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One Piece Chapter 689 – Devil Fruit Army

After a one week break, this chapter lives up to its hype. While it lacks for action, it makes up in suspense. Revelations are made that makes any One Piece fan want to read the next chapter that badly, and makes us think of a whole new ideas, theories and clue as to what is next in store for our heroes.

From Zero to Hero

This is the second time that a character when first introduced I despise them, but as time goes on, the character grows on to my liking. The first being Mocha which I thought was taking precious panels and time, but when she made her ultimate sacrifice, I have a new found respect for her. Even though she is not the coolest or the toughest character, nonetheless she has a refreshing character of heroism. The second is Brownbeard, I hated this guy, because to me he seemed like a character Oda just out of the blues made up without thinking or effort. Boy was I wrong, not only was effort put into the character of Brownbeard but his story is right on the spot. His timeline and presence makes perfect timing for the story. Brownbeard is a character that went from a total douche to a somewhat humble and caring person who wants the best for his comrades.

When Brownbeard was first introduced, he claimed ownership of some island that was once Whitebeards territory and he tried to claim it with a tyrannic plan. But his plans were cut short by Hawkins and by this event he lost his lower body and was replaced by an alligator instead. This gave him a somewhat a boast in power, as he can run for a long period of time and he has a high resistance to pain, as to he was blasted by the one of the Yeti brothers gun and was still able to stand up. Also he took a shot from CC and was still able to care the Strawhats on his back and run for a long period of time. His resistance to pain is not the only good attribute he has, but it is his determination to help a friend in need. He tries to reveal to his friends that the hero, CC, they thought to be is actually the man behind all of their suffering. It was a valiant effort that back fired on him and caused Brownbeard more suffering and pain.

CC “The Douche”

The more CC is still up and about, the more I hate him. The past villains were not as bad as CC, in the sense that we the fans want him to get his butt kick so bad. There have been some horrible villains that we the fans hate, Blackbeard, Doflimango, and etc. But CC does a great job of being that perfect villain, that makes everything work out for him. For example, as Brownbeard was just about to reveal CC true identity to his comrades, CC with his quick thinking was able not only prevent Brownbeard from revealing CC, but to also make Brownbeards comrades fight against him. Now while I hate to say it, but CC is an evil genius.

While CC is a genius in his own field he lacks in power, I know that he is powerful, but when it comes to fighting strengths he is more of the type that will run away to fight another day, rather than staying and try to at least win. And we have seen that numerous of times where he gets away from Luffy. I think that this time Luffy is not playing around, he no longer will treat this as a game, he is dead serious and one thing bad guys need to be scared of is a serious Luffy because that’s when stuff goes down. Luffy no longer will allow to let CC get away because know Luffy know what type of a person CC is and it is the complete opposite of Luffy. Where Luffy is humble and caring, CC is tyrannic and heartless to people. It is this type of person that Luffy hates the most, the type of person that does not have the care of others. My only concern is that I am thinking that Luffy just K.O’d CC. I certainly hope not, because I want to see Luffy do a barrage of Gomu-Gomu no Pistol.

An Army of Devil Fruit

Now from the way CC was talking it can be seen that he is afraid of Luffy and knows that he does not stand a chance against Luffy , that is why for the past chapters he has been fleeing when ever Luffy was in the same room. But now CC has his back against the wall and Luffy is in front of him. So in an act of desperation he spills out all of his secret. How he works for important people and if Luffy puts a stop to CC, he will have to answer to the important people. Not only Doflimango but also one of the Four Emperors. Luffy’s response is that he has been dealing with guys like them his entire life. Which is true considering the odds were always stacked against Luffy. As to which of the Four Emperors has an army of Devil Fruit fighters, my money goes to Blackbeard because he is the one that has been experimenting or at least has a high knowledge on Devil Fruits. It also could be Kaido because he is the least known out of the Four Emperors. Shanks can be ruled out because he would not work with the likes of CC. As for Big Mama, it could be possible that it is her, since she has been the one in the story line so far. Either way once Luffy puts CC down, he will make another enemy of a high player. So far he has the attention of the Marines, Doflimango, Big Mama, and maybe a new Emperor after this event. All and all, the story is becoming far more exciting.

Side Notes:

  • So GAS is the substance that can create artificial Devil Fruits. No wonder Law wants it or at least catch the attention one of the Emperors.
  • Luffy just showed why you do not get on his bad side.
  • The Devil Fruit Army seems a majority of Zoan type.
  • It would be cool if Zoro and Sanji take this army down single-hand.


Bleach Chapter 517: Stairway to Heaven

Chapter 517: Stairway to Heaven
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Bleach greats us with a nice intro. I’d have to say though. These guys are ‘rather unique’. I can only imagine why kinda person the Soul King is.

I love the little tentacle lady playing the instruments in the back. Now really wanting too it seems but going along with it anyhow. I guess big eyebrows beard-man made her. Ichigo doesn’t quite know what to think of these guys. They are way too exited entering into a destroyed SS.

Shinji makes a smart ass comment and get bitch-slapped by the big lady. An behold I was right to think the big lady could be the former 12th squad captain. Judging by Shinji’s response she used to be quite a big thinner before going up there. I guess the food is really good and there is not a lot to do for her up there.

I don’t quite get the remark that Shinji makes in the frame below Hikifune’s introduction. Guess my english knowledge fails on me here but it’s ok I guess. It’s obvious she likes to eat. she is now known as Zero Devision (Grain King) – Hikifune Kirio.

The second character to have a little chat is the one with the weirdest haircut. His name isn’t revealed in this chapter but he used to be above Unohana and more importantly. He taught her everything he knows… going by the fact that he taught Unohana he is probly on of the eldest in the this group. Quite a funky dude.

