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Naruto Chapter 609 – The Beginning of the End

It took me so long to realize what I wanted to talk about or comment on this chapter. To be honest I neither loved or hated this chapter, for all of its hype it did not do that much to pump me up. While it should of since the last Villain of the Series has finally showed up or born again. Now somethings I really liked about this chapter and some I hated. So let me give you my two cents on the Beginning of the End of Naruto. The series we all fall in love with.

Naruto and The Demon Fox

I am really liking how Naruto and Kurama are becoming a quite a good team. It would make sense since they have been sharing a body since Naruto’s birth. They know each others weakness and strengths, but I think that Kurama knows more about Naruto than Naruto knows about Kurama because the fact is that just recently Naruto has accepted the Nine Tails as a part of him and his friend. Either way they are one badazz team, and if they make it out of this situation together than they would be an unstoppable team that no one can defeat. However, this ruins the whole idea of Naruto vs Sasuke, because so far Naruto has become too powerful. I mean he is going toe to toe with Madara and Obito. Though what I liked is the fact that Kishi has finally started to make sense. The idea that Kurama can transfer its chakra to different people not only makes sense since he is pure chakra. But I would of liked it even more if Kishi would of decided to do this earlier so it would explain how Kakashi is still alive for that matter. Either way the team of Naruto and Kurama is a force to be reckoned with.

Guy and Madara

Lets be honest Guy and Madara are by far the most epic original characters in Naruto. Guy with his over the top outspoken personality and with Madara who never seems to be uncool even when he was blasted of by Guy. Guy took me by surprise, I mean I knew he was strong and on pair with Kakashi but I did not know that he was capable of having a hit on Madara, while he was close to death. And Madara who even when was blasted by Guy’s jutsu, he was just siting on the residue like nothing happened and looks cool. Ever since Madara has shown up, I did not like him because if there was a character that is overpowered it be Madara. But it started to make sense to me because the power he has right now is not the same power he had when he was alive. When he was alive he had to worry about being hurt, running out of chakra and take his opponents seriously. But now he has an endless chakra reserve, he can’t die unless sealed and he is in no way taking any one or this situation seriously. It would make sense that he is as powerful as he is now because of the fact that the laws of nature do not apply to him, again unless being sealed.

Obito and the Ten-Tails

By far I am most disappointed by Obito, come on, this guy is the same guy that caused all this chaos, now looks like a little punk. The same guy that could of controlled five tailed beast, has a Sharingan and Rinnegan as eyes, is getting his azz kicked by a beat up Kakashi and a green-boy who has finally learned to use his power. Obito has gone from being one of the most entertaining character with his split personality, his bizarre abilities to becoming almost that of a spoiled brat that has so much power that he doesn’t know what to do with it. Speaking of power, the most powerful being in the Naruto world has finally shown his or her face. I do not know what to make of the Ten-tails but one thing is for sure is that it is showing its face at the perfect time. Obito has lost his will to fight but realistically he is getting his azz kick, it is as simple as that. The thing about Obito, is that he is sort of like Nagato who once stated that if people knew his trick they can defeat him. Obito is sort of like that, that his power lies in the secret of his ability, once that secret is figured he can be dealt with. As for the Ten-tails, well even Kurama knows that he is no match for it, now the question is that does Ten-tails have its own personilty like the rest of the tail demons? How will Madara/Obito control it? Or better yet will it let them?

Side Notes:

  • Kurama is shown how cunning and witted he is. His vast knowledge of history and power will turn Naruto into the most powerful Ninja ever produced.
  • Kurama given out chakra seems to be a very effective, as Kakashi almost look like he is back into his best. Now if he can do the same for Guy.
  • Finally Bee has finally done something, even thought it was a waste of effort.


19 Responses

  1. I know that Naruto received chakra from the other tailed beasts. But wasn’t Shukaku missing from that group? Since Gaara is still alive, did Obito not think to use a different body as its host?

