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Naruto Chapter 608 – The One and Only

I am humbly sorry for the late post, life has been busy for me lately and to be honest I just read the recent chapter. At first I did not make much of the chapter, sort of had that moment of “What is going on?” But rereading the chapter has made me realize that his chapter is by far the closest chapter to the original style of Kishi. I actually enjoyed reading a Naruto chapter like I used to, sure you have to over look the ‘plot-holes’ and the chaotic plot so far, overall it was a decent chapter.

“Just Shut up”

I could not have said it any better. The time for talk is over and the time for the fight to decide the fate of the world needs to commence. If you have not realized that this series is at its ending cycle. After this battle, it wont be long before the Naruto series ends. At the same time, I feel that there are still so many mysteries and questions left unanswered. That it would take a year or two to answer. Either way we are still in the final stage of the story and all of the things that need to be revealed has been revealed. We know who Tobi is. Naruto has become quit powerful, and so on. The only mystery left is that one Jutsu Jiraiya mentioned. So like I said the time for questions and answers is over, and the only thing left to do is fight.

As to answer Kakashi’s question “Why?” It is a really simple answer, and as corny as it sounds, Obito committed all this chaos for the woman he loved. I have said this before but the story of Obito is strikingly similar to how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. Look at the similarities. They were both good hearted kids, both look-up up to their mentor and at the end wanted to kill them. And many more similarities, but the one similarity that makes them almost identical is that their love of a woman and her death caused them to make this drastic transition from a person who saw goodness in the world now only sees hatred. The only difference that I find in their transition from the ‘good’ side to the ‘dark’ side is that the transition was executed perfectly in Star Wars; while the transition of Obito to being Tobi is not as nearly perfected. I think that Kishi originally thought if he kept the identity of Obito hidden it would work in his favor, but it actually back fired. A lot of Naruto fans were quit disappointed that Tobi was in fact Obito.

The reason the unmasking of Tobi was not as successful (depends on what is successful means) was because there was no previous mention of Obito or if Obito was still alive or even a hint of him being alive. Either way I personally have come to acknowledge Obito as Tobi. Whether you hate or love this idea, it will still stay. Another thing that I noticed is that ever since it was revealed that it is Obito, the power of the character of Tobi was increasingly reduced. As Tobi, Obito was seemingly immortal, untouchable and invincible. He single handily took down the commanders of Danzo, was giving Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy a hard time. But ever since his mask was removed, that immortality, untouchable, and invincibility were lost. It is almost as if he is not the same character that he reverted back to a helpless child. Just like when Pain was fighting Jirayia and after the fight Pain mentions that if Jirayia new his secret the other world of won. In some ways that is what is happening to Obito, ever since they found out his identity he has lost that power that was held highly.

Naruto “The One and Only”

What I find interesting is that almost all of the villains in the Naruto series have a disturbing similar story to Naruto. Orochinaru was a good-hearted kid with great potential for greatness turned to evil. Nagato, same thing, a good-hearted kid with great potential turned to evil ways. Now Obito is almost exactly like Naruto, from their childhood, personality and philosophy. But their way of saving the world is different. It is as if Obito passed the torched to Naruto, with it came his ideas of friendship and the right way to save the world. “I wont let any of my comrades get killed.” is the same line Kakashi and Obito used back in the day. Through this you could see that Naruto and Obito as kids had the same philosophy but as they grew up, they chose different paths to deal with the world. One chose the easy way; which is to blame the whole world for all its problems and the only way to fix it is to break it. The other chose the hard way; which is seeing the goodness in people and the only way to fix the world is if every one learns to get alone with one another. Both want the same thing but have different paths to achieving that goal. Which path will succeeded is the whole purpose of this Manga.

Side Notes:

  • Guy is one badazz guy.
  • I have a feeling that next chapter will not be about the conclusion of this fight but will go to Sasuke’s side of the story.
  • That wood dragon, you could see that Naruto’s chakra is affecting it to sprout some trees.
  • It was nice seeing Naruto moving as fast as the Fourth.


31 Responses

  1. Primero!!

  2. Kakashi must be secretly raiding obitos medicine cabinet, cause there’s no way he should still be fighting. Guy, I understand cause he a beast, but where kakashi is getting his stamina from?

