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Its Out!!!

Naruto Chapter 612


One Piece Chapter 691

eustass_kid___2_years_later_by_youkokurama1-d55a5fbBleach Chapter 519



67 Responses

  1. T-Law chopped up Vergo like sushi! Luffy about to elephant punch that punk to the moon! :-0


    NARUTO was ok But i have a feeling madara and obito is gonna mop the floor wit the Alliance…

    The King of Souls is a Alien?!? O_O”

  3. All Hail The King!!! Will be interesting to see what each of the palaces hold for Ichigo and whether Aizen was right…

    Bye bye Ceasar Clown 😦

    Alliance about to get smashed; I kinda like Obito/Madara combo 🙂

  4. shinobi allian no jutsu….comeon bro comeon how about you pull out a can of whip ass on them….jeeeeez

  5. Naruto – once again we see cheesy freakin lines from naruto an obito – its pure cheese, 100% cheddar! Talk no jutsu is just round the damn corner!! Now they wanna try an use physical attacks on BIG MAGNUM?! WTF! Were these ninja smokin some grass blunts before they arrived? That taijutsu aint gonna work! Remember when madara first showed up, he was kickin people’s jaws off like a kid swinging a baseball bat – this is easy work for him! Also the juubi….its a freakin god i wanna see some god like techniques, some god like destruction, some god like deaths!!

    Bleach – Did u see that assssssssss?! Who knew Rukia had booty?! Fuck hot springs ichigo need to give her that sexual healing! Now the soul king……his eyes look just like Aizens when he was in condom mode! Also im interested in urahara’s background coz he knows too much! He clearly knows the zero squad….

    One piece – Thats right usopp talk ur shit boy!!! He is no longer usopp but is now mansopp!!! I bet baby 5 an buffulo are gonna jump i an saved the krusty clown

  6. @Tensa

    Naruto – YEEERRRPPP!!! This chapter was proper cheese and I hope that next chapter opens with JuMaTo (JUubi, MAdara, obiTO) unleashing something fierce and killing a whole bunch of people to add some emotional weight to this story!

    Bleach – yes, Aizen eyes; VERY interesting. Maybe Aizen and Urahara met him at same time (soul king) and even discussed him; hence aizen’s shock at urahara trying to stop him at very end.

  7. @ Tawuya,

    Jumato need to go on the offence an pull off some sharingan an rinnegan combos….the alliance have had their moment now we should see some amatersu animal path genjutsu type of combo – they have the BEST eyes in the history of the series start using them ffs!

    Bleach – Its weird the zero squad were so insistent that aizen was evil like they’ve met him before….there’s definately a deep rooted connection with urahara, aizen an the soul king…. wat if urahara an isshin kurosaki were once the soul kings right hand men or citizens of one of those soul palace citizens…

  8. @tawuya

    JuMaTo I like that, lol. Really just needs to be JuMa cause Tobi isn’t even in their league. I love how BIG MAGNUM has these snappy come-backs for everything Naruto says. Like his opening line in this chapter. Not only is he poweful but he keeps a sarcastic bit of humor about it. That tells you the difference in strength between he and Obito. Obito is doing all this whinning and he’s cracking jokes and having fun while fighting. People can say what they want about him being too overpowered but I really like everything about him, especially his personality.

  9. @Tensa – that raises the interesting question of who exactly comprises the citizens of the Zero Palaces… Imagine an entire society comprised of bankai enabled shinigami!?

    @UTI – Madara “is the beeeessst!” Lol, the man shaped what ninja society is today in the Naruverse. His one-liners are the things of legend; practiced and perfected in his underground lair…

  10. @tawuya

    Lol, agreed. I can just see him practicing his one liners in the mirrors at home.

  11. So the Sarutobi clan is bigger than we knew.. all of them making nice and warm fire 😛 ocr is it just leaf ninja and not only sarutobi

  12. Wasn’t obito just getting his ass kicked by 4 shinobi? Why hasn’t he ran out of chakra yet n how did he heal so fast? Also what makes him so confident he barely seems like he’s at kage level but he can take on a whole alliance? he almost lost to konan smh

  13. Just when you think naruto has the copper had kishi brings out another perfect form.

    Bleach is getting pretty good

    One piece was great like usual . This came into my mind thought what if smoker and what’s her face join the straw hats , I can see that happening if the fleet admiral finds out that smoker worked with luffy he can kick him out of the marines. That would be great if it did happen

  14. @antnasty – would be great if it did, but i dont see it happening, smoker like the rest, i think, may sail under strawhat flag, like jinbei, and possibly even some whitebeard pirates

    big magnum is a total BEAST!!!

