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One Piece Chapter 688 – Childhood

There is not much to say about this chapter since it is self explaintory, there is not that many things to go on about. So I will try to make this very quick and to the point.


I think that the main theme of this arc other than the fact that the Strawhats are finally in the big leagues, is that the struggles and innocence of our childhood. Not only is it the theme in this arc but every Strawhat crew had a very depressing, heart breaking childhoods, with the exception of Brook who we know very little about his childhood. Either way being a child is a struggle, and you can clearly see that with the Strawhats and now these kids, which in my opinion if they decide to kill CC than it is not wrong or shameful. CC is by far one of the most sadistic characters we have been introduced to, taking advantage of the innocence of a child and going as far as experimenting with not only their emotions but with their bodies as well is going to far and this penalty deserve a very harsh punishment.

The fact that Chopper is the most involved in trying to help these kids not only make appropaite but also we can see how passionte Chopper is in trying to help these kids out. Since out of the Strawhats he is the youngest and still considered a kid, even though most of the strawhats act like kids, Chopper is an actual kid. Not Chopper is not the only one trying to help these poor kids, but Nami and Robin are doing their best to help them. But who would of thought that Mocha would eat all of the candy, making the ultimate sacrifice to save her brethren. This is a very emotional move and a very moving act that is one of the strongest aspect of One Piece that it involves realistic emotions that he reader can relate and be moved by.

Monkey D. Luffy

That one stance of Luffy wrapped by Monosuke was one of the coolest things I have seen. While it is very simple it makes for in awesomeness. Now I know that this does not mean anything other than Luffy looks so badazz, that he almost makes for the lack of action in this chapter. It just shows how Oda is such a genius. Other than that the story is moving into its finally stages; Chopper has to find a way to save the kids, Zoro has to make it before the gas catches up to him, Sanji is still kicking the G5 to safety, Virgo and Smoker have to finish their fight and once Luffy finds CC, well we will finally get what we all being waiting for. The whipping of CC brought to you by Monkey D. Luffy.

Side Notes:

  • Zoro and Tagashi make such a cute couple.
  • I am surprised at how much Mocha has made an impact on me even though she is such an annoying kid and the other kids for that matter.

2 Responses

  1. Luffy wearing momonosuke like a scarf in winter had me cracking up! I felt very proud of mocha this chapter coz for a child to pull a brave move like that with such resolve tugs on my heart strings.

    Bit of a side note but Coby’s rank post time skip has been released and u probably already know already but he’s moved up to captain level now the same as Tashigi….training with Monkey D Garp has done him the world of good!!
    2 questions tho guys do u reckon he’ll make it to Admiral level without a DF?? And i know we just had one but do u think before the series is up there’ll be another timeskip? I ask coz ive been thinkin if the SH’s are gonna get islands under them an go up against the WG, the weakest SH’s are gonna have to at least be on par with captains or even vice admirals strength

  2. I am not surprised that Coby is already at captain level since he was trained by the man who shaped Luffy into being the fighter he is today. As for another time skip…its possible, like after the end we will see how everyone else is doing and who settled with who.

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