can’t keep comparing Orochimaru to Madara about coolness because Orochimaru has never came close to be remotely be called a cool villain. Orochimaru doesn’t have it in him to be one. He’s a great villain but no one associate that word with Oro. The words that is use to represent Orochimaru more is creepy, petifile, rapist, etc.

  29. @eLeMBuzz
    I wouldn’t mind Sasuke lending a helping hand, but I do mind seeing him get “”redeemed” in front of everyone. Personally, I could care less about him holding hands Konoha’s 11 lol. I’m rooting for Sasuke to become the next villain. And the biggest reason for that is I and pretty much every person that reads this manga, have been waiting for a very, very long time to see his rematch with Naruto. It MUST happen.

  30. I never said oro was a cool villain I said he was the best villain. I was comparing oro with madara in terms of best villain and itachi/minato with madara involving coolness. Oro is a better villain than madara any day and itachi/minato showed more coolness and hell if u wanna go bad guy pein showed more coolness cause he killed when he had to instea of toying around. Pein was cooler villain than madara by far and pein wasn’t much for words either.

  31. @tayuwa I know he didnt just get cocky and at the beginning it was cool to see but now I’m tired of it; if he wants to be cool stop being a dumb villain and kill everyone as quick as possible. Playing around with ur opponent is never a good thing and stupidty to me isn’t cool lol

  32. did i hear rap battle!!!!!! im fuckin down!!!!!!! who wants to get merced

  33. @ nss7 would you stop sucking Madara’s dick already? He’s a Mary Sue. He’s nothing more than an older version of Sasuke; some hack who does absolutely no work to get his powers. In fact, I’d say he’s possibly WORSE than Sasuke, because at least for Sasuke we saw how he struggled with his new powers, making it look like he actually had to put effort in learning how to use them properly. He’s not cool, he’s boring, and it’s painfully obvious that he was just made up so Kishi could have a character who could compete against DBZ and Bleach characters, and I will GLADLY use his overrated ass as my new punching bag should he be in Storm 3

  34. @NemoPrime
    What’s with all the hate against Madara? Your telling me that all the other edo summoning was more fun to watch than Madara? Even if Madara is a boring character, he’s the only villain that has any value in this war. All the other edo villains were either more boring to watch or had no fundamental values on changing the coarse of the war. Edo Itachi and Nagato were fun to watch but they didn’t help out the opposing army against the alliance. Nagato did nothing at all to have an impact on war but simply lost and got sealed away. Itachi canceled Edo Tensed but that only helps out the alliance. Madara has been the only villain that has an impact on the war on the villain side and has only one that had even out the plane field by taking out the five hokages. No other villain has shift the momentum of the war. Not the other edo summoning, Zetsu, Kabuto, or Obito. They have done nothing in the war but made out to look like a complete joke. Madara the ONLY villain in the war that has killed someone important to the storyline. That gives Madara more credibility than any other villain. No villain became remotely close to doing the type of damage Madara has in this war. Without Madara this war is almost a filler and pointless. The whole reason the war started was to capture Naruto and Bee which Obito and all the other edo summon failed to do. Not only did they failed at that but they also could’nt kill any high class shinobi to weaken the alliance army. Name someone other than Madara that has given the bad guys a chance in winning the war?

  35. @ nss7 “Even if Madara is a boring character, he’s the only villain that has any value in this war.” That’s WHY I hate him. He’s a boring character that’s given WAY to much importance and screen time. There have been more interesting filler villains than Madara, yet this guy is the big bad. He doesn’t deserve to be this big. Obito, Orochimaru, Kabuto, Nagato, hell, even f***ing Sasuke are all more interesting characters who would make plot appropriate final bosses, yet the fact that this one dimensional living plot hole over shadows all of them AND HAS SO MANY FANS just really gets under my skin (I honestly wouldn’t hate him so much if it weren’t for how popular he is, sure I’d still hate him, but not as much)
    Yeah, he’s the biggest threat in this war, but that doesn’t make him interesting, or fun, or exciting. To reference TV Tropes: he’s a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere, which is just a sign of lazy writing.

  36. Ok, now that I think about it, Madara isn’t really a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere, since we actually knew about him long before his reveal. But I still think he counts as a Diablo ex Machina, which isn’t QUITE as bad, but still kinda lazy IMO.

