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Naruto Chapter 611 – The Lion and The Mouse

In a flick of its finger, the Juubi just reflected and dominated the second strongest being in the Ninja world. I knew there was a difference in strength between the Juubi and the other Tailed-Beast, but come on this is ridiculous difference of power, size, and Size. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this chapter until the end where once again Naruto says the corniest badazz quote.

Naruto “The Dork”

We all know that Naruto is a complete Dork, and some of us either hate or love him. Either way he is still the main character, and last time I checked the title of this manga is his name, Naruto. But even with the odds of having your creator spend most of the design on other characters, Naruto is still a favorite among the fans. In fact, I think it is because of that reason we have come to love or hate his character. There are times where Naruto is such a badazz, he makes everyone seem insignificant. This chapter shows my exact point, if you look back to the beginning of the series, everyone that is behind Naruto were the ones that thought of him as dangerous and in some ways resented him, with a few exception. But now it is those same people who are not only backing up Naruto but looking up to him as their hero. You can see the transition clearly of how people changed their view of him, I know this has been going on for so long, but now the whole Ninja world knows who Uzumaki Naruto is. Even with that silly Track Jacket outfit and his dorky and outspoken character, he is still a favorite.

Madara “Too Cool” and Obito “Too Lame”

I have already said my opinion about Madara, in short he is the most overpowered character I have ever see. But this overpower makes sense, since he is immortal (literally) and has been enhanced with the most powerful Ninja, the First Hokage cells. Making him not only powerful in the secret arts of the Uchiha clan but with the Senju clan as well. And surprisingly Madara has a good sense of humor. While on the we have Obito, described in one word, LAME. I really liked him when he was Tobi, he had so much promise as a villain. He had bloodlust that can even match Zabuza’s. In fact, when he and Naruto had a conversation about wrong and right, he himself stated that he did not want the better good, but to actually control the world in his own. He had character, strength, mystery, but than all of a sudden his character started going down hill ever since his mask came off. It is almost as if he was reverted back to this simple kid who is in over his head. However, I still think and it is clearly shown in this chapter that Obito will switch sides. For one, he and Madara have been butting heads on what is their next move, and in this chapter he realized how he was as a kid from watching Naruto. He can deny it all he wants, Obito is slowly but surely will switch sides, just like Nagato.

Juubi “The Lion”

What can I say about the Juubi? If you thought that Madara was a badazz, well you haven’t seeing anything yet. This thing literally just flicked the Hachibi with one finger. It can not speak, but it clearly has a character of its own. The only thing that baffles me is how in the hell is Madara and Obito controlling this thing. Obito could not of fully control Five Tailed Beasts, how is it that he is able to control the most powerful nature in the Ninja world. It does not make sense. The size of this thing is indescribable, it must be at least a couple mountains, because it made the Hachibi look like a mouse compared to it. Oh and did I mention that this is the INCOMPLETE Juubi. To me this battle is unattainable alone by Naruto, right now Naruto is a Mouse facing a lion. A mouse is not very threatening to a lion, but what if you had tens of thousands of mouse facing one lion.


In my opinion this is the real war because now we should see lots of bloodshed and people dying. As much as I hate to say it but death in this war will make the story more impacting and real. Given us the feel that this is a war, and when I mean death, I mean people getting killed left and right. Remember the very first chapter of Naruto where Ninja’s were fighting the Nine-Tails even though they were characters we did not know, we still got this feeling of a desperate situation from these characters and so far we have not felt that in this so called “war.” Either way this war is between two forces right now, The Lion (Juubi) and The Army of Mouse (The Ninja Alliance).

Side Notes:

  • Naruto is becoming a good speaker, and carries his weight well.
  • Now I wonder if Naruto will ever show what ‘that’ jutsu is?
  • As for Kurama gathering chakra. It is just a meditating stances, he’s just gathering Jutsu the same way Naruto gathers Natural Chakra. But it is his own source of chakra, I do not think its Natural chakra. But it is weird that Kurama is beginning to resemble a human. Kishi has to make up for his design flaws.
  • Like that guy behind Guy and Sai, who disturbingly resembles Suigetsu, pointed out by papaphresh


11 Responses

  1. great review

  2. Hmm, where is allt the Kages on the last page? Are they so badly wounded? or even dead?

  3. Damn those were some cool pics and great review J! Its abit late to call this a war though imo it was written in such a cheesy unrealistic way that the damage has already been done – it still has its enjoyable moments but the sense of danger and epicness is weak. If we’re being realistic say there were 1000 mice at least 800 should die from one juubi tailed beast wave bomb. Forget about the super gay alliance jutsu, this is the juubi its suppose to be a GOD. Also infinite genjutsu should be unbreakable coz if the whole world is in genjutsu then there arent enough people who can pour their chakra in to break it lol Im guessing the scroll that suigestsu gave sasuke is the key to unbreaking it or some sort of juubi poison that only “the people who know everything” know how to activate but only orochimaru knows how to get there.


    the kages are all fucked up!! Madara gave them a royal ass whooping! They’ll probably be back when all hope is lost as the alliance gets their butts kicked.

  4. It annoys me that hinata shikamaru kiba neji lee…. And other naruto peers are there,Now there isn’t gonna be a blood bath or serious bloody mass ass whooping.

  5. obito’s gonna switch sides, the alliance is gonna beat madara and the juubi without anyone of any relevance dying and theyre all gonna live happily ever after. cant you all see that by now?

  6. @fastninja

    Thats a shit cheesy ending!!! LOL Really hope it doesnt happen like that!!

  7. @ tensa, sadly it is going to happen like that. I don’t think Kishi has the balls to kill off any of the Konoha 11 (if he did, only like 5 or 6 would still be around lol) and if he was going to legit kill off Kakashi it would’ve been when he died to Pain.
    Don’t expect anyone important except maybe the Kages to die, and even then it would feel like cheating to kill Gaara twice, so I have a feeling that at least some of them will make it. Either that or Kishi just plain decides to let the villains win, possibly in a way that would disturb many of Naruto’s readers/watchers. That would be awesome.

  8. @Nemo Prime, if what you predict happens than Naruto will be the most Devastating Manga out there. In a very good way.

  9. i can only hope madara cant and wont be defeated with out sasukes help.

  10. woo got my name mentioned in a post thanks Jdogg!

    On a serious note I think Madara’s speech is foreshadowing future events. His talk about the number of shadow clones doesn’t matter because the end result is futile (all bark and no bite). Right now it seems amazing that everyone is together (the bark) but it wont be of any relevance compared to the Jubi. Heck even Madara can probably take out most of them just by lifting his finger or an intense glare. After Madara is done playing around expect Sasuke to come with a Kishi plot twist and us shaking our heads at how some characters that should have died got saved because of whatever Sasuke is gonna do.

    PS. really nice pictures you added in

  11. New chapter is out. Nothing too exiting though.


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