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Naruto Chapter 610 – Teamwork

Well things are proceeding faster than I predicted. Not only was this chapter good, but for the first time in a long time, I went reading Naruto without complaining on about the “plot-holes” or the ridicules story line. But I have to admit, shortly but surely Kishi is making a comeback, and its with a big bang. Another thing to note is that there was an actual plan in this fight, not just brute force, which has been almost every fight since the war.  One thing the Naruto series was so good at, is it’s complex fights. That not only have one guy beating the hell out of the other, but it has plans, schemes and which one is smarter than the other, or who can trick who to win. Either way lets get on with this weeks amazing chapter.


As for those who do not know the Juubi is still incomplete. While it is still revived but into an incomplete form. It was because Obito was hasty and in my opinion to lazy to capture the eight and nine-tails beasts to ultimately complete his collection of tailed-beasts. But since Naruto/Kurama and Bee/Gyuki were given him a hard time, he decided to revive the Juubi in its incomplete form. I think that he did this for two reasons; the first is that the fact he could not capture the eight and nine-tails because of their strengths. The second reason is that (and this is completely my opinion) he is afraid he will not be able to control a fully revived Juubi. For the simple fact that not even the Sage could of fully controlled the Juubi, and what makes Obito any different. Think about it, the Juubi is the most devastating force in all of the history of the Ninja World, not even the Sage could of kept it under control. And Obito knew this so he decided to revive it in its incomplete form, to have a better chance of controlling it, and so far he and Madara are doing a good job of that, but for how long.


If there is one thing that I learned about teamwork, is that it could work for you or against you. This chapter is the perfect example of that saying, because so far the Good Guys (Naruto, Kurama, Bee, Gyuki, Kakashi, and Guy) are doing one hell of a good job in teamwork. They have a solid leader, Kurama, who without the doubt has great leadership skills because of the way he carries himself and sets out his plans. While on the other hand, the Bad Guys (Madara, Obito and the Juubi) are having a disagreement. Obito wants to do one thing while Madara wants another, and we do not know for how long the Juubi can be kept under control. So far teamwork is working great for our heroes, while it is starting to back fire for our villains.

For those who were confused at the end, I will describe what went down. Naruto and Bee sent a barrage of Tail Beast Bombs, but the Juubi countered with its own and it shows the power difference that it was able to completely obliterate the combined Bombs of the eight and nine-tails. But as Naruto was about to shield himself from the Juubi’s Cero/Kamehameha looking Tail Beast Bomb, Bee jumps in front of Naruto to take the hit. As the dust clears we see that nothing is left of Bee but one of the eight tails tentacles. We are left thinking that Bee is no more, but wait whats that in the sky, its Naruto and Kakashi thrown by the other Naruto shrouded by the Nine-tails chakra. Than Kakashi reveals that he was hiding Bee inside of his eye, and releases him with Kumi. So it is revealed that when Bee jumped in front of Naruto to take the hit, as the impact was about to hit Kakashi sucked in Bee in his eye and later on releases him right on top of the Juubi and and Bee is already preparing his own Tail Beast Bomb. I hope that summed it up or at least made sense to you.

Side Note:

  • As good as the chapter was there was not much to discuss, but other than to enjoy the epic battle to come.
  • The combined teamwork of Naruto and Kurama is outstanding, I have said this before but given time, Kurama will teach Naruto things that will turn him into someone that will be historic in strength.
  • Did Kurama say ‘We can stroke each other off after we kicked its ass’? (this is by mangastream translation)
  • Finally Kishi is actually making sense and looking at finer details. It is the small detail that makes a story so great.


24 Responses

  1. Epic battle to follow!!!

  2. yeah it was cool, i wonder what happened with the juubi bomb tho, if kakasi ‘kamuied’ b, does that mean he sucked in the the bomb/impact too? if he did, how did he end up making the impact convincing or did b just take the blast before being sucked and then got shot at the juubi without a scratch on him? -.-

  3. did kakashi just learn how to return objects from that kamui dimension?? swear he’s never returned anything before, man that kyuubi juice is doin him good!!

  4. Now kakashi can use kamui on a tailed beast as well? I would ask why hasn’t he tried it against madara or the juubi, but I remember obito would probably reverse any attempts to do so.

  5. after reading the chapter over again i noticed that both obito and madara are not attached to the juubi;http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/50042406/9 and http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/50042406/10. So this means that thye both are in control of it? if that is the case with these two arguing over what to do which one is more in control of the juubi? my money is on madara as well this is yet another thing madara can do lol. Wonder if maybe madara just kills obito himself stating he has done enough.

  6. Goodbye roid needles and ninja food pills, hellooo kyuubi juice! Taste the power of the tailed beast!!

  7. What a nice way (or only way really) to combat an uber powered immortal, near limitless chakra for the arguably the strongest ninjas alive.

  8. i can see obito and madara getting into a fight

  9. The anime is just getting stranger an stranger, and not in a good way. Im so over shippuden………..well until fights in the war pick back up.

  10. i never thought id say this but i want this story to go back to sasuke. the fights in this war are boring af. the villains are all fodder. look at obito, c’mon man. now that kakashi knows how to use his eye as well he cant adjust? hes useless now? unbelievable. god help him if he and madara come to a confrontation, which i think will happen soon. before naruto broke his mask he was dangerous. all chakra natures, wood release, MS, rinnegan, madara’s tutelage and still cant stop his kamui from being taken advantage of like that. smh, he might be dead already if kakashi hadnt decided to practice his left hook on him.

    does anyone have any ideas who orochimaru could be taking sasuke to see?

  11. @fast honestly I think he may be taking sasuke to talk to the uchiha elders; at first thought madara but how would he know madara is around to be talked to? I’ll say uchiha elders or maybe just maybe the sage????