  37. @Profess

    We’re waiting on kisu to get one started. He barely won the last one over me, and I got a lot more good material now, lol.

  38. @nss7 u know what villain has had a bigger impact? kabuto by far has been the biggest reason this war is goin on. Without kabuto madara doesnt even come into play and this war would have been over a while ago. Kabuto is actually directly responsible for pretty much this war on the villains side and he could be considered the villain with the biggest impact in this war easily.

  39. There can’t be another major villain in the series bigger than Madara. He was introduce in the storyline way before the war started as a legendary Uchiha. Shinobis made him out to be the strongest Uchiha and possibly the one of the strongest ninjas of all time. Every time his name was mention, it instantly got recognition as an immortal being. When Obito disguise himself as Tobi under Madara’s name, people always thought of him as immortal. That Madara can’t die. That he was ageless and will live forever. That all the distruction that has sent the ninja world in a tail spin since the birth of Naruto has been cause by Madara. That’s what made Tobi character interesting to begin with. No one payed much attention to Tobi character or thought he was dangerous until he put out the idea that he himself was Uchiha Madara. Who would have thought that a goofy Tobi would be the leader of the Akatsuki over Pein? No one would’ve cared if he did not pretend he was Madara. A lot people see Madara as a fan favorite as a villain because he was always the major villain in the series whether it was someone like Obito using his name or Madara himself in command. Many fans were accepting of Madara character before when everyone thought he was Tobi? Why not now? Madara name is power. Tobi was the biggest villain in the series under Madara’s name. Now Madara has came back to life, he is still the biggest evil badass boss that not everyone is on board with even though Tobi was just as disastrous when pretending to be Madara. There is no villain bigger than him by name or madara himself in the series.

    It’s true except 99% of Kabuto’s edo summoning has failed. The only success he had with his jutsu was bringing back Uchiha Madara.

  40. sure madaras name is power but again who brought him back? yea 99% failed but madara is kabutos puppet and kabuto is the villain responsible. MAdaras past means nothing if kabuto hadnt brought him back. And saying hes a major villain because someone used his name isnt even relevant seeing as how KABUTO brought the real madara back. kabuto is the villain who is the reason the juubi is out; no kabuto, no madara, obito beaten,war over. its really as simple as that

  41. @Token
    That is true that Kabuto played a key role but he will never be recognize as a top villain. He is too mentally weak and he doesn’t know who he is as an individual to be a top villain. If it wasn’t for Kabuto than Tobi will still be the top boss under Madara’s name. That would still give a lot of credibility to Madara’s character. Everyone was accepting before that Madara was top boss when we all thought he was Tobi. Either way, Madara name will be in the mix as top villain. That hasn’t change. I don’t know why everyone making a big deal now that it’s the real Madara himself. He has always been the force not to be reckon with and has always been the major villain as a name use by Tobi or Madara himself.

  42. @nss7 everyone thought Madara was dead until Obito started calling himself that. Then, and only then, did people start thinking of him as immortal.
    Not to mention that he wasn’t nearly as threatening back in his day. What makes him so powerful now is the fact that he merged with Hiruzen (aka the guy who kicked his generic ass) which also magically granted him the Rinnegan. And even then he STILL wouldn’t be this powerful if it weren’t for Edo Tensei making him immortal and giving him unlimited chakra. That meteor jutsu he pulled? Yeah, I’d like to see how he’d look after using that much chakra if he wasn’t and Edo zombie.
    And while I can’t speak for everyone, I accepted Madara as a character back when we thought Tobi was Madara was because TOBI was an interesting character, and thus I thought that Madara was an interesting character. Now that the real deal is out, I don’t think he’s as interesting.

  43. Some one sjould do a Tag team tournament poll.. Like the one ther been before on this site with ninja Vs ninja.. instead it should be Tag team.. Like NAruto and Jiyraia, Kakashi and Guy, A and B, Zabuza and Haku, Hidan and Kakuzu, and some other team and then let us vote who win

  44. Yo, you already know who it is, finally got break from a lifetime of training wit ANBU Black Ops(only a few weeks, but shiiit it felt that way) to catch up on chapters I missed and to comment on few things, before i disappear back into my agony. But Yall know my writing style on here by now, no matter how useless, false, or obvious it is, when bothers me, I type that shit down.

