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One Piece Chapter 690 – Underestimation can Kill


To think that Zoro defeating someone with fear itself was badazz, but for Law to cut Virgo in two with one swing of his sword. That is just too epic. At first your thinking Smoker and Law just got themselves handed by the same man, but than bang out of no where Law shows why he is epic next to the Strawhats. Nonetheless, lets dissect this weeks chapter.

Why So Serious?

Luffy is dead serious this chapter, you can see by his body language that he has had it with this situation. He is not playing anymore and when Luffy is monkey_d__luffy__one_piece_by_rapperfree-d58i1o5serious he becomes very dangerous. In fact, its a trait all of the 3 Trio Monsters share, they have this guffy, and comical way of life, but once they become serious, they become what they are called ‘The Monster Trio’. But I like the fact that you can relate to Luffy, that his expressions or better yet his emotions are real and we as the audience can relate to him. I personally have a vendetta against CC because he is pure evil and has no conscience. So far CC has been able to evade Luffy twice and Luffy will not let it happen a third time, my favorite part of this chapter; it is as if Luffy is saying to CC “Shut up and become my prisoner.” While Luffy is giving CC a beat down of his life, Ussop looks for a Sea Stone Handcuff. I found this to be very interesting because Ussop rarely goes venturing alone and he also shows his smart whits as he comes up with the idea that CC will be more manageable once he is in Sea Stone Handcuffs. Good thinking on Ussop’s part, but what is more interesting is that he is facing a Platoon and it will be nice to see Ussop getting himself out of this one.

Smoker Vs Virgo

11Lots of us fined this to be the most interesting thing to talk about. Awhile back I described this fight to be very similar between the two Admirals. But what I failed to say is that the situation is different here. In this situation, it is not about two Marines who have their own theory of Justice. This fight between Smoker and Virgo is a match between two different factions of Justice and Anarchy. Smoker, believe it or not has a good heart, we have seen that when he spared the Strawhats, and he also cherishes his comrades whether upper or lower division marine. Virgo on the other hand is the complete opposite. He is a two faced douche bag that will make you love him from the bottom of your heart, but he will come to you and rip your heart out without one shade of resentment. In simple terms the character of Smoker and Virgo are complete opposite of each other.

Underestimation can Kill

This chapter has Trafalgar Law written all over it. This alliance between Law and Luffy is a match made in heaven.16 Law has all the brains and Luffy has all the fire power. Law from day one knew what he wanted and he set out to make the perfect plan. In summary his main plan or the start of his plan is to destroy the only source of SAD. SAD is a substance that can produce only Zoan Devil Fruits. For those who do not know Devil Fruits are extremely rare to find and the ones that are found and eaten are done so in mere happenstance unless you know what to look for. But CC is the only person so far that is able to manufacturer SAD. CC is sort of the factory chef that makes products for Doflamingo who in turn is the salesman. This is a perfect example of economy and the relationship between seller and buyer. Though Doflamingo highly underestimated Law. In my opinion that is one of the weakness of becoming powerful. Once someone becomes so powerful he or she forgets how it is on the losing end and become to think to highly of themselves. Think of it this way, once you see a rat in your house, let be honest you wont find it threatening, but you do feel disgusted. That is sort of how Doflamingo see’s Law as a annoying rat that can be easily taking care of. But even a rat can kill.

Stepping Over the Geezers

18When Law first mentioned the whole idea that the new generation will over come the old, I could not help but think of the Naruto Series. Which is one of its main idea is that the new generation will always overcome the old. But in relate this has been a One Piece theme since chapter one. Luffy claimed in chapter one that he will overcome his mentor, in a sense the new overcoming the older generation. And so far Law has shown that the Geezers in this case Doflamingo has been sitting on his azz for far to long. While Law for the past two years has been busting his behind into shape and the results are clear, hard work and determination can make you a unstoppable being. And we can see how Law literally just whipped the floor with Virgo. I find it to be really interesting that Law is the same person who got himself handed to him awhile back, but in just a few minutes he rose back up to epicness. I really like the way this arc has been progressing, we have been introduced to Dragons, Harps, and so many other things. But this is only the beginning because Luffy and Law now have to answer for what they have done and so far they are facing some potential villains that wont go down easily.

Side Notes:

  • So Kinemon knows that his son is a dragon now. It is funny and sad at the same time, because while we know Monosuke is safe and sound. But Kinemon does not know that, just try to put your self in that position known that you could of just killed your own son.
  • I cannot put my finger around Big Mama. For some reason I do not think she will be a villain, heck she might even like Luffy and back him up in his fight against Doflamingo or the other Yonko.
  • For some reason I am making lots of analogy towards mice and rats.



23 Responses

  1. Great review Jdogg. I think Big Mam is the yonkou Law and Luffy are planning to take down. I believe that is Big Mam’s mouth on the last page.
    Law is friggin awesome. Cutting Vergo easily and a whole mountain. Maybe even the whole island. I dont know why he destroyed SAD though because i thought thats what he wanted. Maybe he was just looking for it to destroy it.
    Can we count Law as a swordsman? Or was it because of his DF he was able to do something like that. I wonder what Zoro would say had he seen that.
    CC is tough. Still conscious after all the beating he’s getting from Luffy.
    It’s nice to see Doflamingo without his trademark smile. He is pissed.
    I guess there really is an alliance of the former rookies because they were shown on last page. I wonder who will lead and as pirates, im sure they will have theyre own plans maybe except for Luffy.