    About jirayas “secret ” jutsu I really don’t belive there is one, an if there is, either we’ve seen already, or its gonna fall in the “nameless and useless jutsu at this point ” like a lot of others in this manga.

  3. @darth
    Now that you mention it, I wonder what justu Sasuke was about to use on Naruto when they first met after the timeskip. Orochimaru stopped him from using it because it was too dangerous. The way he moved his hand in the air, you would think it was Kirin, but there were no thunderclouds, so it couldn’t be that. I don’t think we ever got to see what it was…

  4. Good chapter, hopefully no swit0hback to Sasuke…

  5. Great review Jdogg, at first I read the chapter and I was like “man I can’t wait until the next arc”. But then after reading your review, I did what you did and reread the chapter. It wasn’t a bad chapter after all. Once I looked past Madara Senju (uses wood release more than his own clan techniques), and psycho obsessive Obito (destory the whole world for a girl he never had) it was a decent chapter. It was cool that Kakashi warped himself out of the dimension Obito put him in. I liked how you pointed out the trees growing in response to Naruto’s chakra…..I didn’t notice that. At least Kish didn’t forget that part of the story….among other things…

    Oh well can’t wait until next chapter!!!

  6. Naruto felt abit cheesy with his “im not trash, i’ll protective my comrades blah blah blah”…..I always thought that jiriya’s “that” jutsu was the tailed beast bomb or bijuu mode! Sasuke’s still got his fourth an final EMS secret jutsu aswell remember so we’ve got a lot of jutsu to come.
    Kakashi using raikiri…..ontop of his like 8th Kamui…..do i need to say anymore?! lol Next chapter i get the feeling we’re gonna see tsunade sow herself back together while the slug gives everyone chakra so they can come join the fight! The kages, naruto, bee, kakashi, guy and the rookies vs Madara and Tobi…….

  7. Good job master jdogg no need to apologise for the late post

    to your review
    i think naruto path to peace is a fantasy…..who the hell can just come out of the blues and erase hate with talk no jutsu

    but a jutsu seems more realistic….its wrong, but its the only way to completely erase hatred From people’s heart

    ooh….guys do well and read the chap, obito is evil because what killed rin…..not b’cuz of rin herself

  8. Agree about Kakashi with his Chakra levels, but maybe he has resetd some during the night when he got the chance.. And someting I wonder about more is why Obito ain´t blind yet?? He is one person that has spamed his MS alot, and doing so you should go blind.

  9. @seda
    I brought up that question a while back in one of my Naruto rants. Someone, I can’t remember who, brought up a point that because Obito’s body is integrated with Zetsu, he can supposedly bypass that side-effect. It sounded like a bunch BS to me. This is just Kishi ignoring another one of his rules that he established in this manga. Unlimited chakra levels, immortality, multiple plot holes, everyone using “supposedly” secret techniques that should only be usable by their respective bloodlines, everything is just screwed up…

  10. @sannin war don’t kill rin Kakashi did. Not only that but obito doesn’t even know y. For all he knew she betrayed konoha an itachi or perhaps kishi did a mercy killing. Fact is obito do all this because of rin. He was in the middle of fighting he killed ninjas himself when he was with Kakashi and rin. War didnt make him this way according to what he wen thru in the flashback. He was anxious to help them until he saw Kakashi kill rin and now all the sudden the world is evil, ppl will never change blah blah blah. He can sugar coat it all he wants but he got this way only after seeing rin killed by Kakashi (someone who h viewed as a friend but w/e I’ll let that be). That’s the reason and frankly it’s a sucky one.

  11. Btw if anyone Should have gone mad and crazy Kakashi would have been a better person than obito; Kakashi lost his dad to suicide an in one of his flashbacks it looked like Kakashi found him. Don’t u think that would be slightly more traumatizing than obitos case? Yet Kakashi didn’t blame konoha or war for his dads death he still to this day serves to protect it

  12. Different characters will (and should react differently); Kakashi made of sterner stuff or maybe seeing the sacrifice his Dad (which did affect him) and Obito made steeled his resolve.