  15. @ Tawuya, what if in those cities is where the royal families are?!!!! Arent Byukuya an Yororichi from royal families, i cant remember exactly but wasnt there 4 or 5 royal bloodlines….

    @ Jay,
    What if luffy’s final fight isnt with akainu or blackbeard but is with smoker in the final clash for justice…..how’s that for a twist! Lol

  16. @tensa – i love twists in manga lol, putting smoker aside if his final fight is against shanks or even his own father, who created the revolutionary army pourly for taking over the world. in fact helping luffy against smoker in logue town, sending kuma to seperate the strawhats, who in turn sent them to islands where they gained strength, for the sake of helping gain one piece, so luffy can help him to take over. long shot but still lol 😛

  17. @jay,
    now that would be a dirty twist! That’d be an epic father vs son clash, like Akuma vs Ryu or Vegeta vs Trunks! lol This is my one piece theory, what IF the 3 types of skypeins made the 3 types of Devil Fruit back on the moon, before the Void Century these got stollen by the WG during a war an scattered across the world, one piece itself is an item which could allow use of all 3 types of DF at the same time through mastery of 3 types of haki and be able to swim and use or disable the ancient weapons. 6 moons, 3 types of skypeins, 3 ancient weapons, 3 types of devil fruit and the 3 types of haki have gotta be connected – i’ll stick to the theory until the day one piece ends lol

  18. @tensa – great theory. i see the moons having some part, especially with enel going to the ‘moon’ earlier in the manga, enel will return. either as a marine or lone wolf in the new world. too good of a character to not come back.

  19. @jay,

    The moons – this is where monet could be important to the strawhats, she studies that stuff – her an robin could be a huge information bank to the crew! I dont see Enel coming back, he was mad beastly though -what if the strawhats went out of space to his moon. A space arc would be insane!

  20. @Tends and Jay if were talking about crazy twist then how bout luffy vs zoro that would be and epic fight

  21. obito heals fast and never tires from chakra exhaustion because the crushed half of his body was replaced with hashiramas living clone.

  22. It’s rediculous that somehow the alliance figure out that Obito can only slip from reality for up to 5 minutes. Where did they get that info?

  23. Why Kakashi didn´t finish Obito off when he had the chance, instead he teleported himself back.


    First of all, the Sage of 6 Paths has been its only Jinchuuriki (sp?). The Sage himself had trouble with the beast and couldn’t completely subjugate it, as the seal on the beast would break and it would be freed if he died. The only way he completely defeated it was by separating its chakra into the 9 tailed beasts.
    Madara is nowhere near the Sage in terms of power, and we know how weak Obito really is on this scale…once an opponent can counter his Kamui (Naruto/Kakashi, Minato, Konan) he sucks. The Madara that actually lived didn’t have the Rinnegan, a youthful body, and Wood Release all at once. He probably would’ve lost to the Kage were it not for Kabuto’s upgrades. Madara and Obito shouldn’t have the power to control the 10 tails so easily.

    The only counterpoint I can think of is when the 9 tails said that the Juubi evidently has no consciousness.

    Also I wanna see what the Tailed Beasts gave Naruto come into play. Maybe some super secret reverse seal to pull them out of the Juubi?

  25. @????? – lol, that’s a lot of assumptions!

  26. Madara loose to the kages without kabuto’s upgrades….nah i dont see it!

  27. Why did Madara mention that The Juubi is almost in its perfect form? So it will reach its perfect form without the 9 tails and 8 tails? Damn! Im confused.

  28. @rocks

    I was wondering the same thing. Maybe he means he is still planning on catching the eight and nine tails. I don’t know. Pretty confusing.

  29. Didn’t Madara or Tobi say they didn’t need entire Beast but that a piece would suffice? Maybe that’s why it has to go thru process of maturing as opposed to being formed perfect if it had whole 8 and 9 tails?