  2. One Piece – Law FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!! Also props to smoky!! Who knew he could be so smart, the guy wasnt fighting seriously an only fought the way he did just to get law’s heart back- what a guy!! Now Law…..Mountain cutting Law…..his DF allowed him to cut through a full bodied armament haki virgo, the SAD tank and a freakin mountain!!
    I wouldnt really regard him as a swordsman tho more like a surgeon, coz what ever is in his room area he can cut coz of his ability whereas Zoro and Mihawk do it with RAW power alone. If Luffy were to fight Law at some point a way around it would be his speed, an strike him before he can swing like virgo did at the beginning. Also that speech at the end……simply epic.

  3. Great review as always, man! You do a great job with these each week and it’s always a part of my week to read them.

    The finish line for this arc is getting closer, which makes me wonder who is going to go with the Strawhats when they continue on from Punk Hazard? Is Kinemon and his kid going to go with them, or will Monet pull a Robin and switch sides? I could see either happening, but Monet feels like the curve ball that could happen.

  4. Being a warlord gave Law some inside scoop its definitely not just yonko they need to worry about seems the navy is going to make a power move soon wonder how drastic it’ll be.

  5. @firefist,

    My money is on monet ever since i saw her weak at the knees to compliments gag ive been convinced that she’ll join. The strawhats and law are gonna go up against doflamingo soon who she is a slave to, they’ll probably drop kinnemon an momosuke to wano country on there way an then be her savior. She might permanently be scared of zoro tho which could have some good funny moments on the sunny. oh yeah i forgot – flamingo’s backup is still on their way to punk hazard- wonder if they’ll find it with the mountain gone?! I read somewhere that El Baf (the giants country) is gonna be an arc to down the line

  6. I knew Smoker’s overrated ass couldn’t beat Vergo. This beatdown is long overdue…

    Law’s swagger just reached a new level. I regard him as a swordsman, because even though his swordsman skills are highly augmented by his DF, he still has that typical swordsman mentality. And not only that, he always delivers those intimidating speeches, just like the rest of the great One Piece swordsmen do. Mihawk, Shanks, Rayleigh, Shiliew, and of course Zoro, when these guys open their mouths, expect to have your mind blown.

    And Jdogg, I love that sectioned title “Stepping Over The Geezers”. These people that have been sitting in their seat of power always try to keep control of everything as if nothing can ever change and will always have things in their favor. But when people, or I would call young waves, rise up to challenge them, they suddenly call them “daring” and “dangerous”. They then try to make a shield for those violent, young waves that could shake the seas, like a breakwater. But does it ever work? Did killing Ace really stop the new era from making an impact? No, instead it became even bigger. You can’t stop waves in a sea, because a sea without waves is no different from stale waters. They are inevitable and when they come, they are unstoppable.

  7. Love the conversation going on here. But I wanted to see what most of you guys think of Luffy’s next crew mate is. Luffy picks his crew based on skill and necessity to the crew. For example, he already has a doctor, chef, navigator and etc. So what do you guys think Luffy is missing? What kind of person does Luffy really need? Or is his crew already complete?

    As for Monet, I don’t see her as a Strawhate. For the most part its is because she mistreated the children. Heck even murders and thieves hate child abuse. I think that the next person who will join the crew will be a giant or something as random as that.

  8. @Jdogg,
    Monet joining the crew wouldnt be out of strawhat fashion if u know what i mean, so far she’s very much like robin who started off as an enemy. She studies science also which could prove very useful seeing as there are like 6 plants or moons in the one piece world. There’s probably a good explanation of why she is behaving the way she is but we’ll just have to wait an see what oda does with her character. Job role wise the crew seems pretty complete to me and anyone else that joins will be much needed fire power like jimbei…

    The death of ace and whitebeard just made matters worse imo, it added fuel to the fire and made the new wave even more gutsy than before. But what are the marines gearing up for?? Building up there forces for 2 years – maybe they realised that what whitebeard said about a world war was true and they want to find an destroy one piece themselves before a pirate (luffy or blackbeard) does?

  9. All the ship roles look to be filled, but as what Tensa said, firepower is what they really need at the moment. Jimbei is coming eventually, but I think a couple of more fighters will need to be added…Now when Luffy becomes the Pirate King, I bet he’ll have an apprentice on board. Perhaps Makino’s baby will be that apprentice, just like how Shanks was an apprentice on the former Pirate King’s ship.

    If the Marines are preparing for anything, I would say it is the inevitable battle with the Revolutionary Army. This confrontation WILL happen, it’s just a matter of when…

  10. Honestly I don’t believe Monet will doing either, because all the strawhats have a particular set of skills(in case of nami, ussopp, an sanji, one of the bests in their skillset) and bring something to the team, an we knew about them before joining the team. What would Monet bring to the table other than being the only logia there?

