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Bleach Chapter 517: Stairway to Heaven

Chapter 517: Stairway to Heaven
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Bleach greats us with a nice intro. I’d have to say though. These guys are ‘rather unique’. I can only imagine why kinda person the Soul King is.

I love the little tentacle lady playing the instruments in the back. Now really wanting too it seems but going along with it anyhow. I guess big eyebrows beard-man made her. Ichigo doesn’t quite know what to think of these guys. They are way too exited entering into a destroyed SS.

Shinji makes a smart ass comment and get bitch-slapped by the big lady. An behold I was right to think the big lady could be the former 12th squad captain. Judging by Shinji’s response she used to be quite a big thinner before going up there. I guess the food is really good and there is not a lot to do for her up there.

I don’t quite get the remark that Shinji makes in the frame below Hikifune’s introduction. Guess my english knowledge fails on me here but it’s ok I guess. It’s obvious she likes to eat. she is now known as Zero Devision (Grain King) – Hikifune Kirio.

The second character to have a little chat is the one with the weirdest haircut. His name isn’t revealed in this chapter but he used to be above Unohana and more importantly. He taught her everything he knows… going by the fact that he taught Unohana he is probly on of the eldest in the this group. Quite a funky dude.

The third to start yapping away is the probably the eldest. I assume his name is Oshou. Kyouraku asks why they have come here. The elder first notices Ichigo but he answers Kyouraku’s question.

“By the will of the Soul King, we’re to rebuild the Gotei 13.” But more importantly. He wants Ichigo to come with him to the palace.

Soi Fon gets pissed off at the members of the Zero Squad’s relaxed attitude. They completely ignore her but as she yells out again one of them litteraly appears behind her grabbing by the arm. He went so fast not even Soi Fon could have seen it. A small but significant display of their power.

The man reminds Soi Fon of her place. She is part of the Gotei 13, thanks for the mangastream translation I now that Gotei literally means Protecting the Society. Their job is to protect Soul Society. The Zero Division or the Imperials Special Forces’s job is to protect the spirit palace.

He gets a bit edgy but is smacked back into line by Oshou.

I love her look and whatever her abilities are. Zero Division (Great Woven Defense) – Shutura Senjumaru. I’m not sure how far her abilities reach but it almost looks like she has countless arms that can stretch everywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if she could hide their presence seeing how she easily got into Mayuri’s labs retrieving Ichigo’s Zanpaktou. She also retrieved the heavily injured bodies of Rukia, Renji and Byakuya. Why not Zaraki? Guess the Soul King doesn’t like the overly violent man?

Unohana is reluctant to hand over her patients to her sempai but in the end she lets them because she does know her limits.

I like to get back to Shutura and Mayuri quickly. They have a history. It could be she is the reason he ended up in special confinement in the maggot’s nest.

The chapter’s end Ichigo ask the question why he is to come along if it is not for healing purposes. Oshou wants to answer the question but gets interrupted by a message from somewhere else.

‘That man’ has an urgent message. Could that man be anyone else than Urahara. I don’t think so. Will he reveal who sort off saved his ass. Hopefully!

Oh, hopefully we will get to see that other bloke aswell. He appeared in the colour page but he even got blocked by the text cloud on the first page. Lucky him.


18 Responses

  1. Unohana’s superior really came off as a douche to me.

  2. Urahara can’t be ok. What would be the point of that crazy cliffhanger if he wasn’t even going to be in any real danger?

  3. I’m guessing the three are being taken to the kingdom to be healed and given a power-up… Zaraki needs to do some serious training at home!

    Where is Aizen!?

  4. i like how the elvis hair guy said to unohana that her role is not to heal anymore, is she to fight now!!!

  5. @Profess – what annoys me is the discrepancy between mangapanda translation and mangastream translation; panda implies bad assery from unohana is about to ensue with line, “‘Retsu’ the time for healing is done” but stream makes it sound like all he said was that she should let them take over… Very frustrating!

  6. i just read the mangastream translation after i posted this and wow was i wrong

  7. @7warlord: You think he is? He sounds a bit too casual to be in distress. But Urahara is a wierdo, so who knows.

  8. Did anyone notice the fact that Senjumaru looks like Nnoitra’s sister? I mean she has 1. the arms 2. the horn/crown on her head 3. black straight hair. Could she be related? Nnoitra’s soul becoming a hollow after death and Senjumaru’s soul being sent to soul society.

    Also, the reason why they’re taking only the 3 people that Ichigo cares enough about is because I think the royal guard is going to try to force Ichigo to do something he doesn’t want to…

    Can’t wait for next chapter =)

  9. So these fools clearly aren’t the group of thugs (described by Yuha) that used to roam the streets with Yama back in the days before the gotei 13. My question is, are any of them still around, if so where? If not, what happened to them?

    Why did Tite bother showing them leading us to believe they were now the zero squad only to draw this huge contrast by having the actual zero squad be so different.

    Will they be making an appearance? I hope so.

  10. @citypunk

    Maybe these guys are from the old gotei, but just with a rather strange personality? One other place where they might be is in the underground prison, same place where Aizen is now…

  11. they might seem a little weird but im pretty sure their bankais will dominate

  12. @citypunk
    There are probably not too many people in the castle. alot of time to hang around with each other.

  13. I’m just wondering how Juha and company are going to handle the 0 squad? The way they had this planned out, I pretty sure they have a answer for 0 squad to.

  14. holy shit!!!! read this spoiler now!!!!!

  15. OUT on mangapanda.com … enjoy

  16. Cameo and mystery man made the chapter 🙂

    Let the training begin!

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