  30. I have one question. How did BIG MAGNUM get the gedo’s body down from the moon? I know the rinnegan helped, but he must have had some stupidly powerful chakra to make that type of a summoning, and from such a long range. That tells you how beast he was even back then.

  31. I bet his tsukoyomi is beaster than Itachi’s as well. It’s obvious that Sasuke and Itachi are his direct descendants, because they inherited all his jutsu just on lower scales.

  32. I just had a thought. Sasuke will be able to awaken his rinnegan without getting some of Zetsu’s or Naruto’s dna because he already has some in him…….All those times he bit on karin and sucked up her chakra. He has to be teaming with her uzumaki chakra. Plus, he was bound to get some of her dna in him from her blood when he bit her. That may be why he can spam his jutsu so much. Just a random thought.

  33. Madara is the closest one to being the next Sage of the Six Paths. He already have the sage eyes (rinnegan) and the sage body (Harashima Senju real body). He’s controlling the Juubi through the rinnegan. Obito rinnegan was able to control the Gedo Mazo with all nine tails in it (with some exception to the 8 and 9 tails). That’s more than enough to equal the ten tailed imperfect Juubi. He’s controlling the Juubi the same way he would with the Gedo Mazo.

  34. @nss7 konan mentioned obito can only slip through at 5 minutes intervals
    in that same chapter with their fight obito regenerative abilities weren’t that great he had his injuries to well after the battle its impossible that he completely healed in a few minutes during the war

  35. @antnasty – that would be a dirty twist, however sounds almost impossible, after zoro took on all the pain an fatigue luffy gained in thriller bark arc, that would be the ultimate kick in teeth for fans

  36. I think you guys are vastly underestimating the Kages here…they are Kages for a reason. Madara without the Rinnegan/Wood release isn’t much…besides those techniques, what has he actually used from his own arsenal? Just Susanoo, Sharingan, and some Fire techs. Awesome, but nothing that we haven’t seen successfully countered before. Naruto could even take Madara down were it not for Wood Release/Rinnegan hax. The path to strength in Naruto isn’t only taking a Sharingan and getting Wood Release…in general I hate how much these abilities are hyped and overdone.

    And I’d have to disagree with you @nss7. The Sage is MUCH more than raw power, and overall, his ideals are more important. The Sage valued love as the key to peace, so he declared his younger son as his successor as opposed to fake peace coerced through power. The closest one to the Sage in terms of the ideals he held is Naruto, and the tailed beasts are a testament to that. Madara/Obito may have power, but we know that power isn’t everything in this story. Eventually, the Juubi will reject them, and the power they have won’t be enough.

  37. @??????
    Madara already had the wood technique and the rinnegan before his death. The only technique that wasn’t originally his was the wood technique. The rinnegan he got was from requiring the Senju cell to activate his sharingan to a rinnegan. Madara was the first one to discover this secret since the Sage of the Six Paths. The rinnegan should rightfully be Madara’s own technique for discovering this truth before every else.

    Naruto being closes to the Sage of the Six Paths? You have some point about their similar ideals but strength and power wise, Naruto is only half as stronge as the Sage. Naruto represents only the sage body. The other half that represents the Sage eyes would be Sasuke. The only one that comes even close to the Sage of the Six Paths strength and power would be Madara for having both the sage body and eyes. Naruto is only as strong as one of the Sages son. His power is nowhere near the Sage or Madara.

  38. What do you all think about the theory I posted above about how Sasuke can get the rinnegan?

  39. @UchihaTheInfamous
    I don’t believe Karin chakra is enough to activate a rinnegan for Sasuke. Sasuke would need more than just a bit of chakra from an Uzumaki chick. Madara had to steal actual Senju DNA to activate his, but it took many years before his eyes activated into a rinnegan. Danzou and Obito Uchiha had Senju DNA and the sharingan and still couldn’t get the rinnegan. Sasuke would need something more for a rinnegan. I believe the scroll and Orochimaru would be the perfect solution of getting rinnegans for Sasuke.

  40. Does anyone else see where this story is going? Naruto getting the ten-tailed Juubi sealed within himself for the complete sage body and Sasuke getting the rinnegan and Susanno perfect form for the Sage eyes.

  41. @nss7
    And then Naruto an Sasuke vs BIG MAGNUM then the final Naruto vs Sasuke clash (btw sasuke is winning 2-0 in the their little battle tally) where does this leave orochimaru tho?

