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Bleach Chapter 519 & 520

Chapter 519: Hot, Hot, Heat
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Sorry I didn’t write anything last week. Holiday season is on meaning longer days and more tired. But I was not the only one…

Anyway, last week we had a pretty jummy title page Orihime’s boobs trying to break the hold of the towel, too bad it’s an image.

Anyway. Ichigo has arrived at the Spirit palace far above SS. Ichigo hadn’t forgotten about Aizen’s ambition his first question being. How did he get in here without the Ouken.

The elder answers his question. The Ouken is not a physical object. It’s power given to those that have become part of the Zero squad. So basically meaning only two ways to get in here if you are not a part of Zero squad. With permission of a Zero squad member or to create an Ouken, differently put. to create a Zero squad member.

Ichigo quickly realizes transport is a bit different around here. Every member has his own quarters, which look like small cities. however above the entry way. The Spirit King has its place above even that. Firstly we visit the Kirin palace.

Hot tub time. A lovely little bit with Ichigo not understanding f* all and the guy not really explaining anything until Ichigo start shouting at him.

The tub is a place for healing. All the bodies taken by Senjumaru’s taken her to help them recover. Even Rukia’s cute shiny butt gets some screen time.

Tenjiro Kirinji explains what it takes to heal these guys along with some respectful body handling. In short. The man has two baths. One to take out all the rotten reiatsu and then what is taking out in the hot spring gets replenished in the hell pond.

The last two pages are dedicated to a person we were eager to see. It’s Shikamaru from naruto with lenses. Pretty cool looking ones.

Oh wait, it’s the spirit king, Aizen did kinda resemble him a bit during certain stages of his evolution.

Chapter 520: Hot, Hot, Heat
Read Chapter

And then this week. Holy hell some nice reveals. Politics on the move. Central 46 starts making call already. First off and no a simple one.

Kyouraky gets promoted to the new Captain Commander of the Gotei 13.

The chapter switches back to the Spirit Palace. Ichigo still undergoing treatment. Kirinji decides to see if he’s healed punching Ichigo. Ichigo’s all healed up and ready to move on. Renji however want to go to. Kirinji punches Renji in the gut the latter barely able to take it.

With that Kirinji sends them flying again. His younger brother, who were drowning Ichigo were wearing a protective suit. But even their body’s are severely burned. I love how reluctantly had to admit Ichigo has some ridiculous speed potential to him.

Kyouraku already unsettles the Central 46 with his new plans. One being teaching Zaraki Kenpachi the art of killing… in other words, teach him how to use that sword of his properly.

But the biggest jaw dropper is who Kyouraku assigns to be his teacher.

The first “Kenpachi”

Holy hell. I always knew there was something to her.

I always thought she had some fighting ability in her.

Did not expect something quite like this though.

Wouldn’t mind letting her see kick some Zaraki-butt.


8 Responses

  1. Loved the chapter, loved your post, loving the way Bleach is going. It went from a penny on the floor to a flawless diamond.

  2. Bleach keeps getting better and better. Everyone guesses was right about the medic shiningami captain being the strongest. The name ‘Kenpachi’ would make her stronger than old man Yama.

  3. Guys, what do you think, will Renji’s bankai be fixed, cause it’s kinda broken..?

  4. just one question if spirit palace can reforge new blades can’t it help the others get a new bankai or is that completely impossible

  5. Next 5 chapters of Bleach are going to set it off!

  6. It can reshape the blade into something resembling the orignal. Fixed yes. Back to new.. never.

  7. new chapter is out on mangastream and mangapanda.

    Pretty awesome stuff in bleach. Love this Soul Palace place… no wonder Aizen wanted in the club.

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