The third to start yapping away is the probably the eldest. I assume his name is Oshou. Kyouraku asks why they have come here. The elder first notices Ichigo but he answers Kyouraku’s question.

“By the will of the Soul King, we’re to rebuild the Gotei 13.” But more importantly. He wants Ichigo to come with him to the palace.

Soi Fon gets pissed off at the members of the Zero Squad’s relaxed attitude. They completely ignore her but as she yells out again one of them litteraly appears behind her grabbing by the arm. He went so fast not even Soi Fon could have seen it. A small but significant display of their power.

The man reminds Soi Fon of her place. She is part of the Gotei 13, thanks for the mangastream translation I now that Gotei literally means Protecting the Society. Their job is to protect Soul Society. The Zero Division or the Imperials Special Forces’s job is to protect the spirit palace.

He gets a bit edgy but is smacked back into line by Oshou.

I love her look and whatever her abilities are. Zero Division (Great Woven Defense) – Shutura Senjumaru. I’m not sure how far her abilities reach but it almost looks like she has countless arms that can stretch everywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if she could hide their presence seeing how she easily got into Mayuri’s labs retrieving Ichigo’s Zanpaktou. She also retrieved the heavily injured bodies of Rukia, Renji and Byakuya. Why not Zaraki? Guess the Soul King doesn’t like the overly violent man?

Unohana is reluctant to hand over her patients to her sempai but in the end she lets them because she does know her limits.

I like to get back to Shutura and Mayuri quickly. They have a history. It could be she is the reason he ended up in special confinement in the maggot’s nest.

The chapter’s end Ichigo ask the question why he is to come along if it is not for healing purposes. Oshou wants to answer the question but gets interrupted by a message from somewhere else.

‘That man’ has an urgent message. Could that man be anyone else than Urahara. I don’t think so. Will he reveal who sort off saved his ass. Hopefully!

Oh, hopefully we will get to see that other bloke aswell. He appeared in the colour page but he even got blocked by the text cloud on the first page. Lucky him.

Naruto Chapter 610 – Teamwork

Well things are proceeding faster than I predicted. Not only was this chapter good, but for the first time in a long time, I went reading Naruto without complaining on about the “plot-holes” or the ridicules story line. But I have to admit, shortly but surely Kishi is making a comeback, and its with a big bang. Another thing to note is that there was an actual plan in this fight, not just brute force, which has been almost every fight since the war.  One thing the Naruto series was so good at, is it’s complex fights. That not only have one guy beating the hell out of the other, but it has plans, schemes and which one is smarter than the other, or who can trick who to win. Either way lets get on with this weeks amazing chapter.


As for those who do not know the Juubi is still incomplete. While it is still revived but into an incomplete form. It was because Obito was hasty and in my opinion to lazy to capture the eight and nine-tails beasts to ultimately complete his collection of tailed-beasts. But since Naruto/Kurama and Bee/Gyuki were given him a hard time, he decided to revive the Juubi in its incomplete form. I think that he did this for two reasons; the first is that the fact he could not capture the eight and nine-tails because of their strengths. The second reason is that (and this is completely my opinion) he is afraid he will not be able to control a fully revived Juubi. For the simple fact that not even the Sage could of fully controlled the Juubi, and what makes Obito any different. Think about it, the Juubi is the most devastating force in all of the history of the Ninja World, not even the Sage could of kept it under control. And Obito knew this so he decided to revive it in its incomplete form, to have a better chance of controlling it, and so far he and Madara are doing a good job of that, but for how long.


If there is one thing that I learned about teamwork, is that it could work for you or against you. This chapter is the perfect example of that saying, because so far the Good Guys (Naruto, Kurama, Bee, Gyuki, Kakashi, and Guy) are doing one hell of a good job in teamwork. They have a solid leader, Kurama, who without the doubt has great leadership skills because of the way he carries himself and sets out his plans. While on the other hand, the Bad Guys (Madara, Obito and the Juubi) are having a disagreement. Obito wants to do one thing while Madara wants another, and we do not know for how long the Juubi can be kept under control. So far teamwork is working great for our heroes, while it is starting to back fire for our villains.

For those who were confused at the end, I will describe what went down. Naruto and Bee sent a barrage of Tail Beast Bombs, but the Juubi countered with its own and it shows the power difference that it was able to completely obliterate the combined Bombs of the eight and nine-tails. But as Naruto was about to shield himself from the Juubi’s Cero/Kamehameha looking Tail Beast Bomb, Bee jumps in front of Naruto to take the hit. As the dust clears we see that nothing is left of Bee but one of the eight tails tentacles. We are left thinking that Bee is no more, but wait whats that in the sky, its Naruto and Kakashi thrown by the other Naruto shrouded by the Nine-tails chakra. Than Kakashi reveals that he was hiding Bee inside of his eye, and releases him with Kumi. So it is revealed that when Bee jumped in front of Naruto to take the hit, as the impact was about to hit Kakashi sucked in Bee in his eye and later on releases him right on top of the Juubi and and Bee is already preparing his own Tail Beast Bomb. I hope that summed it up or at least made sense to you.

Side Note:

  • As good as the chapter was there was not much to discuss, but other than to enjoy the epic battle to come.
  • The combined teamwork of Naruto and Kurama is outstanding, I have said this before but given time, Kurama will teach Naruto things that will turn him into someone that will be historic in strength.
  • Did Kurama say ‘We can stroke each other off after we kicked its ass’? (this is by mangastream translation)
  • Finally Kishi is actually making sense and looking at finer details. It is the small detail that makes a story so great.