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Its Out Early!

Naruto Chapter 610

One Piece Chapter 689

Bleach Chapter 517


13 Responses

  1. That long hello at the end of bleach sounds like something either isshin or gin would say,and i can definately see isshin fitting in with these guys as a member if the 0 squad

    For naruto shouldnt the eye of the 10 tails have 9 tomoes? But in this chapter he only has 6, is he missing the 1,8, and 9 tails???

  2. Am I the only one who really hates that medic guy in the 0 Division? I know this is just first impressions, but those are very important.

  3. Naruto – I’m expecting the 8 tails to get amaterasu to the face by the juubi! I’m surprised a quarter of the planet isn’t destroyed now tho with all the bijuu bombs goin off every 10 seconds!

    One Piece – Man made Zoan Type DF Army!!! WTF!!!! Which Yonko do u think has that?? My money is on Kaido! So that’s what the SAD is for… Doflamingo proving again why he is such a gangster an a dangerous pirate! We may get to see Rob Lucci, Kaku an Jyubara again amongst the ranks! I wonder which animal would be the strongest out of the Zoan types?? Chopper has seriously gotta step his game up imo coz he’s gonna fight one of em an the last zoan he fought (Dalton, that ox thing on his home island) stopped him with ease after quack doctor got shot!

    Bleach – they still look goofy but I’m liking the personalities of this zero squad! Its a breath of fresh air from the usual pretty boy captains. Almost dropped my protein shake when I saw hirako get bitch slapped by that fat chic! Rick Ross laid the law down like a bawse an we see that the elvis haircut dude is unohana’s teacher – I bet he hit that at some point she can’t even look at dude in the eye! Soi fon once again is made to look like the shitty captain that she is!! Good chapters all around this week

  4. Gehahaha…..One piece was epic.

    Naruto has confirmed how dissappointing Obito is: Kakashi knows how to use Obito’s eye BETTER THAN OBITO CAN!! Yahahaha!!

    Bleach is getting interesting. Next chapter may finally reveal the sword guy or gal that was with Kisuke in Hueco Mundo. (And it only took about 100 chapters or so.) Hehehe!!

  5. I don’t really understand what happened at the end of naruto, what were the characters talking about? Can someone explain please?

  6. Beast chapters all around:

    Bleach – new Zero squad would be over-powered clowns, lol

    Naruto – watch this supposed eye-ball shot get bitch slapped byJuubi…

    One Piece – showsown time!

  7. @5* – I hope its Gin but its likely Urahara

  8. JUST REALIZED on page 17 and 18 when Zero Squad healer uses moniker “Retsu” to describe Unohana and says that healing time is over and Kyoraku looks down its indication of the badassness that this woman can and did bring!
    I’m guessing she was ultimate destructive force and turned to healing as some sort of redemption. That’s why old man told her to stay in barracks coz him and her in full mode would be something Sereitei could not handle!

    Or not, lol

  9. @Tawuya

    I say its ichigo’s daddy!!!
    Unohaha is a dangerous woman even if she did get scolded, u know when she fights its gonna be serious!

  10. Obito’s character once again proves why he’s boring and childish. He rush the development of the Juubi and now he’s trying to rush the Moon Eyes Plan. There’s still nothing interesting about his character at all. I had a major face palm moment when Obito called Madara a kid when it’s obvious that Obito is the one acting like a child in this battle. Obito shouldn’t even be talking up to Madara, he got beaten up badly by Naruto and his friends. He looks weak ever since he was unmask. The only relevance I find in his character is that he was Kakashi’s hero. Other than that, Obito character is just flat out boring.

    At the end, Kakashi warp the 8 tailed Hachibi with kamui. Then Naruto Kurama threw Kakashi and Naruto sage mode clone on top of the Juubi. Kakashi then uses kamui again and warp the 8 tailed Hachibi out, where the Hachibi was about to fire a tailed beast bomb aiming for the Juubi’s eye.

  11. obito may sound childish but the only way to beat good guys in fiction is to aim for the kill immediately, BIG MAGNUM wanting to wait is the reason they’ll lose in the end, just like Aizen being too relaxed or gohan having fun with cell till he got his father killed

  12. @Madara_Uchiha
    “…aim to kill immediately” that’s exactly what Madara is doing, trying to get rid of Naruto and his friends before proceeding with his plan. Madara is actually more reasonable in this situation than Obito. Madara said it takes an enormous amount of chakra and time to create the moon to be able to cast the powerful genjutsu with. If they went with the plan now, Madara would have to do all the fighting. Obito already got knocked around by Naruto and his friends. Obito is useless ever since his secret got discovered. He shouldn’t even talk. It would be a long fight and leave Madara fighting alone while trying to shield the Juubi at the same time against 2 powerful tailed beast, Gai at full strength to use his gates again and Kakashi warping kamui abilities.

  13. i Like how Soi fon got OWNED by that Zero division dude!!

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