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Naruto Chapter 613

Bleach Chapter 520

One Piece Chapter 692



35 Responses

  1. heres franky!!!

  2. Shit just got real on all fronts!

    Bleach – The Original Killer will teach Zaraki how to kill! Fact that Yamamoto called nix after just one day is telling…

    Naruto – Shikamaru has been drawing the short straw for a while now 😦

    One Piece – Battle royale about to ensue when Law steps outside to join Franky versus Baby and … Whatshisname

  3. BIG MAGNUM with another classic opening one liner. This guy never ceases to amaze me, lol.

  4. Yoooo! Naruto – soooooo shikaku an them l the face on different si ot are dead – finally some death in this war!!! Kishi did a good job with this – ino’s face with those tears was deep – good work. Also i like the design of the mature juubi with the features of des looks freaky!

    One piece – Baby 5 is hotttttt!!! Lol That weapons fruit can be ridiculously dangerous if used accurately with strong attack power. Also is it just me or does Buffalo look like the giggling gorilla from foxy pirates?! Luffy’s gear 3rd elephant gun bazzuka was fuckin mean!!! Aint no dodgying that shit!

    Bleach – yeahhhhhhhh yuppppp yooooooooo!!!! This was the best of the big 3!!…… And the NEWWWWW captain commander and 1st division Captain The badass lady lovin kyuraku!! Jheeeeeez, dude is a beast remember when he beat stark the number 1 espada in just shikai form….epic! And whats his first move……to teach Zaraki “the art of killing” jheeeez! And Unohana…..WTF…..THE FIRST FUCKIN KENPACHI!!! This bitch is the first!!! She’s the murderer and the healer!! Tite Kubo is pimp slappin readers in the eye with this good shit!!

  5. “Tite Kubo is pimp slappin readers in the eye with this good shit!!” Hahahaha, that has to framed and mounted somewhere

  6. they took out the brain!!!!!!!! FRICK ON A STICK WITH A HUGE BRICK!!! come on shikaku use that brain to make the perfect plan to take down the ugly huge mofo and the big gimps sitting on top of it.

  7. cant wait to see what baby 5 thinks when sanji starts hitting on her 😛

  8. @Jay – well spotted! Sanji is going to confuse this child! Sanji as well may be a bit confused as women always reject him; how does he react to reciprocated feelings???

  9. @tawuya – lol i say, let baby 5 join the straw hats, would be pure comedy

  10. @Tensa

    You’ve been picking up some pointers from BIG MAGNUM I see, lol.

  11. That´s the typical Naruto chapter, when you can´t wait for the next chapter to come

  12. @jay an tawuya,

    Lol imagine if sanji does a complete 180 an doesnt want that hot piece of gun slinging ass?! Nahhhh sanji knows better than to refuse baby 5’s massive canons! But……what if nami actually gets jealous of her not gettin the usually cook’s attention!


    I learn from the best – still cracking up how he thought Tsunade ugly!

  13. @tensa – i dont think he’ll know what to do lol

    and i guess big magnum dont like senju women, just straight up uchiha

  14. Unohana has always been an interesting character to me…there’s a reason Shunsui and Jushiro have always been scared of her, her being the original Kenpachi makes sense.

  15. What do they mean original kenpachi. And kenpachi is a name given only to the strongest shinigami? That mean Ken can be even more beast than shunsui? And just how beast is shunsui himself. All these guys seem very scary to me. Joshiro, shunsui, unohana, ken.
    So what is kenpachi’s real name then?

    Why did unohana become so passive? This is making the whole aizen arc feel like filler with those top captains refusing to use their bankais and all and how the old man was stopped from using his bankai. It seems Aizen never really stood a chance, even if ichigo had failed. Those three, uno, shu, and jos could have easily handled aizen and his army of they got serious.
    Then even if he had gotten past them some how, there was then the 0 squad. What the hell was Aizen thinking. Only smart thing he did was making himself immortal. Still that wouldn’t have been enough it seems.

  16. @citypunk except one thing, aizen never used his bankai either. He dispatched all of em with either his shikai or just a swipe of his sword.U think using bankai would’ve made any difference?

  17. The first page of madara was kinda funny to me. Its like he was watching the alliance charging him in slow motion…

    *madara: standing ground……checking his watch…..whistling…….walk to Mickey D’s and ordered a MChicken an a dollar sweet tea…….returned to the battlefield…..

    BIG MAGNUM: yo obito, are they here yet?
    OBITO :Naw dawg they still charging at us..
    BIG MAGNUM: (-_-) ………….

  18. @ Unknown

    BIG MAGNUM: *Sigh* Alrite then son while we wait for these bitch ass ninja to get here – connect the juubi eye to the PS3
    OBITO: But i wanna play Xbox
    BIG MAGNUM: Bitch i said PS3, before i poke both ur damn eyes out so u cant see shit!
    OBITO: Awww man! Why u always wanna tell me what to do?!
    BIG MAGNUM: Coz i run shit mayn – i should have let ur krusty ass die under that rock wit ur mouth open so a bird can shit in it! Now get the pads i’m player 1, ur player 2!