  2. Nice as always Jdogg-sama

    well i wouldn’t be dissapionted at obito…i mean once your jutsu’s weakness is known you become dipSh*t..
    the dissapiontment should be on kakashi for not childori-stabing obito and literally gorge his insides out

  3. It’s sad how it took two ninja to do what minato could do by himself lol (and the two ninja are arguably the best that konoha can offer) and ur right sanin Kakashi should have just ended it than an there in the other dimension but w/e. the problem I have is not that obitos jutsu was figured out but the fact that he can’t adapt. When naruto was figured out by kakuza he adapted and made kakuza make the wrong assumption. Obito can’t do that cause that’s his only thing really but he’s not smart enough combat wise compared to Kakashi and naruto it seems. Obito is a one trick pony and as much as ppl say naruto is he does have numerous modes to turn to at any given time and his shadow clones do multiple things sides help fight. Pein I think was giving jiryia respect more than anything but even so he probably would have Lost as well…. Which says alot about how stron jiryia is when it took naruto, summons, nine tails starting to go berserk anddddd numerous sage modes to beat pein.

  4. Wouldnt it be cool if the 10 tails spoke at the end and said “FINALLY IM BACK MUTHAF- Wait a minute arent i missing 2 beasts?! Ah there they are!” and sucked in the 8 an 9 tails like noodles!
    Naruto has 1 mission and 1 mission only right now….give Guy some Chakra so i can see a whole chapter of him going 8 gates and then another chapter of him trying and dying!

  5. My best how it´s going on, Obito will the Ten-tails by himself. I don´t see how you can stop this thing by raw power. So I guess Naruto will convince once again a villian to do the right thing in sealing this thing back.

  6. @token, not to mention pein wasn’t even at full strength when he took on naruto.

  7. Seriously what makes obito think he can handle what the sage of the six paths almost couldn’t? If anyone can become that beast’s host its madara, since hes closer than anyone to his power.

  8. izanagi – shukaku was sealed in the beginning of shippuuden series. gaara was supposed to die coz his beast was sucked out forcibly but chiyo-baasan did that life transfer jutsu.

  9. @tenza gizzla
    LOL….yeah that’ll be cool wouldn’t stop laughing
    you’re right someone should have a backup plan to cover for his weakness
    Athough naruto and kakuzu is bad example that was luck for naruto and a moment stupidity for kakuzu

  10. obito will turn good, thats why he isnt dead yet

  11. Shykss, I know what happened to Gaara. What I’m saying is that 6 of the tailed beasts gave Naruto chakra. Presumably the eight tails will at some point. I was assuming Naruto will need to use the chakra of the tailed beasts to counter the 10 tails that was just revived. However Shukaku has yet to make an appearance. I’m wondering where Shukaku is and if/how Naruto will get chakra from him. Or is Naruto already using the other tailed beast’s chakra since he’s the main guy holding off both Madara and Obito.

    And I also agree that Kakashi was lame to use Obito as a punching bag instead of a raikiri target.

    I’d also be interested in hearing anyone’s theories on whether or not anyone else from the other battlefields will get to witness this epic battle, when the kages are coming back, whether or not Tsunade will die helping the other kages and who the hell is Sasuke and Orochimaru going to talk to?

  12. Who knows? Maybe sasukes father? Someone related to orochimaru? SOTSP? one of the past Kages?

  13. Or maybe it could be an animal sage, similar to that old fortune telling toad?

  14. im trying to determine what has come of the fist bumping with the other tail beast earlier? does anyone know what happened?

  15. This chapter was entertaining. I like seeing Hashira…I mean Madara just coolin on that rock watching everything going on. The nine tails has become a pretty cool character. I agree with you Jdogg on Obito. If you reread the older chapters before he was unmasked, he seemed like a totally different person. Tobi just seemed more powerful, in control of himself as well as his “plan” and just plain dangerous. Now he seems weaker, no control over himself as well as the situation at hand, and just plain….boring. Hmmm…..I wonder if Madara or Obito have a plan to control the 10 tails. Maybe all those names Naruto learned will help him control it or something.

    Like I said entertaining chapter. On to the next.

  16. New chapter is fucking awesome

  17. BIG MAGNUM is going to try to get rid of Obito soon. He already asked Naruto if he would like for him to get rid of everyone. And now Obito is challenging his authority, he’s about to catch an Uchiha fan to the good side of his body.

  18. I disagree that Obito lame; its only Kakashi in combination with someone that could give him a run for his money after figuring out his secret. (That paper chick did too). But he is still dangerous and I foresee a back stab happening soon.

    Obito motivations further confirmed by fact that he just wants to get on with Moon’s Eye. He really believes the world should be “erased”!


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