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Naruto Chapter 608 – The One and Only

I am humbly sorry for the late post, life has been busy for me lately and to be honest I just read the recent chapter. At first I did not make much of the chapter, sort of had that moment of “What is going on?” But rereading the chapter has made me realize that his chapter is by far the closest chapter to the original style of Kishi. I actually enjoyed reading a Naruto chapter like I used to, sure you have to over look the ‘plot-holes’ and the chaotic plot so far, overall it was a decent chapter.

“Just Shut up”

I could not have said it any better. The time for talk is over and the time for the fight to decide the fate of the world needs to commence. If you have not realized that this series is at its ending cycle. After this battle, it wont be long before the Naruto series ends. At the same time, I feel that there are still so many mysteries and questions left unanswered. That it would take a year or two to answer. Either way we are still in the final stage of the story and all of the things that need to be revealed has been revealed. We know who Tobi is. Naruto has become quit powerful, and so on. The only mystery left is that one Jutsu Jiraiya mentioned. So like I said the time for questions and answers is over, and the only thing left to do is fight.

As to answer Kakashi’s question “Why?” It is a really simple answer, and as corny as it sounds, Obito committed all this chaos for the woman he loved. I have said this before but the story of Obito is strikingly similar to how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. Look at the similarities. They were both good hearted kids, both look-up up to their mentor and at the end wanted to kill them. And many more similarities, but the one similarity that makes them almost identical is that their love of a woman and her death caused them to make this drastic transition from a person who saw goodness in the world now only sees hatred. The only difference that I find in their transition from the ‘good’ side to the ‘dark’ side is that the transition was executed perfectly in Star Wars; while the transition of Obito to being Tobi is not as nearly perfected. I think that Kishi originally thought if he kept the identity of Obito hidden it would work in his favor, but it actually back fired. A lot of Naruto fans were quit disappointed that Tobi was in fact Obito.

The reason the unmasking of Tobi was not as successful (depends on what is successful means) was because there was no previous mention of Obito or if Obito was still alive or even a hint of him being alive. Either way I personally have come to acknowledge Obito as Tobi. Whether you hate or love this idea, it will still stay. Another thing that I noticed is that ever since it was revealed that it is Obito, the power of the character of Tobi was increasingly reduced. As Tobi, Obito was seemingly immortal, untouchable and invincible. He single handily took down the commanders of Danzo, was giving Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy a hard time. But ever since his mask was removed, that immortality, untouchable, and invincibility were lost. It is almost as if he is not the same character that he reverted back to a helpless child. Just like when Pain was fighting Jirayia and after the fight Pain mentions that if Jirayia new his secret the other world of won. In some ways that is what is happening to Obito, ever since they found out his identity he has lost that power that was held highly.

Naruto “The One and Only”

What I find interesting is that almost all of the villains in the Naruto series have a disturbing similar story to Naruto. Orochinaru was a good-hearted kid with great potential for greatness turned to evil. Nagato, same thing, a good-hearted kid with great potential turned to evil ways. Now Obito is almost exactly like Naruto, from their childhood, personality and philosophy. But their way of saving the world is different. It is as if Obito passed the torched to Naruto, with it came his ideas of friendship and the right way to save the world. “I wont let any of my comrades get killed.” is the same line Kakashi and Obito used back in the day. Through this you could see that Naruto and Obito as kids had the same philosophy but as they grew up, they chose different paths to deal with the world. One chose the easy way; which is to blame the whole world for all its problems and the only way to fix it is to break it. The other chose the hard way; which is seeing the goodness in people and the only way to fix the world is if every one learns to get alone with one another. Both want the same thing but have different paths to achieving that goal. Which path will succeeded is the whole purpose of this Manga.

Side Notes:

  • Guy is one badazz guy.
  • I have a feeling that next chapter will not be about the conclusion of this fight but will go to Sasuke’s side of the story.
  • That wood dragon, you could see that Naruto’s chakra is affecting it to sprout some trees.
  • It was nice seeing Naruto moving as fast as the Fourth.