    *Itachi from heaven*

    ITACHI: They lucky im dead i’d have kicked both their asses, call of duty black ops bitch!!!

  19. @tensa

    *while playing zombie mode on black ops*

    OBITO – hey BIG M, that zombie looks like you 😛

    BIG MAGNUM – *pimp back hand* bitch please

  20. all this hype for the alliance, a great combination attack and working together, using an amazing technique. 1 of 2 things are going to happen next. 1 – Big Magnum is going to see this alliance is a force to be reckoned with and go all out, or 2 drop a bar and take out half of the alliance in 1 strike, because the hype of the alliance no jutsu is just that. HYPE

  21. @ Unknown an Jay

    OBITO: Why’d u hit me? I hate you!

    BIG MAGNUM: Stop crying like a little bitch and man up!
    You cried when that kid wit the silver hair an no mouth killed ur little wannabe girlfriend, u probably cried when that little blonde haired blue muffin slapped u in the face an broke ur mask an ur crying now gettin ur ass whooped on PS3! Wipe those tears an do some pushups!!

    *Itachi from heaven*

    *Jiriya from heaven*
    JIRIYA: Itachi, will u quit screaming, ten ten left the war an is in the shower – look that konoha booty!!

  22. ITACHI – forget tenten, you may wana look at tsunade

    JIRAIYA – *pervy grin* ok *sees tsunade cut in half* ahhh damn, if only
    i had a few minutes with the top half

    ITACHI – ……..you sick bastard!

  23. Hahaha…jay and tensa y’all so crazy!

  24. I think the only way to slow/stop the Jubi is to use Genjutsu on it. Sounds ironic considering it’s being control by two uchihas, but it last thing you’d expect.

  25. besides Naruto and K Bee giving surrendering!

  26. @Punk, Kenpachi doesn’t necessarily dictate the strongest shinigami, but rather the best sword skills. If it was the strongest overall, the Yama would have been it, but that is not the case. She is probably the best swordsmen in the SS, dating back to her days as one of the original captains.

    As for the strength of the old ones, Unohana and Shunsui are the ones I would watch. Her calm and peaceful demeanor are nicely set to reveal a monster when she decides to fight; like I said, she even scared Shunsui and Joshiro with her strength. As for shunsui, the care free and laid back attitude has always been synonymous with strength in any kind of Manga, just look at Kakashi. I think he is well deserving of being the head of the 13, look at his only real battle he’s had which was against Stark. He may have looked up against the ropes but I never got the indication that he was taking it seriously.

    As for the Aizen thing, he was an impossible person to beat because of his hypnosis ability. It’s the same as fighting in a dream that he created except there is nearly no way to break free of it. Fighting him under normal circumstances just wouldn’t work, even if they were physically stronger.

  27. @cityPunk – from the get go, “Kenpachi” was always a name given to the most bloodthirsty/deadly of the captains. Present Kenpachi’s real name is Zaraki. When fighting an enemy who has manipulated your senses its a bad idea to go full bankai coz u won’t be sure what ur hitting. Plus they were fighting on Earth so it would be dangerous.

    Ichigo had never seen full release of aizen sword so he was unaffected.

    Aizen arc was key to whole of Bleach

  28. Zaraki is the name of the district he is from. He doesn’t have a name. He named himself Kenpachi.

  29. Is it just a coincidence that Zaraki’s lil lieutenant and Unohana share the same name – “YACHIRU”???

  30. @Tawuya
    He named little Yachiru after Unohana coz that’s the only person Zaraki has ever admired. It was in a flashback episode i believe. I really wanna see Zaraki’s training with Unohana coz he is gonna get OP as fuck especially as he has ALOT to live up to with the Kenpachi name, he may even learn bankai or even get on that yammamotto shit an learn 4 different modes of bankai. Oh shit just realised Unohana being the first Kenpachi means she’s freakin oldddddddd! Im talking super great great granny old! I wonder if any other Kenpachi’s are alive an ass-kicking out there. The next few chapters i wanna see hardcore training from Zaraki, Byakuya, Ichigo – dont really care much about Renji an sprinkle in a bit of Aizen too.

  31. @Tensa – ah okay; I see… Whilst a sprinkle of Aizen would be appreciated I want a cotdamn cupful! Lol, maybe some interrogation or discussion with Aizen that reveals more of Juha and Soul King

  32. @ unknown, tensa, and jay

    I smell a spinoff: The wacky adventures of BIG MAGNUM and Obito. Today’s episode “Who ate all the fruity pebbles back at the secret hideout.” Then let thr hilarity ensue, lol.

  33. @uchihatheinfamous

    i have a few more but im gona save them for now lol. that sounds good to me

  34. I had a good few more but didnt wanna spam the comments with my comedy lol Did anyone else notice that guy an lee opened the 5th gate?! They should have gone straight to the 7th gate an blasted the juubi straight in the eye coz i doubt that skinny starving pokemon can keep up with that kinda speed

  35. the soul king’s eyes remind me of both Aizen’s eyes in his near complete/perfect mode and Naruto’s in his Sage and Kyuubi chakra mode against Pein.

    Great friggin chapters, sorry do see 2/3 of the Ino-Shika-Cho OG gang be forbidden jutsu material

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