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Its out!!!

Naruto Chapter 511

One Piece Chapter 690

Bleach Chapter 518


45 Responses

  1. 1st..? lol

  2. Naruto was good.
    Bleach, too many wasted panels. and of course the guy with Uruhara is grimjoww

  3. Great chapters all around! In order of preference:

    One Piece – Trafalgar set this chapter OFF! Great pic of Vergo being sliced in half. But note that with his speech he has entangled the Straw Hats in his Joker feud!

    Bleach – ah so the Fullbring arc was not complete filler??? Was mystery man in Hueco Mundo called “Captain”? (Gin anyone?)

    Naruto – nice final stand-off; full on brawl about to ensue!

  4. is that grimjoww? o_O gimmi my grimjoww!!! GIMMI MY GRIMJOWW NOOWWW!!!

  5. Hey everyone, long time lurker first time commenting.
    Is it just me or is that Suigetsu in the panel where they show the full alliance beside Guy and Shizune?

  6. nice set up for laws strike on vergo, this is the new world we talking about, facing the strongest of the strongest is to be expected. things will keep on getting more chaotic until the end 🙂

  7. @papaphresh it does look like Suigetsu except for the eyes and dumb look on the face.

    Both Naruto and Bleach were great but confusing, had to read a couple of times before I took it all in. cant wait for the next one.

    Zero squad is kinda weirding me out and the last couple of pages with the fullbring look-a-likes seems interesting. I would have thought the Fullbringers would have sided with the Quincy if Juha had wanted them, but they are probably to weak for his interest

  8. Let me roll my sleeves up and take a sip of this vodka before i go in….

    Bleach – Fullbringers…………really?!! These guys were shitty fighters! These guys are dead now an if they come back what the heck can they do against the quincies…..jack shit that’s what!! Same for grimmjow, if he comes back what is he gonna be able to do?! He werent even the top espada! He werent even top 3! What can his pussy ass do against the quincy army!

  9. I love how Obito is turning to the side of good, and Naruto hasn’t even used the talk no jutsu on him, smh.

    On the other hand my dude BIG MAGNUM is not only physically beating people but verbally as well, lol. There is no end to his beastness.

  10. so is naruto going to perform “that jutsu” and can kurama learn how to go into sage mode since he sitting still taking in chakra, isnt that what happened when naruto met nagato, the toad and fox eyes

    bleach was dope, whos the uncle the girl was talking about, i wonder what importance the fullbrings will have in this arc, i wonder who the mystery man is, so ichigo is forging a new zanpankto, i wonder what its going to look like, will it have the same powers

  11. The Ninja Alliance is about to get screwed so hard lol

  12. also is Kurama going into Sage Mode?

    Actually makes sense. Seeing as how Naruto possesses all the abilities of Kurama, Kurama should possess all of Naruto’s abilities as well, or learned how to do Sage Mode right along side him. They are essentially one in the same. Also, the power of the Juubi is referred to as Natural Energy as well…if it is, the other tailed beasts must all be innate forces of nature and able to harness its power.

    But on the real, the only chance the Ninja Alliance has of winning is the Juubi slipping out of Madara/Obito’s control, or what the other Tailed Beasts “gave” Naruto.

  13. feels like lambs to the slaughter in naruto

  14. Not that anyone cares but recently ive been employed by secret service, so I wont be on here much, if not at all cause I have a life now. Hell naruto series probably would be over by the time ill be able to come here often again. PEACE OUT NARUTARDS!!!

  15. could this already be the ‘moon’s eye’ in operation?
    i’ll be pissed if in the end it’s just the endless dreams that our heroes are having.. but that’s one cool move that ino-hinata combo did. kiba’s comment was funny.

    law is really stirring the hornets’ nest…. and he’s taking the strawhats along with him. looks like the supernovas are really making a big splash.. time for the new era.. yohohooo…

    so the fullbringer and grimmy is just another loose ends for ichigo to tie. kinda exciting to find out what’s coming up next.

  16. Nice to see the alliance show up, but it seems that it’s about that time for people to start dying off.What the hell happened to the kages? And if saskue has orichimaru next to him y doesn’t he ask to revive his dad and ask his dad all the questions he has, or even the uchiha elders?

  17. @darthuchuha,

    We all ways care for an active commentator in this small community that we have here, so you’ll be missed. I hope you the best of luck in your work and life.

    @Tensa Gizzla,

    Like always your comments are a wonder to read. But isn’t since some Fullbringers are dead now they can become shinigami and they’d be powerful ones to since they all have experience with power.

  18. @JDogg – agree with Fullbring ascertion that having lived as humans with abilities then died they have potential to achieve greater than Shinigami ability. Especially guy who was original substitute Shinigami.