  42. @Tensa Gizzla
    Orochimaru will unraffle the secrets of the rinnegan to Sasuke and will be the deciding factor of Sasuke’s fate from here on out. I don’t see Sasuke teaming up with Naruto. That would defeat the purpose for another Naruto vs Sasuke showdown. He has too much Uchiha pride to work with Konoha and Naruto.

  43. Is aizen really that evil? He never killed anyone( except Gin, whos not even confirmed ). He couldve easy killed all the captains and head captian 2 arcs ago but never did, he would wound them badly but never went for the kill shot… This makes me think aizen must know something about the soul king everyone else doesnt

  44. @nss

    I’m sure karin bled all those times he bit her so thats tranferring dna each time. Uzimaku DNA + uzumaki chakra + ems sounds like a pretty good combo for the rinnegan, and now BIG PIMPIN is back with his vast knowledge. Sounds like a winner.

  45. Still don’t understand how the hell obito survived his accident, with half his body fucked up EXECPT his eye. A five year old can crush an eyes with his bare hands.

  46. An when the hell zoro is gonna show off his skills. It seems he’s been put up against pushovers even usshop can deal with. During pre skip he was always paired against opponents almost strong if not stronger than him. I mean luffy easily took care all his opponents, but at least they were able to make luffy show off some of his new moves.

  47. @nss7 and UTI
    U reckon once sasuke is done with orochimaru he will kill him off for good?? Karin is the only connection to sasuke getting the rinnegan an him sucking on her a few times seems a pretty legit way for that eye evolution to happen

    Aizen and Urahara are both ahead of the game, both of these too are packed with knowledge about the spirit king – Urahara is the guy tho – it’s almost like he was the puppet master stopping aizen with a kido that would only activate once ichigo did his part, knowledge is power an i wouldnt be surprised if aizen tries to kill urahara at some point

    It’s the same with Sanji really. We just gotta wait until the monster trio get a set of actual new world level fighters not a scientist and his flying side kick! Law an Smokey definately got the fighter of this arc but hopefully Baby 5 an Buffalo can push some of the guys to their limit and we can see some new techniques e.g. Diable Jamble Rankaku or 2 sword style haki slash

  48. @ tensa and nss

    I don’t think Sasuke is strong enough to beat BIG PIMPIN. Oro took on a 4 tails Naruto with ease, and both sanin with no working arms. Sasuke’ s genjutsu may finally be strong enough to trap Oro, that would have to be his main strategy to beat him.

  49. Rember the time when the Anbu (then extremly dangerous and fared) said ehrn they saw Oro Vs Sarutobi Wow a Kage vs kage level fight, never thougt i see that.. Now its like pfff Oro and Sarutobi who??

  50. @Tensa Gizzla and UchihaTheInfamous
    Sasuke has advance his Susanno into the form Itachi has achieved when he killed Orochimaru. Sasuke can easily kill Orochimaru with susanoo or genjutsu.

  51. @nss7 and UTI

    Sasuke once said “Orochimaru, you are weaker than me”….that shit was true then an it’s true now! Oro does have his arms an is in good health it would seem but those snake jutsu’s aint cuttin it against sasuke’s level of sharigan an susanno. That’s why i was curious as to what would happen to BIG PIMPIN after sasuke is done with him

  52. Sasuke learns the entire truth decides to see who’s destiny is right by fighting naruto loses gives his eyes to naruto so he can finally become the reincarnation of the Sage and save the world from destruction

  53. @Tensa Gizzla
    Orochimaru is also weaker than Kabuto. It shows how weak he has become in the series. Mostly against Uchihas in general, but he’s still a badass villain.

    A better ending would be if Sasuke and Karin hook up and start making rinnegan kids.
    Sasuke (Uchiha) + Karin (Uzumaki body) = rinnegan baby. They can make a whole clan of the Sage of the Six Paths together.

  54. @nss7 im not sure oro is weaker than kabuto… for one part of what has made kabuto stronger is the parts of oro he integrated into himself. Not only that but the time oro lost to sasuke he was basically on his death bed. And power doesnt mean stronger; oro had power and intellect to go with his fighting skills. Kabuto is a good strategist but oro u will notice has figured out alot of stuff on his own and has had back up plans in place to continue to live on. He wasnt considered a genius and prodigy by the third hokage himself for no reason.