    The path that Obito is on is not solely about Rin; its why the panel of Hell was shown when he lost. He was plunged (by Madara) into a hellish nightmare so that he would buy into Madara’s dream of Moon’s Eye plan. He probably sensed Kakashi’s torment and decided the best course for everyone is to push the reset button because the Ninja world is broken. It’s why he has this reckless abandon and doesn’t care who he kills or hurts because if/when his plan succeeds it won’t matter. He almost stuck in that infantile mentality. Its why he left kakashi he saw no reason to deal with him. He’s fighting him now because they are in direct conflict.

    Rin being killed by Kakashi her supposed protector was the confirmation he needed; its not a crush gone wrong to him its bigger than that.

  13. Before he saw kakashi kill rin can someone please show me where he was plunged into a nightmare by madara…. litereally up until he saw what happened he was anxious to help them . as soon as he saw rin go down he went nuts. Before this there is no mention of obito questioning the ninja world, no mention of him being angry at the war and the village and their way of life. The one event that pushed him was rins death and thats it; literally when he saw that thats when he went on a rampage but it wasnt a compilation of things (at least kishi never showed us this) so to say it goes deeper isnt really true specailly due to the fact that after all these years rin is still on his mind.

  14. and btw kakashi was younger than obito was when he turned bad so ur telling me a what 4 year old is made of sterner stuff than a 9 or 10 year old? thats pretty sad on obitos part than

  15. Token you’ve very “cleverly” ignored all the pertinent points I brought up…
    The hell he was in was when all the factors were brought together; Rin dead, killed by their best friend. Remember he had no problem sacrificing himself because he had entrusted his “legacy” to Kakashi.

    How old Kakashi was is irrelevant; as we’ve seen, age means very little in this manga.

    If it was all about Rin, why not ressurect her? Obito has been bamboozled into thinking the world itself, the same world that killed Rin, is beyond saving by conventional means. Before he went out Madara gave him the “hell” speech where he says if there are winners there must be losers etc. The seed was planted.

    We won’t be spoon fed everything so whilst we know that Rin is a big part of it she is not the sole reason he wants to bring about Moon’s Eye. His semi-rant to Kakashi about how everyone in the ninja world falls eventually points towards that.

    Obitos actions point towards what he doing being bigger than… What “revenge” for Rin? Who is he making pay then? He doesn’t want to destroy he wants to recreate. Madara is suspect just wants control which is where they will knock heads eventually.

  16. Sorry, but considering obito possibly being the final villian in this manga, and how he completely turned a 180 from the narut-like personality as well as comparing villain -wise backstories to ninjas like nagato, sasuke, itachi (although he wasn’t really a villain he played his part well an fooled nearly everyone) orochimaru and kisame (I particularly enjoyed his story an chatacter a lot even though its the least developed out of the ones I named) I expected the story of obitos fall to be more (lack of a better word) …….grandiose.

  17. i still cant understand why there are so many who still, this many weeks after we’ve found out, have a problem with obito being tobi. tthere wasnt a wide selection of people tobi could have been once we found out he was an uchiha. and what is so bad about his reason(s) for doing what he’s doing? he saw the girl he was in love with killed by his closest friend who swore to him before his presumed death to protect her. i can relate to some degree to obito’s “i dont care for this world or anyone in it anymore” attitude. i think in reality losing the one you love by any means can help to understand how obito felt at the time of rin’s death. im familiar with love and id be the first to tell anyone it can make you crazy.

    about obito being able to use his MS without any strain on his eye: hashirama’s cells were able to regenerate on their own. as madara said he was able to heal his own wounds without forming any hand seals which i assume is due his chakra and wood release. he had the ability to form life from nothing, which makes it not hard for me to believe that his cells and dna could keep a MS from losing its light.

  18. No he wasn’t in love he had a crush. It’s one thing if its his wife or even girlfriend but this is a girl who wasn’t exactly interested in him from the start and obito functioned more as a stalker really…. So I’m supposed to feel bad for a guy who had a secret crush on a girl and his friend killed her? Obito had screws loose before this than…. His backstory is easily least sympathetic of everyone’s. he’ll even madara has a Bette backstory cause he didnt want his clan to be treated like dogs. The main problem I have sides the storyline is the backstory which had little emotion to it and was like a overly emo sasuke without the trauma sasuke or itachi or ppl like that had to deal with.