  19. At first i enjoyed madara and his dry humor and bullying but now its just getting old; he reminds me of the kid who is way bigger than anyone in elementary school, he knows hes bigger and better and bullies everyone else except in this case madara is the kid who was slightly bigger than everyone but the one kid in the school, wanted to be bigger and took steroids and is now bullying people. Just getting old cause hes arrogant from power he just injected himself with

  20. Tawuya-sama, Exactly my point and plus that guy, I forgot his name and Ginjo or something like that, already knew bankai and on top of that he had a Fullbringer ability once he get to study as a Shinigami. He will be kicking butts.

  21. @darthuchuha, good luck with the new job..your in the ANBU Black Ops now..LOL!! .If I could draw..I would sketch flashback of all your naruto theories and plot hole rants..but atlas I can’t so continue on and most of all watch your “6” and protect our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic!!

  22. @Token – Madara was always a prick, lol. He mocked old man tsuchikage for being an ugly dancer, took his brothers eyes and damn near destroyed konoha before it was even formed! He’s arrogant because he is and has always been talented and powerful

  23. Good luck darth. You and I have had some great discussions. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. You always have a home here :-), and I’ll always have a discussion waiting on you, lol.

  24. dont think Kurama is going into sage mode he is just in a meditative position. it would be kick ass if he went into sage mode though.

    I wonder what “THAT” jutsu is, the FUUTON which is wind, but not sure kazekiri means. on narutopedia has come up with this: http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Wind_Release:_Wind_Cutter_Technique

    but this was only used with a jonin when nagato’s The Animal Path

  25. @mattmaru – the translations are a bit off; the “jutsu” Naruto is referring to is the Ninja Alliance “Jutsu” ie banded together the ninja world is stronger than Moon’s Eye. The wind slicing jutsu was just used to clear the air (bugs, mist and dust) which revealed the full alliance and hence Obito’s look of surprise

  26. @darth,
    we’ll miss you man – we had some good discussions – hopefully you’ll be back in time for one of my top 3 new world fights “Zoro vs Mihawk”!

    Naruto – here we go….it begins….obito is officially on his road to seeing the error of his ways an be a victim of talk no jutsu, the krustiest jutsu of em all!!

  27. Thank fuck we got Madara Uchiha there an Orochimaru some real villians who wont be swayed by some soft sensitive sun flower words from the blond haired blue eyed muffin!! Also the blond haired blue eyed muffin has a new wind cutting jutsu….where did this come from?! No way should the 2 uchiha’s an the 10 tails lose to the shinobi alliance. With 2 swings of the juubi tail everyone should be dead! Oh yh, Ino using the mind transfer jutsu on obito to divert the tailed beast bomb….WTF. The last page was sweet tho – everyone looked cool (ready to die, but cool).

  28. aaaah thanks for clearing thats up 🙂 i thought there guys with the fans at the back were up to something ha ha! shame he hasnt got a big wind jutsu attack but i doubt it would make a dent in that huge thing if a tailed beast bomb gets flicked away like a little marble.

    thing is guys and gals is what can ALLL those ninjas do to take down that huge beast. lets remember how big this thing is, hachibi looked about the same size as its eye ball. thats how huge this thing is. now we know its not complete as it doesnt have Kuramas full body nor Hachibi but does it actually need it?

  29. @Jdogg,
    Yes the full bringers will be strong shinigami BUT if the captains got their butts handed to them then so will the fullbringers ten times worse! Maybe they’ll serve a different role tho an maybe protect earth or the poor areas of soul society

  30. HINata and ino misfired juubi’s attack that will definitely go down in history…
    Thumbs up to the girl shinobis they are usual shut down
    if you call almost turning naruto kakashi and gai into vapour, a good act, by obito.then obito must be damn evil from your point of view
    hey…its too early for guys to say their farewells trust me you can never be too busy……….even when doing the Government dirty work LOL…..

  31. peace out darthuchiha, it brings me joy that a man of your stature enjoys naruto, you will be missed deeply, dont forget us when you capture and interrogate an enemy, think of ibiki, do a hand sign, build up chakra, and mind fuck him

  32. @darth,
    If u do an akainu then i’ll be forced to do a blackbeard son!!

  33. One piece – i’ll save my long ass comment for Jdogg’s review but all i will say for now is LAW FTMFW!!!! He cut virgo, the SAD tanks an that mountain using his DF ability like a freakin’ BAWSE!!

  34. Bleach-
    Damit… I thought the fullbringers arc was just a filler I dreamt about. I was really into this arc too. Seeing the supposedly dead fullbringers (with their weak and awful powers) at the end , talking about how they will join the fight just made me forget how cool last chapter was with the Zero Division.
    I really can’t see what they can bring to the table. I know the main leader ccan do Bankia but really…they were all defeated by shinigamis. What can the fullbringers do agiasnt the group that defeated the shinigamis.
    There is one thing I found interesting and it might be nothing, but whos’ the “Uncle” Kukaku Shiba was refering too?

