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Its Out!!!

Naruto Chapter 609

Bleach Chapter 516

There is no One Piece Chapter this week. But there will be a One Piece Blog since I saved last weeks chapter for this weeks.


29 Responses

  1. IM thE BOSSSSS!!!!!!……

    not sure what to take from this episode…i guess the inevitability of the ten tails has taken place…now we need to see the sasuke naruto combo come into play back up with sakura…..its time to shine mofoS!

  2. Bleach – awesome chapter! Can’t wait to see quirky Zero Squad bullying Captains… Can anyone explain what exactly Kyouraku was saying about the Wall and where the Soul King and Palace are!?

    Naruto – great developments, interesting to see how Tobi and Madara proceed. Kyuubi being able to hand out chakra will make things interesting

  3. i keep thinking about cell transforming into his perfect form when i look at the ten tails’ arrival

  4. Hasnt yamamoto said that he has remained head captain for a 1000 years because no shimigami born since has been stronger? So how strong can the 0 squad be?

  5. Good question… But will probably boil down to semantics, “haven’t been defeated in 1000 years”, “5 are stronger than gotei 13 COMBINED” something like that… Either way good times ahead!

  6. wait I’m kinda confused…did Obito warp the 10 tails away at the last second to avoid the Tailed Beast Bomb?

  7. Nah, I’m guessing 10 tails can do whatever the hell it wants to without need of puny Obito’s help…

  8. bleach-these guyz look fun, not as strong as they are said to be, but really fun. cant wait to see their zanpaktous but above all their bankai.

    @tawuyu-sama-i think what kyoraku meant was that the wall that surrounds soul society is only there during emergencies, and during normal situations there is nothing surounding the seiretei. during these normal periods the wall is instead guarding the kingdom of the soul king which seems to be in another dimension. thats why aizen needed to create the oken to unlock the route to that dimension.

  9. Bleach……FINALLY the Zero Squad has arrived in soul society and WTF is up wit there designs!! We got rick ross in the middle, the guy out of ninja scroll next to him, a fat chic wit a eating disorder next to him (10 bucks says her bankai is a krispy kreme), a sexy hot chic on the far side and a guy who’s grinning like its xmas on the end…..these guy’s better kick some serious ass!!

    Naruto……i cant get over BIG MAGNUM just chillin there like a pimp watching his hoes fight over the last chicken wing from a KFC bucket, dude is too funny

  10. @5* hotel – Yes, Yamamoto has been the Captain Commander of Soul Society for 1000 years because he’s been the strongest figure within that “land,” so to speak.

    The Zero Squad (who are automatically stronger based on their title) remain with the Soul King, away from Soul Society, meaning Yamamoto was supposed to be strong enough to protect it without the need for the Zero Squad.

    Ps. First time posting, don’t know why I felt the need to start now.

  11. YOOOOO that guy wit the Pick thing in his mouth Look like kuwabara from yu yu Hakasho!!! LOL and wow So the comebined power of these 5 are stronger then the combined power of all 13 squads put together?? even wit Old man Yama included? O_O” I’m assuming there shikai’s are on par with all the captains bankai’s and that there bankai’s are on a entirely different Level!! Like super saiyan 4 combined wit Brolly Level!! >:D

  12. Finally, the Zero Squad is here. The design of the characters my not be up to people expectations, but I find them awesomely trendy and I can except that.. Not everyone can be your typical Hott, Emo, long hair pretty boy anime character. I like seeing the average Joe type characters.
    Also, Japanese Anime always have those weird Hair Styles. Like the one with the toothpick is very common..his is called Punch Perm. A hairstyle that looks like a giant stereotypical Elvis quiff, the punch perm has a few variations, but all are associated with bosozoku biker gangs and yakuza, mostly in the 80’s and 90’s. The punch perm has fallen out of popularity, but it is still used in anime to represent a certain kind of character.

    Examples: Tatsuya Himekawa (Beelzebub), “Wooden Sword” Ryu (Shaman king), Kuwabara Kazuma (YuYu Hakusho) and the Commentator in the Yugioh tagforce games for DS.

  13. I think that the 10 tail just got more power and developed faster when when the chakra from 8 annd 9 tail bomb landed on the shell

  14. Id say each one of them in the zero squad is ALMOST as strong as the commander. Makes since to me Considering how feeble and children -like in terms of power the rest of the gotei 13 is compared to old man yama.

  15. @Tensa

    Here you go man. BIG MAGNUM’s theme song:

  16. @ Tensa

    And this one is for my main man BIG PIMPIN himself Orochimaru, lol:

  17. @UTI slim thug thinking he boss, but I bet he don’t have spinning rims for eyeballs that shoot amatersu an control gravity.

  18. @Darth you’re right about that lol.

  19. Here’s mine for jiraya : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWYEFsuqZAM

  20. @ Darth

    Hilarious man, lol.

  21. @UTI

    Hahahahaha great theme music man!!! Oro just tryna get dat paper for da rent

  22. @Tensa

    All day man. It cost a lot of paper to rent all those labs, secret hideouts, and holding cells he has, lol.

  23. Since naruto knows the Sage sealing technique all he has to do is seal the ten tails right

  24. If all they needed was a portion of the 8 and 9 tails chakra which they already had possession of what exactly was the point of the war?

  25. @cas24
    Obito wanted the full portion of 8 an 9 tails for a full powered juubi an he didn’t have ginkaku an rinkaku- kabuto did- I’m guessing the version that is comin through the floor is juubi at 75% power. The war itself was pointless he could just genjutsu’ed kabuto an got the 9 tailed twins off him but it was kishi trying to make an exciting war which turned out to be crap an just one big royal rumble!

  26. @tenza gizzla
    if it were that easy why didn’t itachi (master of genjutsu)put kabuto in a genjutsu at the begining of their fight…..itachi had to use the last genjutsu trick up his sleeve to get kabuto…

  27. What if the 10 tails run up to naruto and lick him on the cheek!(ha!) Good Boy! Good 10 tails…now go sic’ Madara…get him boy!

  28. What if naruto knowing the names of all the beasts means he can control the juubi eventually? Just a thought

  29. Yeah. I don’t think Madara or Obito has enough power to really take hold of the beast…and what Naruto learned from the other Tailed Beasts will come in handy.

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