  12. @token

    the sosp is more believable. who would the uchiha elders be? aside from the few left we know of, the rest are dead. and why would oro take sasuke to the sosp? i have no clue why he would do that.

  13. Kakashi Hatake is……


    “If he copies your jutsu, you would be honered if he uses it against you.”

    “He is so cool that enemy ninjas want him to autograph their bingo books.”

    “He wears a mask to prevent the ladies from falling head over heels in love with him.”

    Kakashi Hatake is……


  14. @Immortal

    Well done, lol.

  15. I would say well done too, but Im positive ive heard it somewhere

  16. Sorry I just couldn’t help myself. The one thing I noticed this chapter was how Kakashi just mastered Obito’s mangekyou sharingan. The only thing left is for him to make himself intangible. It’s just funny that Obito didn’t have the knowledge to master his own eye like Kakashi did. Something is telling me that Obito’s time in this manga is coming to a end soon. I wonder how though…

    @darthuchuha; that was my spin from that commerical


    Unless you mean you heard that spin before…..

    If that’s the case, I apologize for the steal….

    @UchihaTheInfamous: Thanks….I try.

    @fastninjaa: I agree with token. It has to be the Uchiha elders or something. I guess it depends on what Sasuke-kun wants to know really.

  17. what i dont understand is how kakashi is now on the same level as the super powered villians running around with MS’s, EMS’s and rinnegans. he shouldnt be able to hang in battle with people like that, but there he is kurama gave him some chakra and now hes this relevant in this battle? in the story he found out that he has the same ability as obito probably minutes ago and he’s already warping tailed beasts. i hate that about this manga. that such a bs way out to keep kakashi and guy alive. after all this time, just when it looks like its the end for kakashi, kurama brings it up, “hey i can dish out chakra”. im starting not to like kakashi anymore and its not his fault. im getting tired of him being the most fortunate ninja in this series. this sounds weird coming from me being a kakashi fan, but kishi needs to kill him off already and for good. cut the sh*t already and stop being a p****y.

    rereading these chapters upsets me even more because the more i read the more i understand whats going on and its just bs that kakashi is still alive. and not only that, now he can use kamui better than obito. thats bs. kishi makes bad excuses to keep kakashi alive because hes his fav character imo.

    who are the uchiha elders??? aside from sasuke, obito and undead madara, theyre all dead and gone. are they not? and what sasukes purpose now? he was hell-bent on vengeance before. if hes not anymore, now what? because thats what he dedicated his life too.

  18. i guess death isnt what i really want for kakashi, its the fact that not only is he not dead from chakra exhaustion or the injuries obito caused him, but hes at full power and schooling obito on how to use his own eye. he should at least not be a part of the fight and the same goes for guy. these are extraordinary enemies and kakashi and guy are ordinary ninjas, and by ordinary i mean not immortal or divine like the two ninja theyre fighting. if kurama wanted naruto to go “balls to the wall” why revitalize kakashi and guy? ill tell you why, because kishi cant kill kakashi.

  19. Sasukes still hell bent on revenge, hes just not blinded by it an disregards everything else like he used to. I guess you can say hes tired of being spoon-fed bullshit by everyone,( which, if you think about it, nearly everyone he met did, even his brother).

  20. @fastninjaa
    It’s not Kakashi’s fault for being glitch. It’s Kishi’s lack of writing a better plot line for the arc. The whole war have always been one sided from the beginning, making the good guys look good while downplaying all the major villains in the series. Kakashi chakra reserve hack is one of many Kishi lame writing excuse to move the story ahead.

    Out of those two choices, I would have to go with the sage. We have never seen Sasuke talk to a sage animal personally yet. If a sage frog told Naruto about his future, why can’t a sage animal like a snake or a hawk do the same for Sasuke?

    Hope Obito time ends soon. At this point, he’s almost irrelevant. The whole plan with creating a moon to cast a genjutsu with was all part of Madara’s plan, not Obito. Most of the firepower and army supplied in this war was by Kabuto’s edo summoning, who succeeded in bringing Madara back, which Obito failed to do. When Tobi identity was revealed to be Obito, he instantly became pointless to the storyline. Most of the fans don’t like him anymore. The whole Narutouniverse don’t like him. Even Madara who was on his side doesn’t like him. Now the only thing the allies main focus is on Madara and Madara’s plan. Madara is the only villain in this fight that is still relevant. Obito words have already got sh!t on by Naruto giving him a reality check. Obito got his butt whooped by Kakashi like the good old days. Whatever power Obito tried to take control over Madara’s plan was rightfully denied by Madara who also b!tch at him for failing to capture the last two tailed beast. Obito no longer have a say in anything. He’s completely unimportant to the storyline right now. There’s nothing left to his character. It’s time for his character to go. What would have made this fight a lot more interesting if Nagato was fighting alongside Madara instead of Obito (just imagen how much better that would have been?).

  21. @nss7: Couldn’t agree with you more. The one thing I don’t like about the manga is the end of a story arc. For example, the whole Akatsuki arc with Pein was great in the beginning. But after he lost to Naruto and he resurrected all the ninja in Konaha, the whole arc just lost it’s epicness. The same goes for this war arc. It started great but the ending is failing my expectations. If you reread the manga at the start of the arc until now, it had such a different feel to it. Kabuto made things interesting, the moon eye plan sounded like the end of the world, the war itself felt like a real war. Now it all seems like a filler to me.

    The reason I still like the manga is because Kish did such a good job in the beginning so I want to see it until the end. I also want to note that this is all just my opinion. Maybe in Kish mind he is doing a splendid job. I mean it is his masterpiece.

  22. Holy shit!!!!…. read this now!!!!! http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/611

  23. This chapter was a spark-fest! BRING IT ON!!!

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