  35. @Sanin

    I don’t quite get your counter point. He was obviously beginning to change when watching Naruto fight.


    Don’t you agree?

  36. @Uchihatheinfamous
    he just likened himself to naruto….he didn’t think twice about blowing them up the next minute

  37. @sanins

    That is always the first step that leads up to the infamous talk no jutsu though. Do you really think thatb Obito isn’tb about to turn good. We have know that he would every since he was revealed to be Obito. Then the flashbacks to the good times with him and Kakashi and Rin. It wouldn’t be the Naruto series if he didn’t change, lol.

  38. @UTI
    I fully agree! Its the beginning of obito becoming good and doing some sort of self sacrifice at the end to try an redeem himself!
    Its so annoying because he’s acting nothing like he was when he had the mask on!
    Its even more annoying that the more he turns good, the more flashbacks we’re gonna get…
    Thankfully we have Madara “I just dont give a fuck” Uchiha and “Big Pimpin” Orochimaru!
    Another thing why are some of these so called villian affected by bloody talk no jutsu from the blond haired blue eyed muffin, he’s a kid telling grown adults how they should behave
    and the adults listen, what is up with these villians resolve!!

  39. @Tensa

    Gaara posed the question of “When did you forsake yourselves? ” Apparently that means stop being adults and listen to 15 and 16 year old teenagers who don’t know anything about nothing, and who haven’t lived long enough to learn much of anything. I could understand if Kakashi or Guy wad going around saying this. But even they just kind of float with the wind and let the kids go about there business. That’s why BIG MAGNUM talks to them the way he does. He can’t believe the lineage that he and the first hokage left have turned into a bunch of dumb non-sensical thinking wusses. That makes him want to use the genjutsu even more. Maybe through it he can bring his version of peace with some people who can think a little bit more logically, and not be such big pansies.

  40. eh who says that the adults have to be the sensible ones. Half of them are stupid to begin with so listening to kids who may be smarter than them isnt such a bad idea for alot of them

  41. I mean most of the adults are the reason that the ninja world is in such a mess and madara himself doesnt see that his idea is retarded: Im gonna create a world where there is just peace which I will rule with a iron fist… yea thats not logical lol. Anytime one person is in control there is always problems. Madara could be the dumbest of the bunch sides obito honestly

  42. Ill take gaara and shikamarus advice over most of the alliance shinobi anyday and that includes kakashi and the kages

  43. @Token

    Good point, but my question to you would be? Don’t you think Kakashi has the same ideals as Naruto? His dad was his sensei, and Minato inherited his ideals from Jiraiya. Who also taught Naruto. I’m not saying BIG MAGNUM isb right, just like Nagato’s ideals were skewed, but I can see his point of view. The whole plot of Naruto is about change and every individual is maybe one bad choice or one bad experience from going down the wrong path. But even these people who have chosen these skewed paths still may mean well deep down, but have a skewed viewpoint of a situation or circumstance. This teaches us as readers to be sympathetic to one another in the real world. Maybe through understanding one another and being able to feel another’s pain like Nagato said we can begin to learn one another and then we can achieve true peace in the real world.

    How’s that for some philosophical talk, :-).

  44. @Token – you hit the point hard there, dude! I thought back to when Pain kills Hinata in front of Naruto and he goes absolutely buck! “Now do you know PAIN?” Lol, too much!

  45. he does have similar ideals however the differences lie in the details; while emotions tend to weaken kakashi to the point of not being able to act against tobi once he found out who he was naruto uses these to strengthen his resolve. Kakashi has at time been strengthened by his emotions but naruto acts no matter the obstacle and emotion he may be feeling. The ‘kid’ provides the support for his sensei which is showing that although they are just kids they can lead and coordinate even at a young age; u have gaara being kage and perhaps the most rational of the kages, shikamaru leading groups in battle, the lightning villages shinobi leader is around kakashis age if not younger and naruto is supporting most of the groups in the battle thru his clones. The kids in this war are the ones making a difference so y not listen to them when they talk. The adults are stuck in their ways and this includes madara. Madaras point of view makes no sense; he wants to create a peaceful world with him in charge… umm doesnt it make more sense to do it the way its being done now? yea its not perfect but more than one person calls the shots so thats a more rational thing. Nagatos was like madaras except he didnt come up with the stupid plan of casting a jutsu. he flat out went about it with raw power. Of all the powerful villains, madara is the most cocky and its annoying cause the only reason he is strong is cause he injected himself and not only that he was brought back under someone else’s control so him bein arrogant loses its punch when he was being controlled at the start and stuff. Sure ppl ‘mean well’ but come on lets be real hitler thought he was meaning well and stuff but his plan was horrible and horrific. ‘meaning well’ doesnt give stupid ideas validity it just rationalizes it and madara is just spewing all this to fool simple ppl like obito to do his bidding.

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