  11. *joining* I mean. God I hate using my kindle to type.

  12. I think Aokiji will be joining the Strawhats in the future. And the other Whitebeard pirates. My opinion

  13. @ Warlord,

    The Navy vs Revolutionary Army….that will definately happen but i cant help but think that this will happen after one piece is found and the grand scale war that whitebeard was talking about will be The Pirate Supernova’s and the Revolutionary Army vs the Warlords and the Navy and the 5 Elders of WG once everything about the Void century is revealed…..


    That’s the only role she needs!!!!! Like me an Warlord said, they dont need ship roles they need some strong solid fighters!! There isnt one logia on that ship an she can fly, she could be a very good asset to the crew especially if the monster trio arent there to save everyone

    @Rock lee,

    That would be soooo cool if Aokiji joined but he is so gonna go join dragon! Shiteeeee he was trained by Garp so he might aswell go work under Garp junior lol I wonder what role the whitebeard pirates are gonna play in the new world….

  14. i definitely see some former whitebeard pirates joining strawhats, if not joining, then maybe even sailing under the strawhat flag. as for jinbei, i dont think he’ll join per se, but again will sail under the strawhat flag. just how whitebeard pirates were like an armada, so will the straw hats. that would be awesome

  15. Does anyone remember the Strong World chapter? Gold Roger had a small pirate crew and a small ship. I really believe that is what Luffy is going to have as well. The only difference is that Gold Roger’s crew looked like an actual pirate crew as to Luffy’s crew looking…a little weird at first glance.

    But if that’s the case then the WG wouldn’t stand a chance. When Luffy becomes the Pirate King, he’ll be unstoppable. You have to look at Zoro’s standing as well (When Luffy becomes Pirate King, he be the World’s Strongest Swordsman). Not only that, but the power levels of the supernovas won’t be that far behind Luffy either. There won’t be any Yonkous anymore and the Warlords will either be disassembled or half will be helping Luffy. And if you bring in the Revolutionary Army as well…oh no, that’s too much!! I mean who will the WG have: Elders, Kong, Coby, Admirals, Vice Admirals….that’s it lol.

  16. Hello all, I’ve been reading since Bob was the dark lord and enjoy reading the reviews and comments now I ‘ll give my first two cents.
    Remember, Monet knew that she was lying to the children and giving them the drug so you can assume she knew their fate in five yrs . The Strawhats always help the innocent and weak ,Monet knowingly helped to harm the children so how could she join them with such a record and would you the readers with her recent activity accept her on the crew?

  17. @7warlord

    Episode 0, i love that strong world chapter! I heard that they’ll be doing another one off special like that for film Z also. Anyway i think it’ll go either one of two ways either it’ll be just the strawhats or it’ll be the strawhats and a ridiculous fleet of allies like whitebeard in the war. If it’s just the strawhats then every member of that crew has to be able to cause mass destruction on their own with no one being weak. Take Nami for example her weather tempo’s destruction ability is gonna have to increase tenfold! But if it’s the other option with the fleet of allies i think that’s more likely imagine seeing the sunny go sailing toward marineford backed up by the kidd pirates, heart pirates, bonney pirates etc….The WG are gonna get their ass whooped its just a matter of by who and in what order, heck we may even get a yonkou vs yonkou super fight if we’re lucky! Do u think Zoro will become the worlds strongest before or after one piece is found? i think Mihawk will appear right before Raftel an wont allow the crew to pass unless Zoro wins so he has to fight him while the whole crew watch


    First off, welcome bro! Now im interested in seeing why she did what she did knowing the consequences of what would happen. Her backstory an just how much doflamingo has mind fucked her is gonna be huge. For all we know she could have an antidote for those candies an had her own secret plan to save those kids an free herself from flamingo’s clutches. I want her as a strawhat an think she’ll fit in but we got a long way to go before that

  18. One person you can’t underestimate in the navy is Dr.Vegapunk its no telling what he can make

  19. Still think luffys hat is the one piece, but whatever, just making guesses.

  20. @tensa

    thanks man & if what you say is true then she can join the crew. Now Kuzan can”t join because he took part in the ohara buster call,killed a member of the D clan,20 YRS later gave a fool the power of the buster call after sending cp9 to kill the strawhats as a test and helped the mad dog kill Ace seriously, there will be much distrust in the crew with him there

  21. at the risk of being crucified by one peice die hard fans um gonna ask aniways. why exactly does luffy and law want to take down a yonko again??? see i just started watching OP and um really enjoying it thus far, it may even be better than bleach which i’ve been following since i can remember, but i’m yet to complete the fishman island saga or something like that, so u see i’m a bit fuzzy on some of the details.

  22. @Jesse,
    Your right Kuzan cant join the strawhats – he doesnt even look like he’d fit in the crew! His next move will be interesting will he be a lone wolf or join dragon….

    Basically in the new world the only way to survive is to go under the umbrella of a yonko….law an luffy want to destroy this system of order seeing as they are part of the “worst generation”

  23. shanks and nami are related, I call it right here now.

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