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Bleach Chapter 516: The Squad Zero

Chapter 516: The Squad Zero
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The intro pages shows some captain haori’s (Have I rembered this right?) and show us a new sign. This is the sign for the Zero Squad. At the beginning of the chapter we don’t really get to see how many there are. But it will all be revealed in this chapter. No names yet in this chapter. We know one, but not which face it belongs too, I will get back on that.

Anyway, this seem to have somewhat settled a bit but it is sure be nothing but a calm before the storm. The VanDerReich are waiting for these guys after all.

So, Ichigo’s Zankpaktou is broken. Ichigo starts yelling at Mayuri. But after a brief explanation Mayuri drops a troublesome truth. A broken bankai can never return to its former state. The only exeption Mayuri has found is in Komamyura’s bankai. I can see why aswell. Whenever his Bankai got damaged, so did his body. It works the other way around as well. So when Komamura heals, so does his Bankai. Mayuri accidentally spills the beans about Ikkaku’s bankai to Ichigo. Ichigo doesn’t seems a distressed as I expected him to be.

An old familiar shows up. Beefed up and everything. Kon has been lifting weight or something

He is looking buffed out man!!!

New Squad mate for Ichigo!

Oh wait. Nevermind that. It was just Mayuri at play.

But then Mayuri receives an important call. The Zero squad has arrived. He beckons Ichigo to tag along. They seems to have gathered outside the walls.

Unlike Mayuri, Shinji wonder why Ichigo actually came along. Kyouraku of all people notes the first little fun fact. The wall protecting SS apparently came down from the Royal palace.

Anywayz… a large pillars lands right in front of them. Techuuren(Heavenly Pillar) is the preferred method of travel. The Zero squad are truly the most powerful among the Shinigami. There are not ‘soldiers’ in the Zero squad. Only five ‘captains’ which, according to Kyouraku, is not really a title that do these guys justice.

A cast of colourful looking character step out of the pillar. I honestly wouldn’t be at all surprised if the big lady on the left was the former 12th squad captain Kirio Hikifune, about the only person the little Vaizard Hiyori respected and loved like a mother. I wonder how these five will play their part in things to come. Because everybody leaving the Royal Palace means the Spirit King is unguarded.

But there already look like quite a set of people but remember, these guys have been promoted for a reason. I reckon these 5 are on par with the deceased Yamamoto

Oh boy…