    I remember the scene when naruto just saved sakura from sasuke and they were about to clash with their signature techniques and for a moment Naruto was thinking about them in each others shoes( naruto the one attacking with a chidori an sasuke defending with an rasengan) an what if they were on opposite sides. Took me long enough to realize this(I’m a little slow), but that imagination did become a reality, through kakashi and obito.

    Countless complaints have already been made in regards to obito as a character and villain, an I agree with most of them. But from my point of view I think a few(however cliched) tweaks in his story would’ve made Obito a lot better an respectable. The two main ones being his fall, and his involvement on not just executing the moon eyes plan, but plotting it as well. I mean, the entire plan, with a few variations, was already well thought out by Madara in advance, an he would’ve carried it out himself if he weren’t already on his death bed. Instead of Madara lecturing Obito all day about what the ninja life really about, and see the death of one girl, an BAM, he’s pretty much sold. I would’ve prefered obito to witness these things firsthand overtime. He already had a disguise, everyone believes he’s dead, he shouldve been able to see the world completely from an outside view point, if anything, just simply to prove Madara wrong. Then realize that Madara’s words does hold some merit, then the moon eyes plan starts coming into effect, from obito’s own will. Rin’s death by kakashi’s hands should’ve been the last piece from the jango puzzle to fall, not the first. Obito has been protrayed as a lot like Naruto, an even though its been proven way in advance that Naruto’s the better man, the only time he went all ‘fuck this shit’ beserk was after death(believed at the time) of hinata back at Pain arc, an even then it was combination of Pain just destroying everyone and everything Naruto held dear. I just wish Obito’s backstory would’ve been fleshed out more; it was already one of the longest backstory in this manga, could’ve just went full- assed instead of half -assed.

    yea…..dats all I’m gonna say on that shit, now go back to sleep for a few more hours before more torture starts, I’ll be back probably later in the day, if not, next next, got a holiday break.

    5 months an 13 more days to go. 😦

  45. one more thing: is it bit sad that I get a little time to sneak away and check up on the outside world, and maybe get in contact with my family, and the FIRST thing I do is get on a manga website?

  46. It’s out early people!!!


  47. @Darth
    Nice to have u back even if only for a little bit! And NO it isnt sad that the first thing u do is check here – it’s quite common cause u love it lol i check here first then facebook lol

    Now this week’s chapter…………WTF Neji………Really………Muthafreakin Neji!!!

  48. A moment of silence for the genius of the Hyuuga….

    Shit just got real and Tobi doesn’t give half a cotdamn! I think we underestimated just how scarred Obito is.

  49. Damn, that chapter actually left a lump in my throat…

    Naruto is about to go buck.

  50. Madara: Took you long enough to kill someone obito.
    obito: Actually, I was aiming for the pink haired bitch………….

  51. Wow a lot of key information here.

    I love the friction between Obito and Madara right now. Madara and Obito can’t control the Juubi well enough, and after the next transformation, I guess they’ll have even less control, which is good for the Shinobi Alliance…pretty much what I thought. A being as powerful as the Juubi shouldn’t be so easily controlled by Obito and Madara…low and behold, it isn’t.

    And Obito having to use the Rinne Tensei jutsu to revive Madara as a human being rather than a Edo Tensei zombie is a nice card. Madara being revived by Kabuto was a real wrench in his plans, I’m pretty sure he wanted to become the junchuriki for the 10 tails himself, but now the two Uchihas have to share, and there may be a fight between them lol. Their inability to work together will be their downfall.

    One last thing…I want Yamato back. If the cells of the 1st are so important in controlling the Juubi, someone like Yamato should have somewhat of a caveat in controlling that thing. Besides Madara’s Edo Hax, he is the strongest Wood Release user, and I’m sure his power should somewhat be able to influence the Juubi. Maybe not much, but it should.

  52. holy shit – kishi just grew some, new chapter out on mangareader!!!

  53. BIG MAGNUM with yet another classic one liner:

    “I was going to try and hit them before they finished talking. ”

    I was over here rolling, lol.

    Well I guess we won’t get to see the Neji versus Sasuke fight.

    With all the deaths and mentioning of the reviving technique it’s time to queue up the about face for Obito to use the technique on all the fallen allied forces people and not BIG MAGNUM. So don’t fret everyone they’ll be back in about 20 to 50 chapters, lol.

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