  55. $10 bucks says zoro’s hiding a sharingan in his left eye…

  56. @Token
    Oro lost to Itachi easily by his genjutsu despite being in perfect health when they were members of Akatsuki. Then he easily lost again by Itachi Susanoo when he was in full strength, after escaping Sasuke’s curse seal. One thing we know now is Sasuke genjutsu and Susanoo is almost as strong as Itachi’s to take down Oro in a matter of seconds if he wanted to.

    I’ll agree with you on Kabuto not being as intelligent and talented as Oro. He was only a copycat and use all of Oro experiment to enhance his own skills. All the credit should go to Oro, but Kabuto should still get some credit for becoming stronger than Oro by developing a new sage mode that surpasses Oro’s own physical form.

  57. Genjutsu yes, but susanoo, I’m not convinced. Itachi went straight to sealing orochimaru off when he escaped sasukes curse mark. Wouldn’t orochimaru just regenerate like he always do when hes physically attacked?

  58. @nss7, token, and cas24

    Don’t forget oro went to the sage training first; kabuto just got father than he dis. Same case with naruto and jiraiya and minato. Naruto just got farther than they did. And I’m still not sure if naruto could beat either jiraiya or his father. On top of that oro just absorbed all of kabutos powers including the sage ones because he was still in sage form when oro absorbed them. I think genjutsu is the only way for Sasuke to beat him. Susanoo would be stopped by that big wall thing he put up when he was fighting naruto. Don’t forget Manda 2.0 is out there lurking as well, lol. And oro has the knowledge he has about tHe

  59. Edo jutsu he absorbed from kabuto. So he knows how to use it in its perfected form, although I don’t know whose left to summon, lol.

  60. @Unknown

    I reckon Zoro’s enhanced his eye to some sort of demon eye that will boost his observation haki and “fear” to a ridiculous level!

    Oro is fresh out of summons an Manda 2.0 would get owned just like the original Manda did! Sasuke’s susanno would shoot arrows through Orochimaru’s rashumon gate like a knife through butter! Itachi was spot on when he said “Orochimaru……before my eyes all of your jutsu become useless!” damn never realised kishimoto had some serious one liners! Another good one Pain “My pain……is greater than yours!”

  61. @Tensa

    Lol, that was a good one from Pein, lol. I still liked BIG MAGNUM’s though, what he said to Naruto:

    “They’re becoming a nuisance to you as well aren’t they….would you like for me to get rid of them all?”

    Just straight beast man, lol. Like it would be nothing to wipe them out in one swift move.

  62. @UTI

    BIG MAGNUM’s one liners are disgusting!! He roasted the 5 kages with quote after quote, one of my faves fighting the kages to oonoki

    “Dont give me that look oonoki…i taught u once before how far beneath me you are”

    Epic bars from the king of uchiha’s.

  63. Hahaha, All Hail The King!!!

    Madara gave Oonoki a proper, “mxim, bitch please…”

  64. @tensa and tawuya

    He’s a beast on that m-i-c, lol. That one against the onoki as epic.

  65. The bad thing about it is that he is dead serious each time he says something, and he would and could back up anything he says. That’s why they are so epic. That plus the heavy sarcasm that he lays on top of each quote.

  66. Another epic BIG MAGNUM quote for oonoki:

    “You dance well……..but your steps are STILL too shallow” hahahaha fuck naruto rename the show BIG MAGNUM!!

    Also did anyone catch the latest anime episode of one piece where that new enemy shuzo disrespected the shit out of sanji and i quote “His bounty is 77 million……meh, he’s no one!!!” which got me thinking – Sanji isnt a supernova whereas Zoro an Luffy are – i think Oda needs to boost up the rest of the crews bounties an have them piss off the government big time, coz luffy being 400 mil an zoro being 120 mil an sanji 77 is abit unfair an almost makes him look like he carries the crew bigtime as the crew is weak- fair enough he’s the captain but the bounties should be more like Luffy 400 mil, Zoro 307 mil an Sanji 250 mil in my humble opinion – maybe battling with warlord string string man doflamingo might earn them a well deserved boost

  67. its out and bleach is getting very interesting http://www.mangapanda.com/

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