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Bleach Chapter 515: Relics

Chapter 515: Relics
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With the VanderReich retreated back to their homeworld for the time being the 4th squad has sprung into action. Trying to care of the many, many wounded. The Captain and her lt are probably in the medical facility’s.

The young lt looking stressed out of her mind. Wondering if the 4th squad has done the right thing by nog moving out during the slaughter outside. The captain responds to her.

Isana almost burst out in tears. She knew her captain wanted to be out there. The captain consoles her as reminds her that the 4th squad has been ordered the late captain-commander to stay put… no matter what. That was his final order.

In the meantime. Ichigo is hanging around first-aid (i guess). Urahara has sent words to SS that everybody in Hueco Mundo are ok. Nothing more than that. Meaning no info on who the mystery man in Hueco Mundo is.

Ikkaku has plenty of energy left yelling for his captain. Ichigo casually refuses more medical assistance before long Hirako meets up with him. Shinji brings Ichigo up to speed about Rukia and Renji.

Both shinigami having successfully undergone surgery. They look like they need a long time to recover but Rukia is in good enough shape to have a little chat. A nice little casual chat ensues between the old friends before a subordinate of the 12th squad captain comes to interrupt.

Ichigo immediately bolts off. almost as soon as he is away Rukia asks Shinji about Ichigo.
“Such A pitiful face” She said. Hirako figures it was because he got his ass handed too him, his zanpaktou broken and unable to really help anybody.

We know better. Even Rukia knows better. Or feels better. She knows Ichigo a lot better than Shinji. Feeling that he is struggling with some deeper. Which is of course. The reveal of her mother being a Quincy. I think Ichigo really should have a heart to heart with his bullshit. he’s learned more about his family from his enemies than from his father. But he doesn’t seem as broken as he appeared as the fight had ended. Glad to see he was able to calm down a bit again. He really needs to talk to someone familiar.

The chapter continues in the 1st squad barracks. Seven captains have gathered here standing around the remains of the Captain-commander’s remains. Which are only bits and pieces of his zanpaktou.

Soi Fon loses her cool shouting at a messenger informing them of Zaraki’s and Byakuya’s status… and they didn’t die. I am somewhat dissapointed, somewhere. Tite only had the balls to let one guy die and ofcourse alot of red-shirts. That’s about all I want to say about that.

anyway Soi Fon starts raging against everybody pissing off kensei and Komamura the one-eared-wolf. the older captains keep their cool especially Kyouraku. with a nice little speech he calms everybody down again and before Soi Fon becomes vocal again Kyouraku reminds everyone who and what they are.

“We are the shields of Soul Society”

“We are the Gotei 13.”


10 Responses

  1. I see a meeting with Zangestu happening in the next chapter. His Zanpaktou is broken, so he must have a conversation with him now.

    Also, how the hell is Urahara ok? I think that message was a fake and the mystery guy impersonated him. Why would Tite leave us with that cliffhanger and not show us how Urahara beat him? We have to witness something like that happen and we didn’t. So with that said, THEY ARE STILL IN DANGER ICHIGO!!!

  2. This was a bittersweet chapter to me. The sweet parts to me was seeing Shinji performing some doctor duties. TK also answered my question as to why the 4th division was MIA.

    Now for the bitter…..

    I’m with you pretend3r. I didn’t like the fact that Kenpachi and Byakuya are still alive. To me it just “cheapen” the storyline a lot. First it makes the Sternritters look weak. With all the damage they did to buildings and killed off some unknown rookie soul reapers, what makes them so powerful? It appears that the only reason they where able to do what they did is because of the banki stealing medallion thing. At least with Aizen he did manage to wound several captians with a smaller army than Yuha. Again to me it just cheapened the enemy.

    Ichigo being part quincy doesn’t matter to me. Like I said in another post, what does it matter if he just keep using the same techniques over and over again. He didn’t use his hollow mask, no fullbring, just Getsuga Tenshou. It would have been cool if he picked up a rock and threw it at Yuha or something. Geeezz!

    Pretend3r also pointed out something I didn’t really think about, the fact that Ichigo seems to learn about his family from his enemies. I thought about that during the fullbring ark. I was wondering now why didn’t he ask Issin about his past? I guess at the time it wasn’t important but now answeres need to come.

    Oh weell there I still can’t wait to see what direction TK will go with this arc.!!

    Thank you good sir for the review!!

  3. This was a wack, filler chapter to me… Hoping that this isn’t a sign of things to come

  4. So the shinigami lose kiri an the head captain whereas the quincy lost 5 or 6 lettered soldiers (kenny killed 3 an old man yama 2 or 3 cant remember exact number plus roid or whatever his name was)…… Ichigo’s Inner soul is probably going nuts right now and i still think a new quincy entity is gonna wake up to conflict with Zangetsu an the Hollow inside him.
    As for kenny an byakuya being alive – come on, u all should have known better – no way TK would kill them off – that’s like killin off sasuke or zoro or sanji in naruto an one piece – it aint gonna happen, but tite did waste like 3 chapters on byakuya whining to ichigo lol Now the the quincy are gone what’s Aizen gonna do…….maybe this strange twist of events will cause ichigo to turn to him to answers instead of his own dad…….

  5. @Tensa Gizzla; I guess you’re right about TK not wanting to kill off his favorites, but from a completely story telling point of view it the whole evasion of SS was almost a complete waste. What was the point? I know story telling has change completely over the long years but this is just off to me. However the story isn’t completely ruined like the Fullbring arc, but if TK decides to go down this “off” road again, then well…..I don’t know.
    Anyway like you I wonder what there going to do about Aizen. Hopefully TK doesn’t just push Aizen to the side.

    Bring on the next chapter!!

    So the score is Super Ninja Quincies: 2 (the 1000 or so unknowns doesn’t count) to the Shinigami Squad: 7.

    And the winner is!!!

  6. Zero squad’s appearance has to be around the corner. Half of the captains still have their bankais stolen..

  7. i kinda have mixed feelings bout byakuya and kenny being alive. it pisses me off because the whole story line could have seemed more realistic, but then again the byakuya-kenny tag team is just too good to kill off so pissfully,more especially that byakuya has now lost his bankai, tite has basically brought him down to kenny’s level. he should have killed the ever sick captain instead!!
    @immortal u hilarious dude, u ryt though, ichi should throw rocks at least just to add variety to his attacks!!

    generally i’m pleased with this chapter, endless fighting is just senseless. tite did well to slow things down. now the next chapters should get back to business, ichi should chat with his bullshit father of his, squad zero should show their ass and the ishidas should be brought up to speed about the developments in soul society. did i mention squad zero should show their ass??? cant wait for these guyz. DONT DISAPPOINT TITE!!!

  8. Aww man I was hoping the members of the zero squad would look more badass (like the commander) but they all (save for one) look ridiculous. sigh, hope their powers make up for their appearance.

  9. Lol, Zero Squad is very One Piece goofy looking… But manga lore/fact states that the goofier looking a high ranking individual; the more deadly!

    I wanna see wanna these “Captains” tease Kenpachi…

    Just realised that Juha had his whole force retreat because of the arrival of 5 Shinigami!? It is on!

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