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One Piece Chapter 689 – Devil Fruit Army

After a one week break, this chapter lives up to its hype. While it lacks for action, it makes up in suspense. Revelations are made that makes any One Piece fan want to read the next chapter that badly, and makes us think of a whole new ideas, theories and clue as to what is next in store for our heroes.

From Zero to Hero

This is the second time that a character when first introduced I despise them, but as time goes on, the character grows on to my liking. The first being Mocha which I thought was taking precious panels and time, but when she made her ultimate sacrifice, I have a new found respect for her. Even though she is not the coolest or the toughest character, nonetheless she has a refreshing character of heroism. The second is Brownbeard, I hated this guy, because to me he seemed like a character Oda just out of the blues made up without thinking or effort. Boy was I wrong, not only was effort put into the character of Brownbeard but his story is right on the spot. His timeline and presence makes perfect timing for the story. Brownbeard is a character that went from a total douche to a somewhat humble and caring person who wants the best for his comrades.

When Brownbeard was first introduced, he claimed ownership of some island that was once Whitebeards territory and he tried to claim it with a tyrannic plan. But his plans were cut short by Hawkins and by this event he lost his lower body and was replaced by an alligator instead. This gave him a somewhat a boast in power, as he can run for a long period of time and he has a high resistance to pain, as to he was blasted by the one of the Yeti brothers gun and was still able to stand up. Also he took a shot from CC and was still able to care the Strawhats on his back and run for a long period of time. His resistance to pain is not the only good attribute he has, but it is his determination to help a friend in need. He tries to reveal to his friends that the hero, CC, they thought to be is actually the man behind all of their suffering. It was a valiant effort that back fired on him and caused Brownbeard more suffering and pain.

CC “The Douche”

The more CC is still up and about, the more I hate him. The past villains were not as bad as CC, in the sense that we the fans want him to get his butt kick so bad. There have been some horrible villains that we the fans hate, Blackbeard, Doflimango, and etc. But CC does a great job of being that perfect villain, that makes everything work out for him. For example, as Brownbeard was just about to reveal CC true identity to his comrades, CC with his quick thinking was able not only prevent Brownbeard from revealing CC, but to also make Brownbeards comrades fight against him. Now while I hate to say it, but CC is an evil genius.

While CC is a genius in his own field he lacks in power, I know that he is powerful, but when it comes to fighting strengths he is more of the type that will run away to fight another day, rather than staying and try to at least win. And we have seen that numerous of times where he gets away from Luffy. I think that this time Luffy is not playing around, he no longer will treat this as a game, he is dead serious and one thing bad guys need to be scared of is a serious Luffy because that’s when stuff goes down. Luffy no longer will allow to let CC get away because know Luffy know what type of a person CC is and it is the complete opposite of Luffy. Where Luffy is humble and caring, CC is tyrannic and heartless to people. It is this type of person that Luffy hates the most, the type of person that does not have the care of others. My only concern is that I am thinking that Luffy just K.O’d CC. I certainly hope not, because I want to see Luffy do a barrage of Gomu-Gomu no Pistol.

An Army of Devil Fruit

Now from the way CC was talking it can be seen that he is afraid of Luffy and knows that he does not stand a chance against Luffy , that is why for the past chapters he has been fleeing when ever Luffy was in the same room. But now CC has his back against the wall and Luffy is in front of him. So in an act of desperation he spills out all of his secret. How he works for important people and if Luffy puts a stop to CC, he will have to answer to the important people. Not only Doflimango but also one of the Four Emperors. Luffy’s response is that he has been dealing with guys like them his entire life. Which is true considering the odds were always stacked against Luffy. As to which of the Four Emperors has an army of Devil Fruit fighters, my money goes to Blackbeard because he is the one that has been experimenting or at least has a high knowledge on Devil Fruits. It also could be Kaido because he is the least known out of the Four Emperors. Shanks can be ruled out because he would not work with the likes of CC. As for Big Mama, it could be possible that it is her, since she has been the one in the story line so far. Either way once Luffy puts CC down, he will make another enemy of a high player. So far he has the attention of the Marines, Doflimango, Big Mama, and maybe a new Emperor after this event. All and all, the story is becoming far more exciting.

Side Notes:

  • So GAS is the substance that can create artificial Devil Fruits. No wonder Law wants it or at least catch the attention one of the Emperors.
  • Luffy just showed why you do not get on his bad side.
  • The Devil Fruit Army seems a majority of Zoan type.
  • It would be cool if Zoro and Sanji take this army down single-hand.


12 Responses

  1. Didn’t Jimbei say in a earlier chapter that Blackbeard was building his crew’s power with DFs? It just might be him, but I just have a hunch that this has Kaido written all over it. Remember when X Drake went to his favorite island. If you looked closely at the environment, everything was made of metal. Even his subordinate was a cyborg. I think those were hints that Kaido is most likely a cyborg or at least has some kind of connection with technology. And if that was the case, then it would make perfect sense for him to have a hand in creating a DF army. Not to mention, it would also mean involving X Drake, a powerful supernova in his own right, into the scene.

