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Bleach Chapter 518: The Shooting Star Project

Chapter 518: The Shooting Star Project
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I am keeping it short and sweet this week. Had a longs

Well, Urahara and co are safe and sounds it seems. Poor little Kon being everybody’s experimental stuffed animal. Even becoming a wide-screen broadcasting system. Mayuri is pretty hilarious here too.

The beginning doesn’t contain much note worthy conversation except when mystery man shows up. It is someone who Ichigo knows. And going by the rolled up sleeve on page it could very well be Grimmjow.

Urahara assures everything is fine making sure Ichigo gets a clear head for the battles to come. Chad even wonder if Ichigo would walk away. Urahara points out the obvious, Chad should really know it about Ichigo. He won’t.

Ichigo has already decided. He asks the bald man if his sword can be repaired. The Zero Squad ‘leader’ confirms once more than it cannot, but. The spirit palace there is a peerless reijutsu that cannot be found. In short. The best method available for shaping zangetsu as close to the original form as possible.

So… now that they want to go back…

Exactly. We all remember her right? The Tenchuuren(heavenly pillar) has no way to get back by itself, so you need a big ass canon. Which only she has. Anyway, the Zero squad wastes no time and it blasted up in the air.

So the last interesting bit is seeing Ganjuu again. And the other three.

They were human after all. Nice to see Tite hasn’t forgotten about them and gave them a part in things to come. It makes the whole Fullbring feel less like a filler arch.


3 Responses

  1. Reforging a new sword huh…I guess when it happens, we will finally see Zangestu talk to Ichigo.

  2. Good review!! Still waiting to see what happens with Kenny……..

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