  19. What makes a great villain is someone off the screws like oro or someone like pein who experienced real pain and loss and used that to fuel his anger but at the same time believed in his cause that honestly aside from the brute force wasn’t too far out there in terms of him wanting to end the ninja way and such. Obito is almost childish in his make believe world and let’s be real madara probably wanted to be raised so he could control the juubi and rule with an iron fist. This whole dream world crap is somethin to manipulate obito

  20. Stalker lol. harsh. well i dont think its right to just call it a crush as if he cant have strong feelings for rin just because it isnt mutual and she was probably unaware of his feelings for her. i think its right to say hinata is in love with naruto right? but those feelings she have arent mutual and naruto is unaware of her feelings and is attracted to someone else just as rin was. my point is there arent circumstances that have to be met before you can love someone. i believe he loved her and witnessing rin’s death at the hands of kakashi, madara’s manipulation and the uchiha’s curse of hatred drove him this far.

  21. Difference is hinata told naruto how she felt when she intervened during the pein fight. At least naruto knows how she feels and he hasn’t done anything to push her aside like rin did when mentioning kakashis party. Hinata actually did something about it while obito hid in the background like a creeper lol

  22. i agree with token. obito’s reasons for destroying the world seems very childish. like token said, before he fused with zetsu and went out to ‘save’ rin and kakashi, he was very optimistic abt things. he believes only the friendship and love for rin. but after he saw kakashi put a hole in rin’s body, suddenly the world is bad? duh… like it wasn’t during the skirmishes they had with other hidden villages??

    so in this sense, his reasons for snapping is very childish and illogical, immature. it pales in comparison to what sasuke had gone through. it pales with itachi’s.. hell even what naruto had to go through is harsher than obito’s… had naruto gone bad because of his living environments, that’s even understandable. his parents died saving him. he didn’t know he’s the fourth’s son. he was shunned without knowing the reasons…

    obito snapped because his best friend killed his adoloscent crush… yeah… right…

  23. Agree with token 100%

    Its not about people accepting it, its the manner the story was told. It is simply contrived to have obito as Tobi. Obito going bad over a girl that he was never with. Really? Yes Obito is Tobi but its piss poor story telling by kishi.


  24. are we still on about obito being tobi? whats done is done and move on, it ain’t gonna change because your moaning about it, lets just discuss the chapters as and when they come

  25. Anon we r moving on from tobi being obito lol the backstory has been discussed by kishi over the past few chapters and we are talking about how weak a backstory it was that made obito into tobi… might wanna read what ppl are arguing about before saying we r moaning about “old news” lol.

  26. I don’t know about you guys, but when I think of obito using kamui, this pops in my head : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otCpCn0l4Wo

  27. @Darth
    LMAO!!! If Obito ever had theme music it would be this:

    loooooooool at Madara chillin on a rock this chapter wit some popcorn an pepsi watching obtio spar wit naruto an kakashi – straight BAWSE!

  28. @ Tensa…..that’s why he’s BIG MAGNUM, lol. The bad thing about is, I believe he could destroy everyone on that battlefield right now relatively easily. Guy is the only person to get a decent lick on him, and that was from behind. BIG MAGNUM’s a straight up beast. I love every panel he’s in because he’s so beast and he knows that he is until he just toys with everyone almost in a joking manner. I liked when asked Narurto last chapter “They’re becoming a nuisance to you to aren’t they?” He was like I can make vl everyone here disappear if you like so just you and I can fight, lol.

    And we will definitely see either the kages next chapter or Sasuke and my main man BIG PIMPIN. That’s Oro’s new nickname cause he acts like a pimp. He even talks like one, lol.

  29. @Uchiha,

    I think BIG MAGNUM needs some theme music too, think u could help out find one? lol The thing with him tho is i don’t know how the hell kishi is planning to kill him…..the only thing capable is the juubi….everyone else is nowhere near ready to tango with the BIG MAGNUM, not Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, the kages NO ONE. I can almost see the moons eye plan being accomplished perfectly.

  30. @Tensa I’m on it, lol. I’ll post it on the it’s out. I’ll even find BIG PIMPIN one.

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