  2. Didn’t they say that Smile (made from SAD gas) produces Zoan types only?

  3. @7warlord
    Motha freakin Zoan DF ARMYYYYYYYYYY!!!! How long has this been going on?! What if lucci, kaku, jyabura, pekoms, bepo etc….are all “smile” fruit eaters?! This arc is gettin crazier every couple of chapters sometime big happens. I dont think it’s blackbeard – i think he’d wanna mix up his fruit users an not limited them to just Zoan, I think the emperor in question is Kaido….instead of a pirate crew he could just have his Zoan army – he could be a Zoan type himself or he could be a cyborg and a zoan (if thats even possible then again this is one piece where anything can happen)!
    I hope that was a 1 hit KO by Luffy, he already lost round 1 to CC an tbh i just want him out of the picture coz he’s too annoying! The age of smiles is definately coming and it’s gonna be chaos once invisible string string man doflamingo gets fully involved! Also did anyone notice the first page….looks like muddy dreadlocks caribou has just landed on a Kaido island…..

  4. Great review Jdogg. IMO, the yonkou CC was talking about is Big Mam. I think she is the weakest of the yonkous thats why she wants an army of DF users. I think Big Mam is the first yonkou to go down and thats where this arc is headed.
    My question is why they cant make logia or paramecia type DFs. Why only zoan?
    I guess Kaidou will go after Princess Shirahoshi because i believe thats Kaidou’s island where Caribou is in the first page.

  5. @rock lee

    Maybeeeeeeeeee it is big mam, it’ll explain pekoms lion – turtle ability coz what if someone could eat a devil fruit and then be able to eat an artifical devil fruit without dying- it could have 2 powers…. so a zoan type eating an artifical zoan type could transform into 2 different animals! Im guessing that Zoan type is the easiest to make coz you can easily get ahold of animal DNA to make SAD then mix it up an make SMILE

  6. It can’t be blackbeard because he’s going for the most powerful devil fruit users and forcefully taking their powers and by the sound of it it started before he became a yonko… regular zoan type seems to be the easiest to duplicate since it involves living creatures I doubt be can recreate the mythical one’s… All in all who is doflamingo? He has ties to a yonko, upper level of the WG, n marines, as well as his own powerful henchmen. he’s one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen

  7. @tensa, you’re right about Pekoms. He was kinda different so it should be Big Mam

  8. I’m confused about somethinng. A Haki argumented punch would give it an opportunity to land on a logical User right? But would it matter if that logical User can split themselves apart so it hits nutting but air, if they can see how an where the punch would connect, as well as having a fast enough reaction? Crocodile, for example, is already proficient enough to make himself intangible subconsciously. What if he adds mastery of observation Haki with a ridiculously high reaction time (like fourth hokage high), would make any difference if the puncher is using haki as well?

  9. Take the first fight with luffy against crocodile. Luffys attacks are indeed hitting crocodile as you can tell by the looks, an sound in the anime, but its not hurting him because of his DF. that wouldn’t be the case if luffy was using haki, but if crocodile had obvseration haki and was fast enough to purposely (or subconsciously in his case) split himself in areas that luffys punches would’ve connected if crocodile did nothing but stand there, would luffy still do damage?

  10. @darthuchuha, smart thinking, but I think the purpose of Haki argumented attacks is to prevent the Logia user from using his Devil Fruit. So it is not a matter of landing a hit but more of actually prevent the Logia user from being immune to physical attacks.

  11. Nice Chapter last week. So, the SAD that Law is after is used make artificial Zoan Devil Fruits called Smiles. WOW! Why does Law want it? Is He planning to build an army? We know that Law wants to team up with the Straw hats to go up against one of the Yonko – is it the same Yonko that’s building an army of Zoan users; could be.

    I think Law is trying to stop the production of SAD so the Yonko, He and Luffy teaming up to fight, won’t have the power of the artificial Zoan Devil Fruit (smile).

    The yonko that’s using the Smiles has to be Kaido. He is the only one we don’t know anything about. Blackbeard is only after strong Devil fruit users to take their power. We seen half of Big Mum crew with one turning into a turtle, but She seem more into candies and tea then build an army of Devil fruit users. We also know it can’t be Red Sank (even though that could be some interesting twist) so the only one left is Kaido. Maybe X-drake will team up with Luffy and Law too.

  12. @darth,

    I think IF the pirate had great mastery of observation haki and ridiculously fast reaction speed then yeah armanent haki attacks would be pointless because they couldnt hit their target. Speed is key, if your not quick enough to touch a logia with your haki blow then your haki becomes useless at that point! Didnt Monet confirm that against Tashigi in her little speech something like “you cant cut me with ur haki if you cant catch me”.

    @rock lee,

    If Law an Luffy stops SAD then he’ll definately get the Yonko’s attention but it makes me wonder what is the goal of the other pirate alliance with Kidd, Hawkins an Apoo? You know what let’s put this out there……….WHAT IF IT IS SHANKS???!!! we don’t know that much about him either and imo either him or kaido is the top yonko so it makes sense that he’d want a strong zoan army at there disposal. What if there’s a major twist an shanks cuts a deal with the navy an ends up a villian, what if in the new world red haired’s final battle on some epic twist shit is SHANKS VS MONKEY D DRAGON?!!! Luffy’s hero vs Luffy’s father at the same damn time as Luffy vs Akainu
    (Sorry that’s quite a few what if’s lol) Also Sanji needs a final villian dammit, Sanji vs Kizaru – Fire leg vs Light leg! Sooooo many clashes could happen in the new world its crazyyyyy

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